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Private Small-Group Walking Tour of Split
"See the very best of town on 2h tour that includes Diocletian palace St. Duje Cathedral Peristil statue of Gregory of Nin The Golden Gate Vestibul Riva
From EUR40.00
Split Independent Scooter Tour and Rental
"A scooter rental is an easy and fun way to see Split’s highlights! You will receive one included helmet for your safety while riding; all scooters allow a second passenger and a second helmet (mandatory) is available for free..Pick up a map in our Tourist Office in the very heart of Split Old Town and choose your own route! Drive up Bacvive beach from the waterfront and take in the picturesque scenery of the Mediterranean Sea as you ride along the coastal road. Visit beautiful jewels of Old Towngo up Marjan Hill or just go outside of the town and visit SalonaKlis FortressTrogir or Krka Waterfalls."""
From EUR40.00
Secret Split Walking Tour
"Hear ghost stories legends and little-known facts about Split. There are hundreds of secrets in this awe-inspiring town. Take a stroll through 1700 years of history with an interesting guide who will bring the past alive. With him you can leave the usual tourist path to ex the St. Duje Cathedral Peristil and so much more. The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery hidden in the ancient walls of this town. Join us in this travel through time and unlock many secrets hiding under the surface."""Learn the countless secrets of this awe-inspiring town. The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery hidden in the ancient walls of Diocletian's Palace. Join us on this adventure full of wonder and surprises.title=Highlights&1=Explore+the+local+streets+on+a+walking+tour+of+the+city&2=Get+inside+tips+from+a+local&3=Soak+up+the+atmosphere+on+a+walking+tour&4=Step+back+in+time+on+a+history+tour&5=Informative%2C+friendly+and+professional+guide&6=Led+by+a+local+gu
From EUR18.00

Buses (Coaches) Tips (14)

Intercity Buses

Split is well served by both local and intercity buses, and the station is very central, right next to the station and ferry port. You can buy tickets there, and the office is open late even on weekends, although it seemed to shut randomly for a quick "pauze" at inopportune moments.

The buses here run to major Balkan destinations, like Zagreb, Sarajevo, Mostar, Belgrade and Dubrovnik. There's even a few long distance routes, like Frankfurt. Any route south of the city, like Mostar and Dubrovnik, is going to be spectacular: the views along the Dalmatian coast are unforgettable.

Bus quality is quite variable, and depends on the company. All the intercity buses seemed to have air-conditioning, even if it took an hour for it to get the temperature down. The common recommendation is to sit at the back if it gets hot, as the AC works better there. They were mostly comfortable enough.

Seat numbering is totally confusing. The locals don't care, and will get quite frustrated with you if you insist on sitting where you are supposed to. And they won't move. Tourists, however, tend to think that their numbered seat is theirs by right, and will argue with you if you take their seat, even if your seat is already taken by a local!

Just go with the locals and say firmly "seat numbers don't matter" and refuse to budge.

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May 30, 2013

By bus to Split from Dubrovnik

We travelled by bus from Dubrovnik to Split. The ticket in September 2008 cost 150 Kuna. You actually get 2 tickets Dubrovnik-Metkovic and Metkovic-Split. Make sure you have two little receipt pieces from those two tickets which come stapled together.

There was one guy who didn't have those little pieces stuck to his ticket and he had to pay again, although he was clearly a foreigner travelling with a foreign older person and bought the ticket just before he got on the bus.

The journey is very beautiful and it took about 5.5 hours. Make sure you sit on the left side in the direction of travelling so that you see the beautiful coast. If you are prone to motion sickness, don't forget to bring spearmint chewing gum.

Also a word of WARNING:
Put your passport in your hand luggage because you will cross the Bosnian border twice and if you don't have it you may have to go and dig it out of your luggage and make the whole bus wait. It happened to some backpackers on our bus.

The bus will stop in Neum in Bosnia for an inoffical stop but beware that there may be extremely long lines for the toilets as there are as many as a dozen buses stopping at the same time. I had no chance to reach the toilet.

