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Angelina Tips (25)

Angelina: A Favorite Haunt of Mine

Angelina is best described as a Salon de Thé and is well know for their hot chocolate and their Mont Blanc dessert. There are several locations in Paris as well as one at Versailles but I prefer the Tuileries location. I love the atmosphere and décor of this place;which is reminiscent of an era gone by; when women frequented tea rooms socially as their admittance to cafe's was not permitted.

Angelina has signature items that people flock here to enjoy such as their L'Africain Hot Chocolate and Mont Blanc dessert but they also have a heavenly selection of pastry, macarons and more substantial food items for breakfast and lunch. Personally, I come here for the L'Africain hot chocolate which is some of the best I have ever had in my travels. The hot chocolate is rich, not sweet with a velvety smoothness that just caresses your throat as you drink it. Adding a dollop of their thick whipped cream on top just adds to the sinfulness of this heavenly drink. I have enjoyed so many cups over the years and always look forward to this when visiting Paris. My last visit to Paris I tried their Hot Chocolate frozen which was just as delicious and refreshing served cold. If you love the hot chocolate as I do; pick up a tin of their Hot Chocolate mix to take home(I always pick up some tins for myself as well as family and friends). I find it's best re-created at home when added to a mixture of hot milk with hot heavy cream.

The pastries here are divinely good. Their signature Mont Blanc Pastry is made with pureed chestnuts but is not to my taste. I prefer their St. Honore Pastry which is named for the patron Saint of Bakers and Pastry chefs. The pastry is small cream puffs filled with crème chiboust and dipped in caramelized sugar and attached and topped with whipped cream. I just love the flavors of this dessert and the crunchy sugar shelled cream puffs. I have also enjoyed their Religieuse Rose pastry and their Napoleon with strawberries but prefer my St. Honore pastry.

I love this place so much that over the years I have brought my husband several times as well as my Mother and most recently my friend Patty. My husband loves the hot chocolate here as much as I do and with the purchase of the mix I can make it at home for us to enjoy but it's not the same as actually being at Angelina in Paris.

LadyRVG's Profile Photo
Jul 21, 2016

Angelina: OMFG...the best Hot Chocolate

Whenever my wife and I are in Paris we have to stop at Angelina. My wife first took me here a few years back when we were not yet married. I know this is known as a "tourist" spot and is considered dated but we love it. The hot chocolate here is a must especially the rich and delicious l’Africain served with a heaping of fresh whipped cream on the side. The pastry here is also excellent. I have enjoyed the éclair as well as their saori.

Our last visit here we arrived around 10am and wanted just a snack and some hot chocolate. The place was pretty empty save a few tables so we had a choice of seating. I let my wife choose and she decided on a nice table for two on the second level overlooking the main level. Despite the menu; we already knew what we wanted. We ordered some l"Africain hot chocolate, an éclair for me and a St. Honore pastry for my wife.

The hot chocolate arrives in a carafe along with a bowl of fresh whipped cream. As my wife poured the hot chocolate I start to salivate. The hot chocolate is rich, thick and creamy. Adding some whipped cream only creates a more silky texture. Upon first sip it is heaven; indescribably good. My éclair is always a good choice with light pastry shell and delicious chocolate cream filling. My wife loves their St. Honore pastry and swears they make it the best here. The best way to describe the St. Honore is flaky pastry topped with mini cream puffs covered in caramel and bourbon cream. I always steal a bite of hers but could never eat a whole one; it is too sweet for me.

To me this is a great place for a sweet tooth and a lover of hot chocolate. You won't be disappointed in what you get at Angelina.

*We enjoy buying their hot chocolate mxi to bring back home. It's not as good as having it here but it is quite nice.*

Favorite Dish The l'Africain hot chocolate is to die for and a must try when in Paris.

cjg1's Profile Photo
Jul 06, 2016

Angelina: Chocolate overdose

Last visit May 2016 to the Rue de Rivoli location

There are many menu items on Angelina's menu, indeed we saw several people eating sandwiches and salads but my focus for my birthday splurge was two of the menu items that Angelina is famous for, the hot chocolate l'Africain and the Mont Blanc.

In the late afternoon we were able to walk in and get a table. You see all kinds of dress here, from the chic Parisian ladies to tourists in shorts, service is quick and efficient but certainly not friendly or pleasant. Not that I'd expect friendly or pleasant Parisian waiters....

