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Rauma Things to Do

  • The Maritime Museum II

    The collection includes parts of wrecks, ships that have been built by Finnish ship yards, historical items such as seaman’s books and other papers. The museum also allows visitors to lay hand on navigating a ship, since a ship simulator called Jenny is available.

  • The Maritime Museum

    The Rauma Maritime Museum is the most modern on seafaring history in Finland and offers many ways to study maritime history. A comprehensive collection of museum items has been gathered.

  • River Raumanjoki

    One could almost imagine that one is in the country side, since the old towns border is the River Raumanjoki with lush vegetation and several bridges crossing over.

  • Kirsti Museum

    The entire residential building today is a museum and one can enter the world of the locals living in Rauma some 200 years ago. The furniture, stoves and work places, as well as the rooms where people rested have been kept the way as they were in the past.

  • Kirsti

    The residential building is mainly from the 18th century and it depicts the life of owner and tenant families around the turn of the century. The enclosed courtyard has been preserved and include the stables, cowshed, storehouse, cellar and well

  • Jokela

    Jokela was the house where Hj Nortamo was born, a doctor and author who wrote mainly in the Rauma dialect. He contributed to Finnish literature that included narratives of the life of seamen in the local dialect.

  • Water pump

    Right outside the Rauma Art Museum one can find an old water pump that was one of the points where the inhabitants of Rauma could collect water. Two water outlets and one pump handle were available.

  • Rauma Art Museum

    At the end of Kauppakatu one can find a yellow Empire style building which is today part of the Rauma Art Museum. The exhibitions in the museum change every month.

  • Marela

    One of the most decorative buildings in Rauma dates back to the early 19th century, it has been converted into Renaissance style. The building is situated in Kauppakatu and today a museum. The building was owned by several ship-owning families.

  • Old Graveyard of Rauma

    The graveyard of the old church was used until the mid-19th century. After that the present old graveyard lying about 150 meters away from the church was taken into use.

  • Church of the Holy Trinity

    Not much one can see of the church today since it burned down in 1640 and almost completely destroyed. The church was never rebuilt and one used the Church of the Holy Cross as the new main church.

  • Naolmaki

    The southern side of the old town was called Naolmaki or Naol Hill and was inhabited mainly by craftsman and sailors. Today still some of the magnificent houses and narrow lanes can be explored.


Rauma Hotels

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  • Best Western Kalliohovi

    Kalliokatu 25, Rauma, 26100, Finland

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Hotelli Vanha Rauma

    Vanhankirkonkatu 26, Rauma, Finland

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Hotelli City Hovi

    Nortamonkatu 18, Rauma, 26100, Finland

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

Rauma Restaurants

  • Nice & simple restaurant

    The environment at Wähä Tallbo is very nice, the hosts are very friendly and the prices are pretty acceptable (for European/Finnish standards, that is!). Thanks to my friend Kalle and Mari that took me here! I was very pleased. I tasted a wonderful salmon filet with some creamy white sauce... delicious!! And NOT expensive! The menu (if you don't...

  • Don't miss the korva puusti !

    Have a warm tea or a hot chocolate as a warm up after walking the streets in the cold :-) With a pulla of course !! Yummy !!Nice atmosphere and a big choice of pastries.


    A cup of fresh coffee with finnish vanilla cream doughnut pastry sitting in the back garden when the summer warm weather just makes you almost asleep.This is life!


Rauma Nightlife

  • Onnela, Rauma: Onnela on the weekend! (and wednesday)

    by oceanelf Updated Mar 27, 2007

    As an exchanging student, I have to say that I went to this night club almost every week. Some week I even go there like every open night with my Finnish friends and exchanging friends. There are there are four rooms for different kind of music. The first floor is the oldies (songs from 70's -90's), second floor has three rooms for international pop, rock and suomi pop (where you can dance on the table). My favourite night would be wednesday night (since it is student night and the entrance is free...and you can buy cider and beer for only one euro...if you have member card). However, the most enjoyable night is saturday night where are loads of people and the atmosphere is amazingly fun!