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Nov 22, 2008

Bus from Mostar

We arrived in Split by bus from Mostar. It took about 5 . It was a warm day and the AC wasn’t great. Visa was accepted at the terminal in Mostar . The trip cost $25.00 and 3km for our luggage. We should have saved some Bosnian money as they stopped for a cold drink before we entered Croatia.

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Aug 20, 2008


Traveling to ZAGREB by some buses that go to CITY OF BENKOVAC which is loacated inland to ZADAR , Take 5 hours , SAMBORCEK BUS LINE , ask for SPLIT SIBENIK BENKOVAC ZAGREB, ask information on the day ,, maybe theres a direct bus SPLIT FREEWAY ZAGREB ,

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Jun 03, 2008
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Split bus Terminal - Schedule


you most proberly will have to go from Spilt busstation to Zadar busstation, and take bus from there to the Airport

The Busschedule for from Split you can find on this page

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Jun 03, 2008

Bus to Cities

I took a bus from Split to Dubrovnik which was about 4.5 hours long with one short stop in Bosnia. The bus ride is very beautiful – very windy though! There are numerous buses leaving from Split/Dubrovnik each day. I did not purchase tickets before hand.
A one way ticket was around $30-40/person. The bus I took from Split to Dubrovnik was very nice, clean. The bus I took from Dubrovnik to Split was a little less desirable.

When you get off at Split/Dubrovnik you will be greeted by many people trying to sell you a night in their ‘SOBE’ AKA a room in their home. Be prepared – it is amusing. We did stay in a Sobe for a few nights in Split which was an experience to say the least.

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May 26, 2008

Buses to Bosnia & Herzegovina: Part 2

...Continued from part 1 due to lack of space:

- The journey time from Split to Mostar is approximately 4.5 hours. This involves a 2.5 hour journey southwards along the beautiful Croatian coastline, with winding mountain roads, blue seas and picturesque seaside villages (see attached photos). The journey included a 10 minute refreshment stop at Makarska and a 5 minute pick up stop at Ploce;

- At Ploce, the bus turns inland and soon reaches the Croatian-Bosnian border. The bus driver collects all passports and disappears for 5 or 10 minutes while all passengers remain on the coach. He returns and dishes out the unstamped passports to their rightful owners. We were worried that an unstamped passport might cause us problems when we left Bosnia for Serbia a few days later, but such worries were unfounded;

- Shortly after entering Bosnia, the bus pulled in at a bus station in a small town. Passengers with Mostar as their final destination were transferred to another bus which departed 15 minutes later. We had enough time to get a quick drink at a local cafe;

- Upon arrival in Mostar, the bus station is located right next to the train station and just a 10 minute walk from Mostar's old town. We were met at the bus station by the owner of the accommodation than we had booked, but there are taxis available if you don't make such arrangements.

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Jun 09, 2007

Buses to Bosnia & Herzegovina: Part 1

From Split, there are coaches to many other cities and towns in Croatia and the wider Balkan region.

Some of the more popular routes (with several buses departing each day) are to Dubrovnik (further south along Croatia's Dalmatian coast) and to the Bosnian cities of Mostar, Medugorje and Sarajevo.

In May 2007, my friend and I caught a bus from Split to Mostar during a visit to the Balkans. The following information was correct as at that time:

- We purchased our tickets from one of the ticket offices beside the bus station the day before we travelled. The guidebook recommended that we purchase tickets in advance due to this route being popular. In the event, we needn't have purchased them in advance as our coach had only a dozen or so passengers on board. This situation is perhaps different in the busier Summer months;

- Our modern air-conditioned coach was operated by Pan Globaltour Med, a company which operated around half a dozen daily buses between Split and Mostar in May 2007. We opted against the earlier buses departing at 7:00am and 9:30am and caught the 10:55am bus. Further buses departed during the afternoon and evening. If you want an early start, I noticed that there was also a 6:00am bus operated by another company;

- Our one way tickets cost 84 Kunas (approx 8 GBP) per person. Storing luggage in the coach's undercarriage cost a further 6 Kunas (approx 0.60 GBP) per bag;

Continued in part 2 due to lack of space...

