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Private Half-Day Cold War Years Walking Tour with an Historian Guide in Prague
"Explore the decorations and statuary of The Hall of the Red Army with a historian guide on a private 3-hour walking tour. Visit also the mausoleum that displayed the mummified corpse of Klement Gottwald first chairman of the KSC along with the adjoining laboratory and temperature control center where a team of doctors cosmetologists and technicians cared for the embalmed body. Enjoy the panorama of the city and the Žižkov Television Tower an example of high-tech architecture that looms above the rest of the city’s skyline while standing atop Vitkov Memorial. Coming back to the city center
From $295.00
Prague Welcome Card
"The Prague Welcome Card will offer you great values and convenience free public transport (if option selected) free entrances to many great venues. As well as saving money you will often jump the ticket-queues. By purchasing this card you can enjoy entrance at the following attractions --Free entrance to the following historical Prague monuments: Klementinum PrahaAstronomical Clock Tower which includes a chapter detailing other places in Prague that are worth visiting and free of charge.""""The Prague Welcome Card is your key to discovering the most interesting things Prague has to offer
From EUR30.00
Half-Day Prague City Highlights Tour Including Walking Tour from Prague Castle to Old Town
"During this half-day city tour of Prague you are going to see the most interesting historical sights of the city. Start your city tour on a bus which will take you around New Town Old Town and Lesser Town and see the Municipal House Powder Tower State Opera Wenceslas Square National Museum
From EUR25.00

Taxi Drivers Tips (59)

Private Taxi

Warning: Try not to stop private taxi in Prague unless you know the company reputation. DO NOT stop taxi on the street , only use official taxi stand places. 2 days ago me and my family tried to get to our residence and stop the car with 'Taxi' sign on the roof. I've asked the driver how much it would cost. I knew we are 5 minutes away from our place. He said he will charge us by the meter.
And here it started.

1. I am 100% sure he took a longer route - he made too many turns, we should've be going almost straight from A to B. When we got there, the meter showed 600 check crons , $24 US dollars.
I've asked why this is so much , he answered that rates at night are higher.
2. I am almost sure when I took money of my wallet I gave him 100 and 500 bills to make it 600.
When we were out of the car and about to leave, he called me and showed me 2 100 crons bills.I was a little confused and thought I made mistook 500 one for 100.
So I collect additional money from my family so we can go and sleep. It was pretty late at night.
My wife asked me why did we had to look for additional money to pay taxi driver since she gave me 500 crons bill. And then I understood that the guy simply rubbed me off with focus pokus - he've hidden my original 500 and pull his 100! Such a scam. So total this taxi ride cost me 1000 crons or ~ $40 US!
For this money, you could travel in NYC from Manhatten to Brooklyn!

So, my advise - DO NOT STOP the taxi on the street, period.
Get taxi on taxi stand or call reputable taxi company. Other American tourist gave my one and told me these guys are pretty reliable and fair.
Name: Tick Tack taxi.
tel: 14 222,
+420 721 300 300.

Jun 28, 2015

Beware Taxi Hidden Sex Cameras

Beware of PRG Taxi! Beware of hidden cameras in taxis! A guy in Prague drives a taxi with hidden cameras in it and tries to seduce female passengers travelling alone to have sex with him. He's attractive and charming and if they consent to the sex, he films it via hidden cameras and posts it on the internet. Some women may know they are being filmed and don't mind being exploited, but it is obvious after researching this there are women who do NOT know they are being filmed at all. How is this guy not in jail by now?

BOTTOM LINE: Be aware of how small hidden cameras have become, how big a problem sexual exploitation of women is on the internet, and that your friendly local taxi driver could be a sexual predator.

You can report crimes (in this case invasion of privacy and exploitation) to the Czech Police in person, or online at:

Apr 28, 2015

Beware of private taxis

My wife and I took a yellow metered taxi from out hotel to a restaurant for dinner which was a 5-10 min drive away paying 125 crowns. The driver was polite and I tipped him after the journey. On the way back I got a taxi where after driving for around a minute I asked the driver to turn on the meter , he refused , and when I asked him the cost of the journey he quoted 400 crowns. Till this point the driver was chatty and spoke English , but when I mentioned that this fare was three times the fare I paid to get to the location , his English became broken at best and he started making excuses why the fare should be higher. He was threatening to drop us along the way , but when I called his bluff and asked him to drop us , he insisted he would take us to our hotel and would take up the matter with the management there. Once we got to the hotel the driver started speaking to the local staff in a language I obviously didn't understand and told them a completely different story. The staff initially started siding with the driver but after a 15 minute one sided debate ( not in English ) where it became clear I wasn't going to get fooled into paying more , we negotiated a fare of 150 crowns.

