Cyprus Warnings and Dangers

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Cyprus Warnings and Dangers

  • Some etiquette for Hostels & Campsites

    English may be the universal language, but the likelihood of anyone of any nationality actually following the rules posted in a hostel or out at campsites is slim.The scene of apathy is frequent….washing clothes in the sink under the sign that said ‘don’t wash your clothes in the sink’.There are signs posted asking people to not put toilet paper in...

  • Fresh Seafood & Bottled Wine are...

    Expect to pay a lot in Seafood Restaurants especially if the seafood is fresh. Sometimes you cannot tell and it might be frozen but well covered with sauce and herbs to make it taste delicious. Have in mind that you will pay a lot for Bottled wine too! It can exceed the 35.00 euros.Cyprus is very popular for its fine quality of wines.Of course if...

  • Drive on the Left!!!

    Some tips .If you think that the only problem in Cyprus is driving on the left, you are badly informed about this topic. In general, people do not respect other drivers. They do not obey the rules and do not follow them. There is danger on the road where you less expect it. Not only Cypriots are bad drivers, those who are not used to driving on the...

  • Drive carefully & calculate some extra...

    When in Cyprus, drive carefully and always calculate some extra-time ! I saw rocks of all sizes that had fallen on the road , so you have to drive carefully, because broken tyres are mostly not taken over by the insurance of the rental-car-companies.I also had to drive through a part of the road, where the construction-works were going on and I had...

  • Fishing in Dams -Catch & Release' basis

    Fishermen who come for fishing at the fishing reservoirs of Achna and Polemidia should know that angling is forbidden.Any fish you catch here should be de-hooked carefully and returned to the water alive. (It is all about ‘Catch and Release’ basis) The Achna reservoir i2 25 kms northeast of Larnaca and the fish found here are carp, mosquito fish,...

  • Precaution - Weever's poisonous spines!

    It is advisable to have plastic shoes on when you swim to avoid the danger of being bitten by a dragon-fish (drakena) in Greek. I had heard of many cases in the past and I have known about these bites from youth. Recently a friend’s daughter was bitten by one and she spent a week in hospital under drip and antibiotics. The pain is unbearable. It...

  • The Weever's fish poisonous spines!

    It is advisable to have plastic shoes on when you swim to avoid the danger of being bitten by a dragon-fish (drakena) in Greek. I had heard of many cases in the past and I have known about these bites from youth. Recently a friend’s daughter was bitten by one and she spent a week in hospital under drip and antibiotics. The pain is unbearable. It...

  • Missing birds

    TENS OF THOUSANDS of migrant birds are being illegally slaughtered in Cyprus annually to feed an appetite for illegal “ambelopoulia” delicacies. Trappers using limesticks and mist nets are making huge profits while threatening Europe’s natural heritage. You can help generate the political will to end this indiscriminate killing by signing BirdLife...

  • North Cyprus don't exist

    No such place as North Cyprus.People there don't exist.Ask British goverment,they will tell you no such place.When I go there I am out of this world maybe among the stars.

  • rocks falling on the road

    I saw rocks of all sizes that had fallen on the road between Pedhoulas and Kykkos, so you have to drive carefully, because broken tyres are mostly not enjured by the rental-car-companies.

  • Take Precautions in case of Heatwave

    The island, lying in the east of the Mediterranean, is a hugely popular destination and attracts thousands of UK holidaymakers each summer. Cyprus is in the grip of a heatwave with temperatures in places reaching a searing 43 degrees Celsius. Visitors are advised to take precautions against the extreme heat by drinking plenty of water to avoid...

  • 2009 scratchcard timeshare touts

    The timeshare touts are still in Cyprus in 2009. Unfortunately you are not safe from them anywhere as they will chase tourists on mopeds and in cars, but Paphos harbour seems to be one of the worst places for them. They hide in the car park where they can identify the tourists in their red plated rental cars. They also pick out the palest people as...

  • Touting in Cyprus

    Try this littel tip, when you are approached by someone with a bundle of cards in their hands, if you cannot escape them, here's the tip: tell them you have just bought a house or a flat in Paphos, Limassol etc, and they will walk away. Beware make sure you know your location of your ' flat or house', or you are staying with your parents.John

  • Driving In Cyprus

    How to drive like a Cypriot:+ Always be on your mobile.+ If a traffic light is on red, ignore it.+ If you do have to stop at red, stop with your car all the way over the white line.+ While at the red light, creep constantly forward.+ If you're at red behind someone who did stop at the white line (a tourist) blare your horn at them if they don't...