Favorite Dish The hot chocolat l'Africain (8.20€) is a thick dark chocolate served in a pot for one with a side of fresh whipped cream to mix in with it, not overly sweet but perfection when mixed together. Coupled with the Mont Blanc pastry (8.90€), a chestnut puree covering over cream and a meringue base, I was practically in a sugar coma by the time we left. My friend ordered a millefeuille (8.90€) and iced tea (8.20€).

Everything on the pastry trays at the entrance looked decadent and divine. It's a bit of a splurge, 34.20€ was our total bill, but totally worth it for this chocoholic!

Angelina also has a couple of locations on the grounds of Versailles but I would recommend trying to go to the original, they didn't give us the fresh whipped cream to mix in at Versailles and we had to eat standing up at a table. I took one sip without the whipped cream and I knew my niece wasn't going to drink it and I couldn't possibly drink two.

Dabs's Profile Photo
Jun 06, 2016

Angelina at Palace of Versailles: Delicious and Classy !

We really wanted to visit this restaurant in Paris, but only managed to eat here when we were at the Palace of Versailles. Service was a little slow, but then that could have been because we were in a hurry to see the grounds before closing time. Food was delicious, the egg sandwich was so good and the Caesar salad and quiche was lovely too. we did not have time for dessert but the table next to us ordered some really fancy desserts that made our mouth water.

Favorite Dish The club, egg, sandwich was delicious, and ideal for a quick lunch bite.

virtualtanielle's Profile Photo
Feb 08, 2013
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Angelina's: Incredible hot chocolate!

The woman who recommended Angelina's to us lives in our town and told us that her husband had gotten the recommendation from a biker friend. She was a little dubious, asking herself what a biker could know about fine hot chocolate. At her husband's insistance they went there for hot chocolate early in their stay in Paris. She said it was so good they went back the next day, and the next! I had tried to tell my family that this was a beautiful and famous place whose hot chocolate had lured the likes of Marcel Proust, Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel as frequent guests. But when we sat down I was the only one who ordered the hot chocolate. It was so smooth and delicious I couldn't believe it and insisted that the grandchildren give it a taste. Immediately they all ordered it as well and agreed with my assessment.
The place itself is a fine old (1903) belle epoch cafe with gilded mirrors adorning the walls, lovely tablecloths and a take out counter of eye popping confections. It has a wonderful elegance associated with affluent matrons and famous people, but even with a party of 10 we were courteously and promptly seated and served.
My wife and I were back in Paris in 2012 and she insisted that we had to go for lunch again. It is still a wonderful experience.

Favorite Dish In my opinion the hot chocolate is not to be missed. It is so smooth and creamy it invites gulping rather than sipping and is served with a "mont blanc," a white mountain of whipped cream on the side. The cream thankfully is not sweetened so that it compliments the chocolate without competing with it. I had a truly delicious quiche lorraine as did several others and my son-in-law had a millefeuille a la vanille bourbon that he is still talking about a month later. The food is excellent but the chocolate is unbelievable (and normally I am not a hot chocolate fan).

rexvaughan's Profile Photo
Jan 30, 2013

Angelina: Heavenly chocolate!

Angelina's is one of those places that you hear so much about especially by other travelers. They are written in every single guide book I have looked at and the only reason I ever came here was that my friend insisted they do have the best hot chocolate in Paris.

With that said, the lines can be long depending on the time you come, but they do move quickly. The interior is quite beautiufl and will overwhelm your senses. The decor is a bit dated now, but the experience is just the same. You're here to experience what may be the very best hot chocolate your mouth will ever taste.

On my most recent visit I was a bit disappointed though. I always order the same thing, their specialty, the l'Africain chocolate and the Mont Blanc, but the Mont Blanc seemed like it had been seating out for a while and didn't taste fresh as my previous visits. The hot chocolcate as usual is divine!!!

The chocolate is served hot in a white ceramic pitcher with a side of delicious whipped cream. The chocolate is rich and thick and so heavenly you don't mind splurging on this decantant treat.

Favorite Dish I usually order the same thing, the l'Africain and the Mont Blanc (a meringue base piled with chestnut purée & whipped cream). They also serve a wide variety of other dishes like salads, quiches and all sorts of desserts.

Gypsystravels's Profile Photo
Jan 25, 2013

Angelina: Refined temptation for your sweet tooth

Established in 1903, Angelina has been serving tea and other gourmet delights to Parisians or foreign visitors for over a century. Here in 2011, it is still a must see place for those who enjoy the best that Paris has to offer. Whether you stop in for tea or their famous hot chocolate or maybe a mille-feuille or their equally famous Mont Blanc, you will not be disappointed.

