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Kuopio Things to Do

  • Oldest stone building in Kuopio

    This is Kuopio Cathedral. It was built at the beginning of the 19th century. The work was started during Swedish rule but it was stalled by a war in 1808-1809 and then finished during Russian rule. Today, there are services each Sunday at 10 and frequently concerts in the evenings. The church is quite large inside with typically plain and modest...

  • Lake sightseeing cruise

    Kuopio is surrounded by lakes and the natural thing to do in the summer is to go on a Lake Kallavesi sight seeing cruise. The sceneries are wonderful. Why not try a traditional lake "steamer" as seen in the pictures. There are plenty of options and you can even have lunch onboard if you like.

  • Cathedral of Kuopio - Tuomiokirkko

    The church is located in Vahtivuori (Guard Mountain) like a watchman guarding people and flow of times. The construction took over ten years for the sake of Finnish War (1808-1809) in which Finland was forced to join to the Russian Empire (Treaty of Fredrikshamn - Haminan rauha, was the peace treaty between Sweden and Russia).The church was...

  • Viewing tower

    From the viewing tower you have a fantastic view and is it easy to see why Finland is called the labd of thousand lakes. We were also fortunate to see people practising snow jumping

  • Puijo TOWER, Kuopio, Finland

    PUIJO towerPuijo hill is the famous landmark of Kuopio, and the ridge of Puijo is among the most popular recreation areas of the city. The hill is 150 metres high from the lake level, has an observation tower on its peak and is situated close to the city centre of Kuopio.

  • Kuopio War Memorial

    On Kuopio's old cemetery one can find a War Memorial Statue by Esii Renvall (1911-1979). It's a memory of soldiers killed in WW2.


Kuopio Hotels

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  • Scandic Kuopio

    I spent only one night at the Scandic in Kuopio, but I enjoyed my stay very much. The breakfast was...

  • Hotel Atlas

    Haapaniemenkatu 22, Kuopio, 70110, Finland

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 3.5 out of 5 stars

  • Sokos Puijonsarvi

    A lovely hotel with very friendly staff. We stayed here with Insight vacations Great location


Kuopio Restaurants

  • From High to High, climbing back to top

    Mount Sherpa is the only Nepalese restaurant in Kuopio and there are only few similar in who Finland. The market square is kind if sacred place for Kuopio people and during last 20 years they have opened it twice, first to build underground parking area and secondly to build more parking places and a shopping center.Mount Sherpa is located in this...

  • Fransman

    We had our dinner here as the hotel does not have a restaurant but they belong to the same group We had a set menu but the Salmon with potatoes that we got was absolutely fantastic

  • The Best in Town

    Musta Lammas is known as a best restaurant in Town. It's located in former brewery and the interior is fantastic: the restaurant is build to vault cellar (the renovation too a year). It has been there from 1982 and it's among the best dinner restaurants in Finland.Á la carte and special menus are served and the food is made from best materials in...

  • Nice place to eat!

    Nice food and they also have a real flame grill. The place which is a sort of a bar, attract a lot of young people but also groups, and some folks go here after work. They play music loud which is not very good. Foods' OK. Steak.

  • Best fish in town

    The atmosphere in this rastaurant is, what could I say, like in all seaman restaurant. There has not made any changes after world war one. Go to the back cabin if you don't want to drink with sailors.I really recommend this place!(And the restaurant has nothing to do with Sampo Bank or Sampo ice-breaker.) The only one you should eat in this place...

  • Finnish Bank - Place of money

    Isä Camillo is located in a building which used to be Bank of Finland (Kuopio office of cource). It's build in 1912 and a lot of gold has been there in the vaults.The place has got its name according to italian writer Giovanni Guareschi (I don't know the reason :) Fish: Oven Baked Pike-Perch with river crab butter and vegetables (18,60€).Meat:...


Kuopio Nightlife

  • Beerhouse

    It is a beerhouse,and has lots of different beers.For some reason,there wasn´t so many people at the time(at saturday after 22 o´clock)..Maybe it just was a quiet night-who knows.Or maybe it was because of the music,witch was little terrible-like they have forgotten themselves to 1990 top hits.Not any classic ones.We might try this again,if we go...

  • Typical bar

    We had visited Ale pupi in Tampere,and weren´t so keen for going here because of it,but this looked not so "ale"(ale is sale in Finnish),and had better list of beers(at Tampere they had only 4 to 5 beers,if I remeber right).It´s a typical beer-bar,kind we have in all Finnish towns I think.I prefer Malja,at same street,but nothing so wrong about...

  • Beer-tasting

    Place is quite popular in Kuopio and has a fantastic value of beers!They had so many to choose from,that we should have had more time (and less wine before coming here..).Place looks quite nice,if you ask me.If we will go to Kuopio again,I´m sure we´ll visit here again. No dresscode


Kuopio Transportation

  • Savonlinna-Kuopio ferry service

    The duration of the lake cruise was too long for us, but if you have time, you may want to consider a Savonlinna-Kuopio cruise aboard the MS Puijo ferry. The lakelands deserve to be visited on a boat and if both cities are on your itinerary, this trip may be just the thing for you. There are other stops along the way but I can't recommend any,...

  • By road, by train or by air*...

    By road, by train or by air* Buses: click on Matkahuolto for timetables!* Finnish railway: click on V R for timetables!* Finnair: click on A Y for timetables!BEWARE OF MOOSES if you are driving!

