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Daily Bike Tour of Zagreb
"Our guided tours start every day at 10 am and 5 pm during season (May - September) and at 10 am and 2 pm during off-season (October - April). We offer our tours rain or shine! Feel Zagreb its vibe history hidden parks and old craft shops. Imagine yourself cycling through the heart of historic Zagreb and learning about the past and present of the Croatian capital from a guide who will tell you stories share little known fun facts and let you in on many local secrets. Well
From EUR35.00
Running Tour Zagreb - Upper and Lower Town
"This is a must do running tour of Zagreb that will take you through the main attractions of both Lower and Upper Town.Zagreb Lower Town Breaking the urban uniformity is a series of interconnected garden squares laid out from the 1870s onwards which gives the downtown area a U-shaped succession of promenading areas and parks.Known as Lenuci’s Horseshoe this was a deliberate attempt to give Zagreb a distinctive urban identity providing it with public spaces bordered by the set-piece institutions – galleries museums academies and theaters – that were thought every modern city should have. The first of the horseshoe’s two main series of squares starts with Trg Nikole Šubića Zrinskog – usually referred to as Zrinjevac – which begins a block South of Trg bana Jelač
From EUR50.00
Zagreb Small-Group Private Walking Tour
"You will meet your friendly guide in the city center. At the beginning of the tour you will pass by the cathedral the highest religious building in the city and perhaps the most recognizable of all. After a thorough tour of the Cathedral interior proceed by visiting the lively open market of Dolac. Your guide will provide you with some insight about the local cuisine as all the fresh or homemade ingredients are being sold on this market every day so don't hesitate to ask for tips what would be the best gift for your loved ones back home.Next stop is Tkalčićeva Street the busiest street of the city center and the focal point of its nightlife. This narrow street today is filled with trendy bars clubs and restaurants but in the past in its place there was a creek
From EUR34.00

More Tourist Traps in Zagreb

Avoid Money Echange Shops

Many Other countries in the world don't charge Commision Rates in the Money exhange transaction but here in Europe and even in Zagreb, most Bureau De Change charge a commision fee from 3% to 18% per...
machomikemd's Profile Photo
Feb 16, 2016

Watch out for Airport Zagreb Taxi! ;)

My first ever trip abroad didn't start with great news. While arriving on Zagreb international airport I took a cab in front and ended being charged 300 kunas (40 euros) for a 11 mile trip to the city...
markyymark's Profile Photo
Nov 01, 2014

No Food on the Train

It is a 6 hour train ride from Zagreb in Croatia to Belgrade in Serbia. We caught the 6am train from Zagreb which commenced in Zagreb.I cannot tell you if the through train from Switzerland is any...
wise23girl's Profile Photo
Jun 12, 2011

No Serbian Currency Available

If you plan to travel on to Serbia you will not find any where to exchange your money in Croatia. Not in your hotel...not in a bank nor at an exchange office. None at Gatwick airport in UK either.So...
wise23girl's Profile Photo
Jun 10, 2011

Be VERY wary of taxi drivers in Zagreb

If you simply get into a taxi (outside the railway station, bus station,etc) and state your destination, be prepared to pay through your nose. Check with Information at the railway station before you...
Jul 13, 2009

Zagreb Airport - DONT Take The TAXIS!

Once you arrive in Zagreb and you want/need to head into town, dont take the Taxi as the are renoun for overcharging "foreigners" (ie. anyone that doesnt come from Zagreb!) The "normal" charge for a...
Bluemavryk's Profile Photo
May 29, 2007
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Don't confuse Belgrade and Biograd!

If you want to get to Belgrade in Serbia don't get get confused.Say Belgrade Serbia.Some Ticket sellers don't think that you want to go to Serbia and sell a ticket to Biograd in Croatia. Go back to...
Jul 16, 2006

Don't use taxis in Zagreb

Taxis are most probably the most expensive transportation method in Croatia, probably in Europe as well. The prices are hugely exaggarated, and add to that that the taxi drivers are going to try to...
dbrener's Profile Photo
Jun 27, 2005

Gimme money man

This little guy allowed me to take the picture while he was performing his "music", but I had to pay 10 kuna (1,20 euros). Some other Gipsy guys are not so cute and polite. If they are selling...
croisbeauty's Profile Photo
Mar 03, 2005

This is not a trap tip

THIS IS NOT A TOURIST TRAP!!!A small and old souvenir shop in Radiceva street offers very cute miniature buldings from Zagreb made of ceramics. During the high season, mostly in front and around the...
croisbeauty's Profile Photo
Mar 01, 2005

Lotrscak tower -- a trap worth falling into

A tourist trap but for the best of all possible reasons – it’s unmissable. Best way to approach it – up the hill on the funicular from Tomiceva off Ilica, then up the spiral stairs and out on top for...
Figbash's Profile Photo
Sep 29, 2002

There is no need to give money...

There is no need to give money to the beggars on the streets, unless you see that they are really disabled. There are sooo much (mostly)Gipsy woman and kids wondering around with babies in their arms...
gorky9hr's Profile Photo
Aug 26, 2002

Bulldog Pub at Bogovicena 6 is...

Bulldog Pub at Bogovicena 6 is an overpriced place where people pay to gawk and be gawked at. They do have a good beer selection but the Tomislav is far more expensive and not as good as in its...
richiecdisc's Profile Photo
Aug 24, 2002

Internet joint

There a a few places around town to get online, but surfer beware! Don't waste all your time in here catching up with your VT friends!
acemj's Profile Photo
Mar 05, 2004

Top Hotels in Zagreb

Mihanoviceva 1, Zagreb, 10000, Croatia
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Gajeva 1, Zagreb 10 000
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Trg J. J. Strossmayera 10, Zagreb, 10000, Croatia
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Kneza Borne 2, Zagreb, 10000, Croatia
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Branimirova 29, Zagreb, 10000, Croatia
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Ilica 14, Zagreb, 10000, Croatia
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Top Things to Do in Zagreb

Things to Do

Ban Jelacic Square -Trg Bana Jelacica

Mandusevac Fountain is very small but nice addition to narrow and long square. There is interesting story behind this simple fountain. This natural springis connected with the founding of the city....
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Things to Do

Donji Grad - Lower Town

unlike the Dornji Grad (Upper town) where you can do a walking tour around the Kaptol and Gradec Areas, the Lower town or the Downtown area of Zagreb is not conducive to a walking tour as the...
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Things to Do

Cathedral - Katedrala Marijina Uznesenja

The Cathedral was first built around 1217 and destoyed by the Mongols in 1242 and a few years later restored. The Ottomans did build a fortification around the church, partly still there. In 1880 the...
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Things to Do

Lake Jarun

During the weekend, place is full of people who are enjoying in nice walking, driving a bike, rollerskating or just drinking coffee in bars..It's also possible to play handball on the sand. On the...
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Things to Do

Gornji Grad - Gradec

Gornji Grad is also known as the medieval center of Zagreb and is the Hill and is also known as Upper Town, situated along the Gornji Grad Hill and is also known as Medvešèak in Croatian Language. It...
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Things to Do

Tomislav Square - Trg Kralja Tomislava

the lower town of Zagreb has quite a number of squares and one of the ones popular for locals is the Trg kralja Tomislava (KingTomislav Square) near the Zrinjevac Park. The Square was dedicated for a...
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"Love at first sight - Zagreb"
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"Underrated Zagreb"
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"Zagreb - city of blue trams"
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"Going through some changes..."
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