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Zoo Praha (Prague Zoo) Tips (16)

Fourth best zoo in the world

On Prague Zoo’s grounds, you will find a rich collection of species from across the globe, and have the possibility to explore 12 unique pavilions and over 150 exhibits. Children will be thrilled to visit the Bororo Reserve play area, ride the chairlift, minitram or minitrain, and see the Children’s Zoo. Complementing all this is an immensely rich year-round event program, which packs even more experiences into your visit with the zoo’s animals and makes it more engaging overall.

Common single entrance
Adults: CZK 200
Families (2 adults + 2 children aged 3 to 15 years): CZK 600
Children (aged 3 to 15 years): CZK 150
Children aged 3 and younger: Free admission
Parking – passenger cars : CZK 100 a day

Prague Zoo is open daily all year round.

January, February*: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
March: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
April, May: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
June, July, August: 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.
September, October: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
November, December: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

The ticket office by the main entrance is open daily; the southern and northern ticket offices open on weekends, public holidays and during school vacations. Ticket offices close 30 minutes before Zoo closing time.

For more information visit

Mar 15, 2016

Zoo Praha

A visit to Prague Zoo is a fantastic way to spend a day. Believe me, you will need the whole day to do this zoo justice. It's also a nice way to break up your trip so you do not suffer from Baroque architecture overload! I spent my second day in the city exploring this sprawling zoo and visiting the many and various inhabitants. I arrived at around 11 in the morning and left at around 5 in the afternoon.
It was a warm day so many of the animals were sheltering from the heat and quite lethargic. This did not affect my enjoyment of the visit though. There are many indoor areas that the public can access to see the animals up close. I used the zoo orientation map to plan my route around the zoo. Most of the signposts are only in Czech so it's worth getting a map at the entrance for an extra 5 CZK. I was very impressed by the animal enclosures, many of which were very large and spacious. The African Savanna area where the giraffes and antelopes lived was particularly impressive. The pavilions for the gorillas and the tigers were a great opportunity to get close to the animals. The Elephant Valley section of the zoo is fun to explore with a few temples and statues dotted around it.
I had a very nice lunch at the Cernohouska Pizzeria which has great views over Prague from its terrace. As well as a pizzeria, the zoo also has a traditional Czech restaurant, a Indian restaurant and a self service cafeteria. There are many other kiosks and vending machines located around the zoo and the refreshments are all very reasonably priced. Public conveniences in the zoo are plentiful, clean and free to use. I would highly recommend a trip on the chairlift that takes you from the lower level of the zoo up the hillside to the upper part. Not for the faint-hearted or those with vertigo though!
Entry to the zoo was a bargain at 200 CZK. Be warned though, once you scan your ticket to enter the zoo at the turnstiles, you cannot leave and come back in. Not that you will want to leave in a hurry though!

slothtraveller's Profile Photo
Sep 21, 2015

Prague Zoo

Not far from the bank of the river Vltava and the Troja Chateau, on land that had originally been a part of the chateau complex, on rocky ground stands the Prague Zoological Garden. Designed by J. Fuchs, it was opened in 1931 on an area of eight hectares. At first, it had 200 animals. At present, it covers an area of 45 hectares, has 12 kilometres of paths and a funicular. Though not the earliest institution of its kind in Europe, Prague Zoo has linked up with a tradition unmatched by other countries. Already the first kings of Bohemia, after they had made the lion a part of their coat-of-amus, thought it suitable to keep the majestic animal at Prague Castle. Rudolf II then added many other exotic animals to the castle's animal collection. Prague Zoo is one of Europe's largest and also nicest, because of its perfect location. It has a total of 1,960 animals, representing 360 species of mammals, birds and reptiles, 50 of them very rare. Prague Zoo has been associated particularly with the breeding of the Przewalski horse, its trademark animal. The horse can no longer be found in the wild and it is thanks to Prague Zoo that its breeding in zoos across the world has been coordinated since 1959. Sixty-five species are on the list of the European threatened species rescue programme. 750,000 people annually visit the Zoo. Its facilities include a restaurant, refreshments, playgrounds, etc. The Zoo is also accessible by pleasure boats, from piers at the Palacky Bridge and Rudolfinum, stopping at Stromovka.

