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Helsinki Card
"The Helsinki Card comes with a complete guidebook of all the included attractions and excellent maps of the city. With you free travel on public transport (trams metro buses train boats to the islands) as well as free entrance to all major sights and museums the Helsinki card is a great way to explore the city. You will be well equipped to get the most out of your stay in the city. The Helsinki Card also offers great value discounts such as 30% discount on the Finnair airport bus discounts on tours out of town
From EUR44.00
SEA LIFE Helsinki Entrance Ticket
"Come and see SEA LIFE Helsinki aquarium located near Helsinki city center. With the ticket you get an entrance to the center and get to explore the SEA LIFE at your own pace. Get to know the lovely creatures that live here such as a Zebra shark Sweetie sea bass Mikko and many others! To add an interesting extra value to your visit you can purchase a guided tour (to be purchased in advance sold separately) or Behind-the-Scenes -tour (to be purchased on site). Throughout the day you can also participate on exciting fish feedings and special activities aimed for kids. The feedings happen every hour and it's highly recommended for the"""Dive into underwater adventure at SEA LIFE Helsinki! Your basic entrance ticket includes the entrance to the centre
From EUR15.00
SEA LIFE Helsinki Super Ticket Including Free Guidebook and Behind-the-Scenes Tour
"With the Super Ticket to SEA LIFE Helsinki you get more out of your visit! By purchasing Super Ticket you have following items included in your ticket: SEA LIFE entry a guidebook Behind-the-Scenes Tour in English and a discount voucher to be used in the Shop. The guidebook will help you get to know SEA LIFE Helsinki and the fascinating creatures living there. By participating in the Behind-the-Scenes tour you will get to see what's happening on the background: Where is the food kept that is served to the creatures? Where do the SEA LIFE staff take care of the animals? Furthermore you will have a chance to ask questions from the centre's professional staff - they are more than happy to help you with all your questions! Don't forget the souvenirs! By purchasing the Super Ticket you receive a discount coupon which you can use in the on-site souvenir shop - a perfect way to end your visit!"
From EUR21.00

Molly Malones Tips (19)

Molly Malones: Terrible Irish Pub

Paid 2.50 euro for them to lose my coat, and then swear at me and physically abuse me and a friend when I questioned them about it. A man who wasn't working when I handed over the coat insisted I only gave them a bag, and then when I pointed out that I paid for two of us, he said that we gave them two bags and a coat. After pointing out that he only gave back two bags, he told me to *** off, and pushed both of us outside.

It wasn't even worth going to anyway - the music and beer were poor.

Sep 19, 2012

Molly Malones: Free enter, but paid cloakroom...

Sweden gal KATARINA, who lives in Helsinki, offer to us visite that club.
Enter of club was for free, but if u have a backpacket, u have to leave it into cloakroom and pay about 5 euro for safety!

Dress Code Feel ur free

gaechka's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Molly Malones: Large Irish Pub

On one evening during my stay, I stopped for a drink at Molly Malone's Irish Pub in Helsinki. It is a large pub with three bars on two floors. I ordered a beer at the bar on the ground floor nearest the front door. Almost right away, a couple of Norwegian women (who were quite intoxicated) started chatting with me. I made the mistake of telling them that I was an American. Upon hearing this, they started sharing their negative opinions about Americans, American politics, etc. During this conversation, I remember wishing that I had told these women that I was either Irish or Canadian.

Despite the bad timing of my visit, I would recommend Molly Malone's if you are seeking a casual Irish pub in the center of Helsinki.

BillNJ's Profile Photo
Mar 21, 2008

Molly Malones: In the night

Simply put, the best place in Europe I have been to meet locals and travellers(...only consists of 15 European countries and maybe 50 bars) Let's start with the friendly, English speking staff - quality friendly. The 4 times, oops, I visited there, the bands were great, as were the locals met. It is like the locals know they will meet travellers and the atmosphere is reflected in that. Be prepared to chat with strangers, hear cool tunes and throw back a cool Finnish(or whatever) beer. KIPPAS!!! (Cheers)

Dress Code I wore a coat a few nights...kind of overdressed. Jeans and a tshirt, whatever...

MDUBYAZ's Profile Photo
Aug 13, 2006
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Molly Malones: Watch out for your wallets

Watch out for your wallets.Yesterday I was cheated by one bartender.Beer was 5.10.I gave him 20€ and got back only 4.90€.Perhaps it was just an accident or maybe that guy does it all the time.

May 26, 2005

Molly Malones: Green Beer for St Paddies

The bar opens at 11am from Monday to Saturday and from Midday on Sundays – closing time from a somewhat hazy memory was around 2-3am – surely a good sign, that I couldn’t remember!

