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Copenhagen Card
"Choose between a 24- 48- 72- or 120-hour Copenhagen Card when you book and then collect your card and free Copenhagen map at Copenhagen Airport or a central redemption point in the city.Valid for the set number of hours from the time you first use it your card helps you get the best from your time in Denmark’s lovely capital with included public transport and free admission to 74 top Copenhagen attractions. Additional valuable discounts on exciting activities
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Copenhagen Canal Tour
"Hop aboard your sightseeing cruise boat in Nyhavn or Gammel Strand in central Copenhagen. Take a seat in the boat’s lower saloon or stroll around the deck admiring the city sights as you cruise. Canals zigzag through Copenhagen and the city’s top waterfront sights appear around every twist and turn. Watch out for attractions like the Little Mermaid an iconic Edvard Eriksen statue carved to look like a character from a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale. Learn the history of Copenhagen as your onboard guide points out key sights. Hear about Amalienborg Castle – seat of the Danish royal family since the 18th century – while and gaze at Copenhagen Opera House a futuristic-looking building that juts out onto the waterfront.Glide through Christianshavn canal quarter and hear trivia about King Christian IV
From DKK80.00
Small-Group Copenhagen City Walking Tour
"Meet your guide in City Hall Square in central Copenhagen and set off on your walking tour of Denmark’s charming capital. As you walk you’ll stop at all the must-sees and gain informative insights into the sights and places that most inspire your guide.Admire City Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen) as your guide reveals interesting facts about Copenhagen’s history see the statue of H. C. Andersen and pass the Tivoli Gardens the city’s 19th-century amusement park that’s home to one of the world’s oldest wooden rollercoasters.Walk through Amagertorv the city’s medieval square and see the Christiansborg Palace and Borsen the Old Stock Exchange
From DKK350.00

Frihedsmuseet - Museum of Danish Resistance Tips (9)

Danish Resistance 1940-45

The Museum of Danish Resistance (Frihedsmuseet) is a small museum (opened in 1957) that focuses on the period 1940-45 wh during Nazi Occupation in Denmark.

Outside the museum you can see a handmade armored car (pic 3) that locals that belonged in the resistance movement used against the germans. We could see the bullet holes but also the “free Denmark” written on it.

Once inside the museum we realized how small the museum is. The exhibits are divided into 4 periods: 1940-1941 Adaptation, 1942-1943 Resistance, 1943-1944 Terror, 1944-1945 Liberation.

There various items on display, uniforms, weapons and things that were used during sabotage attacks, hopefully there were translations in English near the displays. The letters that were written by captured resistance members (the night before the were executed) were really touching too.

A small part is dedicated to Illegal Press, you can see wartime newspapers and other documents while the sign on that door gave me a lot of information:
Technically, the press wasn’t subjected to censorship the first years of occupation but the potentials for reporting and commenting freely were limited. Illegal flyers and chain letters were the responses to this and after 1941 illegal newspapers published on a regular basis to communicate underground news and to foster an understanding for the resistance movement among the Danish population.

It’s open Tuesday to Sunday 10.00-17.00
Entrance is free (which was a nice surprise in an expensive city like Copenhagen).
There are free guided tours in English on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 14.00

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Mar 13, 2012


The museum is closed due to a fire on 28th April 2013. It is thought that it will take several years to reopen the museum. All the items were saved from the fire, but the building was totaly damaged. The rest of the text is written in presense, as I find it unlikely that the museum will remain closed. The archives are however open. The bunker-part of the museum is also closed, but might be open on certain nights such as the culture night (Was open during the culture night 11th October 2013)

The little museum tells the story about the danish resistance during the nazi occupation 1940-1945. The exebision first opened 21st July 1945, but was later moved to the current location. The artefacts and monters are laid out in a chronological pattern. There are videos ftarring the actual people. Most of them are in danish though.

The bunker besides the museum is also possible to visit, complete with live size dolls illustrating the local population at the time.

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Dec 03, 2013


If you don't mind a long bike ride, or taking the bus/metro, I thoroughly recommend the Open Air Museum near Lyngby, part of the National Museum. It's a collection of over 100 rural buildings from the various regions of Denmark (including some from the Faroe Islands, and areas of southern Sweden which used to belong to Denmark). There are cottages, farmhouses, mills and workshops, and plenty of livestock too.

Opened in 1897 and covering 40 hectares, it is one of the largest and oldest open-air museums in the world. Entry is free, although you can pay to take tours on different subjects with a costumed guide. We chose 'Faith and Superstition', and it was very interesting.

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Jul 01, 2012

Museum of Danish Resistance

This small museum (Frihedsmuseet, i.e. the Liberty Museum) gives you an idea of what the Danish resistance movement during the German occupation in WWII was like. The dangers it faced and the tactics it used. There are regular exhibitions on special things related to this, such as how life was for the ordinary Dane during the hardships.

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Oct 17, 2005
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The weather was so fine that we didn't plan on seeing too many museums in Copenhagen. We wanted to visit the NY Carlsberg Glypothek but unfortunately it was closed (undergoing renovation). So instead we walked up to Churchill Park and went to the Frihedsmuseet, which tells the story of Danish resistance in WW2.

I always enjoy visiting museums about resistance movements though they often can be a little biased in how they tell the story. However, the Frihedsmuseet was very objective. They told the story of the fairly small resistance movement in Denmark without exaggerating their exploits. Ornaments collected from Danish concentration camp prisoners were displayed as well as instruments used by the resistance such as printing presses. Exhibits also told of life in Denmark during the war and the relationship between the resistance movement and the Danish government.

The museum is free (always nice in Copenhagen) and is open every day except Monday.

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Jun 18, 2006


We decided we would like to have a look in the Museum of Danish Resistance, to learn about the Danish resistance against the German occupation between 1940-45. Inside are displays of what happened between these years, like old posters, equipment, and the old vehicle in the photo, I especially liked that!

October to April: Tuesday-Sunday. 10- 3PM Monday closed.
May to September: Tuesday-Sunday. 10-4PM Monday closed.


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Aug 18, 2012

Danish Resistance Museum

While not as famous as the French Resistance, the Danes, like most countries in Europe, actively fought the Nazi occupation of the country. The Danish involvement in World War 2 was sometimes less than proud, from their cooperation with the Nazis, to the deaths of German refugees in Danish camps after the war, there's a lot to regret.

On the other hand, the Danish never welcomed their occupiers, and quickly established a resistance that developed from disobedience and sabotage to a full blown armed paramilitary uprising. Once the resistance started, so with it ended German cooperation; the full force of Nazi evil was visited upon the Danes, especially Danish Jews who began to be rounded up. There was a heavy price to pay for their opposition to Nazi rule.

The little Museum can be found in Churchill Park, itself named after the British Leader in honour of their support, militarily, logistically and politically, of the resistance.

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Jan 03, 2012

Museum of Danish Resistance

The museum depicts the work of the Danish resistance during Nazi occupation. At it's entrance there is a home-made armoured car (complete with original bullet holes). All exhibits have translation into English.
There are several letters on display, which were written by captured resistance members on the night before they were shot. They will move you to tears.
For anyone with an interest in WW2 this is a 'Must See' museum.

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Apr 04, 2011

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Frihedsmuseet/Museum of Danish Resistance

This is an interesting museum showing the history of Danish resistance during WWII. Worth 30 minutes of your time. Entry is free.

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Oct 18, 2008

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