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Private Tour: Copenhagen Full-Day Walking Tour
"Start your tour with a pickup from your centrally located Copenhagen hotel. Meet your private guide and listen to some history about the Danish capital whose roots stretch back over 900 years. As you discuss the sights let your guide know if there are sights that you particularly want to see. Your tour is private so the itinerary can be tailored to your interests.Then set off on foot to discover Copenhagen’s charismatic mix of medieval history and 21st-century urban cool. Every sight has a story and your guide will unravel the secrets as you pause and take photos. Pass by Tivoli Gardens and stroll through the medieval square of Amagertorv to Christiansborg Palace home of the Danish parliament. See the Old Stock Exchange of Borsen and stretch your legs along the postcard-pretty waterfront at Nyhavn
From DKK450.00
Copenhagen Canal Tour
"Hop aboard your sightseeing cruise boat in Nyhavn or Gammel Strand in central Copenhagen. Take a seat in the boat’s lower saloon or stroll around the deck admiring the city sights as you cruise. Canals zigzag through Copenhagen and the city’s top waterfront sights appear around every twist and turn. Watch out for attractions like the Little Mermaid an iconic Edvard Eriksen statue carved to look like a character from a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale. Learn the history of Copenhagen as your onboard guide points out key sights. Hear about Amalienborg Castle – seat of the Danish royal family since the 18th century – while and gaze at Copenhagen Opera House a futuristic-looking building that juts out onto the waterfront.Glide through Christianshavn canal quarter and hear trivia about King Christian IV
From DKK80.00
Private Tour: Copenhagen City Walking Tour
"Choose between a morning or an afternoon departure and then start your tour with a pickup from your centrally located Copenhagen hotel. Set off with your private guide to explore the highlights of Denmark’s historic capital on foot. On your travels witness all the city's main landmarks and gain fascinating insights into those places on route that most inspire your guide.See City Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen) as your guide introduces you to Copenhagen’s history and pass the Tivoli Gardens one of the city’s most-loved landmarks and the world’s second-oldest amusement park.Walk around Amagertorv the medieval square that was once the fish market and view Christiansborg Palace and Borsen
From DKK250.00

Børsen - Stock Exchange Tips (19)

Copenhagen's Most Curious Tower

Copenhagen, as you will immediately see on arriving in the city centre, is the city of towers and spires. A great many of them stretch into the sky, ranging from the playful Vor Frelsers Kirke to the defiant Rundetårn. Yet another example, and certainly one of the most curious, is Børsen. The city's former stock exchange is a long, in parts slightly shabby-looking Dutch Renaissance building with decorative elements all over. Its main element is the thin and graceful spire in the middle which, at first glance, only looks a bit strange. On looking closer, though, you will see that the spire actually consists of four entwined dragon's tails! While the dragons gape downwards, their tails stretch skywards. Maybe it was this curious element which made Børsen the first building in Denmark to be protected as a historic monument in 1857? The dragons are said to protect the building from all evil things and managed to prevent fire from nearby buildings to spread to Børsen on several occasions. Børsen is now used by the Danish Chamber of Commerce after the stock exchanged closed in 1974.

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Nov 18, 2016


Børsen (mean: The Stock Exchange) is a gorgeous Dutch renaissance style building on Slotsholmen in central Copenhagen wich was built in 1619–1640 .

It housed the Danish stock-market until 1974.

The three crowns at the top of the building (reaching a height of 56 meters) represent the kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

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Apr 22, 2012

Copenhagen Boersen

Housed in a longboat inspired fantasy 16th century redbrick building, topped by a swirling dragon's tail spire, is the Danish Boersen. It's the oldest stock exchange in the world, built at the behest of Christian IV, who wanted to turn Denmark into an international business powerhouse. Originally it operated like a medieval shopping mall, its length filled with market stalls and vendors. Today little of it is still devoted to stocks and shares.