Inside, besides the wonderful pastries, you'll find a beautiful belle epoque decor that is usually full of patrons. Though busy serving a full house, we thought the service was very good and friendly.

Angelina is open everyday from 9 am till 7pm, it can get very busy at lunch time.

Favorite Dish Our two favorite items were the millefeuille and the chocolate eclairs. The millefeuille is sometimes called a Napoleon and is made of thin layers of caramelized puff pastry and Bourbon vanilla cream.
The eclairs were rich and chocolatey and full of custard.

Herkbert's Profile Photo
Jul 16, 2011

Angelina: Famous Mont-Blanc a Disappointment

The mont-blanc was extremely heavy. Compared to the light Japanese mont-blancs that we were used to, Angelina’s mont-blanc was incomparable. I had not eaten lunch that day yet, and because of the time difference had already skipped a few meals – but still I could not finish one piece of Angelina’s mont-blanc cake.

For full review with pictures, see:

Favorite Dish We only tried the mont-blanc - which was a disappointment.

For full review with pictures, see:
Jul 05, 2011
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"Perambulations in Paris!"
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Brasserie Printemps: Disappointing food , but Angelina desserts

This brasserie was recommended by several websites as a good place to eat when taking a break from shopping, but we had a quite disappointing meal. Our waiter didn't speak English and as we don't speak French communicating with him was little difficult. He was friendly though we were able to order with a little pointing and with the five words french that I know. :)

The problem was that our main dishes were terrible. My sister had ceasar salad which was basically a salad cut in half and swimming in sauce that tasted like salty fish. My salmon dish had meat sauce and overcooked gnocchis. We both hated our food. What somewhat saved our meal was the dessert list: they have some kind of deal with Angelina and have some of Angelina's desserts on their list, so we were able to taste the famous hot chocolate drink and Mount Blanc eventhough we didn't have time to visit Angelina.

Favorite Dish I wouldn't recommend eating here, but go for a cafe and pastry. :)

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Apr 04, 2011

Angelina's: Great Place After a Museum Visit

It's going to be difficult writing a tip more then 2 years after the fact without my notes (gives me a good reason to clean the house so I can find my notes) but I'll give it my best.

We had heard of Angelina's before out trip to Paris and really didn't know if we would get the chance to stop in with only 3 1/2 days to spend touring. Fortunately on a cloudy and partially rainy Sunday after we had visited both Notre Dame and the Louvre and before our evening excursions we decided we needed a quick pick me up and Angelina's was nearby.

We waited in line for probably about 20 to 30 minutes (some of it outside) all the while looking at all the delectable pastry offerings in the window. When we were finally escorted to our table upstairs we were fairly certain what we were going to order.

Favorite Dish Since we hadn't had any macaroons in Paris and this was our last day there well of course we needed to try them, but the ice cream with some type of wafer looked good also as did the figs and of course the hot chocolate. Hey, why not have them all and split everything which we indeed did do. I wish I had written down what I liked about each one, but I think you can see from the picture of Sue and I, we did enjoy our late afternoon, early evening snack.

riorich55's Profile Photo
Feb 16, 2011

Angelina (salon de thé): Best Hot Chocolate in the World!

We went to this tea room (salon de thé) just for 2 things - their famous hot chocolate (L'Africain) and meringue with chestnut puree (Mont Blanc). This tea room was established in 1903, and if they can last for so many decades, they must be doing something right.

The hot chocolate lived up to its reputation (as well as our high expectations). It was very thick and sweet, and you can add whatever amount of whipped cream you fancy on top of the drink. It had been raining that whole morning, and drinking this hot chocolate was a total bliss.

The meringue was not too sweet (perhaps it was because we ate that AFTER drinking the hot chocolate?), which suited me fine.

Loved the interior of this place - charming and beautifully decorated.

Favorite Dish Definitely the L'Africain (hot chocolate)!

chatterley's Profile Photo
Jul 16, 2010

Angelina: Angelina's pastries - available also at Printemps

We didn't want to wait in a long line for a table so instead went to the counter and got some macaroons (which weren't as good as ones from Laduree) and lemon tart to eat at the hotel later :)

TIP: If there are long lines at the Angelina you can still enjoy some of Angelina's desserts, including the famous hot chocolate L'Africain and Mont Blanc at Brasserie Printemps, 6th floor of Printemps department store.

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Sep 06, 2009

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