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Small-Group Copenhagen City Walking Tour
"Meet your guide in City Hall Square in central Copenhagen and set off on your walking tour of Denmark’s charming capital. As you walk you’ll stop at all the must-sees and gain informative insights into the sights and places that most inspire your guide.Admire City Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen) as your guide reveals interesting facts about Copenhagen’s history see the statue of H. C. Andersen and pass the Tivoli Gardens the city’s 19th-century amusement park that’s home to one of the world’s oldest wooden rollercoasters.Walk through Amagertorv the city’s medieval square and see the Christiansborg Palace and Borsen the Old Stock Exchange
From DKK350.00
Private Tour: Copenhagen Full-Day Walking Tour
"Start your tour with a pickup from your centrally located Copenhagen hotel. Meet your private guide and listen to some history about the Danish capital whose roots stretch back over 900 years. As you discuss the sights let your guide know if there are sights that you particularly want to see. Your tour is private so the itinerary can be tailored to your interests.Then set off on foot to discover Copenhagen’s charismatic mix of medieval history and 21st-century urban cool. Every sight has a story and your guide will unravel the secrets as you pause and take photos. Pass by Tivoli Gardens and stroll through the medieval square of Amagertorv to Christiansborg Palace home of the Danish parliament. See the Old Stock Exchange of Borsen and stretch your legs along the postcard-pretty waterfront at Nyhavn
From DKK450.00
Private Copenhagen Walking Tour
"Copenhagen Walking Tour includes the following highlights:  The City Hall one of the centres of activity for Copenhageners including the Lur Blowers and a look at Tivoli Gardens (from the outside). Magstræde a small cobble-s the founding father of Copenhagen. Strøget the oldest shopping street in the world and the heart of Copenhagen. Kongens Nytorv one of the most spectacular squares with excellent examples of 17th Century Architecture including Magasin Du Nord the Old Royal Theatre and historical Hotel d’Angleterre. Nyhavn the wonderful colourful Harbour Front where Copenhageners and Visitors alike gather to sip cold Beer and enjoy the sea air. Amalienborg Palace the home of the oldest Royal Family in the world also including a view of the guards changing. The Marble Church with its imp
From $174.00

Nyhavn Tips (103)

Copenhagen's most picturesque corner

Nyhavn (New Harbour) is undoubtedly Copenhagen's most picturesque corner: a line of colourful houses, higgledy-piggledy built next to some quais where only vintage ships are allowed to moor. Moreover, there are plenty of restaurants and bars so that the area is not for nothing called Copenhagen's longest bar.
Nyhavn was built from 1671 to 1673 to connect Kongens Nytorv, one of the city's major market squares, with the sea. However, it never became an important harbour of Copenhagen as it was too small for bigger ships. Due to the never-ending thirst of sailors and workers in the harbour, taverns opened in Nyhavn from the very beginning. Today, you will find most of them on Nyhavn's north side that catches the sun. It's also the north side that features Nyhavn's oldest buildings: no. 9 dates back to 1681 and was built in a style typical for Copenhagen before the devastating city fires. The higher houses nearby date back to the same time, but were later rebuilt - one or two floors were added on top. The oldest houses on the southern side are numbers 6-22, dating back to the 1770s. Some traditional ships from as early as the 1920s add to the atmosphere.
We visited Nyhavn on a rainy and windy day, but once the sun came out the houses looked even more beautiful against the backdrop of dark storm-torn clouds. It's definitely a recommendable and romantic place in Copenhagen.

King_Golo's Profile Photo
Jun 04, 2016

Nyhavn is wonderful

I just strolled there on July around noon, shirtless, soaking up the intense sunshine! Very colorful, relaxed and copacetic. Got a beer at a café, very expensive like 13 USD! There was a team doing optical illusion. Rent a bike! that's the way to explore CPH best.

vox_populi_2010's Profile Photo
Sep 01, 2014

Photo opportunity

Nynhavn is probably the 'prettiest' part of Copenhagen, its old buildings painted in pastel colours and old ships moored along its canal side.

The canal/harbour itself was created in the 1600s (dug by Swedish prisoners of war, apparently) but the buildings mostly date from the late 1700s/1800s. The pastel-coloured ones are on the northern side of the canal...the sunny side...and the southern side is lined with larger mansion-type buildings.

The buildings on the northern side have bars, restaurants and cafes on their lower levels, most with outdoor tables. It's a very popular spot....the place was thronged with people (not all visitors, I suppose, but most seemed to be visitors) each time I walked past on midweek August afternoons and evenings.

