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Tallinn City Private Tour
"See and learn about the history of the baroque style Kadriorg Palace and Park which Peter the Great of Russia presented to his wife. Next we continue our way to Tallinn Song Festival Grounds a very important place for the people of Estonia where the Estonia Song Festival is held every 5 years. The Festival Grounds are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Following this we will drive along the seaside and enjoy a picturesque view to the Gulf of Finland. We will stop at Pirita Convent (St. the Upper Town and the Lower Town. During our walk we will first discover the Upper Town which was a stronghold of the former Tallinn nobility. We will also see two cathedrals the Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the Lutheran St. Mary’s Cathedral. Lastly we will view Estonian Parliament building inside Toompea Castle and enjoy a panorama of the Tallinn from the viewing platforms.After seeing Upper Town
From EUR160.00
Tallinn City Walking Tour
"Meet your guide at your preferred departure point and time and head out into the Latin quarter to discover the history of medieval Tallinn. See the Dominican monastery Pikk Street and quaint homes of merchant and craftsmen guilds.Next you'll see the churches of the Holy Ghost St Nicolas and St. Olaf
From EUR45.00
2 Hour Tallinn Old Town Walking Tour
"On this tour you will discover the colourful tales of Tallinn its history and its people as the walking tour takes you through Tallinn's old town covering all the iconic places. On the tour we cover :St. Nicholas Church Town Hall Square Freedom Square Danish King's Garden Parliament Building Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Dome Churc"""Explore Tallinn on a two hour Walking Tour around the old town and get some fascinating insights into Tallinn's rich history and present life. You will be accompanied by our friendly and professional guides. Keeping the dry facts and figures at a comfort they love getting down to the things that really matter. The best part is that they like to have fun while doing so."
From $112.00

Beerhouse Tips (8)

Beerhouse: Brewery pub

We tryto visit all brewerys we can in our trips, and also brewery pubs. These are places you can taste something you wont have at home.
They had about 6 to 8 own beers, and you could take a small tasting clas of each by ordering a tasting plate. We did that at our first visit. Next time we took what we found best at first time.
The place is really "Getman looking" and even the staff is dressed German clothes. You know: Those witch are typical at German Beergardens.
Some of their beers were good, some not soo much, but we have liked the place anyway, because we´ve been there 3 times (each visit to Tallinn). The music is live at weekends for some of the time. First time it was German music, and seemed like some of the weitresses were playing? Second time it was coupple of people singing and playing cover pop music. Neither is our thing, but again.. better than todays MTV hits.. That doesn´t take much..

There is also food, but since we don´t like German food so much (too greasy) , we didnt try any. The portions we saw were HUGE! I´m sure one wouldnt be hungry after eating all of the portion.

Dress Code None.

I´ll add photos later.

Turska's Profile Photo
May 06, 2013

Beer House microbrewery: Home of the living beer!

My friend and I enjoyed an evening at Beer House during a visit to Tallinn in October 2005.

This Bavarian/Austrian-style beer hall and restaurant is an excellent place for a few beers in the heart of Tallinn's Old Town, located just a few minutes walk from Town Hall Square (Raekoja Plats).

The large downstairs beer hall can seat up to 300 guests at large wooden tables, while there is also seating on outdoor terraces for the summer months. The upstairs, which we never saw, appeared to house some form of nightclub/dance club.

Three beers are brewed on site (Pilsner, Marzen and the dark Dunkles). We tried all 3 and were impressed with them all. The prices are slightly above average (40 EEK for 500ml - expensive by Estonian standards, but 2 GBP / 3 Euros, so not too bad). Update April 2011: Since our first visit, the beer range has expanded to 7 and Estonia has joined the Euro, so prices have increased to between 3.80 and 5.50 Euros per 500ml.

Attractive waitresses in Heidi-style dresses and waiters in lederhosen bring the beers to your table. There is live music and a dance floor, and also a restaurant on site.

The washbasins in the men's toilets are designed as large beer barrels which give the bathrooms a nice touch.

Beer House is open 10:00 - 24:00 (Sunday to Thursday) and 10:00 - 02:00 (Friday and Saturday).

It attracted a very mixed clientele on the night we were there, with some who didn't look old enough to be in there (youngsters in various states of undress who were making their way upstairs) and some who looked almost too old (suited and booted businessmen unwinding with a few beers and a drunken dance on the dancefloor) ;-)

Coats and bags can be checked in to the coat room at reception at no charge.

Update April 2011:

During a return visit to Tallinn in April 2011 with my girlfriend and her parents, I was pleased to see that Beer House is still going strong.

We visited one evening for a meal and a few drinks; I shall leave this tip here in the nightlife section and write the new tip in the restaurant section where it more appropriately belongs.

Dress Code None that I'm aware of.

"Smart casual" is probably the best option - but this place attracts all kinds of people.

SWFC_Fan's Profile Photo
Jun 11, 2011

Theme Bar Heaven - Beer House

Just off the main square, this German beer house will take your breath away in its sheer size. 2 floors, plus a huge summer balcony, this place must hold 1000 people.

