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Tallinn City Private Tour
"See and learn about the history of the baroque style Kadriorg Palace and Park which Peter the Great of Russia presented to his wife. Next we continue our way to Tallinn Song Festival Grounds a very important place for the people of Estonia where the Estonia Song Festival is held every 5 years. The Festival Grounds are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Following this we will drive along the seaside and enjoy a picturesque view to the Gulf of Finland. We will stop at Pirita Convent (St. the Upper Town and the Lower Town. During our walk we will first discover the Upper Town which was a stronghold of the former Tallinn nobility. We will also see two cathedrals the Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the Lutheran St. Mary’s Cathedral. Lastly we will view Estonian Parliament building inside Toompea Castle and enjoy a panorama of the Tallinn from the viewing platforms.After seeing Upper Town
From EUR160.00
Tallinn City Walking Tour
"Meet your guide at your preferred departure point and time and head out into the Latin quarter to discover the history of medieval Tallinn. See the Dominican monastery Pikk Street and quaint homes of merchant and craftsmen guilds.Next you'll see the churches of the Holy Ghost St Nicolas and St. Olaf
From EUR45.00
2 Hour Tallinn Old Town Walking Tour
"On this tour you will discover the colourful tales of Tallinn its history and its people as the walking tour takes you through Tallinn's old town covering all the iconic places. On the tour we cover :St. Nicholas Church Town Hall Square Freedom Square Danish King's Garden Parliament Building Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Dome Churc"""Explore Tallinn on a two hour Walking Tour around the old town and get some fascinating insights into Tallinn's rich history and present life. You will be accompanied by our friendly and professional guides. Keeping the dry facts and figures at a comfort they love getting down to the things that really matter. The best part is that they like to have fun while doing so."
From $112.00

Taxis Tips (6)

Taxi experiences from saturday 10th of March 2012

We were warned and told to use only Tallink taxis (which are mainly yellow) because some other taxis propably will cheet you.
So when we needed a taxi we took a Tallink taxi from a station nearby Viru Hotel to Tallink Spa hotel. The price was 9,20 Euros.
Other people took a taxi from another company at the corner of City Portus Hotel near by D-terminal to Tallink Spa Hotel and the price was something like 24,60 for a shorter route than ours.
So if I ever use a taxi in Tallin I know which comapy to use - although there is of course no guarantee for a normal price even then.

eriste's Profile Photo
Mar 12, 2012

Taxis may overcharge tourists

If possible, ask a local Estonian to give you numbers to taxi companies that charge the local rates. I was shocked by the difference between what I was charged when I called for a cab on my own -- and what I was charged after a local Estonian called the cab company and negotiated the fare in advance for me. In my opinion, the Tallinn police should crack down on this dishonest practice.

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Mar 12, 2008

Tallinn, and Taxi's!...don't get taken for a ride!

Please take note that when in Tallinn and you travel by taxi, make sure you view their price rates which should by located on both rear car door windows.
Some of the taxi driver's jack up their prices when taking on tourist's. So just be aware and don't get taken for a ride.
Try some of the lower priced cab companies like: Oberst Taxi (+372 655 8473), Marabu Taxi (65 00 006), Sobra (534 74 474), while Tulika and Linna Taxi which is Tallinn most decent taxi, their prices are a bit higher then the fore mentioned but very good service from all.
The taxi companies and their phone numbers should be available to you through your travel agent. Be aware of their sit-in prices and start-up prices.
IF YOU ARE SUSPICIOUS AT YOUR TOTALED PRICE, YOU CAN ASK FOR A RECEIPT! If the driver refuses, you DON'T have to pay. Estonian law. That's to combat the driver's who are "Taking you for a ride".

Enjoy Estonia!

Have fun, enjoy life!

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Oct 19, 2005

Mysterious Taxi Meters

Taxi meters should start at approx. 35EEK per trip but it appears that the drivers can hit a button that changes the starting point to 75EEK. I never argued with the drivers about this (they just pretend not to understand) but I gave the "honest" drivers a tip (tipping not required but I still wanted to) that was usually more than the difference here.

Apr 03, 2005
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taxidrivers and tourists

In Tallinn(capital of Estonia) some(many) taxi takeing more money from tourists, because they think they do not know the real prices and so..and it works. They could sometimes take even 4 time bigger price..

So here are some advices.
From Tallinn airport to the centrum taxi should cost like 70 krouns(1EURO= 15.6 EEK)
From Tallinn Bus-station to centrum of the city it should cost 35-50 krouns
From Balti Railway Station to centrum 35-50 krouns.
And if they ask you to pay more than 200 EEK then be sure they cheat you and ask some help from securuty or police..write town the car number also and remember what firm it was..and from taxidriver ask for cheque they have to give it to you have some proofs that time i think taxidriver is so afraid that he is going to make a new cheaper price:)
Do not trust "Linnatakso" and "omeratakso"

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Jul 15, 2004

Taxi drivers are cheaters

Avoid taking a Taxi in Tallinn. I had the feeling that almost all drivers are cheaters. The prices are displayed at the Taxi windows: The starting price should be 12 EEK and the cost per km should be between 4.50 to 7 EEK (Minimum fare 35 EEK). In fact tourists are charged up to 3 times higher prices. Maybe all drivers have fixed their meters to run at high speed when a tourist enters the Taxi. If possible take the Public Tansport instead. It is very cheap and frequent until midnight. 1 EUR = 15,6 EEK

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Jul 22, 2003
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"A medieval marvel"
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"Shades of Grey"
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"Tallinn - A Great Mixture of the Old and the New"
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"Tallinn - medieval spirit city"
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"In the bleak midwinter ..."
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Things to Do Near Tallinn

Things to Do

Russian orthodox cathedral - Aleksander Nevsky cathedral

The Alexander Nevski Cathedral one of Tallinn's dominating landmarks. This Russian Orthodox cathedral with its impressive onion domes was built in the late 19th century. Access inside was restricted...
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Museum of Occupations

By know its getting even colder so we decide to take one last trip through the town square ....another chance to shop for me. I don't see much I want except one of the little cutting boards with an...
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Town Hall - Raekoda

The Town Hall is located on the square of the same name. It is the only Gothic town hall in Northern Europe. The first mention we have of this town hall dating from 1322 The present building was built...
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Great Guild Hall

The great Guild Hall does not resemble that big from outside, but it was once the second-largest building built for non-religious purposes in Tallinn. Built between 1407 and 1417, it was used as the...
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Estonian History Museum - CLOSED

LOWER TOWN - ALL-LINN Located in the center of Tallinn on Pikk 17, is the Gothic GREAT GUILD HALL - ESTONIAN HISTORY MUSEUM. Erected 1407 - 1410, the Great Guild Hall - Suurgild - was a guild for...
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Things to Do

Estonian parliament - Riigíkogu

the estonian parliament building is located on toompea hill across the street from aleksander nevsky cathedral. built in 1921 this interesting baroque building is home to estonia's government. not...
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