Cyprus Transportation

  • The popular and cheapest alternative- Osea shuttle
    The popular and cheapest alternative-...
    by greekcypriot
  • Bus shuttles from Limassol to the Airport
    Bus shuttles from Limassol to the...
    by greekcypriot
  • Bus fee in Cyprus
    Bus fee in Cyprus
    by greekcypriot

Cyprus Transportation

  • From Nicosia to Turkey

    Nicosia Transportation

    In Nicosia you can walk accross at Ledra Street, there is no public transport (public transport in the south is, particular on the weekend, not good) between north and south. With a EU passport there should be no problem crossing. Nikosia to Girne by Dolmus. There are Ferries from Girne to Tasucu every day. If you need a visa for Turkey ,...

  • Boats to Tasucu

    Kyrenia Transportation

    Fast ferry from Girne / Kyrenia to Tasucu every day: Girne Departure: 9.30 am Tasucu Departure Time: 12:00 am Car ferry from Girne / Kyrenia to Tasucu every day: Girne Departure Time: 11.30 Tasucu Departure Time: 24.00

  • Get to Kolossi by bus No17

    In case that your only way of transport in that area is to go by public transport: You will be able to Get to Kolossi by bus No17

  • Air, Road and Sea Information

    ANOTHER HELPFUL LINKI find the link below interesting. gives precious info and key contact details for local airports and info about public transport access, airport services, plus Sea Travel.

  • Taxi Fare Throughout Cyprus

    Prepare to Pay Lots:Taxis in Cyprus are way too expensive. I came across this link in my attempt to check the cost from Paphos Airport to Pissouri. (€50.00) In otherer words it costs just as much as I paid for my round trip to Cyprus by budget airlines.Have in Mind:When booking a taxi transfer, it is wise to ask for a price. Tell the phone operator...

  • Public Transport in Cyprus

    On Previous Tips I give Timetables and Routes for different destinations. everything you need to know about Public Transport in general.The best way to explore the island on budget, and it is extremely popular with tourists too.

  • Cyprus Turkish Airlines

    BUDGET FLIGHTSThe cheapest option to travel to the north of Cyprus is Pegasus Airlines.Other AirlinesAfter travelling 4 or 5 times with the Turkish Airlines I have to admit the service was excellent, the food on board the plane was satisfactory too.Cyprus Turkish Airlines Flight destinations:Stansted, Gatwick, Heathrow, Manchester, Belfast, Glasgow...

  • Intercity Buses

    Intercity buses link the major cities in Cyprus. They are cheap and run on time.One way ticket between cities of adjacent districts costs 4.0 EUR, while a return ticket costs 7.0 EUR. For connections with cities not located in adjacent districts, one way ticket costs 5.0 EUR, or 7.0 EUR.For 15.0 EUR you may travel during the whole for all routes in...

  • How to travel around Cyprus

    The only way to get around Cyprus is by car, bike or bus. The only railway which ran trains between Nicosia and Famagusta closed in 1951. Cycling is difficult as some of the regions are hilly, and unless the visit has a car, the island's bus service is sufficient for many visitors. There are two types of bus services. The regional (blue) buses...

  • Rent - a - car

    The car is very convinient, roads are good, driving is not difficult ( if you are not driving in the center of Limassol or Nicocia as trafic jams are everywhere). But mind: Cyprus is LEFT side driving. Those who are "right sided" may experience some problems first. I get used to it every time after 20 minutes of driving, but I have to think all he...

  • Airport Shuttle to Limassol

    FROM LARNACA AIRPORT BY BUS TO LIMASSOLThe Company EAL LTD only transfers from Larnaca Airport to Limassol and back. There are only 2 bus stops in Limassol. The first one at AGIOS ATHANASIOS, and the other one at AGIOS GEORGIOS HAVOUZA.For weekdays and weekends timetables are the same.No booking in advance. Tickets are purchased on the bus from the...

  • From Limassol to Platres Daily bus...

    FOR JUST 2 EUROS!If you wish to get from Limassol to Platres there is a new bus service that can take you out there and bring you back in the afternoon.The cost is just 2 euros to go and return. ONE EURO for one way trip!From Limassol you can take the bus from the central bus station opposite the Old Hospital.It is a big bus station where there...

  • Hiring a Car in Cyprus

    ARE YOU PLANNING HIRING A CAR?If you plan to explore the island the best way to do it is to hire a car. Travel independent if possible. I advise that you get a good map and try to use the main roads mostly. Petrol is quite cheap but before you set off make sure you have plenty especially if you plan to drive to more remote parts. The advantage of...

  • Don't exceed the speed limit

    Driving in Cyprus is on the right Watch out when you are driving on the highway. You cannot exceed the 80 kmh the maximum otherwise speed cameras will spot you. Police is watching you and you cannot even see them sometimes. They know well how to cover their police cars but it is for our own safety of course.Watch out for possible pathholes on the...

