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  • He is a hungry little fellow watching you!
    He is a hungry little fellow watching...
    by budapest8
  • U wanna be a star?
    U wanna be a star?
    by budapest8
  • Harry Potter fans will love this place!
    Harry Potter fans will love this place!
    by budapest8

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    Star fish in Moravian Castles?

    by budapest8 Updated Aug 27, 2006

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    Starfish are not actually a fish at all , but are animals belonging
    to the Phylum Echinodermata, and are further divided into two classes
    Asteroidea(sea stars) and Ophiuroidea(brittle stars). Although starfish
    are thought to be passive they can be quite a voracious predator under the sea.
    Starfish feed primarily on mollusks and other echinoderms.
    While starfish are commonly represented as having only 5 legs ,
    there are some that exhibit many more.

    If you have a young child, then here's a nice bedtime story to
    read them instead of buying a starfish
    ONCE UPON A TIME......

    The Lonely Starfish

    Unique Suggestions:
    Read about The Starfish Nervous System

    Starfish are unusual among animals for a variety of reasons.
    One important reason is their radial symmetry
    — they don't have a "front" or "back" end. Probably for this reason, they
    haven't concentrated the tissues of their nervous system into any kind of central body
    — that is, they have no brain.

    The central nervous system of a starfish consists of a radial nerve running
    the length of each ray and a circumoral ("around the mouth") nerve ring
    that connects the radial nerves. Contrary to what you might expect,
    the nerve ring doesn't seem equipped to do any kind of processing of information.
    Instead, all the sensory information must go to the radial nerves, any memories
    must be stored in the radial nerves, and any decisions about what to do must be
    made in the radial nerves. And somehow, the five different radial nerves must
    coordinate those decisions if the starfish is going to get anywhere.

    Fun Alternatives: READ ON ...
    The best theory is that some sensory information is shared between the
    different rays (it is unclear how much, or how far it goes), and that the rays
    can inhibit each other — that is, one ray can take charge of the whole starfish
    for a time. When moving, this seems likely to be the arm in front of the starfish.
    When trying to locate an odor, the ray sensing the odor most intensely seems
    to be the one which takes charge, directing movement in its own direction.

    Despite this odd arrangement, starfish seem to get along fine. Not only can they
    locate food and mates, they also can learn to associate particular textures of substrate
    (gravel vs. sand, for example) or levels of illumination (light or dark) with the presence
    of food. (Feeding behaviors are the easiest to train and observe, so most learning
    experiments have concentrated on these.) They also can distinguish different odors
    and learn to ignore those which are not associated with food. (In these experiments,
    the researchers gave clay tablets the smell of the starfish's normal prey and found
    that the starfish quickly learned to ignore them.) Their ability to thrive with such an
    odd nervous system is a reminder that our way of thinking may not be the only way.

    What have poor star fish got to do with
    Moravian Castles???
    Poor little sods!
    Die then dyed, then flung into a container
    for tourists to ponder if u will make a nice prezzie
    or end up on their bathroom wall?

    U wanna be a star? Happy starfish I'm gonna end up in Lednice Castle...
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    Beware of poisonous snakes, spiders & crocs!

    by budapest8 Written Aug 27, 2006

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    "Well if your good children, we can see the creepy crawlies and snakes!"

    Unique Suggestions:
    Don't stick your hands in the glass containers!

    Fun Alternatives:
    I think it cruel to imprison any living thing for humans to gawk at!
    Better to see them in the wild!
    I mean not to meet them face to face, but let them
    live in their natural habitats!
    I suppose if showing them to humans and they are looked after in the best
    possible way to cope with their needs and it hightens peoples respect for
    them and more people will make sure these creatures don't become extinct,
    then keeping some captive might be a 'necessary evil'?

    Harry Potter fans will love this place! 6 inches long and very hairy...Yikes! He is a hungry little fellow watching you!
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