Guinness is on tap - a pint of Guinness will set you back EUR 5.90 (GBP 4.00) - this seemed to be average. Most other beers cost EUR 4.10 or more (from GBP 2.85).

As seems to be the standard in Finland, a glass is not served full – you get 0.5l in a pint glass – often with very little head – especially with the Lapin Kulta (the local brew). Being St Patrick's Day, there was of course the usual green pint.

There are three bars in Molly’s - one on the ground floor, and two upstairs - one large bar and a "relief" bar up towards the stage where a band plays most nights - usually from 9:30pm onwards - and there is no admission charge. On quiet evenings the relief bar is usually shut. Usually the same band is booked for a whole week – I can’t remember what they were singing but from memory a lot are “Irish” – i.e. apparently Irish but you can’t always be sure! St Patrick’s night was heaving.

The customers seemed to be enjoying themselves – we sure as hell were! It was a good sign that there were plenty of customers queuing to get in at 11:30pm – when I decided to give my wallet a rest! The bar staff were good – quick and reliable - although on St Patrick's Day they were certainly being pushed hard with the place absolutely packed.

From memory the place may not be the most disabled friendly – I recollect a lot of steps up and down around the place, and don't recollect there being ground floor toilets – on which note a word of caution: the two doors to the toilets at the top of the stairs are both to the Ladies - for the Gents you'll have to head on round the corner past the relief bar.

Earlier in the evening you should get seats – there are a lot of barrel tables with stools – and there is a mezzanine level table which is good for a group. Tables can be reserved - a good idea for a busy night - otherwise you'll have to stand.

Dress Code No real dress code

morgenhund's Profile Photo
Apr 11, 2005

Molly Malones: good ambience

This was a good place, which was next to my hotel. I normally prefer to try local bars and not the foreign phemed places. But the live music enticed me, there are often good bands there, that weekend i was there, there was an irish band singing coldplay,U2, etc, of course as its an Irish bar!

49 euros for a beer, friendly staff. must be capacity for 300+ people, mostly upstairs.

Warning, the bouncer wont let you in if you seem drunk, so at least try and act sober!

They show all Football and rugby from all over the world.

buffalo1975's Profile Photo
Mar 28, 2005

Molly Malones: Something for Everybody

I visited Helsinki a couple of times and found bars that were very quiet. It seemed to me, at that time, that Helsinki had no night life.

One day I read about Molly Malone's and decided to check it out. Usually I stay away from the touristy type places but I was getting desperate.

I entered Molly's and the bar downstairs was quite full. It was a very small bar which didn't seem capable of hosting a good night so I asked the Irish Bar staff where I should go for the evening. They suggested the upstairs bar. I was sceptical but went to look...


They have a live Irish band every night , there is a Black Jack Table and two bars. EVERY night is like a Saturday night in Molly's, except Saturday which is like three rolled into one!

It is my favourite Irish Bar anywhere, they do have Finnish people working there but the managers and some of the staff are Irish - It works.

Dress Code No nudity.

Ken-out-of-Bath's Profile Photo
Jan 26, 2005

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Molly Malones: The coolest bar in Helsinki

It is for sure the coolest bar-pub i've seen in helsinki!
It frequently hosts a band who plays good music and, especially on fridays and on saturdays it is really plenty of people (we've been there several times and on friday and on saturday it was difficult even to move because of so many people!).
The ground floor is small and quiet but if you go upstairs things change and, the first time you go, you find an unexpected dynamic atmosphere.
The Molly is also a good place to make new interesting meetings people are!
do not miss it!

Dress Code As you like

mario_spring_83's Profile Photo
Aug 27, 2004

Molly Malones: Fun pub with a great mix of people

It's really a bar, not a nightclub, but this two level bar has a wide mix of tourists and locals alike. Well known as a friendly place to hang out, even if travelling alone. I had a great time here until the wee hours.

daveland's Profile Photo
Jul 20, 2004

Molly Malones: Life music every evening

If you like live music and wonna have fun, just have a look at Molly Malones. It's a great place and typical Irish pub ! We met many people from different countries during our night out there.

You shouldn't go too late 'cause it's pretty fancy and they won't let you in if there are already too many people. But if ever you get inside - GREAT !!!

The live music is great and the drinks are a bit over average, but therefor very tasty !!

The entry is free and the live music starts around 9.30 pm

Jul 16, 2004

Molly Malones: pass the guiness

This was the first pub I came to when I arrived in Finland and it might as well have been the only. Molly Malones has great music, beer, and plenty of the fairer sex. a finnish "Fantasy Island" without the annoying spanish midget

Dress Code Dress Code? Are you kidding??

Jan 26, 2004

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