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Cyprus Local Customs

  • Musical and Dance Tradition

    Cyprus also has rich musical and dance traditions quite distinctive from those of Greece. Instruments that typically accompany folk dances are the violin and laouto, a lute with four double strings played with the quill of an eagle or vulture. Many Cyprus dances are performed face-to-face and as a suite. Both men and women are very nimble-footed...

  • Leave it outside.

    To the Western European mind, this might seem totally bizarre, but I assure you it's true. As I've mentioned elsewhere in my pages, my ex-girlfriend was Greek Cypriot, although she has lived in London since being made a refugee by the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, and she still abides by this. I have also seen it when I've visited Cyprus. I...

  • Easter -Flaounes in Cyprus

    If you happen to be in the island of Cyprus during Easter, go to a bakery or a confectionery shop and buy some flaounes.Flaounes can be bought only during Easter. Taste them. I am sure you will love them.Flaounes are traditional Easter breads which have been served in Cyprus for generations. These breads are filled with a mixture of traditional...

  • old Bedford-buses and other vintage-cars

    Cyprus is an island and this might be the reason for many vintage-cars still beeing used or at least not thrown away, when they dont work anymore.In the Troodos-mountains I saw the old Bedford vintage-bus standing next to one of the buildings along the main road through Pedhoulas and I was able to get some great photos from a short distance. It is...

  • a turkish flag as a permanent...

    In the turque part of Cyprus you will see this giant flag on a hill, when you approach Nicosia from the greek part of the island and this flag is even eluminated all night as a permanent provocation. The EU lists the entire island of Cyprus as an EU-member and will certainly never accept turkey as a member as long as Cyprus is still divided in 2...

  • Leave your heart in Petra tou Romiou

    Hundreds of hearts arranged by lovers can be seen on the beach of Petra tou Romiou, that is also called "the birthplace of Aphrodite" It is fun to walk through there and take a look at these great works of art !Petra tou Romiou is close to Pissouri, about 30 min to drive to from Paphos, it is situated east of Pafos / Paphos.

  • Stray cats are all over Cyprus

    Stray cats are all over Cyprus and in the hotel Akteon they had mainly been on the lower terraces but thank-heavens neighter around the pool nor in the restaurants etc. In case that you are allergic against them (like I am) you should ask for a room on 1st floor, because the cats normally cannot reach these balconies.In the Larco-Hotel and the...

  • Cross the border between North &...

    All of Cyprus is officially a member of the EU and a part of the Schengen-treaty, BUT of course at the moment all of these rules apply only to the greek part of the island and you need a turkish visa in order to enter the northern part.For the ordinary tourists crossing the border between the 2 parts of Cyprus is quite easy - at least when you want...

  • Electricity & plug-adaptors in Cyprus

    Electricity in Cyprus has 220 Volt, but the plug might be different from the one that you use in your homecountry and so it will be the best to take an adaptor-plug with you, because even the big hotels obviously dont have a single plug in the rooms for the ordinary plugs of Europe.Charging your batteries etc. will only be possible when you have...

  • Great hospitality in smaller monasteries

    When coming to one of the smaller monasteries in Cyprus you might still find some special hospitality. This certainly will never happen in larger monasteries like Kykkos, but in the more remote places it might also happen to you : It was a big surprise for us on that hot day in the monastery of Orounda : a non offered us some self-made juice, a...

  • A Turkish coffee

    It is very traditional all over Cyprus,you got to have a cup of Turkish coffee when you go visiting friends and relatives.So here Am I enjoying a cup of hot coffee on a hot day in my cousins enchanting garden.

  • Pounds And Cents

    The Cypriot currency is the Cypriot pound. It consists of 100 cents. At the current exchange rate you get 0.80 CYP to the British pound.For current exchange rates use /

  • The Wine Festival in Limassol (Lemesos)

    Every September the Wine Festival takes place in Limassol, and it is a very popular event. People who visit this festival pay a small fee at the entrance gate, but all the wines offered to visitors in unlimited quantities is free of charge with the compliments of the Limassol Municipality.

  • Cyprus the Island of Goddess Aphrodite

    Aphrodite is the goddess of great beauty.In ancient literature it is written that she was the daughter born to Zeus and Dione. It is believed that the birth place of Aphrodite is at “Petra tou Romiou” beach very near Pissouri. Aphrodite, the goddess of love has been a popular subject in artworks like classical sculpture and fresco. In most of these...

  • Experience the Cypriot Hospitality!!

    Cypriots are very hospitable. Don't say " no thanks" if you are asked to have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with a Cypriot. Feel this human touch. You will be given the warmest of welcomes here. By travelling around the island you will find that the spirit of hospitality is very strong in Cyprus.Cypriots have a reputation for being friendly,...