I appreciate the advice to take AAA taxi s and will advise all friends and family to do the same.

Please don't let this stop you from making a trip to. Prague , I have found it to be a beautiful scenic city with a lot to offer tourists. The other people I have met have been during my holiday have been polite and helpful , and will be taking those memories back from my vacation.

Oct 16, 2014

How to drive safely in Prague taxi ?!

The solution is simple !!!

The Liftago Taxi app instantly connects you to taxi drivers around you, and gives you control over your taxi ride. Tap a button to order the best taxi based on your predefined preferences. You can also choose directly from the map based on driver's arrival time, price, rating, or select your favorite driver. Then watch the Liftago screen map as your driver comes to pick you up. No more waiting in vain, no surprises. Liftago simply makes your taxi ride hassle-free.

For Installation Please select the invitation code and drive safely with your chosen taxis in front of the bright finance

May 28, 2014
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help find Taxi-Driver Miroslav Krista

Hi ,

I need your help please .
Today 6.05.2014 , I arrived from Frankfurt to Praha airport and took a taxi around 11:00 to Praha , Hotel NovoHotel around 11:30 .
The payment was about 748 Czh Krones .
I gave the Taxi driver 2000 Czh Krones but I did not notice the Taxi driver gave me only 200 Korons.

Also I forgot to ask for a reciept which I need to reimburse back the payment by my emplyer .

The name of the taxi driver is " MIROSLAV KRISTA" .
I do not remember the taxi-company name .

It was my fault , but also the drivers fault .

Will you please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 06, 2014

Beware of Scam by Taxi Drivers

Booked a return taxi to the airport with AAA TAXI from our hotel in Prague city centre (Praha 1). The taxi arrived late and we thought it's alright as we still have time. The taxi driver (car No. 0166) was rude to us, and drove really RECKLESSLY (we noticed up to 170km/h) on our way to the airport. By the time we arrived at the airport, he then scammed us by charging much more than we expect, even though we gave him the 47% discount voucher). He charged us 491kc (it's a number he say without looking at the meter), and when we demand for a receipt, he refused and gave lame excuse that the meter ran out. We booked the taxi by phone and received an SMS saying it should be about 259kc. What a difference! We were truly disappointed with the service and lodged a complain at the airport desk. They said they will investigate but no news since then! AAA Taxi should be avoided. BEWARE OF SCAMS IN PRAGUE FOR UNREASONABLE TAXI FARES!

Oct 05, 2013

Prague taxi's are scams!

Be really careful when taking a cab in Prague! I went to Prague last week and it was a terrible experience...

It was late and me and some friends searched for a cab. Eventually one stopped and we decided that we would pay 400 czc for the trip. We started driving and after a few seconds he told us the price was 500 czc instead of 400. That night I wasn't feeling well and was sick too. Because of his reckless driving with high-speed and ridiculous brakes it was making me feel more sick. After a while I couldn't handle it anymore and told him to stop because I had to vomit. He did stop but it took a while, in that time I almost started throwing up and some vomit came on his seats. Of course he was mad about this but it was a little amount of vomit and we told him we were able to clean it immediately. He didn't let us clean the car but told us to pay 5000 czc without driving us to our destination! We told him we were not going to pay such a ridiculous price for something which can be cleaned for 100 czc. He didn't agree and told us he would call the police if we didn't pay. Of course we didn't want the police to come because every police-corps in the eastern of Europe is corrupt. So we eventually got the price down to 2000 czc. But it's still a ridiculous price for not even bringing us to our destination!

Some friends were in another cab and were locked in the taxi before their destination. The driver told them to pay 3 times as much or he wouldn't let them out!

So be very, very careful when taking a cab in Prague. It's a world full of violence and scam.

Sep 08, 2013

Prague Taxi scam

As said by many, and as I would like to reinforce, Prague Taxis are a scam! Their metres are as magical as the magical city of Prague itself.

Arrange your taxi with your hotel or by calling reliable taxi operators such as AAA or by arranging pickups with (at least you can review and research on their prices). I say call taxi operators because we rode an AAA taxi (dunno if its real) waiting near the Old Town Square to bring us to our hotel near St. Nicolas Church (needed a taxi because of arthritis) and it cost 500 CZK! Compare this to a van our hotel arranged to hlavni nadrazi for a group of 6 people which only cost 600 CZK. Our tour package to Kutna Hora (6 pax) cost 5700 CZK and Kutna Hora is very very distant from Prague compared to the distance between our hotel and hlavni nadrazi.

We also arrived in Prague from Berlin almost midnight via hlavni nadrazi. Wasn't able to arrange taxi transfer so we had no choice but to get two taxis (we're a group of 6 people)...Want to know the price per taxi??? 1000 CZK, so a total of 2000 CZK!!! Berlin taxis are way way more reasonable in charging and have honest metres.