The beer is all brewed on site, so non of the usual fizzy stuff. I am guessing that the ale is strong, and add the fact that it is served in plant pot sized glasses, the chances are that you will leave on your hands and knees.

Live acoustic music several nights of the week, expect people to be up dancing.

Well worth a stop on the pub crawl of Tallinn

boltonian's Profile Photo
Jun 24, 2007

The Beerhouse: Beer & Fun

The beerhouse has its own microbrewery & the beer went down very well. There was a bit of a queue to get in and the place was heaving inside with a live band and dancing. However its a large place so there was some space. If you want a quiet chat with your missus then leave this one out. This is a place to go if you're in a group and up for a laugh. I really enjoyed it. Having said that there is a very reasonably priced restaurant to the rear and if you're happy having an informal meal then this place will do nicely. Met a friendly Finnish couple here.

Dec 21, 2006
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Beer House: Beer House

Great place to go to eat and drink. Drop your coat off at the door, to which the really happy chaps will give you a ticket. Then find a seat somewhere and enjoy the service from the happy staff. The food is really good here and did i mention that they make there own BEER here. Its the only micro brewery in tallinn so there's plent of tasty crisp beers to try. At weekends they even have live music and estonian national dancers.

Fen's Profile Photo
Nov 22, 2006

The Beer House: The Beer House - Unpasteurised is best!

Just a few steps away from the Town Hall square is the Beer House, Tallinn’s only microbrewery.

The bricked walled beer hall is large and quite cavernous, a little like a converted warehouse, but doesn't feel empty, its stone floors filled with wooden tables that, in turn, fill up with people sampling the beer and food that is on offer. A lot of effort has gone into creating a convivial, bier Keller atmosphere, from the helpful costumed waiting staff to the toe--apping, thigh-slapping music. Although the latter is something of an acquired taste and there were a few moments of surrealness when we realised we were listening to an oompah band rendition of "Viva Espania" followed by "Roll Out the Barrel".

The home produced beer is excellent and comes in three varieties, a light golden easy to drink Pilsner, a wheaty Marzen Spezial and the thicker, dark Dunkles. What makes the beer particularly good, however, is that it is un-pasteurised and has none of the slightly chemical aftertaste you can get with other commercial produced beers and lagers.

The Beer House also serves a good range of simple but filling food such as chicken wings, herrings and big lumps of roast meat.

Lunchtimes are quieter, its a good place to stop for a beer and a light-ish snack, evenings busier and more lively. Pop in for a beer - or three - you should try them all and although I can’t agree that, as the song goes 2pasteurised is best" I would agree that "I'd be happy if it came up to my chest"!

mightywease's Profile Photo
Apr 02, 2006

Beerhouse: House + beer = beerhouse (duh!)

Probably not the most typical or cosy place, but one you should have a look at when you're in town a bit longer. The place is connected to a brewery (always a feature for a visiting Belgian), but there's also a sauna upstairs and probably a lot more things I didn't discover yet.

The place is pretty big, so you can sit in the back for some anonymity, or enjoy a seat at the window for some people-watching. The terrace outside in summer seems particularly attractive for weekend tripping Brits wanting to try just how much they can drink in one session, so take care when passing. The place also offers food and something they call pizza. Good if the beer gets to you and you have forgotten to "lay a foundation".

Oh, and this place also sells beer to take away...

Stevieboy's Profile Photo
Jan 13, 2004

Beer House: New place...

The old Raeköök is new and has new name also. Estonian first Beer-restaurant and Estonian schlager music in the background. And there is their own beer, but the food tasted not so good.

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Sep 10, 2002
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"A medieval marvel"
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"Shades of Grey"
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"Tallinn - A Great Mixture of the Old and the New"
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"Tallinn - medieval spirit city"
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"In the bleak midwinter ..."
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Museum of Occupation

By know its getting even colder so we decide to take one last trip through the town square ....another chance to shop for me. I don't see much I want except one of the little cutting boards with an...
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Town Hall - Raekoda

The Town Hall is located on the square of the same name. It is the only Gothic town hall in Northern Europe. The first mention we have of this town hall dating from 1322 The present building was built...
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Great Guild Hall

The great Guild Hall does not resemble that big from outside, but it was once the second-largest building built for non-religious purposes in Tallinn. Built between 1407 and 1417, it was used as the...
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Estonian History Museum - Great Guild Hall

LOWER TOWN - ALL-LINN Located in the center of Tallinn on Pikk 17, is the Gothic GREAT GUILD HALL - ESTONIAN HISTORY MUSEUM. Erected 1407 - 1410, the Great Guild Hall - Suurgild - was a guild for...
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Estonian Parliament - Riigikogu - Tallinn

the estonian parliament building is located on toompea hill across the street from aleksander nevsky cathedral. built in 1921 this interesting baroque building is home to estonia's government. not...
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