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Karlstejn Tips (24)

Karlstejn and the central Bohemian countryside

The city of Karlstejn and its famous Gothic castle are located about 35 km. southwest of Prague. Karlstejn is a short, uncomplicated, scenic, and very inexpensive, train ride from Hlavni Nadrazi ( central or main ) train station of Prague. Many tour packages for hrady ( castle ) Karlstejn are available, but most leave much to be desired, and a few are outright hoaxes. My advice is to save your money by taking the public train. The red, white, and blue, flag of the new republic of Chechia, is shown flying proudly over the upper court of the castle.

Shown in both photos are the tallest rook and part of the castle's ramparts, as well as the surrounding steep and heavily forested hills. Further in the distance are the villages that dot the river valley. You can see from the photos that attacking the castle was a very formidable task for all of the invaders who tried. The photos were taken in April when the Bohemian countryside is especially beautiful and captivating.

more later !

hundwalder's Profile Photo
May 18, 2008

medieval fortress overlooking Karlstejn

The vast reaching hrad ( castle ) Karlstejn is spread out over the highest densely forested hilltops overlooking the well preserved Renaissance central Bohemian city of the same name. Construction of this mighty fortress commenced in 1348, by order of the ambitous, vain, and treasury pillaging King Karluv IV ( yes the same king under whose reign many of Prague's most popular tourist sites were built and given his name ). The king declared that the primary purpose of the fortress was to house the crown jewels, the other royal treasures, and the important and guarded documents. However, the completed fortress which rivaled a small city in size, served many more functions, including defense of the region.

The castle was revamped in about 1550, from which it received its present appearance. The architectural style is very characteristic of Bohemian and Austro-Hungarian Renaissance.The semi pyramidal roofs of the towers and other buildings, as well as the half timbered great halls are common throughout the region in castles as well as free standing towers. Photo #2 is a closeup view of the great hall and primary tower. Photo #1 shows more detail of the sloping crenalated ramparts. Photo #3 shows the older buildings in the castle complex, indluding one of the medieval turrets with a coned roof. Photo #4 shows the steeples of the castle's church, protruding from behind the massive defense ramparts.

There are excellent hiking trails through the woods surrounding the castle, which afford great views of all sides of the castle and of the surrounding river valley and countryside. Admission to the castle grounds and many of its structures is free of charge, and you can enjoy them as long as you wish. There are two guided tours offered of the castle interiors, although the long tour is only offered a few times a day. The tours are not very memorable and no photography of the interiors is allowed. It is hard to say why ! The best views of the castle are from a distance and from the courtyard, such as the ones shown in my photos.

hundwalder's Profile Photo
Jun 19, 2008

Karlstejn Castle

Take a daytrip by train to the famous Gothic Castle of Karlstejn. The medieval castle was built between 1348 and 1355 to deposit the Empire coronation jewels and state documents.

It is located on a hill and offers great views of the surrounding area. The way up the hill is packed with tourist stalls selling every kind of souvenirs.

Karlstejn ist located about 35 km southwest of Prague. A return train ticket was 58 CZK in 2003 (less than 2 Euro).

HORSCHECK's Profile Photo
Feb 07, 2015

Karlstejn Castle

This 14-century stronghold built by Charles IV to house the crown jewels now serves only partly in that capacity (the rest of the crown jewels are in Vienna). Even so, there is a police presence within the castle to prevent electronic devices from scouting the place, but otherwise the tour through the various royal apartments and the at-will exploration around the ramparts, towers and battlements is a wonderful diversion for the castle lover. Karlstejn is about 35 minutes by train northwest from Prague (leaves from Smichov station to Beroun every hour).

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Dec 15, 2003
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Daytrip to Karlštejn Castle

This medieval castle was built in 1348 - 1368 by the King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV, as a place for safekeeping the coronation jewels. The heart of the castle is the Chapel of the Holy Rood (or Holy Cross), and features a famous gallery of 127 panel paintings by the Master Theodoricus. Reservations for touring the Chapel must be made ahead of time.
Distance: approx. 21 miles (half-day trip)

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Apr 04, 2011


I have been at Karlstein a few times. It is always a pleasure, and always a new "wow"!
If you are on holiday in Prague, more than a few days, I highly recommend going to Karlstein.
You can take the train from the central station, and the trip takes no more than 20-25 minutes.
When you are in Karlstein is no more than 10 mins walk to main street and then 10 minutes up to the castle.
Before you go all the way up to the castle, I would recommend you to follow the yellow trail away from the castle (You will find the marks on the way to the castle). If you follow it, just a couple of 100 meters, you will have the perfect view of the castle.
To go inside the castle is not worth it. There is really nothing in there.

