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Summer Crowds

Dubrovnik has become extremely popular in recent years and the infrastructure hasn't quite caught up. The real problem is when the enormous cruise liners arrive and disgorge their passengers en masse into the small old town. These beasts are like small floating cities, and the passengers are ferried in non-stop frenzy of activity. Hundreds of Filipino sailors shuttle the masses back and forth in an endless stream of orange boats.

If you arrive when one of these is unloading, or god forbid two, then you will hit a wall of humanity as you enter the city. It really will take the edge of your enjoyment as you fight through the crowds, although even on a very busy day you can find some quiet spots if you move away from the Stradun. Most of the cruise passengers just seem to want to march through the main sites on the Stradun and march straight back out again.

You can avoid the worst of it.

The port authority recognises that the cruise liners can spoil the atmosphere of the town, and so have limited the numbers allowed. They also keep a schedule of when cruise liners will show up and how bad the crowds will be. You can use this to plan when you want to visit the old town, and when you might want to go somewhere else, like Cavtat. Check the link below.

antistar's Profile Photo
May 28, 2013

Tourism CAn be UGH

I cannot even imagine how upset I would be if the streets were packed with bus loads of tourists along with a cruise ship of two that hit the port. That literally would bring in maybe 5,00 tourists to fill the streets and make everything too congested and hard to move around. This is the reason we chose off season months, and April/May was okay. Dubrovnik is so popular for all to see now that it is not for my claustrophobia and unpleasant ventures.
The main Stradun ulica is somewhat narrow and short in distance, that also includes the whole town, so once crowds get into the middle, it has to get jammed up.

BruceDunning's Profile Photo
May 23, 2010

be aware

Dubrovnik is beautiful, but I was disappointed in one respect: there is no normal local culture there. The only Croatians in there were serving the masses of tourists that swamped the old city. The shops sell the same mediocre tourist fare you will find at any international tourist mecca. The ambiance was a little disappointing. I went there in June.

Jun 14, 2007


Even before high season, we found Dubrovnik unpleasantly crowded. The old city is quite small (you can walk all around it in an hour or two) and the tourists are packed into its walls like sardines. While there was plenty to see, the hordes of people made every sightseeing opportunity a bit of a struggle. If you must go during high season, I recommend visiting Dubrovnik during mid-week so as to avoid as many of the regional tourists as possible.

travelmad478's Profile Photo
Dec 14, 2003
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City walls

The (mandatory) walk on the walls of Dubrovnik has two different sides: the ocean side and the land side. Most people cover only the ocean side, from where its possible to see the most beautiful...
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Fort Lovrijenac

Somewhat apart from the wall, this fort stands in a cliff over the sea, reaching 36 meters high. Once a very important fortress resisting to Venice domination, It provides now good views over the...
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Fort Bokar

Protecting the seaward, south-western corner of the city and Pile Gate entrance is the Bokar Fort. The circular fort was built between the 15th and 16th centuries and was designed by the Italian...
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At the western end of the street called Šetalište kralja Zvonimira, there is a small beach. From here there is a footpath that follows the shore in the direction of the Hotel Neptun. This is a lovely...
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Big Onofrije's Fountain

Strategically located, this fountain from the 15th century, is visited by everybody, either to drink its cool water, either to wash face and hands. Sixteen fountains always pouring water brought...
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Island of Lokrum

For those who stay for a longer time in Dubrovnik, a day trip to Lokrum can be an interesting option. Though the island has no beautiful sand beaches, it has a couple of swimming opportunities, a lot...
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