And by the way, most drivers in Prague drive like crazy! Reckless! I thought the Philippine drivers were more reckless but this is an exception! Careful when crossing the road.

May 30, 2011
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"What a great and romantic place !"
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"The beautiful town of Prague"
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"Praha is amazing!"
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"Peramble Around Prague"
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Prague Cab Drivers

ONLY TAKE TAXIS FROM AAA! I took a taxi back from SaSaZu and asked the driver to take me to old Prague hostel. I asked him how much it would be and he said 400 czk. Immediately, the driver floored it in the opposite direction reaching speeds of about 120km/h driving completely senselessly. I repeatedly demanded that he pull over and let me out be he acted like he knew where he was going and said "don't worry old Prague hostel" while laughing hysterically. Eventually I got him to pull over at a random hotel and he asked me to pay 600 krowns. I told him that he knew the way and that he was screwing with me and he laughed. I had to pay 400 crowns (only because I convinced him that he had agreed on this). The meter was completely rigged and I did not reach my destination. Only take cabs with an AAA logo. And be careful because not all yellow cabs are AAA.

Oct 31, 2010

Hlavni Nadrazi Touts!

Right, I want to make this as clear as possible, when you are going to get a taxi from Hlavni Nadrazi Train Station DO NOT GET ANY OF THE TAXI'S WAITING OUTSIDE! They are touts who will charge you extortionate amounts for a cheap taxi fare. If you want a taxi, either go to the tourist information office inside the station and ask them to call a taxi for you, or if you know a reliable taxi firm call them.

Red_Star_Nightmare's Profile Photo
Jul 19, 2010

Hospital Visit in Prague - Nightmare

I was stung by a jellyfish a week before visiting Prague and was fortunate enough to have the swelling go down within the first few days. However, while in Prague, the swelling came back and much much worse. Also, the itching was unbelievable. So I called the front desk and asked what I should do. The options were (I should also mention it was 5:30am on a Sunday- great timing, right?):

1. Call the hotel doctor and have them visit my room - cost $250 Euros
2. Call the hotel taxi and have them take me to the emergency room (called "ambulance")

I decided on option 2, as the price of option 1 was too high. The taxi came to pick me up and took me to a nearby hospital. That's where the panic set-in. The hospital was closed but the taxi driver still drove into the lot (enclosed by tall brick walls). Once he realized the hospital was closed (the building didn't even look like a hospital) he started to freak out and drive around the parking lot really fast trying to find the exit. The driver started to hyperventilate until I finally calmed him down and told him to ask someone for directions, and take me directly back to the hotel (I wasn't going to spend another minute with this guy). After arriving back to the hotel I tried option 1 (from above), however, the doctor couldn't arrive until later that morning. In the midst of an itching nightmare and a terrible amount of pain, I decided to wait it out. I finally called my insurance company who sent a doctor within an hour (for only $40 USD) and everything worked out fine.

Tips: be prepared and make sure your global health insurance is indeed global and covers the area where you are at. Also, when going to a hospital, make sure you go to the biggest one in town, ask for an English-speaking doctor, and make sure that they are indeed open and expecting your visit.

Jul 15, 2010

Taxi price in Prague


You can call to AAA taxi (222 333 222), they speak english and their prices are fair.

Taxi price from Air port to center is about 650 Kc but you can use Bus + Metro and reach to your destination very cheap(About 26 Kc).

10 Jan 09

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Jan 10, 2010

Things to Do Near Prague

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Army Museum

The Army Museum is located in Prague-Žižkov, in the historic facilities of the National Liberation Monument. The exposition is divided into three large sections. The first is dedicated to the period...
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City Museum

With the National Museum closed for refurbishment during my visit in 2015, I decided to visit the Museum of the City of Prague instead. It is housed in an impressive building near Florenc metro...
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The State Opera in Prague has the most dreadful location of any opera house I can think of. The front entrance is cut off from the city by a high-speed four-lane motorway called Wilsonova with no...
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National Museum

One of the first words I learned in Czech this time was Národní, meaning national, since there are lots of "national" things in Prague. As a non-nationalist I am not terribly enthusiastic about...
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Alphonse Mucha Museum

I am a fan of Salvador Dali's work. In fact we own some of the Dante's Divine Comedy Canto prints and a signed Dali lithograph. So, visiting the exhibit was fantastic! I saw additional works by Dali I...
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Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas square is more an avenue than a square. Lined with shops and hotels, it is the centre of nightlife (if you're male be prepared to meet "quick friends" in the square). Behind king Wenceslas...
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