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Jun 09, 2007
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"Varoš is the real soul of Split"
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"Diocletian-A Palace that Started a City"
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"Ouch, it's time to Split!"
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"Sunny days in Split"
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"Welcome to Split"
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Bus from the airport to Split

If you arrive in Split by air, then you'll need to arrange some sort of transport to the city centre.

Split's airport is located close to the town of Trogir, but is 25km from the centre of Split itself.

As with any airport, there is no shortage of willing taxi drivers that would be more than happy to charge you a small fortune to take you to Split.

However, a cheaper (although slower) option is to catch the bus. Buses leave shortly after the arrival of each regular flight. We landed in Split at 11am, boarded the bus at around 11:30 and departed shortly after midday.

The journey from the airport to the city takes approximately 40 minutes and costs 30 Kunas (less than £3) per person.

Simply put your luggage in the bus's undercarriage and get on board the bus. The driver will come around to collect payment and issue tickets before the bus sets off.

The buses leave from directly outside the arrivals hall and can be identified by the fact that they have "Croatian Airlines" emblazoned on their sides. It is unlikely that you'll confuse them with the coaches that transport charter tourists to their hotels, as these coaches are boarded in the adjacent car park.

The journey from the airport to the city is direct, with no stops en route, and the city's bus terminal is located close to the railway station and ferry terminal, just a couple of minutes walk from the city's promenade.

If you don't already have accommodation booked, you can rely on there being plenty of touts waiting to meet the airport bus and offer you a room.

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Jun 09, 2007

Buses to Zagreb and Dubrovnik

There are frequent buses to Dubrovnik and Zagreb. There is not much of a difference between taking a bus or a train between Split and Zagreb. However, I would discourage taking a bus to Dubrovnik if you have the option of taking the ferry. The Dalmacijan coast is winding and rocky. The bus will frequently jolt you from your seat as it negotiates a curve in the road. The ferry is scenic as it provides views of the coast and the several islands along the way. I recommend buying ferry tickets, if possible, at least one day in advance.

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Jun 01, 2006


Intercity buses are also a good option to and from Split. The inter city bus station is located next to the ferry and train terminals down by the water. The bus network is the most extensive and complete transportation option, and it's possible to reach just about every conceivable destination in Croatia from here. I went to the information counter and got a paper schedule that shows the departure (polasci) and arrival (dolasci) times to and from all the possible destinations.

There is also a Suburban Bus Station for closer journeys located about a ten minute walk from the Old Town north on Domovinkskog Rata.

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Mar 11, 2004

The Buses

You can pick up the buses from by the train station , grab the conductor and he'll stuff your bags in the hold for a little extra cash. The buses go everywhere from Zagreb to Sarajevo and they are extremely clean and cheap.

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Jan 31, 2004

Things to Do Near Split

Things to Do

Diocletian's Palace

Diocletian was a late Roman emperor, the only one who voluntarily abdicated his throne. After stepping down, he came to what is now Split to build the palace for his retirement. The city of Split...
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Things to Do

Grgur Ninski Statue

I knew (the guide said) that the highlight in this place was the door, announced as the most beautiful, but... darkness didn't help. At least, the statue of the bishop Ninsky made by Mestrovic (I...
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Things to Do

Adventure Dalmatia

We did the Canyoning Cetina River tour with Adventure Dalmatia from Split. We actually booked the tour through Portal Tours, but the tour itself was through Adventure Dalmatia. We got picked up in...
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Things to Do

Franciscan Monastery

The collection of the monastery of Our Lady of Grace has manuscripts, paintings and sculptures (including a work by Ivan Mestrovic, the most famous Croatian sculptor). On the yard stands the famous...
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