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Kornati National Park Full-Day Trip from Zadar
"Visit the jewel of the Adriatic Sea on a full-day tour to Kornati National Park departing from Zadar.Leaving in the morning make your way to the park via boat. Enjoy breakfast as you travel to the 109 islands that make up the park. Along the way you'll stop twice to go swimming tour an old village on an island and visit the nature park Telašćica with its wildlife and sea creatures.You will also have the opportunity to swim in the salt lake Mir. Then relax as you are taken on a tour around the park checking up the dramatic karst-limestone formations that tower around you. In the middle of the day
From EUR34.00
Island of Pag Private Tour from Zadar
"The town of Pag has a rich offer of the ancient monuments culinary delights and an entirely different nature with magically beautiful stone scenery. At first glance the Island of Pag is a rough stone made edged with sky-blue sea and placed under the wing of the Velebit Mountain. It is often called ""Island of Rock "" or ""Lunar Island"" because its surface has a somewhat intimidating appearance with a stone white from gale rugged in so many forms that only nature can create that occupies even 86 percent of the island's surface. The island of Pag is known as one of the sunniest islands in the Adriatic
From EUR250.00
Plitvice National Park Full-Day Tour from Zadar
"Departing from Zadar at 8:15am you will drive for about 1 hour and 45 minutes before reaching Plitvice National Park home to diverse flora and fauna including wild boar wolves and even bears. Granted UNESCO World Heritage status in 1979 Plitvice is located roughly halfway between Zagreb and Zadar. Marked on old maps as the Devil’s Garden
From EUR66.00

It is forbidden to ... Tips (10)


It is useful to know that the park can be visited in the company of your pet. Many people struggle what to do with the dog when going on a day trip into the "unknown" place. House rules of NP Plitvice...
croisbeauty's Profile Photo
Sep 06, 2014

No fishing!

This must be a big temptations for those who are passionate fishermen, there is a plenty of fish in the lakes, especially trouts in the Lower Lakes, and yet, fishing is not allowed in the whole area...
croisbeauty's Profile Photo
Sep 04, 2014

Walking paths

Plitvice National Park lays down rules of conduct for visitors, primarily to preserve this unique gift of nature but also, for the safety of visitors themselves. It is not easy for any visitor to...
croisbeauty's Profile Photo
Sep 04, 2014

No swimming

What a pity!!! The water is crystal clear and so inviting. However, you can't jump in :(I wish I was one of the guards there in the National Park. I am sure they sometimes jump in after the park is...
muratkorman's Profile Photo
Sep 26, 2007

No swiming

Although the crystal clear water of the lakes looks so invaiting, swiming is not allowed inside the area of the National Park. It is strictly protected area where hunting, fishing and swiming are not...
croisbeauty's Profile Photo
Jun 13, 2004

People, be humans!

Yes, exactly. Plitvice lakes are so pure that trouts swim in them. It's written everywhere not to feed fishes. And this rule seems to be followed but another tourists' habit makes a lot of harm there....
IngaA's Profile Photo
Jan 29, 2004

Things you can't do at Plitvice Lakes Park

As I mentioned elsewhere, the level of organization of this national park is pretty fearsome. The brochure that's handed to you when you pay your entrance fee includes a trail map, instructions in six...
travelmad478's Profile Photo
Dec 06, 2003

It's beautiful, but NO SWIMMING!!

Yes, it looks good enough to drink and swim here, but swimming with the ducks and fish is strictly forbidden.
xdescendx's Profile Photo
Oct 07, 2008

don't feed wildlife

Basically, it's forbidden to feed animals, but everybody do it anyway, especially the trouts, so they are very voracious and swim close to the paths, hoping to catch something...
Aurorae's Profile Photo
Nov 11, 2003

What not to do?

There are photos of things, which you are not supposed to do in the park. All these images could be found at the back of the entrance ticket.
Imbi's Profile Photo
Nov 08, 2003
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"Plitvicka National Park, pure beauty"
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"P L I T V I C E"
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"Plitvice - water wonders"
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Things to Do Near Plitvicka Jezera National Park

Things to Do

Lower lakes (Donja jezera)

We visited Plitvice Lakes on a day tour from Split with Portal Tours. Our tour guide was Mario and driver was Tiho and they were just great After hiking through the Upper Lakes, we took the shuttle...
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Things to Do

Upper lakes (Gornja jezera)

We visited Plitvice Lakes on a day tour from Split with Portal Tours. Our tour guide was Mario and driver was Tiho and they were just great. The park was extremely crowded, even in the "shoulder"...
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Things to Do

Blue cave & Supljara (Hollow Cave)

Thankgoodness I had shoes on with good grip, because climbing up the steps to Supljara cave, I needed them. I needed to be very careful as the steps were made of stone blocks, were narrow and quite...
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Things to Do

The Big Waterfall (Veliki slap) & Sastavci

We follow this boardwalk around a cliff right above the rushing waters and come right before the tall and misty "Great or Big Waterfall" also known as Veliki Slap. The water tumbles for 78metres and...
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Things to Do


Is a very big park and the parking lots is still a walking distance to the main entrance. Remember where you park your car, the parking here has no lines and is not really organize. You can park...
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Things to Do

Fish, Animals & Wild Life

The park consists of 16 lakes surrounded by beautiful forests. Characteristic of the area are the many rapids and waterfalls that connect the lakes together. The park attracts thousands of visitors...
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Getting to Plitvicka Jezera National Park


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