  • Taxis - Public Means of Transport

    TAXISMoving around in taxis can be extremely expensive unless you can afford it.Tell the taxi driver where exactly you want to go and ask for the cost before you set off. A good idea is to write down the number plate just in case something goes wrong.PUBLIC MEANS OF TRANSPORTBuses are very popular throughout the south part of the island (Greek...

  • Touring Agencies

    DAY TRIPS FROM AGENCIES AND PICKED FROM THE HOTELSYou come across several travel agencies in Cyprus.I recommend them if you don’t plan to hire a car. It is a way of seeing places and going around Cyprus from one end to the other.You can arrange to be picked by Tourist Agencies either from the hotel you are staying or the closer to you bus station...

  • Tips for Budget and Clever Travelling in...

    From Limassol to Nicosia by BusMy next destination is the capital of Cyprus –Nicosia.We call it “Lefkosia” in Greek with stress on the –ee (like Lefkosiiia) Those of you who follow my Guides already know that I am using a lot public conveyance, and since there are no trains I use buses. TAXIS in Cyprus had always been costly and lately with the...

  • Ercan International Airport, North...

    Ercan International Airport is in distance to capital Nicosia (Lefkose) 23, to Kyrenia (Girne) 44, to Famagusta (Gaimagosa) 50 kilometers ...

  • Buses in Cyprus

    We were in Cyprus in October 2011 and made great use of the bus system. Both the local buses and the inter-city buses were in our experience, inexpensive and reliable as per timetable.We used the local buses in the Agia Napa - all routes regardless of distance, just 1 Euro per trip, or for unlimited trips for one day 2 Euro. We could have gone from...

  • The Green Intercity Buses

    Find all the information you might need through the thread I give below.There is daily bus service, even during the weekends as from summer 2010, the company is very reliable, and the buses depart exactly on the time mentioned.Routes for all the main cities: Larnca, Limassol, Nicosia, PaphosAgia Napa and Paralimni and Protaras.AN IMPORTANT NOTICE A...

  • Useful phone for Arrivals and Departures

    Call the automatic phone number 77778833 to assure that your flight has not changed.I always find this number very useful and hours before my departure I check to see in case something has changed. This saves me both time and money.

  • Renting a car in Cyprus

    Public transport in Cyprus is not really perfect and so I decided to rent a car. According to my experience the rental cars are cheaper in Larnaca than those in touristy Paphos. Roads are mostly in quite a bad condition in Cyprus and you have to drive on the left and the local roundabouts are at least in the beginning a bit tricky for drivers not...

  • Shuttle buses in Larnaca

    You can get to the city of Larnaca with bus #22 and #23 and the bus stop is outside on the left hand side of the entrance as you leave the main building.If you don't wish to wait for the bus, just go to the other side on the right where you can find the taxis. It will probably cost you 15 to 18 euros to get to a city hotel in Larnaca, and 25 to 30...

  • Larnaca airpot shuttle bus

    Hallo, you can find the shuttle bus info in the below link, i have tried it and it is just great,regards

  • Taxis in Cyprus

    Taxis are widely available in big cities, but don't expect to hold up your hand a stop a taxi like it is done in Greece or other countries. It is advisable to ask for help at the reception of your hotel. If in the meantime you find a reliable taxi driver ask for his card and call him whenever you need a taxi while on the island.Discus about the...

  • Cyprus By Bus

    Cyprus By Bus ( is a website that provides information about buses, bus routes and bus time tables in Cyprus. Browse all available bus routes in Cyprus or plan your journey between two different bus stops using the public transport bus service.

  • Group Transfers In Cyprus

    If you are considering traveling in Cyprus in groups you need to visit They provide shuttle services and coaches for all day trips all over Cyprus.

  • Larnaca -Limassol -Airport Express

    This thread below will help people To and From Larnaca Airport to go to Limassol.Of course the intinerary to and from Larnaca airport changes during Christmas and Easter holidays.It can also change in cases of flight changes. (Intinerary from 22/01/2011(Office hours phone: 77 77 70 75 from 08:00 - 16.30)(After office hourse until 21:00 contact 97...

  • Rural Buses in Cyprus

    Rural buses on the island can be limited, probably one or two services each day, however if you have time this is an ideal way of seeing the more remote villages.See the thread below for routes throughout the country.

  • Getting around in Cyprus-Airport to...

    As some other people already suggested, flying first hand to Larnaca would be ideal. It saves you a lot of hassle as to your final destination i.e. Ayia Napa/Protaras areas.Secondly, renting a car -even for 3 days, or for the duration of your stay- would be way more cost effective for your transport needs; you may travel and/or stop where you like...

