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Dolac Market Tips (21)

Main Market of Old Town

Lying at the Boundary of the Upper Town and Lower Town and connected to the Jelacic Square is the famous Dolac Market, which is the main market of the old town and was since 1926 the main trading and shopping place of the old town. the Market is a large quadrilateral shaped area with side streets and is divided into open and closed sections of which you can buy assorted Croatian fresh produce such as sausages, meat products, meat cuts, delicatessen, seafood, honey, flowers and even souvenirs and then eat at the many restaurants in and around the market and along the periphery such as in Skalinska Ul and Ul Pod Zidom and other side streets. from here you can hike further along the Upper town to see the other famous Attractions as well,

machomikemd's Profile Photo
Feb 17, 2016

Lots of colour....

I wandered through Dolac on both of my full days. It seemed to be a thriving market, even in the city's August 'downtime', with plenty of buyers seeking out the fruit & vegetables on display in the outdoor section (along with a few 'cheese ladies').

I read in a local publication that Dolac was due to be renovated this summer though I saw no sign of that. Perhaps it only applies to the downstairs, underground part. I didn't go down there: too hot and i didn't want to buy anything anyway.

As well as the fruit & veg stalls, and the cheese ladies, there are also a few stalls selling painted wooden goods (toys, whistles and so on) which would make ideal souvenirs.

You'll find outdoor stalls selling clothes (and hats) along Opatovina Ulica, which leads from the north-west corner of the outdoor market space. Although I was tempted, and prices were pretty reasonable, I didn't buy anything there either.

It's definitely worth planning a wander round Dolac during your Zagreb visit, if only to enjoy the colours and the vibrancy.

(There are public toilets in the outdoor section of the market as well. they're not obvious, but they are there...near the steps which lead up to Opatovina Ulica.)

leics's Profile Photo
Sep 02, 2015

Dolac Market

Dolac Market is also located in the Kaptol area. The market is a colourful assortment of stalls selling flowers, fruit, vegetables, baskets, wooden goods and souvenirs. I liked the statue of the lady carrying a basket on her head as she set off to market.

IreneMcKay's Profile Photo
Aug 02, 2014

Dolac Market

Don't miss to take a stroll over Croatia's famous farmer market Dolac. The farmers from the surrounding villages offer a wide selection of high quality products.

All kinds of fruits and vegetables are sold at the outside stalls, whereas meat, cheese and fish can be found in the Dolac Market Halls. The market is opened every day except on Sundays.

The Dolac Market is situated only 50 metres off the main town square (Jelacic Square).

HORSCHECK's Profile Photo
May 20, 2013
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Colourful displays of fresh produce

Fresh, aromatic, tempting fruits and vegetables.

Several stalls selling souvenirs too.

One should sample the Balkan feature - Burek, the heavy pastry with stuffing (cheese being the favoured choice, but other varieties are also available, eg spinach).

Fish market is located off the side, in an indoor storehouse, full of variety!

Durfun's Profile Photo
Jul 17, 2008

Dolac Market

The Dolac is a hive of activity with hoards of locals coming daily to buy their fresh fruit and veg from the stalls set up in this city centre market. It always amazes me that these markets still survive with the emergence of massive supermarkets but on a lot of my visits to the continent these markets are so often present. (They have all but died out in Ireland!)
Anyway, this market is located close to Trg Jelacica and is overlooked by the ever present spires of the Cathedral of the Assupmtion of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The market specialises in fruit and veg but there are also stalls selling croatian wood and glass crafts as well as the usual souvenir shops and stalls.

pure1942's Profile Photo
Apr 09, 2008

Sample chunky Burek and corn bread

Just opposite Natasha's stall is this bakery, one of many in Dolac, from where I bought a chunky, filling cheese burek, and 2 round loaves of corn bread (kukuruzni kruh).

The bread was a novelty for me, I enjoyed eating it with the sheep's cheese I'd purchased earlier :)

The burek was 11 kunas, and a loaf was 8 kunas each.

Durfun's Profile Photo
Dec 16, 2007

Tasty flour balls on a stick!

I met a very sweet and delicately pretty girl Natasha, selling these savouries.

Her stall is parallel to the stairs leading you into Dolac market, just at the very top of the stairs.

She fries the cute balls and places them in plastic cups, then you sprinkle icing sugar and squirt some chocolate over them, and munch away.

Natasha is a student, and works shifts. She is so polite and mild-mannered.

Here's the best bit: the 10 kuna price goes towards a humanitarian cause - a centre for battered women!! How noble is that? Way to go Natasha ;)

Durfun's Profile Photo
Dec 16, 2007
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"Love at first sight - Zagreb"
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"Underrated Zagreb"
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"Zagreb - city of blue trams"
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"Going through some changes..."
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Fresh local produce

This is a colourful and vibrant square, bustling with activity.

You'll find stalls of fruit-sellers, florists, vegetables, and even cheese 'specialists'.

I bought a 1/2 round slab of salted sheep's cheese. The gent had 4 varieties:
1. salted sheep's
2. unsalted sheep's
3. salted goat's
4. unsalted goat's
He would let you sample all four - in fact I liked all of them :)

The fresh fish is in a large enclosed hall - stacked with variety!

There are fast-food stalls (for burek!), bakeries, and even souvenir stalls encircling the square.

Durfun's Profile Photo
Dec 16, 2007

Dolac market

Just up from the main square (trg Bana J. Jalacica) by the stairs you will find the colourful Dolac market. To the back of the market square there are the touristy stalls which sell souvenirs. But actually the market itself is for the locals to buy fresh produce. Downstairs you will find the meat etc. sections.

yumyum's Profile Photo
May 06, 2007


This main market is "the belly of Zagreb". The open air fruit and vegetable market is open 7 days a week and sits above an enclosed market below. Downstairs a variety of meats and cheeses are avaliable - the smell of which is unique.

graeme83's Profile Photo
Feb 08, 2007

Market square

Comparing prices is the typical activity in this market, where you can find fruits, vegetables and cheese straight from producers ... vibrant and popular atmosphere, just few steps from the cathedral.

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Aug 01, 2006

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