Nynhavn is certainly a lovely spot for a photo or two...and unmissable in that respect....but to be honest, the hordes of people put me off. I did not linger long, just walking along the southern side and then the northern side, checking the bar, cafe and restaurant prices (not cheap) and then walking onwards to more open water and more open spaces.

leics's Profile Photo
Aug 30, 2014

One of Copenhagen's must-see areas

Nyhavn is a colourful quayside area with brightly painted buildings, boats and lots of bars and cafes.
On a warm day it is lovely, but it gets very crowded and you might struggle to get a seat at one of the eateries once it hits lunchtime.
The 2 main boat trips both start here too so there is always a lot of people around.

pugwashman's Profile Photo
Apr 29, 2014
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Nyhavn - the naughty side turned good

One of the more popular spots in Copenhagen is called Nyhavn. The name translates to “new harbor”, which points to the fact that it’s construction started after the city already was established. It streaches from Kongens Nytorv, in front of the royal theatre, to the waterfront. Bring your camera. The area is full of vibrant colors.
The harbor was excavated 1670-3 by Swedish prisoners of war (Dano-Swedish war of 1658-1660). It’s original name when opened by Christian V was Nyhavnskanalen, but I guess that name was too cumbersome. Today it’s only called Nyhavn. Originally it was going to be named Dronningens kanal (the Queens channel)
The northern odd (the houses have odd numbers) side was known for being kind of seedy, with dark public houses, sailors quarters and brothels. There was however a large scale renovation during the 1980s, and today the area is covered with cafes and restaurants. The restaurants are open all year. During the winter, you’ll get a blanket to warm your legs, should you venture to sit outside.
No. 1 was a winedealer. It also housed Copenhagens first flowershop. The Pub here was in principal off limits for females, officially because it didn’t have a ladies restroom. If a female entered the Pub the carpet had to be turned over or replaced. The oldest house here is number 9 (1661). It is the first of the socalled Commediehouses (The inhabitant was the leader of the theater). No. 15 has an image of an elephant above the door. Here you could get merchandaise from the far east, such as tea and porcelain. The most famous houses are number 17 and Cap Horn. In addition to the restaurant number 17 also houses a world famous tattoo artist studio. There’s been a tattoo-studio here since the later half of the 1800s. The most known tattoo artist was probably tato-Ole, who owned the shop from 1947 untill his death in 1988. He did several of king Frederik IX, tattoos, and was appointed Royal Deliverer of tattoos! The poet H.C. Andersen lived in four of the houses during a period of 20 years at Nyhavn. Among the houses he lived in was no. 18 (the “proper” or “even” side) and no. 67.
The ships in the actual canal are mostly historical wooden ships with their own stories and engaged staff. At the start Nyhavn was large enough for the ships of the time, but as ocean going ships grew larger, they outgrew the canal. Then the canal was taken over by smaller ships, mostly sailing in Danish waters. After WWII land transport replaced most of this traffic, so the canal became largely void of ships. Nyhavnsforeningen (translated: Nyhavns Society) was formed in the sixties and had the aim of revitalizing the area. The inner part of Nyhavn therefore became a museum for veteran ships in 1977. The southern side of the canal is reserved for veteran ships owned by the Danish National Museum. The northern side (towards the colorful houses) is reserved for ships owned by Nyhavnsforeningen and privately owned vessels. Here’s a few of the ships: Lightvessel XVII Gedser Rev. Buildt in Odense in 1895 it served as a movable lighthouse until 1972. MA-RI: Was built for smuggling. She was confiscated in Helsingør in 1923, sold on auction, and operated as a fishing vessel and ferry between Bornholm and Poland.
The first temporary wooden footbridge across the harbor was erected in 1875. It was replaced by the sturdy “eletricaly driven” bridge that you see today in 1912.
The memorial anchor at the canals inner end was put there in 1951 in memory of the more than 1700 Danish and allied sailors (officers and service men) that died in service during WWII. The anchor itself was made in 1872 and was taken from the frigate Fyn, docked at Holmen Naval Base during the war. On may 5th there’s a ceremony held here commemorating the fallen every year.

jonkb's Profile Photo
Dec 10, 2013


Nyhavn is one of the liveliest places in Copenhagen, even in winter, and should not be missed.
Despite being called the 'New Harbour', it's a 17th century waterfront and canal, lined with 17th and 18th century buildings, now mostly housing bars and restaurants. The buildings to the north side are particularly attractive due to their bright colours. There are plenty of interesting wooden boats to look at here too.

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Sep 29, 2012


Nyhavn is a 17th century waterfront, canal and entertainment district in Copenhagen.