  • Cyprus by Bus

    The site below is most helpful for information on different destination in Cyprus that you wish to travel by bus.

  • Cyprus Private Transport

    For Car Hire there are a number of both local and respectable International Car Rental Companies.For Taxi Real Time Rates I found this site really useful:"" where many Private vehicle hire options are available.For buses, go to ""Rgds,P.

  • Getting Around the Island

    Driving is on the left hand side of the road.All resorts are connected by modern dual-carriageway motorways.Trans-urban service-taxis are shared daytime taxis linking the main towns of Lefkosia (Nicosia) Lemesos (Limassol) Larnaka and Pafos. A very reasonably priced option for traveling around.Petrol stations in all coastal areas and major towns...

  • How to get to the excavations of Kourion

    It is quite easy to get to the excavation-area of Kourion, in case that you have a rental car. You can drive directely into the excarvation-area but first you have to park your car at the gate, get out and buy a ticket and then the bar will be opened for your car and you can drive on to the top of the hill, where you will find an information-desk...

  • it is easy to get there by car

    It is very easy to get to the "tombs of the kings" in your own car, because this sight is next to the main road through Paphos and there is a large carpark there that is free of charge and what is even more rare in Cyprus: lots of their parkinglots are under a shady tree.There are restrooms only INside of the excarvation-area (so you need a ticket...

  • How to get to Pedhoulas by car

    It is certainly the best to get to Pedhoulas by your own car or a rental car. Pedhoulas is situated along one of the side-roads of B9, mostly in good condition, but also quite narrow at many places.In that area around Pedhoulas you also have to be carefull that you dont use any of the roads that are not asphalted, because that is mostly against...

  • how to get to the monastery

    You certainly need a rental car in order toget to this monastery. From the main road B9 (Nicosia / Lefkosia to Troodos) you will see signposts to various monasteries and I followed them and this monastery was the closest to the B9.Once that you get across a dried out river you have to search for the large carpark, and DONT DRIVE up on the...

  • Take a tourbus to Asinou

    I dont know about regular buses of the local bus-system, because the public transport is not really very well organized in the countryside of Cyprus. What I could see is various offers of tours by local tour-companies to the Troodos-mountains from Paphos and also from Lefkosía/Nicosia, for prices between 20 and 35 euros and some of them will...

  • How to get to Asinou in your car

    The road to Asinou is quite good and only at a few places you have to be careful of the oncoming tourbuses. You have to leave the B9 and drive about 15km to Asinou,that is not the name of a village, that you will find in most of the maps, but you will find lots of signposts for the "chapel of Asinou" starting from the B9, that is the major road...

  • Check Points to the North of the Island

    There are a number of crossing points where one can pass from the south to the north.These are the following:Ledra Palace (in Nicosia - only for pedestrians)Agios Nikolaos (near Famagusta)Astromeritis (near Morphou)Agios Dometios (in Nicosia)Pyla (near Larnaca)Upon reaching the Turkish check point, get a temporary insurance if you have a car.Then...

  • From the North to Agia Napa

    If coming from Kyrenia, you should better come to Nicosia, pass the borders and then take a taxi (mini bus)that would drive you to Larnaca to Phinikoudes (Palm tree avenue). Out there you find the bus stop that will take you to Agia Napa.It does not cost more than 8 euros I think, but I suggest that you spend a couple of days at Agia Napa as it is...

  • From PAPHOS to Nicosia or Limassol

    A very useful site for people who are in Paphos and want to travel by the Local Cypriot Buses.You will find the cost, and everything.It is a good alternative if you are on a budget. I suggest that you prefer leaving Paphos the earliest so that you will have much time to explore Nicosia or Limassol do your sightseeing and shopping and return with...


    Being the Local Expert of Cyprus on a Travellers' site, I need to be in Cyprus very often to check on Hotels and Restaurants and life in general there.I don't drive in Cyprus, and I move around just like tourists do.I usually know the destination I am heading for each time, and I photocopy the exact information I In the thread below I am sure you...

  • Taxi Fares

    Taxis are often an important supplement or link for people who carpool or use public transportation. Because fares differ between companies, always check the fare rates with taxi companies to be sure you understand what the costs can be and what form of payment is accepted.

  • Car Hire in Northern Cyprus

    I was in Cyprus once before and I paid dearly for the taxi service. This time I was determined to rent a car. For a week I wrote and called many companies. You talk write and agree on everything and at the end they tell you that they have no car available !! This happened so many times I began to think that there is something illegitimate going on....


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Cyprus Transportation

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By far the best way to get around Cyprus is by car –of course if you can afford it. You should have in mind that Cyprus does not have a rail or metro system. Taxis are quite expensive like in all...

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