In 2011, Prague ZOO celebrated the 80 years since the opening. Today you can see 378 species here and altogether some 1600 animals. 91 of these are on the endangered species list.

Skillsbus's Profile Photo
Dec 28, 2012

Amazing experience!

We have read a lot of great reviews on this attraction and we have been told that this zoo is already 80 years old, but just after the visit of the Prague Zoo during the Easter holidays of 2011 we truly understood what a great place it is! You could spend one entire day there (I spent there 7 hours and even skipped some parts of it!) - the zoo size is amazing, everything is so well-organized (there have been some reconstructions for relocating some of the big animals but this doesn't affect so much the overall impression), there are so many animals and attractions plus places to rest for a while and eat and/or have a coffee/beer and I could say for sure is that it is a must-see attraction! The easiest way to get there is to catch the C line of the Prague Metro and at the metro station Nazdravi Holesovice to take a bus 112 that will drive you directly to the zoo. The admission fee is 150 Kc per adult (around 5.50 - 6.00 EUR) and 100 Kc (around 4 EUR) for children over 3 years (it's free for children under 3 years), retired people and students, there are also special fares for families (2 adults and 2 children) and groups above 10 people. Among the most spectacular attractions within the zoo is the Indonesian jungle pavilion with an area of 1,950 m2 that holds 160 animal (check the primates - orangutans, gibbons, macaques, leaf monkeys), Komodo dragons, turtles, fish and bird species as well as 1,600 specimens of live plants coming from Southeast Asia. Don't miss also the gorilla pavilion where there is a relatively recently born small gorilla. I would recommend you to visit this zoo during your visit to Prague, you will not regret it for sure!

May 01, 2011
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Prague Zoo

One of the biggest in Europe, the biggest in Czech Republic! One of the world best zoos!

It occupies about 45 hectares and houses about 4,5 thousands of animals from all over the world. I spent there an hours just walking, watching, doing some photos. Well, actually a lot of photos :-)
My favorite were ring-tailed lemurs (on the photo) and the Rothschild giraffes! Zoo is so huge that you should have 3-4 free hours to spend here. I recommend to visit Prague zoo to everyone


Adults - 150 CZK
Children, students, retired, handicaped people - 100 - CZK

Opening hours:

April, May, September, October : 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
June, July, August: 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.
March: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
November, December, January*, February*: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

On the website you can found how to get there!

Read more:

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Apr 29, 2011

Botanická zahrada Troja

Prague has two botanical gardens, the newest being out at Troja not far from the Zoo. On the day I visited I suddenly spotted another entrance to the botanical gardens about 1 stop before the Zoo Terminus. There was someone a few steps ahead, and like me he was expecting to pay at the kiosk, but it was unmanned and the entrance was open. As I walked up the hill I discovered the reason it was free to get in was due to a wedding taking place in a church located at the top of the hill in the botanical gardens. As few people approach from that direction they had left the entrance open for wedding guests to come and go. The botanical gardens has a large Japanese Garden, vineyards that are out of bounds, spectacular views over Prague and various well laid of gardens. If you feel thirsty do not try coffee from the kiosk in the centre of the gardens. It was the most disgusting coffee I have ever tasted and I threw it away. The second part of the gardens is Fata Morgana which is a glasshouse with tropical plants and butterflies flying around.

alancollins's Profile Photo
Feb 26, 2010

A good day out

Prague Zoo is probably the best zoo we have visited on our travels anywhere. The settings for the animals is well thought out and we were able to see all the animals without any pushing or shoving etc. We made for the cable car first (not scary - and I don't like heights) and looked around the top area first and gradually made out way back down the hill. There are plenty of refreshment areas - not pricy either - which was needed as there is a lot of walking involved. The gorilla pavillion was our favourite attraction. The gorillas were alert and playing with each other etc. The main silverback (Richard) was enthralling to watch. I could have stayed all day but they went in for lunch and we reluctanly left. The bat house is another must. The bats are flying around freely and once you get used to the idea that they are not going to touch you it is fascinating watching them fly, feed etc. Every species was interesting as their setting allowed them the freedom to act more naturally then if they were penned in a cage. There was a African section, reptile section, penguin section etc, actually I don't think there was an animal we didn't get the chance to see.