    Dress Code: As long as you are not naked, you are welcomed (if you dare...the security with throw you out!...my friends got a warning...quite several time just because they took their shirts and..almost jeans off...I think you don't have to guess that they were totally drunk.

    My friend and finnish students on..wednesday? Puts you hands up for detriot!...for Rauma!

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Rauma Transportation

  • Going to the archipelago

    You can visit the biggest islands around Rauma by a water bus and also smaller islands by private boats. Most small islands are owned by private people so you shouldn't go there without their permission. If you're used to the Greek islands or some others that have a lot of hotels & shops, islands in Rauma aren't the same. There usually is one small...

  • Wandering around

    When you get to know Old Rauma, it's easiest to walk. That way you can explore all the streets where you perhaps can't drive a car. A bicycle is also quite a good idea if you want to see a bigger part of Rauma; and car in the areas out of the center. Also the public bus service is very good but one trip in the town costs 2 - 2,20 €.

  • The only way to come to Rauma...

    The only way to come to Rauma - or to get out of here - is by bus if you don't have a car. There is no passenger trains to / from Rauma. Well, there is a train but you'll have to travel by bus the rest of the trip to Rauma. You can get from Helsinki to Rauma in about 3,5 hours by bus and by car it takes about 2,5-3 hours. If you arrive to Finland...


Rauma Shopping

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  • Shopping in Rauma

    There are several small boutiques and also restaurants & cafés in the Old Rauma area. There are for example antique boutiques, clothes, art, jewelry, flowers... and the market places which is open daily until 14.00 and some summer it's been open until 16.00. I don't know about this summer yet. And in summer time there's also been the evening market...


    Turn right and at King street you can do some shopping The Pentik shop is tiny but romantic looking where are displayed pottery, tableware and other decoration items.

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Rauma Local Customs

  • Rauma bobbin lace

    Rauma is very well-known of its bobbin lace tradition. In summer time - especially during the Lace Week - you can visit several exhibitions with bobbin lace plus in some places you can even try to make it yourself! It's not as difficult as one could imagine. There are only a couple of "hits" you use in the laces and the combinations of those hits...

  • Rauman giäl (the language of Rauma)

    If you learn some tourist phrases in Finnish and come to Rauma, you might be in trouble. You see, there's an own language in Rauma - someone says it's a dialect but as it has so many differences from normal Finnish, it's really a language. When you go and ask some older people something (with your tourist phrase book) and think that you might...

  • Pystökaffe (A morning coffee at the...

    When you visit the market place early in the morning - and in summer time that can really happen any time - you can see a group of men (of any age but mostly older ones) standing around the market place where there are a couple of coffee kiosks. Some of these men go there daily to meet friends and gossip about the Rauma news and drink morning...


Rauma Warnings and Dangers

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    Cobble stone Streets

    by MikeAtSea Written Aug 19, 2007

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    The streets in the old town are all cobble stone. Hence make sure you wear appropriate foot wear. High heel shoes are not going to work!

    Cobble stone Streets
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Rauma Off The Beaten Path


    Have a look at the very nice pages of Mannerheim at: Click Here


    The castle is surrounded by an English landscape park with a bath house (which used to be at the sea shore).


    It is Over 500 years old and is located on the way from Turku to Rauma. It is famous because the Marshal of Finland C.G.E. Mannerheim was born here in 1867. When visiting Helsinki you cannot avoid seeing the Mannerheim statue just in front of the modern museum of art. >> Why he is so important? Simply because without him we would not be...


Rauma General

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  • Simple and pretty...

    This is the big organ inside the Franciscan church of Rauma. I love how the chandeliers and the organ look above the benches!

  • Kitukränn

    You have to see the narrowest street in Finland. It's Kitukränn in Old Rauma. No, you can't squeeze a car in it - well, if it's a very small car you might, but it's not allowed to drive thru. You can reach the walls of the houses with your hands when you stand in Kitukränn.


    The narrowest street in Finland*All kind of dirtying and messing up is strongly prohibited under penalty of 20 FIM*.(What will happen to the old placard after EURO; How much will it the fine be in EUROs?)Unfortunately, I haven't been revisiting since the Euro but if someone goes to Rauma, please check it out and let me know :-))


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