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2-hour Morning Prague Castle Walking Tour
"Once you meet your guide at a designated meeting point you can get ready for a sightseeing tour of the Prague Castle which has for 11 centuries served as an architectural symbol and a seat of the Czech rulers. You will first get to the Charles Bridge which will take you into the Lesser Town from where you will take a short picturesque tram ride to visit the Castle and its surroundings including the St. Vitus Cathedral
From EUR15.00
Half-Day Prague City Highlights Tour Including Walking Tour from Prague Castle to Old Town
"During this half-day city tour of Prague you are going to see the most interesting historical sights of the city. Start your city tour on a bus which will take you around New Town Old Town and Lesser Town and see the Municipal House Powder Tower State Opera Wenceslas Square National Museum
From EUR25.00
Prague Castle And City Walking Tour Including Vltava River Cruise And Lunch
"See the best of Prague in a 6.5-hour city tour including a walking tour and boat cruise. Start your tour by strolling through Wenceslas Square in New Town. Continue along the “Royal Route” to Old Town Square with its Astronomical Clock. Explore the well- built in 1357.""""Join this 6.5-hour tour of Prague and enjoy panoramic views of the city from Petrin Hill and the Vltava River. Enjoy lunch being included in your tour and also get to see the most important monuments from land and water. Stroll around the Prague Castle c see Strahov Monastery and more."title=Highlights&1=Prague+walking+tour+and+river+cruise&2=Ride+the+funicular+up+to+Petrin+Hill&3=Take+a+1-hour+panoramic+boat+ride+on+the+Vltava+River&4=Visit+the+Jewish+Quarter%2C+Strahov+Monastery+and+Prague+Castle&5=Hear+commentary+from+a+professional+""
From EUR44.00

Torture Museum Tips (15)

Alarming museum- torture

At first I was hesitant to go in due to the price, was well worth the admission.

I'm not sure if I just started to notice this, but it seems that now more and more European cities are opening their own version of a medieval torture museum. Maybe coming clean about their own pasts? Perhaps letting people realize just how lucky they are not to be living in such a time? Cashing in perhaps.....or a bit of all of the above.

The museum contained 3 floors of exhibitions about instruments of medieval torture. Each of the instruments was briefly described and most had some historical etchings showing how they were used. It is alarming how common some of these have been and how minor the infraction could be to earn yourself a visit to the torturer. To varying degrees, the museum described some of the physical effects of the particular torture. In honesty I have to say that some of the descriptions were not much more than a copy of a page from a medieval document or manuscript, some were described quite vividly while some others were hardly described at all.

An excellent museum for those wanting a more complete perspective on the Middle Ages and what can happen when too much power is concentrated. Some things, like the rack and some of the objects of restraint, seemed obvious, but i was amazed at the level of creativity in the creation of new and hideous mechanisms for inflicting pain on others.

One of the star attractions, of course, is the famous Iron Maiden. Interestingly, there is no documented use of the Iron Maiden before 1793, so it was really not a medieval instrument at all. Furthermore, scholars have determined that the 1793 reference is a hoax, and some have questioned if the Iron Maiden was ever really used at all. There are no documented uses of the Iron Maiden in the Czech Lands. You also get no real idea how many of the other implements were used in the Czech Lands.

The museum will definitely spook you. Make sure to read the guestbook on your way out, some of the entries were absolutely hilarious!

GentleSpirit's Profile Photo
Nov 02, 2012

The best thing i found in Prague !

I'm telling you - super kool place. If You buy ticket to Torture museum You get free ticket to Wax museum :) well it was on January...
Anyway, it was super museum. Not just some fugures to watch, but with sound, movements, lights and darkness effects. Must be super kool for sensitive persons.
Martyrs are made from Wax so look so real. Made million of pictures!
Each of the exhibit is displayed on tables in english, so easy to understand.
The museum isn't very big.
Such as "Virgin Bell" for male and female makes a big impression!
In one room there screams a witch on a fire :)))
Also You can see a real situation when the head is cut off. Bang! head down.. Darnkess.. Death.. Repeat :]

The best way to show is pictures.. Or just go there!

