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Best Rated Nightlife in Rijeka

  • cro_gavran's Profile Photo

    Palach: Palach club

    by cro_gavran Written Dec 21, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Legendary place in Rijeka dedicated to alternative sound and way of life is one of the most popular spots for youngsters during the evening and weekend nights. Three halls with diferent music and one big for concerts, as well as interactive place for exibitions, comic library and sometimes video productions or presentations, makes this place ideal destination for every person enjoying alternative music and lifestyle which comes to Rijeka.

    Address: Kružna ulica 1

    Directions: Near the Jadranski trg, at the end of Korzo.

    Website: http://klubpalach.blog.hr/

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  • mikey_e's Profile Photo

    Palach: Alternative Fun

    by mikey_e Updated Jul 9, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Hurray!!! I found the name of this place and more information in a RoughGuides Croatia guide and so I can now provide ample info for those looking for something different. I've also learned that this place has been around since the 1960's and is named after Jan Palach, the anti-Communist martyr from Czechoslovakia.

    Ok, so I don't quite remember the name of this place, nor its exact location. Nevertheless, this club/bar/dive is really fun and offers various options in terms of music/ambience. The people are very friendly (no one seemed to care about the way I mixed Russian and Italian to produce Croatian) and the beer is cheap. The first room in rock/alternative, very dark and has a grungy student atmosphere. The second room (you have to pass through the first one to get to it) is a chic house club with noticeably more light and decor. Its fun, very relaxed and all around a great find.

    Dress Code: Anything goes. Don't be intimidated by the punk kids out front - they're just part of the décor.

    Address: Kruzna

    Directions: Kruzna is an alley that comes off the Korzo just at the edge of Jadranski trg

    Jadranski Trg

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  • Damir's Profile Photo

    Pubs 'n Clubs

    by Damir Updated Jul 12, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    "RIVER PUB" -- One of the best nights out in Rijeka. (jazz, rock, karaoke..)
    Address : Frana Supila 12
    Tel : (+385-51) 21 34 06
    Open daily :07:00-02:00
    Thu: 10:00-04:00
    Fri: 10:00-04:00
    Sat: 10:00-04:00
    Sun: 18:00-02:00

    "OPIUM BUDDHA BAR" -- Drinks, eats and vogueing till late.
    Address : Riva 12a
    Tel : (+385-51) 33 63 97
    Open daily :07:00-03:00
    Thu: 07:00-05:00
    Fri: 07:00-05:00
    Sat: 07:00-05:00
    Sun: 07:00-05:00

    "PHANAS PUB" -- A big hit with the local crowd, Phanas plays mostly commercial dance. Huge bar, jet-setty drinks.
    Address: Ivana Zajca 9
    Tel : (+385-51) 31 23 77 Fax: (+385-51) 32 23 77
    Email :phanas@phanas.hr
    Web: www.phanas.hr
    Open daily :07:00-01:00
    Thu: 07:00-03:00
    Fri: 07:00-03:00
    Sat: 07:00-03:00

    El RIO
    Jadranski trg 4c
    tel: 214-428

    Pul Vele Crikve 1
    tel: 336-214

    "CAPITANO" -- A classy and yuppiefied pub, open late every day.
    Address : Adamićeva 3 (Riva)
    Open daily: 07:00-04:00

    "TEUTA" -- A café by day, by night it turns into a club featuring guest DJs and music of the chilly house kind. “No under-20s” policy.
    Address : Užarska 1
    Tel : (+385-51) 33 57 12
    Open daily: 07:00-01:00
    Thu: 07:00-03:00
    Fri: 07:00-04:00
    Sat: 07:00-04:00
    Sun: 16:00-01.00

    "B.P. CLUB"
    Dolac 4
    tel: 357-975

    ''DVA LAVA'' -- The name means “Two Lions”. A popular hangout on two floors, offers a good wine. DJs guest on weekends.
    Address : Ante Starčevića 8
    Tel : (+385-51) 33 23 90 Fax: (+385-51) 51 57 33
    Web: http://www.2lava.hr
    Open daily :07:00-23:00
    Thu: 07:00-03:00 (rock night)
    Fri: 07:00-03:00
    Sat: 07:00-03:00
    Sun: 07:00-23:00

    ''KAROLINA RIJECKA'' -- A beautiful glass structure designed by Sonja Miculinić, who also designed the new Slovenian parliament. Right on the quayside with a full view of the ferries, “In” summer place.
    Address : Gat Karoline Rijecke b.b.
    Tel : (+385-51) 33 09 09
    Open daily :06:00-24:00
    Fri: 06:00-02:00
    Sat: 06:00-04:00
    Sun: 06:00-24:00

    Dress Code: As you like!!! :-)

    Address: In center of town and coast

    Directions: NOT RECOMMENDED: ''Hemingway'' cocktail bar - barmen's cheating on prices or not returning money !!!

    On the web page below you can find some photos of nightlife in Rijeka and other places.

    Website: http://www.izlasci.net

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  • joecooper's Profile Photo

    Yacht Marine 'Nina': Bar on a boat!

    by joecooper Updated Jan 30, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Climb aboard and stumble off - 'Nina' the bar on a boat! This is a great place to hang out during the day (They do good food too) and at night it really livens up. You get a great view of the city and the harbour whilst relaxing on the deck of the ship with a nice imported beer. Prices are higher than elsewhere (13KN for a bottle of Tuborg) but still nothing compared to the UK (Thats not difficult though!)

