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Private Half-Day Cold War Years Walking Tour with an Historian Guide in Prague
"Explore the decorations and statuary of The Hall of the Red Army with a historian guide on a private 3-hour walking tour. Visit also the mausoleum that displayed the mummified corpse of Klement Gottwald first chairman of the KSC along with the adjoining laboratory and temperature control center where a team of doctors cosmetologists and technicians cared for the embalmed body. Enjoy the panorama of the city and the Žižkov Television Tower an example of high-tech architecture that looms above the rest of the city’s skyline while standing atop Vitkov Memorial. Coming back to the city center
From $295.00
Prague Welcome Card
"The Prague Welcome Card will offer you great values and convenience free public transport (if option selected) free entrances to many great venues. As well as saving money you will often jump the ticket-queues. By purchasing this card you can enjoy entrance at the following attractions --Free entrance to the following historical Prague monuments: Klementinum PrahaAstronomical Clock Tower which includes a chapter detailing other places in Prague that are worth visiting and free of charge.""""The Prague Welcome Card is your key to discovering the most interesting things Prague has to offer
From EUR30.00
Half-Day Prague City Highlights Tour Including Walking Tour from Prague Castle to Old Town
"During this half-day city tour of Prague you are going to see the most interesting historical sights of the city. Start your city tour on a bus which will take you around New Town Old Town and Lesser Town and see the Municipal House Powder Tower State Opera Wenceslas Square National Museum
From EUR25.00

Some modesty please Tips (6)

Be nice, they're not snobs.

I've read comments and reviews of some people on travel sites about rudeness. For instance, some staff or hotel personnel are rude or not helpful at some hotels in Prague, like reception lacking interest in providing assistance.

Maybe true maybe not, in my opinion and experience, it sometimes boils down to you (or me).

Both the two receptionists at the hotel I've stayed at for 3 nights are definitely friendly and helpful, maybe not the over-friendly kind of attitude but juz the kind I really need. They give me help and the right answers to my questions. They even write instructions on small paper on the names of tram stations where I want to go and help me find my way on the map. I had few minutes too of chats every morning before exploring the city and in the evening.

Maybe because I give them careful attention so I get twice the attention back.

Be nice, be modest...Don't you think it's a universal rule? You get what you give.

June.b's Profile Photo
Jun 22, 2010

Tourists customs and tourist prices

Some tourists from countries of more western Europe or USA like to show how comparatively rich they are. (everything is sooo cheap!!!) This has two ugly effects

- first, some restaurants and services try to rip-off tourists, counting "special" price for people who don't speak Czech. ("They show they don't care about few crowns, so why not rip them off some crowns?")

-second, in some heavily touristed places, the price level is so escalated by tourists willing to pay inadequate prices (from local perspective), that most locals cannot afford. And are forced out of such central places.

You dont have to fake you're a ladder, but some modesty will be appreciated by locals. Also chances someone will try to cheat you are less, if you don't make a show of your money. Obvious :)

Jun 05, 2003

Dress Codes

Dress codes are strictly enforced. These will range from "no armless" shirts or vests, up to the requirement of a tie depending on the restaurant. Sports shorts are often refused but, tailored shorts are OK. Trainers are often OK but, trainers without socks may get you barred. The owner of the bar etc may try to accomodate you i.e. eating inside is not possible but, outside is ok. Signs saying no T-Shirts are to put off the masses but, the same sign in a good restaurant will also bar Polo shirts as well.

anglosaxon's Profile Photo
May 06, 2004

Many tourists usually want to...

Many tourists usually want to show how rich they are - please, don't do it very often because people there really don't like it and they are mean to people who do it. I'm not trying to say that you have to hide the fact that you are more rich than the natives, but I'm trying to say: don't talk big. You'll see that when you'll be like them they will like you and help you.

prazacek's Profile Photo
Aug 26, 2002
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Them tourists!

What I found annoying (and I bet all the Czech people hate it even more!) were the tourists who were talking about how cheap Prague is all the time and who were acting like the rich uncle from the west boasting with their money etc etc etc. Disgusting!
But I'm sure no real tourist would act like that!

About the picture:
Do you know Karel Gott???!?! I guess he is only known in Germany - don't even know about Czech Republic... He is Czech - and he sings German 'Schlager' songs (the Eurovision in the 70s kind of music). His most famous song is the starting track of a childrens cartoon series called 'Biene Maja' .. haha my favourite when I was around 5 ;) Anyway, I assume someone had sprayed Karel at the wall there - and later someone (maybe German) wanted to make a joke and wrote Gott behind it ;) That's why I took a picture!

Feb 18, 2003

it's really easy to feel rich...

it's really easy to feel rich in prague.... life costs less than in the rest of europe, in the states or in australia. You can see a lot of people pretending they're the sultan of brunei... not a nice view!

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Aug 24, 2002
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"What a great and romantic place !"
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"The beautiful town of Prague"
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"Praha is amazing!"
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"Peramble Around Prague"
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Things to Do Near Prague

Things to Do

Army Museum

The Army Museum is located in Prague-Žižkov, in the historic facilities of the National Liberation Monument. The exposition is divided into three large sections. The first is dedicated to the period...
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City Museum

With the National Museum closed for refurbishment during my visit in 2015, I decided to visit the Museum of the City of Prague instead. It is housed in an impressive building near Florenc metro...
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The State Opera in Prague has the most dreadful location of any opera house I can think of. The front entrance is cut off from the city by a high-speed four-lane motorway called Wilsonova with no...
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National Museum

One of the first words I learned in Czech this time was Národní, meaning national, since there are lots of "national" things in Prague. As a non-nationalist I am not terribly enthusiastic about...
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Alphonse Mucha Museum

I am a fan of Salvador Dali's work. In fact we own some of the Dante's Divine Comedy Canto prints and a signed Dali lithograph. So, visiting the exhibit was fantastic! I saw additional works by Dali I...
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Things to Do

Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas square is more an avenue than a square. Lined with shops and hotels, it is the centre of nightlife (if you're male be prepared to meet "quick friends" in the square). Behind king Wenceslas...
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