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    Strasbourg Cathedral France
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Strasbourg Things to Do

  • Notre-Dame Cathedral

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    We could see the top of this church peak out above the other buildings as we tried to park our car. I wanted to see it, so we walked towards it and it was just amazing. It is HUGE! And, the ornate architecture is very impressive. I could not get the entire church in one photo. So, I took a video of the church. Unfortunately, we only stopped in...

  • Petite France

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    A small area in Strasbourg of waterways ,canals, covered bridge, locks,towers.pubs etc. There are direction signs to Petite France but there could be more. I had a beer in the pub Academie de la Biere ,a tasty drink in an oldfashioned pub. There are about 20 pumps of beer on the bar.

  • Boat Trips

    Boat cruise along L’Ill River around Grand Island should be very attractive. If you take a boat with open deck and without glass roof, then opportunity to take wonderful photos and videos will be guaranteed. Average duration of such trip is one hour and fifteen minutes. You can find schedule at official site of Batorama. Be advised, that Batorama...


Strasbourg Hotels

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Strasbourg Restaurants

  • Aux Armes de Strasbourg

    We just arrived in town to grab some lunch. We could see this amazingly large church so we decided to walk towards it. After discovering the Eglise Réformée Saint-Paul church, we walked a little further and found a lively area with lots of outdoor dining options. We picked this restaurant because there were lots of people seated here and, usually,...

  • Outdoor Dining Aux Armes De Strasbourg

    We just arrived in town to grab some lunch. We could see this amazingly large church so we decided to walk towards it. After discovering the Eglise Réformée Saint-Paul church, we walked a little further and found a lively area with lots of outdoor dining options. We picked this restaurant because there were lots of people seated here and, usually,...

  • Plat Jour.

    This restaurant is in Rue des Grandes Arcades Strasbourg France..I had Plat d Jour [ menu of the day ],which was a main dish, coffee and a small beer, for 13 euro.. Very tasty meal with good service. The restaurant has outside tables,downstairs inside and upstairs tables , i had view of the square from window.


Strasbourg Nightlife

  • See the Cathedral Facade At Night

    Although the west facade is not heavily illuminated at night it still makes a fine sight to study with such a complex variety of sculptures. There are other buildings that stand out in the dark as well in the older part of town.

  • A passion for Theater: the TNS

    Alsacians (and among them Strabourg's inhabitants) absolutely love theater, be it classical, regional or modern.The TNS (Theatre National de Strasbourg) presents a special status among french theaters : It is one of the 5 "théâtre national" in France (beside Comédie Française, Odéon, Théâtre national de la Colline and Théâtre national de Chaillot)...

  • boat on a river

    Le Rafiot is a boat on the river and its converted to the musical cafe/bar the atmosphere is quite romantic and the teenagers of strasbourg like to spend their time with a beer or equivalent beverages on this boat no needed


Strasbourg Transportation

  • To Strasbourg by train

    You can get to Strasbourg by train from Paris, Metz, Lille, Lyon, France, from Basel Switzerland through Mulhause and Colmar, from Frankfurt on Main, Germany, from Brussels, Belgium and from many other cities and countries. Strasbourg Railway station is situated not far from historical center and it is no necessary to hire taxi. You can get...

  • Ortenau-S-Bahn

    This is a small local (but international) train which connects the French city of Strasbourg with the nearby German towns of Kehl, Kork, Legelshurst, Appenweier and Offenburg, just across the Rhine River. The reason I took it recently was that I wanted to catch a connecting ICE train at Offenburg, going up to Frankfurt.The Ortenau-S-Bahn is run by...

  • Cycling in Strasbourg

    Strasbourg has a fine cycling infrastructure, and the city even maintains a non-profit organization to rent bicycles. I rented mine for EUR 12.00, which is their weekly rate, here at their shop near the central station in the Rue du maire Kuss, across the street from my hotel.Second photo: The same organization has a second shop in the city center,...


Strasbourg Shopping

  • Local flavor shops

    Strasbourg is very famous for lot of number of high -end chocolate shops. In fact these shops is much look like chocolate jewelry shops. All chocolate creations and candies are like art. They are very delicious but the only problem is that prices are also seemed closer to jewelry store than to a candy store. But enjoy, life is only one!!!!!

  • Christmas Market

    The atmosphere of Strasbourg's Christmas markets should be experienced by everyone. Walking around in the crisp air beneath the city's fabulous Cathedral while browsing through gifts reflective of France brings a whole new perspective to the holiday spirit! Everything from French postcards depicting the cathedral, to sweaters, berets, candles,...

  • La Village de la Biere

    Here’s a little shop in which you can purchase all sorts of different craft beers, beer glasses, and beer accessories. Belgian beers, UK beers, along with beers from other countries were available for purchase. It was quite popular while we were there, although the prices were high. We didn’t buy anything because we just happened upon the place...


Strasbourg Local Customs

  • Public Toilet/Restroom

    In case of need to ease nature you can find public toilets/restrooms at house number 5 Place du Château. This is between southern bell tower of cathedral and Museum of L’Oeuvre Notre-Dame. Admission is free but you will find saucers on washbasins. Cleaning Ladies are leaving these saucers here for your tips. If restroom is clean and you satisfied...

  • White Storks

    While in Strasbourg, you’ll see lots of storks in the shops – plush dolls, ceramic storks, stork books, and anything else you can imagine someone putting a picture of a stork on. What is it with storks and Strasbourg?The white stork is a symbol of Strasbourg and you can see their nests high atop buildings and church towers. It is said that if a...

  • Bathrooms – WC – Toiletten

    When traveling in Europe whenever you are visiting a restaurant or a museum, try to use their WC facilities if at all possible. Typically they are maintained and are free. But sometimes you are just walking around the town and find you have a need. If you find yourself in this predicament, it is helpful to know where to “go”. My typical comment in...