  • Kuopio Hotels

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Kuopio Shopping

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  • The Market Square

    Finally, at long last, the full renovation of the centrer of Kuopio is over and the market square is open again with business as usual. I'm so happy. The townsmen are proud of their brand new center and it was awarded "the best town center award 2014", too!Wonderfully lively atmosphere. Don't miss it if you are in town!Open: - summer mon-fri: 7-17,...

  • Genuine stuff

    This is at the heart of Kuopio and gives a strong contribution to the essence of the town. The townspeople are very proud of it: the 100 years old Kauppahalli market. In fact, they call it THE NAVEL OF THE WORLD (mualiman napa). It's open all year round and it's a special shopping place so you must go if you are in Kuopio.Note the opening hours:...

  • Enjoy the atmosphere at the artesan...

    A pittoresque little alley in the middle of town. The red painted wooden buildings from 1903 make a perfect setting for the local artesans. There are 14 little shops with arts and craft, toys, kitchen utensils and decorations. There's also a café with a terrace. If you are looking for gifts or something original to take home then don't miss this...


Kuopio Local Customs

  • Kuopio by lake

    This was really difficult! to decide in which class this tip belogs. This could be "must see", it is transportation, it's definately a tourist trap, but I choose a local custom.This used to be one of the best transportation method from 1900 to 1950, but when cars, busses and trains conquored the word the ships remained "a way of life" relief and...

  • Eating Kalakukko (Bread fillid with fish...

    This is an ancient national food prepared and eaten in Savo (eastern part of Finland). Kalakukko was used as traveler's food because it stays edible very long when unopened. Also in medieval times salt was the only way to preserve meat and it was expensive, so with this way you could use all the salt in salt pork. The word kala-kukko means...

  • It's said about the people in...

    It's said about the people in Kuopio that they have some different character than the other finns.It said they are more open-minded and quite funny.Although I know this is a big generalisation, I think it's somewhat true. :-)


Kuopio Warnings and Dangers

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    Weekend & alcohol

    by yvgr Updated Apr 8, 2012

    Like any other place on earth people do celebrate weekends together with friends and liquor. Drinking outside, in public is forbidden by law but it happens. Lots of intoxicated and noisy people in all ages can be found anytime any weekend especially around the local bus stops in the keskus, city centre. Just pretend you didn't see & hear anything :)

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Kuopio Off The Beaten Path

  • Hiking in Kuopio

    If you really want out of the crowds, go hiking. The City of Kuopio has huge amounts of forests and lakes around it. There are several interesting marked paths. The nearest short for day trips paths are in Puijo area. For a longer walk I would recommend a path called Suovun retkeilyreitti (you'll find it in the internet map.Ask leaflets and simple...

  • Excursion harbours are free for...

    The City of Kuopio has vast amounts of forests, lakes, and islands (as you can see e.g. from the top of the Puijo Tower). Rent a boat or a canoe and find an island for yourself! There are plenty of excursion harbours near Kuopio. In most of them camping or staying overnight in a shelter is an experience to remember. For rental boats and canoes see...

  • Farm house museum Riuttala

    The Riuttala farm was first mentioned in a map of 1650 and it was a big farm with a lot of workers, almost a village of it's own. With 20 buildings, this museum area has a lot to offer. They have everything from a cowhouse to a smokesauna to a blacksmith's to a windmill not to mention old machinery, parafernalia, household utensils, etc. We saw...


Kuopio Sports & Outdoors

  • Sunbathing and ice hole swimming

    I wrote this to extreme category, probably it's heavy for you, but definitely worth of trying. I give you a quarantine, if you follow my rules, rest of your evening is the most relaxed and cool you ever have experienced. And please, if I ever can, and I would like, to escort you here, this is my proposal #1 :)Rules and recommendation:- spend 5-10...

  • Skijumping - No more World Cups?

    You can go here on winter or summer, probably you find young boys practising there. It's very nice, they are eager, Kuopio has been one of Finnish sources to word champions, and the skiis are very long compared to the boys. It's amazing when you see 130cm boy carrying 250cm skiis (and more amazing when you see him jumping some 100 meters). Cloth...

  • Snowmobile safari

    This is great fun. It's amazing how fast you can ride these machines. I think I was speeding at about 90 km/h. I loved it! Did you know that the handles of these things are actually heated so your fingers don't freeze. You can hire all the gear you need from the safari arranger and they give you training how to handle the snowmobile before letting...


Kuopio General

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    THE MICROBREWERY -VANHA TROKARI-This local pub has its own beers and 15 different self-distilled liquors such as:* SALMARI, a mixture made of finnish strong liquorice (SALMIAKKI) and etanol * TERVA, a mixture of tar and etanol ,* MUSTA KISSA (Black Cat), a mixture of both finnish liquorice & Tar and etanol and many other specialities!Address:...

  • VOSSIKKAOn the picture at the...

    VOSSIKKAOn the picture at the rear, the orange colored building is Kuopio's Town Hall and the Market Place in full action. At the right is the covered market and in the front the Horse-Carriage or VOSSIKKA which is nowadays a well-known tourist-attraction.The first *taxis* used to be these Vossikka-carriages 150 years ago! In 1851, the arrival of...


    SOME BRIEF FACTS & FIGURES* Finland's eighth-biggest city* Population: 85,000 * Distance: about 400 km from Helsinki, 50 minutes by air, 4½ hours by train or bus * Kuopio was founded in 1782 as an administrative and commercial centre * Seat of Lutheran Bishop * Seat of Orthodox Archbishop * Orthodox Church Museum with splendid collection of icons *...


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