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Rundetårn Tips (56)

Round Tower

The great builder of Copenhagen King Christian IV laid the first stone of the fabulous Round Tower in 1637, and the 36 metre high tower was completed as an observatory 1642.
The tower is connected to the Trinitatis church building in the old Latin quarter and right in the heart of Copenhagen.

The Round Tower is built with a 210 metre long spiral stairway, which leads to the top.
In 1716, the royal Empress Katharina drove up to the top of the Tower in. Beautiful view from the top.

chennaismartguy's Profile Photo
Jul 01, 2008

Rundetaarn ( round tower )

Rundetaarn is an imposing tower standing nearly 40 meters tall. The tower which is part of adjoining Trinity Church, served as an astronomical observatory until about 150 years ago. The tower which was built by order of King Christian IV, was completed in about 1640. A large telescope occupied the observation platform.

The architecture of the tower's exterior is definately Gothic, having double arched windows throughout. For this reason Rundetaarn appears to be much older than the early Baroque era tower that it is. In contrast the interior was given a look which was well ahead of its time. A mortered stone walkway spirals around a central column all the way to the top of the tower. The interior of the column served as an elevator shaft for transporting heavy equipment.

The lower floors of the observatory now house temporary art exhibitions. Climbing the spiral walkway is not as difficult as it appears. The admission price of 20 kroner for adults is well worth it. The views of central Copenhagen and the harbor from the observation tower are good.

hundwalder's Profile Photo
Jul 24, 2007

Round Tower (Rundetårn)

Rundetårn (The Round Tower) os one of the places worth visiting if you want to have great photographs with the panorama of the town. Except wonerful panorama at the top of it you'll find a nice church and a museum in it.

The Round Tower was built as an observatory in 1642 together with the Church of the Trinity. It has a 209-metre-long winding passage.

The entrance is 20 DKK. Not so much for the breathtaking views, right?;-)

The other places for Copenhagen panorama are:
Rådhustårnet (the City Hall Tower)
Vor Frelsers Kirke (Our Saviour's Church)
Marmorkirken (the Marble Church)
Radisson Royal (top floor)
The Zoo Tower

Jun 21, 2007

Runde Tarn finished

There is no ladder inside of the Runde Tarn. Only a flat ramp conducts upward.

In 1716 Russian tsar Peter I by horse, and behind him his spouse Katherine in the carriage by three horses raised on the top of the tower on this ramp.

Now numerous tourists rise upward.

Kuznetsov_Sergey's Profile Photo
Nov 09, 2006
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Runde Tarn contin

The Tower was constructed under the decree of king Christian IV. The King developed an emblem with his own hand which now decorates a facade of the tower.

This is an original rebus including the initials of the king, date of construction, the image of a crown and a sword. It is deciphered simply: "Let the Lord grant the just and fair doctrine in the heart of king Christian IV".

Kuznetsov_Sergey's Profile Photo
Nov 08, 2006

Runde Tarn

The Round Tower (Runde Tarn) was constructed in 1637-1642.
On the top of the tower there is a viewing platform, and on 2-3-rd floors - exhibition galleries.
It is the oldest in Europe operating observatory, and any interested person can come there at night and observe stars.

However it is meaningful to rise on the tower at light time of the day. Remarkable views at Copenhagen open from above. It is possible to admire long peaked spikes and orange roofs. The bewitching picture of ancient city becomes a good award for hard rise on height of 60 meters.

Kobmagergade, 52a, June-August 10.00-20.00. September-May 10.00-17.00.

Kuznetsov_Sergey's Profile Photo
Nov 08, 2006

The Round Tower

We came across the round tower in Kobmagergade by chance and decided to take a walk to the top to see the view over the city.

The 30m tower, was built by King Christian IV as an observatory in 1642 (the oldest in Europe) and is still in use. The climb to the top is made by a long 209m slope. This design was necessary for pulling heavy observatory equipment to the top as easily as possible. Clever Danes! At the very top there are a few steps, but not many. There is a small refreshment/souvenir kiosk on the viewing platform.