Strasbourg Warnings and Dangers

  • Travelling with Small Children

    Strasbourg is child friendly, and the locals love children more than most places I've taken my son (13 countries now). People were saying hello, patting him on the head, and going out of their way to be helpful. Restaurants were no problem, pavements were well maintained, trams had wide, low doors and there were elevators or ramps everywhere we...

  • No Trouble

    Before visiting I'd read that the station area, along with the Homme de Fer transport hub and the central Place Kleber were potentially dodgy, but I didn't feel uncomfortable anywhere in Strasbourg. There were lots of noisy drunks in the Cathedral area, every night after about 10pm, but I didn't notice any trouble. It's your typical, safe European...

  • Strasbourg is safe but don't challenge...

    I lived in Strasbourg for 7 months, as a foreign student, in a student hall in Neudorf. I circulated a lot afterhours in bars, cafes and boites and never have I had a problem -and I'm a girl. Yes, in the last few months we have heard about rapings and racial crimes that seemed to be directed towards people of the jewish community -2 for instance....


Strasbourg Tourist Traps

  • Car Parking

    Many of the street level car parks in Strasbourg are occupied by men (unofficial) hussling you for money to look after your car. They will normally tell you not to put any money in the machine, but to give it to them. I have used these car-parks twice, and both times the men where still there when I returned to get my car, and there was no...

  • Shops around the Cathedral

    Anyone who knows Strasbourg and particularly te Petite France area will know that it has become a bit of a honeypot for tourists and the tourism hub of the region, providing plenty of income for the Alsace. The local economy must benefit hugely from the immense number of wandering tourists who seem to end up in the profusion of trinket/souvenir...

  • Encountered nothing

    I did not encounter any tourist trap...But the sign inside of the Cathedral said 'Beware of Pick Pockets' I was also told not to leave my car on the street..which I did and was break in or damage..I would use good judgment on parking..I did notice in some areas there were hustlers asking for money to watch your cars,,,


Strasbourg What to Pack

  • What to pack?

    money or credit card (Strasbourg is expensive city) comfortable shoes for long walkingan umbrella because of rain which is often scene for Strasbourg lot of memory cards for camera

  • Pack for Mid June

    Keep your luggage that you don't need at your hotel as carrying around a lot will make you look like a tourist Weather is generally quite pleasant in June so in most cases dress lightly, but still bring a light jacket in case it rains.

  • My booktip for Strasbourg

    My booktip for Strasbourg is one to understand the Elsace and her turbulent history of war:'Im Westen nichts neues' of Erich Maria Remarque is a classic anti-war novel which deals with the First World War. It has been translated in many languages, including English (No news from the western front).


Strasbourg Off The Beaten Path

  • Place Kleber

    Place Kleber or Square of Kleber is situated in historical center of Strasbourg, not far from Cathedral. Square named after General of Division Jean Baptiste Kleber who was born in Strasbourg on March 9, 1753. In 1769 he joined French Hussar Regiment but resigned shortly in order to get education. In 1772 he went to Munich, Bavaria where he became...

  • Universities

    There are three universities in Strasbourg, all in the same area around Rue de l'Université. Together they form the Pôle Universitaire Européen or European University Center, with more than 45,000 students including some 6000 foreigners.Since all French universities are usually called by their initials, you will hear students in Strasbourg talking...

  • Chocolate museum

    It's an easy one-hour bicycle ride from Strasbourg to the museum "The Secrets of Chocolate" in Geispolsheim. There you can learn all about the history of chocolate and how it is made from cacao beans. Admission is EUR 8.00 for adults, which is perhaps a bit steep for such a small museum, but no true chocolate lover will be deterred by the price....


Strasbourg Sports & Outdoors

  • olderworker's Profile Photo

    Urban bicycling in France

    by olderworker Written Oct 5, 2008

    Strasbourg has more bike paths in the city than most other cities in the world, certainly more than in the rest of France.

    Also, there are really gorgeous places nearby, still in the province of Alsace, that have lovely bike paths also.

    Equipment: mountain bikes are best, as some of the paths have "heaves" or other rough patches.

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Strasbourg General

  • Le Rive Gauche

    The Le Rive Gauche is a cafe /bar 1 rue Marie Kuss Strasbourg France. It serves a selection of Petite Dejenier breakfast. A small beer costs 3 euro. The bar shows football two large tv screens. A friendly place , there are tables outside.

  • Strasbourg Pass

    Although the pass is a 3 day pass, even daytrippers can take advantage of the savings with the Strasbourg card. We bought ours at the tourist information center for 14.90€ and used it for admission to the towers of the cathedral (5€), the daily showing of the astronomical clock (2€), the one hour 10 minute boat ride on the Ill River (9.20€) and a...

  • What a beautiful city!

    One of my favorite parts of Strasbourg was simply walking around and looking at the architecture. From the Petite France to the fine homes along the canals, this is a beautiful city! We had a beautiful sunny day with blue skies (my favorite) so I enjoyed simply walking around and taking photos. On Sunday morning of our weekend, we decided to go for...


Top 10 European Christmas Markets: Strasbourg

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

For centuries, the French/German border has swayed to either side of the Alsace region, so it makes sense that Strasbourg, France, would have the oldest and most famous Christmas market in France, the Marchés de Noël. The market has been held around the town's cathedral since 1570, and in addition to the spiced wine usually offered at Christmas markets, those in Strasbourg have a tradition of spicy hot orange juice. Strasbourg also provides an ideal starting point to explore some of the well-known but smaller nearby Christmas markets, like Baden-Baden, Karlshruhe, & Stuttgart in Germany.

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