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Le Mont Saint Michel One-Day Trip from Paris
"The abbey of the Mont Saint Michel is one of the most beautiful “Wonders of the West”. It stands in the middle of an immense bay in Normandy and is invaded by the highest tides in Europe. This magnificent architectural achievement of the Middle Ages is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Since that time the island and its magnificent abbey have been attracting million of visitors.The driver will pick you up at your address in Paris early in the morning (07:15 AM recommended). After your arrival you will have an excursion of the island by crossing the drawbridge and remparts. You will discover the medieval town with its cosy houses of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.You will admire the Romanesque and Gothic abbey with an audio guid you can take a walk in the city centre or have a walk with your guide on trail around Mont admiring the sea. You can then feel the mistery of this place full of history.On your way home
From EUR245.00
Private Tour: Full Day Tour of Mont Saint-Michel from Caen
"At your arrival in Caen your guide will meet you with fresh coffee and croissants and after a short tour of Caen you will head to Mont Saint-Michel after a 90 minute drive through some lovely villages on Normandy. Before your arrival at Mont Saint-Michel you will stop in Avranches to see the Bishop Aubert whose skull was touched by the Archangel Michel in 708 AD in order for him to build a monastery on the Mont. Then you will arrive at the Mount and will enjoy a relaxing omelet at the Mère Poulard. It is one of the best and most famous omelets in France. After lunch you will visit the Abbey through the narrow streets and explore the history from the Middle A the city of Copper and Church-bells the tour heads back to Caen to get the train for Paris at 6.54pm."
From EUR550.00
Private Day Tour of Mont Saint-Michel from Bayeux
"You’ll be picked up from your Bayeux hotel in the morning for a 1.5-hour drive southwest to the Normandy coast. Admire postcard-worthy views as you approach Mont St-Michel perched on a rocky island in an immense bay. This is one of France’s most recognized sights. Hop out and follow your guide on a walk to the top of the village where the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Benedictine abbey is located. As you explore inside the abbey and around its ramparts you’ll learn about Mont St-Michel’s symbolism and ancient history as a strategic fortification.After your guided tour enjoy free time to visit the island's museum wander the village’s cobblestone streets browse shops
From EUR85.00

More Transportation in Mont Saint Michel

How to go to Mont-Saint-Michel

Mont-Saint-Michel is 22 km south west to Avranches67 km north to Rennes and 9 km north to Pontorson.It is open for visits yearlong but the hours vary according to the season.From May 2nd to August...
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Jan 10, 2009

from Paris to Mont St.Michel by train

From Gare Montparnasse take a train at 10.05 to Dol. It arrives at Dol at 12.46. Transfer to bus at 13.05 to Mont St.Michel which arrives there at 13.45. You have enough time to tour Mont St.Michel...
Mar 22, 2008

By public transport

Excellent transportation info hereIn short: TGV (fast train) from Paris Montparnasse to Rennes (2 hours, cost between 25-51 EUR) Then bus from Rennes to Pontorson (9 kms from M.St.M), then another bus...
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Aug 15, 2007

Access to Mont Saint Michel

The Mont is located 180 miles northwest of Paris. It can be reached by car. There is no direct train route to Mont St. Michel; take the train from Montparnasse, if leaving from Paris, to the town of...
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Feb 03, 2007

The Bus from Pontorson to Le Mont St. Michel

Les Courriers Bretons offers convenient bus transportation from the Pontorson train station to your Mont St. Michel hotel and to Le Mont St. Michel itself. The Pontorson bus stop is 100 m on the left...
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Aug 25, 2006

from paris an easy way to go to mont st michel...

a relax and unforgettable day trip to mt st michel from paris ? Yes it is easy, only if you want to be sure having a great experience and save time! A cie named Westcapades organize day trip including...
Feb 02, 2006
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Bus or car to get it

To join Mont Saint Michel the best way is to take the car but you can also choose to go there by bus. It takes about 4 hours from Paris to Mont Saint Michel, roads are quite good and fast from the...
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Aug 04, 2005

For those with no car

This tip concers mainly those who don't drive.As we were on an Interrail trip, we depended on trains and other means to get to the places we wanted to see. And visiting The Mont Saint Michel was in...
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Jul 17, 2004

Getting to Mont Saint Michel

The Mont is located 180 miles northwest of Paris. It can be reached by car (A11 & A81 west to Rennes, N175 Pontorson) Total driving time from Paris is about 4 1/2 hours.There is no direct train...
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May 31, 2004

Best that you take a bus in from Pontorson...

...just be very mindful of the schedule of return times since they are not the same every day...if you are not careful you could find yourself facing a semi-pricey taxi fare back to Pontorson (as was...
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Apr 03, 2004

No train?

Saint Michel has no train links unfortunately, so I guess the bus is your best option.St Michel is in Normandy, (from St Malo follow the coast to the east and just before it takes a sharp climb north...
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Sep 14, 2003


Jun 30, 2008

Top Hotels in Mont Saint Michel

Route Du Mont Saint Michel BP8, Mont-St-Michel, 50170, France
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Route du Mont Saint Michel, BP 8, Mont-St-Michel, Basse-Normandie, 50170, France
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BP 8 Route Du Mont St Michel, Mont-St-Michel, F - 50170, France
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Bp 8 Route Du Mont St Michel, Mont Saint Michel nu
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BP 16 Grande Rue, Mont-St-Michel, 50170, France
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Mont-St-Michel, 50170, France
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Top Things to Do in Mont Saint Michel

Things to Do

The Abbey

Mont St. Michel was my nephew's pick and I think it was because someone recommended it to him. He said that he wanted to go to the very top and to do that you have to go inside the Abbey so we paid...
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Things to Do

Tidal Island

Is a mandatory visit the Mont St.Michel and its tidal island. If you travel on february, you will have the chance to see it without many people. I think that in summer season, the place is full of...
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Things to Do

Eglise Saint Pierre

Many people walk past here without noticing the parish church of St Peter, on their way up the steps of the main street to the Abbey. But is worth a few minutes of your time. Built in the 11th c it...
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Things to Do


Tourists to the monastery have to stick to a prescribed route and are not allowed to explore at will. There are still some monks in residence, and the access restrictions are designed to safeguard...
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Things to Do

The Cloister

The cloister on the top floor of La Merveille dates back to the 13th century but has greatly evolved over time. Today it is really the only area of La Merveille which provides a source of bright...
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Things to Do

La Grande Rue

This is the name given to the main shopping and restaurant street at MSM. Located inside the Boulveard Gate, La Grande Rue conects the entrance to the town with the abbey. This is a delightful...
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Top 5 Mont Saint Michel Writers

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"A place that simply redefines 'awesome'!"
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"Mont St Michel - "The Marvel of the Western World""
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"Merveille de l’Occident"
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"A wonderful corner of France"
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"It defies description - Mont Saint Michel"
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