calnors's Profile Photo
Sep 12, 2009

Prague Zoo: A Day Well Spent

Whilst in Prague, if you have a day to spare, visit Prague Zoo. It is easily reached, bus 112 runs from outside Nadrazi Holesovice Metro Station ( Line C / Red) to the Zoo gates and the journey only takes 10 minutes. The cost of entry is only K150 (£5) for an adult.
As zoos go, Prague's is huge and covers a very large area; it is necessary to spend the entire day there to see everything. It is set in a beautiful natural park/woodland and has the feel of a safari rather than a city zoo. The majority of the animal enclosures are huge too and incorporate natural vegetation, unlike a lot of other zoos where the animals don't seem to have a lot of space to roam or a natural habitat. All the enclosures have excellent observation platforms with information guides on the different species etc. You will find all the usual breeds of animals normally found at zoos in Prague Zoo, but also a few that are rare.
For those adventurous enough to try it, there is an exhilirating, but safe, chair-lift (K15 per one-way ticket) that will carry you up, and back down, the side of a steep hill to where a lot of the 'big' animal enclosures are. Moreover, once at the top you are afforded wonderful views over the city. For those less adventurous, there is also a 'train' that will take you to the top of the hill and beyond.
A decent restaurant is situated next to the lower end of the chair-lift, serving typical huge portions of food at reasonable prices. Refreshment kiosks are dotted strategically around the entire area, and are most welcoming on a hot summer's day.
There is also a children's zoo where 'little ones' can feed and pet the animals adjacent to a well-thought-out play area; in fact, all of the zoo is very well-thought-out and a lot of hard work has obviously gone in to it to make it such a pleasant and enjoyable environment.
All in all, Prague Zoo is great way of spending a lazy day away from the normal tourist sites. Get there early and leave late. You will not be disappointed.

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Jul 04, 2008
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"What a great and romantic place !"
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"The beautiful town of Prague"
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"Praha is amazing!"
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"Peramble Around Prague"
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One of the most frequented ZOOs in CZ. Great trip especially when you have children.

In summer:
11:00 feeding pinguins
13:00 meeting gorilas
13:30 meeting giraffes
14:45 bathing elephants

In winter:
11:00 feeding pinguins
13:00 meeting gorials
13:30 meeting giraffes
13:30 meeting big turtles

Nov - Feb: 09:00 - 16:00
March: 09:00 - 17:00
April, May, Sept, Oct: 09:00 - 18:00
Jun - Aug: 09:00 - 19:00

adults: 100 CZK
children till 15, students: 70 CZK
children till 3 free
dogs: 20 CZK
family ticket (2 adults + 2 children): 300 CZK

swetluska's Profile Photo
Jul 25, 2007

Prague zoo

I’m sure most of you love zoos, so why not to visit one in Prague. Take a rest for a couple of hours from busy squares and streets of Old Town and other tourist spots in quite and shadow paths of Prague zoo …and take some photos of Prague from the other side of it.

PolinaS's Profile Photo
Jul 11, 2007


The Prague zoo has numerous rare endangered and/or protected species. What makes the zoo so wonderful though is the African garden setting with numerous streams, wood bridges, picnic areas, and sculptures.

The zoo is also right next to the Troja palace and winery, and Prague's Botanical Gardens.

zejdl's Profile Photo
Feb 01, 2007

Prague Zoo

I always enjoy a visit to the zoo and the Prague Zoo is one that is well worth a visit. The zoo was founded in 1931 and is on the site of a former hillside vineyard. The floods of 2002 caused extensive damage to the zoo and everything had to be reconstructed with great support from the public. For those with children it’s easy to spend the whole day wandering around this well laid out zoo. One of the enclosures that impressed me was the one containing the mountain goats, it looks a real challenge for the goats. The zoo is opened daily from 0900 hrs but the closing time varies depending upon the time of the year. A slightly different way to travel to the zoo is by boat via the Prague – Troja service.

alancollins's Profile Photo
Jan 25, 2007

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