On the way up there is also an exhibition hall/art gallery situated in the old university library hall above Trinity Church - free entry.

Tickets are 250Dk.

Aug 27, 2006

The Round Tower

This was the last of King Christian IV building additions to Copenhagen and it remains a popular family day out.

From the top you can view the Old City in a spectacular way.

It is also the oldest observatory in Europe still in use, these days anyone can use the telescope to watch the sky at night.

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Jul 27, 2006

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Rundetaarn (The Round Tower) was built on the initiative of King Christian IV (1588-1648) with Hans Steenwinkel the Younger as the architect. On 7 July, the foundation stone for Rundetaarn was laid. The tower was the first stage of the Trinitatis complex, which was to gather three important facilities for the scholars of the seventeenth century: an astronomical observatory, a student church and a university library.
Uppermost on the facade of the tower there is a gilded inscription, a rebus. Christian IV's draft of it, written with his own hand, is kept at the Danish Record Office. The rebus can be interpreted in the following way: Lead God, the right teaching and justice into the heart of the crowned King Christian IV, 1642. 1642 was the year when the tower was completed.
The spiral walk is unique in European architecture. The 209 m long spiral ramp winds itself 7,5 times round the hollow core of the tower, forming the only connection between the individual parts of the building complex.
From the platform, 34.8 m above the street, the visitor has a magnificent view of the old part of Copenhagen. Along the edge of the platform runs a beautiful wrought-iron lattice made in 1643 by Kaspar Fincke, Court Artist in metalwork. In the latticework, Christian IV's monogram and the letters RFP are seen; these letters represent the King's motto: Regna Firmat Pietas - Piety strengthens the Realms.
(Information taken from the webpage on Rundetårn)

Christina1881's Profile Photo
Jul 25, 2006

Around and around the Round Tower

Denmark's Christian IV was the very model of a modern major monarch - for the 1600s, that is. Which doesn't mean that his reign was a happy time for his country. Au contraire. On the other hand, while he may have been overly ambitious, a disastrous war-planner, and incredibly naive about his domestic life, at least he tried hard. Read Rose Tremain's intriguing novel about Christian, "Music and Silence" to understand a bit more about his time and it what it meant for Denmark.

The Round Tower is one of the more positive legacies of Christian IV. He wanted to be known as a patron of learning, as an exemplar of the virtues of curiousity and open-mindedness. Accordingly, this structure was conceived as a magnet for astronomers across Europe, who would be attracted to the tallest observatory yet conceived. On clear nights, Christian and his favored star-gazers would ascend the long spiral ramp to the dizzying heights above his royal capital. It's hard to get into the mind-set, but for many people of the 17th century, this must have been one of the great wonders of the modern world. Others probably saw it as a modern Tower of Babel, only confirming their previous suspicions that the end times might soon be at hand.

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Jul 03, 2006

Rundetaarn (The Roundtower)

The tower was originally built in 1642 on the orders of Christian IV and is some 35 meters tall. To reach the top of the tower, which gives an excellent view of the city, visitors walk up very few steps and these are only at the top of the structure - the climb to the top is a 209m long walkway spiralling around the inside of the tower. There is a small exhibition space appproximately half way up the tower.

It was used by the local University until 1861 as an observatory, and even now amateur astronomers continue to use it. On my last visit, we were able to look through the lens which was trainied upon the top of the weather vane of the Radhus ( City Hall).

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Jun 29, 2006

The Round Tower

The Round Tower (Rundetaarn) was completed as an observatory in 1642. The tower is 36 m high and a unique 210 m spiral walk leads to an observation platform at 34,8 m. The platform offers a panoramic view of Old Copenhagen.

The Round Tower is situated in the old Latin quarter and right in the heart of Copenhagen.

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Jun 03, 2006

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