Years ago, it was a busy commercial port where ships from all over the world would dock. The area teemed with sailors, ladies of the night, pubs and alehouses. It was known then as 'Den Nye Havn.' Eventually the name was changed to 'Nyhavn', and at the same time, its image changed too!
Hans Christian Andersen used to live at no. 20. This is where he wrote some of his fairy-tales. He also lived 20 years at no. 67 and two years at no.18, Nyhavn.

It was one of the busiest places in Copenhagen, especially the night when we went for a meal here, everybody seemed to have the same idea.
I loved it here! The Canal, and all the boats anchored, plus all the brightly coloured 17th and early 18th century townhouses, most of them being used as bars, cafes and restaurants.
We had our meal here with the VT group, and it was wonderful. There's a great atmosphere in this area!

balhannah's Profile Photo
Aug 20, 2012

Nyhavn Harbor

Nyhavn Harbor in Copenhagen is the old sailors' quarters and the home of Hans Christian Andersen.

It has been converted into colorful trendy cafes, bars, and jazz clubs.

It's also the best place to take a tour on one of the many Copenhagen harbor cruise and canal cruise boats.

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Apr 14, 2012

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Nyhavn is probably a major touristic area in Copenhagen (after Tivoli park) due to numerous bars and restaurants but also starting point for canal tours.
People come here to enjoy an overpriced coffee and try to get a romantic picture as a couple with the beautiful colorful houses at the background… the problem is that hundreds of others will try to do the same at the same time :)

Nyhavn (New Harbour) is a 300 meters long canal that was dug in 1673 to enable ships loaded with merchandise to sail into Copenhagen. As I already said in our days is a stylish area with expensive bars, restaurants and yachts.

It is lined on both sides with colorful houses and if the sun is on good position you may get some nice pictures of the facades, we tried from both ends of the canal and we loved all the different angles (pics 1&4). Many postcards are based on this area, definitely an iconic sight for Copenhagen.
The previous centuries the area was a bit different though, actually a red light district but I guess the bars would have much lower prices than today! Ha!

At Nyhavn you may see some really old buildings, at no.9 is the oldest one (from 1681). By the way Hans Christian Andersen lived here for many years but not always on the same building, pic 3 shows no.20 (he lived there between 1834 and 1838), pic 4 shows no.67 (1845-64) but also no.18 (1871 until his death in 1875)

Last but not least at the beginning of the canal (opposite Kongens Nytorv square) you can see the Memorial Anchor (pic 5), a large anchor dedicated to Danish sailors that died during WWII. The anchor belonged to Fyen (a frigate from 19th century).

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Mar 12, 2012


Nyhavn ("New Haven") is a port in the Danish capital Copenhagen and a major tourist attraction of the town. At the harbor, many restaurants and bars with mostly summer overcrowded terraces. Also among the local population Nyhavn is a popular place. Moreover, the landing site for a number of tour boats.

The oldest houses here to find more than 300 years old. The oldest, at number 9, was built in 1681. The port was commissioned by King Christian V built and has a time had a bad reputation because of the many bars and cafes for seamen with the corresponding female entertainment.

Poet and fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen lived in different houses on Nyhavn.

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Feb 21, 2012


The earthy tones of the Nyhavn facades, fronting onto the glistening canal with its bobbing wooden boats is one of the most iconic sights in Denmark, and for me the most memorable. It has in its time been home to Hans Christian Anderson, drunken sailors and prostitutes, and some of the wealthiest merchants in Denmark. Today it is mostly home to snug cafes and bars, and expensive hotels.

Some of the more impressive and historic houses to line the canal are number 20, the home of Hans Christian Anderson, number 71, two former warehouses now turned into a hotel. The oldest house, number 9, dates from 1661. You'll also find Charlottenborg Palace, one of the many mansions built on Nyhavn, at the entrance from Kongen Nytorv, on the corner.

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Dec 29, 2011


Nyhavn is a 17th century waterfront,canal and entertainment district in the city centre,stretching from 'Kongens Nytorv'to the harbour front just south of the Play House.
it is lined with brightly coloured 17th and early 18th century townhouses and bars,cafe's and restaurants.Serving as a heritage harbour,the canal has many historical wooden ships.
The area is very popular with locals during the summer when they flood the bars and cafe's and sit outside to socialise and drink beer.Even in the winter months the brave one's still sit outside with a beer and a blanket.Nyhavn also serves as a hub for canal boat tours.

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Oct 12, 2011

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Royal Theatre - Det kongelige Teater

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Guinness World Records

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The main avenue in Copenhagen is a pedestrian succession of shops, with all the expected brands. PS Funny thing! I've been there again, without Fernanda, and I "had to" walk all the avenue again....
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Christians Kirke - Christian’s Church

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Amalienborg Palace

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Getting to Nyhavn


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