  • Touts

    As with many places these days (Rhodes, Malta, Tenerife) Cyprus has its share of touts. In Paphos these congregate in one area - on the seafront where the harbour side promenade begins. There can be as many as 5 or 6 all standing within a couple of meters of each other and despite seeing you turn down the previous tout the next one will still...

  • Kalymnos Camping, thefts

    Everybody was telling me Cyprus is a safe place. Probably it is, but in my case it was different. My laptop and camera were stolen from Kalymnos/Governors Beach, around 20km west of Limassol. I was observed probably cause I left my place just for 10min. Both camping owners and local police were not helpful.I hope it does not happen often. I am...

  • Cabarets

    Despite their rather inconspicous name, cabarets are the Cypriot version of brothels. And there are lots of them, most with some connection to organized crime. Unfortunately, while Cyprus is generally very safe, several tourist get drugged and/or robbed every year while visiting one of these establishments. The best advice is to stay well clear of...

  • Passport Stamps Northern Cyprus

    Generally the rule applies not to have your passport stamped when you cross from the Greek to the Turkish side of Cyprus. In some cases people have not been left back into the Greek controlled area and you have problems in Greece or to obtain a new visa in the same passport. Since I travel a lot, and my maxi passport of 64 pages was almost full I...

  • Avis Rent-a-Car

    I booked 1 weeks car hire from Going Places in Glasgow and was informed that I had paid everything in full. I was also told that when I went to get the car, they would try and offer me other types of insurance etc, but I was to refuse as I was fully covered.When we went to collect the car at Protaras, I was told that the insurance was only based on...

  • Asbestos

    Asbestos is now classified as a hazardous material , and the mines in Cyprus are now closed. The old workings can still be seen in the landscape around Troodos, but it is better to look at a distance.

  • Traffic on the left side

    It is just a warning :) Traffic flows on the left lane. Traffic signs are international. The conditions of roads are very good. Cars entering TRNC must have a valid insurance certificate. For a tourist driver a valid national or international driving licence is accepted.

  • driving left

    in Cyprus, cars are driving on the left side of the road. Before leaving, I was very worried but once I started driving around, it was not difficult at all. Just be careful and don't do crazy things.

  • Stones

    I collected a lot of attractive pebbles from the beach. Unfortunately I put them in my backpack and when I went through the X-ray at the airport I was stopped and had to hand them over as it was 'forbidden'. Actually he did let me keep half a dozen of the smallest ones [none was larger than a small mobile phone anyway] Quite what they thought a...

  • traffic, traffic everywhere, give this...

    Visited Pafos for Carnival and ended up having a car accident. A minor one. There were cars double parked everywhere for the carnival celebrations. Some young guys stopped in the middle of the street in their 'sportscar' (sic) and would not move any further. I don't know why? Then there were several SUVs backed-up behind them. I was going the other...

  • Watch for falling rocks in the road

    The picture shows a typical Cypriot road. They are often well paved and well taken care of. However, driving from Limassol towards the Troodos Mountains, the road becomes very narrow and curvy and at quite a few places there were not only huge rocks on the road but more were falling on to the road as I drove. I would recommend to be cautious on the...

  • Greek / Turkish Divide

    This might be a bit obvious, but be very sure about which side of the Green Line you stand and remember this when it comes down to interacting with people from there. The division of Cyprus & Nicosia is understandably a sore point amongst Cypriots and there is a lot of harsh feelings to those across the border. Both sides believe the other to be...

  • Mosquitos??? Where...

    Well, this is not a warnig, but my expirience /mid. August/.I found written a lot about mosquitos in Cyprus. But my own expirience is, that after 10 days travelling through the island I had no mosquito bite on my body. Now I have an unused repellent at home.

  • Woman Travellers and General dangers

    If it pretty safe for ladies to travel around Cyprus alone.We did not get any hastle or anything on our holiday.Some places in Cyprus ladies may be chatted up by the local men.But nothing to worry about.Just light hearted fun.The best way to handle with cheesy chat up lines is just to ignore the person.All in all Cyprus is a very safe place.Crime...

  • Bites+Stings and Snakes

    Some spiders have dangerous bites but anti- venins are alvailable at hospitals etc.Scorpion stings are very very painful but are not life threatening unless the sting causes a bad reaction.There are snakes in Cyprus.If you are walking through long grass and undergrowth wear boots and long socks and trousers and dont go poaking around holes and...

  • Insects and Diarrhoea

    Cyprus has quite a few horrible insects that can bite.Mosquitoes are very common and biting flies etc in countryside locations.People who have blonde hair and light skin are attacked more than darker people.Getting a tan seems to give some protection against getting bitten.Mosquitoes do not have malaria but can cause narsty red sore bites...