  • Adaptor-plugs for Cyprus

    Just a reminder for your travel to Cyprus: Electricity there has 220 Volt, but the plug might be different from the one that you use in your homecountry and so it will be the best to take an adaptor-plug with you, because even the big hotels obviously dont have a single plug in the rooms for the ordinary plugs of Europe.Charging your batteries etc....

  • Food vs booze

    Since the currency is lira as in our country, we could compare the prices in two countries easily. Alcoholic beverages are insanely cheap in Cyprus. I pay 35 lira to a bottle of Yeni Raki in Istanbul and I bought the same brand for 10 lira in Kyrenia. Also you can find cheaper (7-8 lira) local brands like Sema Raki. It is not only raki, other...

  • Great hospitality in smaller monasteries

    This certainly will never happen in larger monasteries like Kykkos, but in the more remote places it might also happen to you : It was a big surprise for us on that hot day in the monastery of Orounda : a non offered us some self-made juice, a mixture of lemons and other fruits, a bit sour, but much more refreshing than a sweet drink, plus this...

  • how to open an oldfashioned door ?

    how to open an oldfashioned door ?that might be an important question maybe for you in some places in this part of the world. Take a look at my main photo and you will see a piece of wood that looks a bit like a decoration only, BUT in fact this is the "door-handle" and when you lift it, the door will open !in this monastery the nons expect the...

  • we were offered a drink and some sweets

    Now this was a big surprise for us on that hot day in the monastery of Orounda : a non offered us some self-made juice, a mixture of lemons and other fruits, a bit sour, but much more refreshing than a sweet drink, plus this kind of sweets, that you see in my main photo, it is made of honey, sugar and some maizena to bind it.This is obviously a...

  • Mulukhiya

    Mediterranean people consume wild plants as vegetable and mulukhiya is one of them. We also love to eat wild plants in my family. Mom and aunts know which plants to eat and I try to learn more of them. They are usually more delicious than the ordinary stuff we eat, like spinach (which I also like a lot).I first tried mulukhiya in Cyprus and saw it...

  • Gollandro

    This plant turned into a problem for me. People of Cyprus use mint and gollandro so much in their cuisine. It is the fresh leaves of coriander and used in salads. I tried to ask whether they use gollandro or not at the places we ate and protect myself. I also couldn’t get used to mint in pastry. Still, they have a rich cuisine.

  • Pickly pears sold at some...

    Have you ever tried Pickly pears? They are very popular on the island of Cyprus. The Cypriot name is " Papoutsosika". In Geece they have another name. They call them "Fragosika" but you won't find them sold on beaches.You won't find a local saying fragosika, and neither he will know the name to say it in English.It might be very complicating for...

  • Buy Figs at the beach

    In some beaches some locals come and sell figs. You will see them carrying figs on their bicycles, or they park their car a bit further and come on foot.You will hear them calling out in both Greek and English..." Figs, figs figs, or Sika, sika, sika"If you hear just the word Sika, get up and go and buy some.They are wonderful figs indeed. It is...

  • Backgammon is very popular here!

    A game of backgammon is very popular in the (kafenio) cafes where older people meet for a chat and time of relaxation.You will see friends gathered around the small table where their friends play ....sometimes the game can get serious, and the friends who participate bet who is going to win and this is fun.Sometimes at these cafes or Kafenia as...

  • A delicious fruit

    I was not sure where to insert this picture but anyway here it is a lovely fruit which i enjoy very much

  • Haloumi cheese

    This sheep cheese is a delicious alternative for vegetarians.It comes individually wrapped, the size and shape of say half a mango (I would say a duck's breast but hey, this is a vegetarian tip!).You can roast or grill it but it doesn't melt. Throw some herbs on top (thyme or rosemary).Really really delicious.My local cheese shop now sells...

  • The power of faith.

    The Cypriots are an extremely religious people, with the vast majority being Orthodox Christians, and no visit to the island is complete without visiting some of the magnificent churches there.It was whilst visiting some of them that I noticed what I thought was quite an odd thing, namely what looked like dolls made out of wax sitting near the...

  • Stuffed Zucchini Flowers

    I know its not a "local custom tip" but i wanted to share it.Stuffed Zucchini FlowersOne Of The Best-Loved Stuffed Vegetable Dishes In Northern Cyprus During The Summer Is Stuffed Zucchini Flowers, Which Have A Well-Deserved Reputation Among Those Who Value Unique And Distinctive Cuisine. Stuffed vegetables are very common and well-known in Turkish...

  • Flowers of Lazarus.

    This isn't so much a tip about a custom as such, but just a nice little local story.Saint Lazarus (he who was allegedly raised from the dead by Christ) is closely associated with the island, and was it's first Christian bishop (see seperate tip for his church in Larnaca) and his Saints Day falls on the Saturday before Palm Sunday. These yellow...