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Jan 07, 2012

The Bourse ~ Old Stock Exchange

One of the most recognizable buildings in Copenhagen is the Old Stock Exchange or Borsen. This imposing Renaissance structure was built by King Christian IV between 1620 and 1640. It is remarkable for its spire which to me looked like a unicorn horn. Actually it represents the twisted tails of three dragons topped by 3 globes and 3 crowns. The crowns represent the countries of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Some sources say that there are 4 dragon tails but I only saw 3 which would make sense since there are 3 crowns for the 3 countries. There is a large engraved plaque over the main entrance with a green marble pillar on either side, but other than the name King Christian IV, I was not able to make it out. Apparently the building is not open to the public for tours.

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Oct 24, 2008
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The most interesting buildings are located in the southern part of Slotsholm separated from the Tojhusgade palace.

There is a Renaissance facade of the oldest in Europe Stock exchange (Borsen) on Borsgade. It was constructed in 1620 at Christian IV.

An unusual tower in the form of the weaved tails of four dragons draws attracts attention first of all.

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Nov 09, 2006


Among many other sights I think you should not miss to see the old Stock exchange, a wonderful Renaissance building with an impressive spire consisting of the tails of four dragons (inside no visits possible)

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Aug 06, 2005


Borsen is the old stock exchange building, and is not open to the public. The exterior of the building is very artistic, and the copper spire is constructed of four dragon's tails, spiraling and intertwined all the way to the top. You can find Borsen in Slotsholmen.

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Feb 02, 2005

Stock Exchange

The Stock Exchange building, located beside Christiansborg Slot, is easily recognizable by its unique twisted spiral. This building was constructed in the 1624 by Christian IV as a convenient location for trading, near the docks. Over time, as trading has gone from actual buying and selling of goods, to the electronic exchange of stock shares we have today, the Exchange has maintained its traditions as Copenhagen's center of commerce.

The building is not open to visitors.

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Oct 27, 2004

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Borsen is the building where the old stock exchange used to be. It was built between 1619 and 1625. Nowadays it is used for offices. The building has a very unique character due to the fact that it is over 100 meters wide. You'll see a feature on the roof that consists of a couple of dragons.

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Feb 15, 2004


The Stock Exchange, Borsen, is often regarded as one of the most remarkable buildings in Copenhagen. Again Christian IV is the originator and was behind the erection of this beautiful renaissance building with Hans v. Steenwinckel the Younger as the architect. In 1625 the 127-metre long building in two floors was ready. On the lower floor there were storage rooms for the merchants of the town, and on the first floor 36 stalls. On the outside Borsen is beautifully decorated with tortuous twigs and sandstone ornaments, which were restored most recently in 1906. Most famous is, however, the curious spire, which is made of four twisted dragon tails entirely according to the king?s idea.
In 1745 a thorough restoration was carried out under the guidance of the architect Nicolai Eigtved, and the two statues of Mercury and Neptune were erected. From 1857 the large exchange hall was furnished an up until 1974 Borsen would function as the Copenhagen Stock Exchange, which at that time was the world?s oldest stock exchange building still in use.

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Jan 12, 2004

Stock Exchange

You cannot miss its twisted spire: three dragons' tails to symbolise Denmark, Norway and Sweden. However, these weren't here originally but the king wanted the building to look more splendid. As they asked a Fireworks constructor to design it, this is what they got :-) It is supposedly the oldest stock market in the world and was built 1619-25 and then improved over the years. My only problem is that it is difficult to photograph since there is so much traffic, lamp posts etc. outside it...

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Jun 19, 2003

Can you see the roof of the...

Can you see the roof of the building left? I've heard that the person in charge of this building construction was so much put his energy to finish it, however he made a mistake on that shell looking roof. It is winded counterclockwise and it supposed to be a clockwise. When the building was completed, people were keep laughed commited suicided by drowning from this roof... So sad, huh? I think that it is still looking good though.

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Aug 24, 2002

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Getting to Børsen - Stock Exchange


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