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80 Minute Strasbourg Sightseeing Tour by Pedicab
"Our 80 min tour comprises all the important sightseeing spots of Strasbourg: Petite France Neustadt and the European institutions.On your pedicab you will go from the Petite France (old town) area of the city the tanner’s quarter the covered Bridges and the Vauban dam to the Neustadt (imperial district) and will see the key tourist spots in town: Notre Dame de Strasbourg Cathedral Le Palais des Rohan and La place de la République and its neoclassical public buildings. You will pass along the river by the European district and Parc de l’Orangerie as well as the ARTE television headquarters. If you’re short on time a""
From EUR80.00
Sightseeing Tour of Strasbourg by Pedicab
"Choose one of our two 1 hour circuits:1. City center tour (Petite France and Neustadt)On your pedicab you will go from the Petite France area of the city to the Neustadt and will see the key tourist spots in town. Along the way on your pe the covered Bridges and the Vauban dam Notre Dame de Strasbourg Cathedral Le Palais des Rohan and La place de la République and its neoclassical public buildings. 2. European institutions and NeustadtYou will pass along the river by the European district and Parc de l’Orangerie as well as the ARTE television headqu""Explore Strasbourg in a relaxed way on a pedicab as you are taken round the main points of interest in the city.title=Highlights&1=1-hour+sightseeing+tour+of+Strasbourg+by+Pedicab&2=Choose+between+two+different+itineraries&3=See+La+Petite+France%2C+Notre+Dame+de+Strasbourg+and+the+Covered+Bridges&4=Visit+the+European+District+and+Parc+de+l%E2%80%99Orangerie&5=Get+i
From EUR60.00
Private Tour: Strasbourg and Black Forest Day Trip from Frankfurt
"Start the day with a hotel pickup or meet your private guide in central Frankfurt. Then leave the city by air-conditioned vehicle and travel to the northern edge of Germany's enchanting Black Forest Schwarzwald to discover the sunny Baden-Württemberg region of deep-green woodland and mountains. As you travel chat about the area and take the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. The beauty of having a private guide is that any commentary is tailored to your interests.After roughly two hours on the road arrive in Baden-Baden an elegant Black Forest spa town with tree-lined avenues
From EUR838.00

Palais des Rohan- Museums Tips (11)

Palais Rohan

Our Strasbourg Pass included one museum admission and I selected Palais Rohan, I didn't realize that it was actually three separate museums-the Musee des Arts decoratifs (decorative arts), Musee des Beaux-Arts (fine arts) and Musee Archeologique (archeology). So having to select one, I went for the decorative arts museum

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Oct 07, 2013

Palais Rohan

Marie Antoinette , Napoléon Bonaparte and Louis XV have all stayed at the Palais Rohan, giving it an air of history that continues today in its museums: three of the best in Strasbourg. The magnificent Baroque palace contains the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Decorative Arts and the Museum of Fine Arts. But just the palace itself, positioned strategically next to the cathedral and dramatically next to the river Ill, is worth a visit.

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Oct 03, 2013


While we were waiting for our Batorama cruise, we had a look at nearby attractions. One close by, was the Palace Rohan, built between 1732 and 1742 in sandstone in classical style. All throughout the 18th century, four generations of cardinals belonging to the same family, the Rohans, reigned over the Diocese of Strasbourg. The palace is known for its rococo interior. The main body of the palace is over two levels; the ground floor being reserved for the bishop, and the second floor and the lofts for his personnel.

Now the palace houses 3 museums: The Fine Arts museum containing works by Rembrandt, Renoir and Monet, The Decorative Arts museum containing some of the best ceramics in France, and finally, The Archeology museum containing artifacts from the area dating back to Roman times.
We didn't have a chance to go into any of the Museums, so I just walked along the outside.
The website lists the opening times and admission prices.

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Jun 17, 2013

Palais des Rohan-Archeological Museum

The "palais des Rohan" was built for the infamous Rohan family who detained the town's bishopship during several decades.

The palace presents the architectural specificity to be the only 'historical' construction in Strasbourg having a slate roof instead of the 'normal' alsacian tile roof.

Beside the preserved XVIII th century's appartments, it hosts the local archeological museum.

In summer, concerts and folkloric dance exhibitions are organised every sunday in the palace's courtyard.

The archeological museum is open wednesday to monday, from 10 h to 18 h.

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Apr 04, 2011
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Visit the Chateau des Rohan

Immediately to the east of the Musee de l'Oeuvre de Notre-Dame along the south side of the Place de la Cathedral is the immense Chateau des Rohan which is entered through a courtyard with several surrounding wings. The palace was built in the 18C and the main palace is finely furnished in its original correct style. In another wing as an Archeological Museum with much material, especially rather primitive early Roman pieces. The Beaux-Arts Museum has many fine works of the 14-18C of considerable variety (no photography allowed).

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Jul 03, 2010

Palais de Rohan

Starting in 1704, the bishopric of Strasbourg was led by three cardinals from the aristocratic Rohan family. They had this great palace built from 1732 to 1742. Designed by Robert de Cotte, it is a splendid example of 18th century architecture. It's filled with priceless works of art, archeology, and period furniture. King Louis XV was once a guest here.

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Nov 30, 2008

Palais Rohan

Rohan Palace (Palais Rohan) is a great example of Baroque architecture in Strasbourg. It currently holds three of Strasbourg's famous museums, Archaeological Museum (Musée archéologique), the Museum of Decorative Arts (Musée des Arts décoratifs) and the Museum of Fine Arts (Musée des Beaux-arts). Its inner façade is in a courtyard which is located directly across from the Strasbourg Cathedral, and its outer façade lies on the banks of the L'ill River. This palace was built in the 1740's, although the site for this palace was actually the home of the archbishop of the area since 1262. Its famous residents include Marie Antoinette, Louis XV, and of course Napoleon with wife Josephine Bonaparte.

Most recently, this building was partially destroyed by bombs during WWII, and has been under reconstruction from that time until the 1990's when restoration was complete.

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Feb 23, 2008

The Rohan Palace

You'll find 3 museums in the palace - decorative arts, fine arts and archeological. Plans for the palace were drawn by the royal architect Robert de Cotte. The 18th century building is only seperated from the river Ill by a terrace.

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Dec 30, 2004

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Chateau du Rohan

This marvellous palace was built 1730 - 40. It was home of the Rohan family (bishops of Strasbourg).

Today you can see some magnificent apartments in Baroque and Rokoko style. It also houses three museums: An excellent picture gallery (medieval times till 1870), archeological museum and craftwork museum.

By the way, it is one of the few quiet places in the old town, since the crowds usually overlook this stunning building (the yard in particular!).

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Sep 29, 2003

Palais de Rohan

The Palace Rohan (completed in 1735) was built as a residence for Cardinal de Rohan Soubise (the Rohan family was one of the great families of the European nobility). After the revolution of 1789 it was used as a town hall and during Napoleon's reign as an imperial palace. Now it houses three great museums, the archaeological museum, the museum of decorative arts, and the museum of fine arts.

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Sep 23, 2002

Château des Rohan

Rohan Palace was built for Cardinal Armand de Rohan-Soubise, one of several members of his family to be prince bishop of Strasbourg. It was designed by the royal architect Robert de Cotte.

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Jun 23, 2003

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Tomi Ungerer Museum

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Musee de l'Oeuvre Notre-Dame

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Place Gutenberg

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2 Place du Chateau


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