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Food. Tips (8)

Polse (Danish hot-dogs)

Polse (Danish hot dog) are very popular in Copenhagen. A polse is a long, meaty red sausage in a sandwich. They are usually sold by hot dog vendors from hot dog stalls (polsevognen). You find the stalls at public places or street corners all around the town.

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Aug 08, 2004

Hunting Mushrooms

Hunting! ...yes mushrooms are closer to animals then plants! Interesting maybe not as much for the tasty mushrooms but for the closer and more observant contact with the nature your in.

In the Copenhagen area there is two forests you can get to with puplic transportation Kongelunden on Amager and Harreskoven to the west of the city. And Dyrehaven to the north.

In all state forests its allowed to gather mushrooms for your own consumption in private forests you need the owners permission but I am sure you will never have any problems even in a private forest without a permit. You recognise that your in a state forest by a red pole or a red gate (see photos).

Just bring a good mushroom book and don’t eat anything your not certain on is safe.

The best period is from August to November.

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Oct 22, 2006

Home cooking

Eating out is expensive so home cooking is a good hobby to have here is some I done just if you like to try it yourself.

Scallops marinated one day in Saaz blonde (Beer from Jacobsen, Carlsberg, very fruity beer). Roosted on a frying pan with a little oil.


Strawberry compote:

400g strawberries
4 banana shallot onions
One tablespoon virgin colza oil
1 dl balsamic
10 corns of black pepper

Slices the onions and let them simmer for 12 min with the oil without having them take collar. Add the balsamic and pepper corns, let it simmer away. Put in the cleaned strawberries and lets it simmer for 4-7 min. Add salt pepper and honey (don’t make it to sweet)

And citrus salad

Fillets of orange, lime and lemon with finely chopped ginger and salmon caviar on top.

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Jan 09, 2008

Environmentally friendly cost.

Denmark seems to pride itself of being a very green-aware country. Part of their efforts involve bottles and cans. Everyone I bought had a 1Kr (about 15 cents US/EUR) recycling deposit on it. Although not a vast amount, it all mounts up. Thankfully they can be returned to any shop / vendor for a refund.

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Dec 10, 2007
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Eating on the Hoof #2 - The Polser Wagen

The Polser Wagens are even more ubiqitous, though a tad more traditionally Copenhagen, than the aforementioned 7-Elevens and are popular for exactly the same reason - food on the hoof is a lot cheaper than sitting down in even the cheapest of cafes!

Polser is the general name for sausage and a good Polser Wagen will offer at least half-a-dozen varieties ranging from skinny and meaty "ristet polse" (my personal favourite) to chunky, but with dubious meat content, frankfurters. All come in a bun with a variety of relishes and with optional orders of fries and even beer by the can - yep street food rules again!! An average hot dog will cost about 20 DKK depending on how close to the main square you are - out at Norrebro for instance they can be as cheap as 14 and on Radhuspladsen itself approaching 30 for exactly the same make of sausage but whatever you pay it's still going to be cheaper than even that cheap looking bar on the corner!!

Sorry no contact details but link below has a cool pic of the sort of choices available (with "out-of-town" or maybe "out-of-date" pricing!!)

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Apr 04, 2011


This is an open sandwich which is a favourite of the Danes, and so we decided to give it a go.
The most famous is a Herring one, so that's what I had.
It wasn't too bad, especially as I'd never had Herring before. I wasn't keen on the bread though, and I'm glad I'd already been on the boat trip as I suspect I may have sunk the boat if I'd eaten this before = it is heavy stuff.
Anyway it's worth a go. Unfortunately I don't know the name of the restaurant where we had it, but it was along by Gammel Strand and was nice.
ps: It was served with red onions, sour cream and rather large capers.

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Apr 27, 2014

Eating On The Hoof #3 - Literally!

This is a relatively new addition to the Copenhagen "Street Eats" repertoire and is probably inspired by someone's visit to Berlin where the "Grillwalker" was first introduced.

This is simplicity itself - the guy has a portable grill and offers simply "Red Polsers" with bread and relishes for a couple of Crowns cheaper than the Polser Wagons. No diffference in the sausages and ideal for that literal...

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Mar 06, 2012

La Glace patisserie

La Glace dates back to 1870 and is famous for the delicious cakes and chocolate. I liked to have breakfast there, but actually lots of people decide to go there at "tea time". It seemed also very popular for the beautiful Wedding Cakes.

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Apr 04, 2011

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Royal Library

The Royal Library Garden is located back from the road, so take care, you could walk straight past! The Library Garden is located on top of the former site of Christian IVs old Naval Harbour. This is...
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Black Diamond - Sorte Diamant

If you like ambitious modern architecture, then you will definitely want to take a look at the Black Diamond that houses the Royal Danish Library on Christiansborg. Its black, reflective, monolithic...
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Slotsholmen, or 'The Castle Islet' is a part of the centre of the city situated on what was originally a number of small islands in the water between Copenhagen on the shore of Zealand and the island...
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Børsen - Stock Exchange

Copenhagen, as you will immediately see on arriving in the city centre, is the city of towers and spires. A great many of them stretch into the sky, ranging from the playful Vor Frelsers Kirke to the...
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Church of Our Saviour - Vor Freiser Kirke

Ok, I do not like heights... but the golden tower looked so pretty that I wanted to climb up the 92 meters! The first part is fine - nothing to it, other than a whole pile of stair. Indoors, safe, a...
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National Museum

I was so pleased that I decided to visit this museum. I had saved it for my last day and spent 2 and a half hours exploring its wonderful displays. Even that wasn't really enough, because most of that...
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