Hiiemae's Profile Photo
Mar 12, 2012

Torture museum - ouch :)

Torture museum is located in an ugly, red-carpeted building in Old Town, very close to Charles`Bridge. Basically you can see about 60 gruesome torture instruments from all over Europe, amongst them the "Jungfrau von Nürnberg" or the head crusher (! that one was especially disgusting, really) on three floors. Right next to that instruments explanations in several languages are written when, where and how those instruments were used. Entrance fee was about EUR 5,50. My summary was, that the museum was a bit carelessly prepared - they could make much more of the topic in case they wanted to I think :).

coccinella169's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

museum of torture

over the centuries those in power in prague tortured heretics, witches, and state enemies. this museum has an interesting collection of medieval torture instruments. this museum is not for everyone but for those interested in medieval history it is worth seeing.

doug48's Profile Photo
Jun 21, 2008
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Fun for the Whole Family

This place is pretty cool and it's right next to the Charles Bridge (just ask somebody if you don't see the museum). The place shows off some very crazy and elaborate ways people were tortured in medievil time. All of the tools of torture are replicas, but it is still interesting to see what they looked like and how the actual torture was performed. Each device has some information about it and a picture depicting the torturing process. The price was 240CZK for 2 people which came out to be about $11 (I'm not sure if I used student IDs or not, but if I did the regular price is not that much more.)

Overall a fun experience for about $11-$15 depending on if you are a student or not. It will only take up about 45 minutes of your time so make plans for more than just this museum.

alex0312's Profile Photo
Jul 19, 2006

Brilliant but you better have a good stomach

Now i usually hate these sorts of museums.But this museum was great.If you have a intrest in Capital or Corporal punishment, this place is the place to come.With actual tortue devices on show and a introduction to how each works, will make you extremly thankful they are no longer used today.
Next door is a live Spider show, although i never went there, ive heard its awsome.

bobsreturn2004's Profile Photo
Mar 28, 2005

Reality of Medieval Torture

This museum, while not for the weak of stomach, is a fantasy land of old torture instruments and methods. This is a must-see for any tough/masculine guy. Seeing a 6 foot pole that a man would be placed atop and inserted where the sun doesn't shine, and left to die as his own body weight would push the stake further inside of him, and further down the pole until he died. Now that's an image that will make the electric chair seem like a godsend.

I don't mean to be rude or obscene, but just realistic as that is the type of images you imagine when looking at some of the instruments.

chesterridenour's Profile Photo
Mar 01, 2005


The day we visited Prague Castle, it rained in the late afternoon. Seeking a dry place for an hour or so, we happened upon this as the thunder echoed around the narrrow streets of Prague. The choice was...arachnid museum or torture museum (same crowd run both I think) and it was no contest.! The amount of torture devices they have collected is astounding...and they're not hidden away behind glass cases either. Harrowing stuff and definitely worth a visit!

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Aug 12, 2004
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"What a great and romantic place !"
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"The beautiful town of Prague"
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"Praha is amazing!"
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"Peramble Around Prague"
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Prepare to be grossed out!!

This option came to us because it was so wet and cold outside, we decided to visit every museum possible. This one was certainly an eye opener. Not for the faint hearted or squimish, this museum certainly makes you think about the past and how lucky we are to be living in twentieth century. Don't recommend a McDonalds after with all that minced meat!!!!

200kc entry fee per adult

tomruth78's Profile Photo
Mar 26, 2004

The Torture Museum Prague

I highly recommend this to anyone who goes to prague it is unmissable. I loved it as did my mum, it was educational yet disturbing...very disturbing. I bought one of the souvenir books and no one at home could believe what they subjected people to. Probably the most disturbing of all was the huge saw as mentioned by someone else, or the piece of pointed wood they used to lower people onto penetrating parts that maybe should not be mentioned. The best display ive ever seen especially seeing an Iron Maiden...then again i am weird!!!!

Jan 27, 2004

Spiders etc

The worlds biggest and most exciting spiders and scorpions, more than 100 living animals in their natural habitat. The largest exhibition in Europe. All explanations and comments in English. Open daily 10.00 / 22.00

ettenaj's Profile Photo
Oct 17, 2003

The museum of Torture

God I'm glad I wasn't living in Prague in the Dark Ages. At the museum of Torture they display all sorts of stuff which they used to molest, cut, part, rape and so on. The most terrefying thing was a huge two-man saw. Before they used this they strung their victim naked upside dwon with the legs apart. Then they started sawing from your groin. Apparently, since your blood rushed to your brain from hanging upside down, you would be concious almost untill you were split in two...

0yvind's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

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Getting to Torture Museum


Križovnické námestí 1. 111 00 Praha, Czech Republic


  • Sunday 10:00 to 22:00
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