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Jan 09, 2010

Castle of Karlstejn

Karlstejn is one of the most famous travel destinations in Czech Republic. Main landmark in village of Karlstejn is castle.

Gothic castle was built from 1348 till 1365 by Holy Roman emperor and King of Bohemia Charles IV. Actually the purpose of constructing this castle was safekeeping of royal treasures.

Castle is about 30 kilometers from Prague. It is possible to reach it by train.

Raimix's Profile Photo
Oct 19, 2009


If you are into hiking and have a free day on your hands, take a train to Karlstejn, see the beautiful castle, then follow one of the trails from there. We took a 15K trail to Berun - through a small village called Svyatogo Janu pod Skaloju. It was fairly level walk through woods and meadows - not extremelly challenging, but proved a good preparation for ascent to Triglav in Slovenia a few days later (see more about that in my Slovenia page :) )

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Mar 03, 2003
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"What a great and romantic place !"
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"The beautiful town of Prague"
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"Praha is amazing!"
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"Peramble Around Prague"
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Get a taste of 14th century lifestyle!

This castle rivals Ludwig's Neuschwanstein in terms of outstanding architecture!

From Praha-Smichov station take a local CD (Cesky Drahy) train to Karlstejn station (30min). It costs 21 Kc per adult. If you travel with a baby pram, pay 6Kc additional.

From the Karlstejn station, walk another 30min(leisurely) uphill to the castle. Be sure to check the timing for English tour near the ticket office.

Aug 21, 2003

Wish this was my summer home!

Karlstejn Castle is probably the most famous castle outside of Prague. Its proximity to Prague obviously helps that, but it is a very interesting castle in its own right. It is a great example of the Bohemian late gothic style architecture and has a very interesting structure to it.

For me, to be honest, the tour itself was boring. It was more of a tour of the family artifacts than the castle itself(the castle was used as a place of safe-keeping for most of the royal's most important treasures, includin the crown jewels). You don't generally learn much about the castle itself. However, it is an interesting look into Charles IV's family life, etc.

Karlstejn, as a town, has basically become a tourist junction between the train station and the castle. You can find everything and anything you would expect to be sold where tourists frequent...restaurants, accomodation, ice cream, useless trinkets, etc. But it still, strangely, holds its character, as it almost seems these shops are sort of like a circus that came into town for the week and will leave it exactly as they found it.

it is a great day trip from Prague, especially if you want something that is close and important in the course of understanding the nation's history...not to mention great picturesque views!

mbsimjam's Profile Photo
Aug 27, 2007

Hrad Karlstejn

It's the most known bohemian castle, it stands in the valley of river Berounka. The castle is about 30 kms south-west of Prague.
The castle was build for Karl IV and posseses a lot of historical artifacts.
Among other truly fascinating and interesitng things it has one of the 1st toilets, which was used only by the King. It sets on a tower wall, like a bay window and is seen from the far aproaches to the castle...

Lalique's Profile Photo
Feb 05, 2003

Excursion to Karlstein Castle

25 km from Prague, Karlstein Castle sits on top of Knezni Mountain and when you first catch a glimspe of it, you will be pretty amazed. An excursion will take you to one side of the castle and you are expected to walk through the forest and up a steep hill for 20 mins or so before you reach the entrance. This royal castle was built in the 14th century as a residence of King Charles IV and to safeguard the crown jewels and some important documents. The Chapel of the Holy Rood was where the crown jewels were once kept, houses a unique set of 128 panel paintings by Master Theodoric, dating back to the 1360's. Part of the original furnishing and decorations can still be seen. You also won't see some parts of the castle or the crown jewels itself

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Apr 18, 2006

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