    Dress Code: Anything really but smart is always best isn't it? ;-)

    Address: Right in the main harbour, you can't miss it!

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    by Rumuna Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Nina is a ship by the Rijeka harbor and up there youll find the best nightclub ever..;)!i promise you that:)Nina´s the most popular spot this days in Rijeka and im not suprised..its got the greatest summer music like latino,dance,pop everything and you can dance if yuo want and you can also just sit,drink a coctail and enjoyin it:)

    Directions: just ...Rijeka harbor...cant miss it:)

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  • oja's Profile Photo

    Club 'Palach' (photo borrowed...

    by oja Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Club 'Palach' (photo borrowed from their page)

    The club named after the famous participant in Prague Spring has been operating since 1968. Its complex of gallery, mini cinema, dance floor and cafe gathers practically the whole of the outgoing city - from teenagers to thirtysomethings. You won't hear any Top 40 music here, but (or, that's why) atmosphere is tops and people just fantastic!

    Dress Code: Anything.

    Directions: Kruzna ulica (centre). Ask the locals, they all know.

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  • Kamen_mali's Profile Photo

    Go into the many cafés, relax...

    by Kamen_mali Written Aug 24, 2002

    1 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Go into the many cafés, relax and enjoy yourself.
    In Rijeka go to “River pub” near hotel “Bonavia” (ask locals for directions);
    In Opatija: “Harbour”, “Hemingway”;
    In Crikvenica: “Sax”, “Point”, “Galija” …

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  • Damir's Profile Photo

    Rock Pubs and Clubs

    by Damir Updated Dec 4, 2012

    MMC "PALACH" -- Rijeka’s main counter-culture hangout is dedicated to Jan Palach, the Czech dissident student who set himself on fire during the Soviet invasion in 1968. DJs, performances and exhibitions bring life to the student scene in this grungy space tucked away behind Korzo.
    Address : Kružna ulica 6
    Tel : (+385-51) 215 063 Fax: (+385-51) 320 868
    Email :mmc@ri.htnet.hr
    Web: www.mmc.hr
    Open daily :09:00-23:00
    except: Sat: 17:00-01:00 & Sun: 17:00-23:00

    ''BARD'' -- Sells Irish and Austrian beer, and is a lovely little bar - not really an Irish pub at all. The cosy interior will probably be a bit too much on hot summer nights, but the deck overlooking St Vitus' Church is a great vantage point for checking out the passing talent.
    Address : Trg Grivica 6b
    Tel : (+385-51) 21 52 35
    Open daily :08:00-24:00
    except: Sat: 09:00-24:00 & Sun: 17:00-24:00

    "NAD UROM" - Pub above market "Korzo" (at the top) with great view on main pedestiran Korzo.
    Live music every Thursday and Friday from 20-24 h.
    After 20 h entrance is by elevator behind the building (top floor).
    Adress: Korzo
    Open daily: 08:00-24:00
    on Saturday & Sunday closed

    "PLACE" - Head up the right bank of the Rječina river towards Rijeka’s historic industrial core, and on the right you’ll see a shed-like structure which hardly looks like the kind of place to find Place. But sure enough, this is it, the heart of the city’s alternative rock scene. There’s a live band on at least one night a week, and a DJ plays otherwise. Scuzzy and friendly, Place is a bit of a gem.
    Address: Ružićeva 2
    E-mail: placee.ri@gmail.com
    Open: Thu, Fri, Sat 20:00 - 04:00.

    "TUNEL" - Located next to the car park at Školjić and set in a real tunnel, this is a heaven for all fans of electronic music, laid back jazz and alternative culture - you’ll find exhibitions, fairs of handcrafts and all sorts here. The cool interior has a small stage for live jam sessions. As an added bonus, they serve great coffee from 8 AM, and there’s a free net connection in case you decide to finish your work while tapping your toes!
    Address : Školjić 12
    Tel : (+385-51) 32 71 16
    Open daily: 08:00 - 24:00; Thu, Fri 08:00 - 02:00, Sat 10:00 - 02:00, Sun 17:00 - 01:00.

    Dress Code: As you like!!!

    Directions: All around city. Mostly around center except few.

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  • Fiuman's Profile Photo

    “Indigo”: Bar in red

    by Fiuman Written Sep 26, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Owner is dj Ivan Mastermix, if you like house music that is the right place for you.
    Open daily :07:00-01:00 , weekend from 07:00-03:00 h.

    Directions: Lounge bar “Indigo” is located close to Roman arc on Kobler square.

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  • andreslo2000's Profile Photo

    Mali Losinj - riva's walk: Mali Losinj - riva's walk

    by andreslo2000 Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Take a deep breath and feel the sea, you'll enjoy some fountains and sculptures. In sumer time there might also be a concert held on a main square.

    Dress Code: touristic

    Directions: riva

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  • croisbeauty's Profile Photo

    Opatija: Go to Opatija

    by croisbeauty Updated Dec 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There is not much of the amusement in Rijeka during the summer season, instead of hanging around Korzo in cafes or restaurant, go to near Opatija where is much better choice.


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  • Fiuman's Profile Photo

    “Gradina”: Summer time, Jazz nights

    by Fiuman Written Sep 16, 2006

    “Gradina” bar is situated in nice environment of Trsat castle.
    Different kind of happenings and concerts from pop to jazz take place there in summer time...

    Directions: Trsat castle

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