  • Weddings.

    If you spend any time in Cyprus with Cypriot people you will almost undoubtedly be invited to a wedding (generally on a Saturday). It seems to be the practice to invite half the island to a wedding. I have personally received invitations to attend three weddings on the same day (we actually went to two of them). After the church service everyone...

  • Three Point Plug

    The voltage in Cyprus is 240V and uses a three-point plug. It is the same style plug as we use in the UK. Adaptors are available in the local shops priced at about £1.50 CYP.

  • Traditional Crafts

    Women working near the village of Lefkara where tradinional lace and silverware are made for generations.

  • local wines of Cyprus

    Cyprus has a hot & dry climate. I personally do not like Cypriot olives. I find them too bitter. However, the hot & dry climate produces very good grapes, with a high sugar content, and therefore very good wines. The alcohol content of Cypriot wines is very high in comparison with other wines. White wines can have 11.5-12.5 percent alcohol by...

  • local beers of Cyprus

    KEO is the largest drinks maker and distributor on the island of Cyprus. They make wine, beer, spirits, and also distribute juices and bottled water products. KEO brews Carlsberg under license. KEO & Carlsberg are the two main beers found in every bar and restaurant on the island. They usually sell as domestic brands which are cheaper than imported...

  • Racism

    Cyprus people are very friendly and genuine and are not racist at all.Both sides of the island are very friendly to visiters.If you happen to be Greek and try to enter the north without getting a visa first you will be thrown out.If you make it across people may treat you with curiuosity and be abit weary and mostly the elderly Turkish people.If...

  • Languages

    I found on my visit that most Cypriots spoke English and road signs etc were in Greek as well as English.When I went shopping etc everything was in both langauges.On the North you will have to learn some Turkish to get by though.Greeks in Cyprus speak Greek, but it is not the same as you will hear in Greece.The vocabulary of Cyprus Greeks has its...

  • Religion

    Around 78% of Cypriots are a member of the Greek Orthodox Church and 18% are Muslims and 4% are Maronite etc.Muslims are mostly in the north and Greek Orthodox in the south.Religion is big in a Greek family.Many Greek people when they have worries will goto the church and lite a candle to the saint they feel can help them.Sunday is a big day for...

  • What to do and what not to do.

    Cypriot people are very friendly and may ask you for drinks and food at their home.Whatever you do dont offer them money as thanks.This will offend them.You are better buying the family a small gift or a child of the family a little gift.When we got a flat tyre two Greek men came out of a shop and changed the tyre for us and my nanny offered them...

  • Traditional Cyprus

    Cyprus has many customs.Such traditional things such as weddings and funerals, name days etc.Weddings in Cyprus are a big event.The wedding celebration often lasts for days with dancing and eating and drinking and partying.Weddings are also very big affairs.In villages the entire village is often invited.Many Greek Cypriots are superstitious.Some...

  • 1974 Division of Cyprus

    Both Turkish and Greek people on both sides of the Island say they are Cypriots.Cyprus still has it's british feel about it.Driving on left etc and people being puntual.But in the North, Turkish people have taken down Greek names and signs changed them over to Turkish.On both sides on the border, Cypriot people are friendly and very halpful.People...

  • people's friendliness

    What I remember most clearly about Cyprus is the excessive friendliness and helpfulness of its people. Although a vast majority of them are genuine, there are, unfortunately, those whose aim is not to truly help you or guide you, but to rip you off your money! (see my tourist trap tips) Luckily, as I said, not everyone is like that.Virtually...

  • Easter - The Major Cypriot Festival

    Easter is the major festival in the Cypriot calendar. The date coincides with that of the Orthodox church.Many other European countries celebrate Christmas in the way the Cypriots celebrate Easter. All over the southern part of the island you will see Easter decorations - such as eggs, rabbits and resurrection scenes.The climax of the celebrations...

  • TAXIS......

    There are 3 kinds of TAXI SERVICES:TAXIS in cities / towns: 24 hrs. per day near Airports, in / through larger cities / towns and holiday resorts. You can make reservations or hop in at the place where they are waiting for a client!But take first!


    Needless to say that we enjoyed touring CYPRUS in our rented car was sheer pleasure and joy!And along the roads we often noticed these PITHOI.........I even have a photo taken while I am IN such a huge jug!PLEASE SEE NEXT TRAVELOGUES, TOP RIGHT OF PAGE.......AND ALL MADE WITH CARING LOVE AND PLEASURE...........


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Cyprus Local Customs

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The majority of customs and traditions stem from Greek culture. One of the first aspects of the Cyprus culture experienced by foreigners to Cyprus is the warm welcome. Cypriots are known...

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