  • Jet Lag-Prickly heat-Sunburn

    Jet lag can be a prob on long flights and a change in our body clock to the new time zones.People need a few hours or days to get used to new time zone etc.To try and avoid the effects of jet lag(tiredness and being unable to sleep etc) try the following.....dont over eat or drink on the flight.Drink plenty of water and move around etc.This will...

  • Heat exhaustion and Heatstroke

    Cyprus will get very hot during the summer months and it can get upto 40c or more.Getting dehydrated can causes heat exhaustionYour body looses salt when you sweat etc..If you go during summer months(June-September) remember to drink plenty of water and not to exercise or go too mad first few days of getting there.Try to to drink too much alcohol...

  • Food and Water

    In Cyprus food is ok if it is cooked or peeled.I only eat in places that had local people eating in them and looked clean and tidy.I did eat a few salads at popular places that were busy with local and travellers and was totally ok.Just be sensible and eat from places that look busy as this is a sign that the food is safe as well as good and it has...

  • Taking pics

    You are ok to take photos almost anywhere in Cyprus.But you are not allowed to take pics near Attila and Green Lines and there are warning signs around to tell you not to do so.Another place to avoid are Military camps.Also such places as ports or airports are off limits taking pics.If you want to take pics in a museum, you normally need a licence...

  • summer heat

    If you are visiting Cyprus for the first time, be prepared: during the summer months, it can get discustingly hot in daytime and awfully humid at night, especially by the sea. In order to make things easier, make sure to wear a hat or something, drink plenty of water or other liquid (but not alcohol, at least not in the sun!) and/or stick to the...

  • Buy a Decent map!

    We had hired a little Suzuki Swift for exploring the Island of Cyprus. The roads in the Troodos are not always great, sheer drops are common, especially off the beaten track. We went off on one road only to find ourselves on a boulder ridden track, with no possibility of turning round due to the shear drop!. Buy a good map for the mountains!(~_~)

  • Still safe...

    Despite 40 years of conflict between the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish community, guests have nothing to worry.


    We thought the quieter side of Cyprus, Paphos, would have been free of timeshare touts (seen loads in Tenerife), but seems they have found here too.As you get off the bus in Paphos & walk towards the old castle in the bay, they pounce on you with scratch cards, & guess what ? everybody has won !!!! so they take you then to an office to try & sell...

  • Beware of shopping in northern Nicosia

    In the picture, you see a sort of market, located in the old town of northern Nicosia. Mainly there are cheap clothes here, so not anything really interesting to buy anyway. I had a great time at the market, as quite a few locals from the shops came to me and wanted to know from where I come, etc. I was even invited for a Turkish coffee which I...

  • only drink bottled water

    Because there are no lakes in north cyprus, all of the water comes from the sea and is some kind of salty. Its not healthy to drink it. There are many stores (markets), almost one in every corner, where you can get not so expensive water botles for less half a dollar (500,000LT). It is good to keep some if you feel thirsty at night... You can also...

  • Watch out for the cars!!!

    Here they use english way of driving but most of people who drives come from turkey and they are used to the other way of driving. Also most of people drive like crazy so watch to your right side first when crossing a street and dont stop in the middle because some car may come really fast to you. Car accidents is one bad thing about nort cyprus.

  • Passion becomes harassment!

    The one surprise about Cyprus was the never-ending reminder of the political situation. It didn’t matter where we went, shopping, taxi rides, dining or just browsing the shops …we would be approached and asked to tell our government that the Cypriot people were being unfairly occupied and that the outside world must come to their aid and free their...

  • Grapes Can Damage Your Health!

    This picture, taken near Pissouri, speaks for itself! I wonder if the danger still applies? drink the wine, but grape juice can be fatal, haha!

  • Increasing Taxi Fares

    At the time of the trip, I was informed to be very careful of the taxi drivers in Cyprus. They had gained a bit of a reputation for taking travellers to their destination and then charging over the top rates. There were no meters in the taxis, so the price was worked out in the drivers head. The recommended way of getting around this was to ask how...

  • Englishmen singing Karaoke

    Even in the peaceful hollow of Pernera Bay, the evil Dr. Karaoke has cast his spell on unsuspecting package tourists... great to listen to for a couple of minutes from your room, but the place across from the hotel didn't close until about 4 each morning...


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Cyprus Warnings and Dangers

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Cyprus is a Very Safe Island whether you are in its southern or northern parts. There is no way you will feel uncofortable. Cypriots are just as friendly as Turk Cypriots and both sides do...

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