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Conversational French Language Class in Paris
"Parlez-vous français? Take a beginner or intermediate French language class at Paris’ famous Café de Flore frequented throughout the ages by several famous writers actors and artists. Café de Flore has always been a good spot to see artists and celebrities from André Malraux in the 1930s to Brigitte Bardot in the 1960s to Johnny Depp today.With a maximum of five people your French language class allows you to grip the basics of conversational French in a small-group environment. If you're totally new to the language or wish to refresh your knowledge from your school days the Beginner Class is the ideal introduction. Alternatively if you already have a good grasp of the basics and would like to improve your grammar and pronunciation
From EUR50.00
The Beauty of Old Paris by Ricksaw
"Everyone comes to Paris to see the monuments and learn some more history but the most important thing is to have a feel of the local life and get know typical Parisian places. On this tour you will have all in one. Enjoy the "" Latin Corner"" with all th offering exclusive hand-crafted goods. Tourist coming in Paris often miss this particular part of the city because no public transport passing by. Traveling by Rickshaw gives you the possibility to travel in a walking areas and streets easily. It"""This tour offers a huge choice of places monuments and attractions to see. Traveling by Rickshaw gives you the possibility to travel in walking areas and streets. Meet your tour guide at a central Paris location and from there you will embark on this 2-hour tour."title=Highlights&1=2-hour+tour+of+Paris+by+pedal+cab&2=Discover+pedestrian+areas+and+streets+that+large+vehicles+cannot+enter&3=Visit+architectural+highlights+in+the+Latin+Quarter%2C+the+Marais+and+St+Germain+des+Pres&4=Gain+insight+into+the+history+of+Pa
From EUR40.00
Paris City Sightseeing Tour and Skip-the-Line Eiffel Tower Ticket
"Take in the highlights of Paris on a 2-hour orientation tour and get a feel for the city’s grand boulevards bohemian neighborhoods and iconic monuments.After a pick-up at your hotel you’ll drive past the infamous cabaret bars of the Moulin Rouge and Pigalle. From your knowledgeable driver/guide you’ll learn about the city’s Red Light District and the artist neighborhood of M and the Place de la Concorde.Admire the windows of the impressive Galeries Lafayette department store the boutiques of Place Vendome and the luxury hotels of the Champs Elysees. Continue along the banks of the Seine River to see the gargoyles of Notre-Dame on the Ile de la Cité. Marvel at the medieval church of Sainte-Chapelle and its extraordinary stained glass windows.Head t and pass the temple where famous Frenchmen
From EUR99.00

Cafe De Flore Tips (6)

Cafe de Flore: Once Popular With Sartre, Now With Starlets

Once a hangout for Sartre, Ernest Hemingway, Truman Capote, and various other intellectuals and writers, Cafe de Flore is now supposedly one of the hot spots for movie stars, models, and fashion designers. I didn't see any, but probably wouldn't have recognized them anyway.

On Sunday at brunch, this is a great people watching place even if you don't know one star or starlet from the other. (Except for Tom and Katie, whom by now we all know even if we might not have wanted to, so many of them seem to look alike these days, unlike Grace, Catherine, Audrey, Romy, Cary, Gregory....Oh darn, I do sound old, don't I?) It is interesting to watch and see how the rest of the crowd is dressed.

I was amazed to see a number of overweight, but attractive, smart (the European way for saying fashionable when speaking English) women of a certain age, certainly not trophy wives nor girlfriends, but probably the original, with good looking well dressed men. (This gave me courage as I am more than a certain age and bit overweight since becoming that.) By the way they were dressed, I am sure they were not American women, who unfortunately have the reputation, deservedly or not, for being the biggest.

Based on my choice, the food was only okay, so probably it is better to just take a coffee and have a brioche while reading your paper and sneaking peaks at those new arrivals. It seems that you can sit for a while over one cafe creme without being rushed, probably mainly due to the busyness of the place. You wont get waited on right away either. Be patient.

The people who go there are quite chic, so I would dress accordingly. You can wear your skinny jeans with beautiful shoes whether they be stilettos (French women seem less inclined to wear these than Florentine or New York women) or ballets. If you wear your trainers. i.e sneaks, you will definitely be out of it, unless, of course, they are those trendy things they are wearing in Florence--the gold, silver, or sparkly ones. I think those might work here.

Favorite Dish I had the welsh rarebit, which was nothing like what I am used to, and the portion seemed gargantuan. I shamefully ate every bite.

The best place to sit for people watching, of course, is outside or in the glassed in section, but if you want to look like a regular sit inside and probably at the back.

I checked "very satisfied" only because it's a fun place.

ForestqueenNYC's Profile Photo
Dec 15, 2012

Café de Flore: Our Favourite Cafe!

Cafe de Flore is our favourite - good location for people-watching (and spotting trendy Parisiens walking past in front of our table), pretty good food and friendly, attentive service. Located in arrondissement 6, it is within walking distance from our apartment.

We chose a table outdoors, and ordered the following: Cafe Creme, Earl Grey Tea, Le Flore (toast with ham and cheese) and Le Jockey (toast with ham and cheese, plus one omelette on top). The service staff was patient and although he couldn't speak English very well, we appreciate the fact that he tried his very best to describe to us the 2 dishes we chose - "Le Flore" and "Le Jockey". He did certainly did much better than another guy we encountered at a rival cafe, which is..erm, located just a few steps away!

A bit pricey, but it was a great experience to visit the same cafe as Picasso, Sartre, Camus did etc.

Favorite Dish My "Le Jockey" was delicious! The portion is generous, and the omelette on top of the toast had a soft yolk (which I like).

chatterley's Profile Photo
Jul 15, 2010

Cafe de Flore: The place to be seen

It's a little more pricey than the average cafe but one goes here to experience living history. Sartre, Camus, and Picasso are just a few of the great people in history that frequented this joint. Though the Art Deco interior was cool and inviting, the rush hour walkers outside along the very busy St-Germain-des-Pres indirectly lured me to sitting outside to watch. Just watch.

I've read in several travel logs that intellectuals and a few famous people find their way to this place. I don't know about that but the guy who sat next to us was immediately followed and surrounded by paparazzi. Or were they taking pictures of me?

maestrousmc's Profile Photo
Mar 28, 2008

Cafe de Flore: Nice, but not really special

Our local Mannheim newspaper has been running a series about the "great cafés of the world". For Paris, they had chosen Café de Flore and we decided to go there on our first evening.We were lucky and got a table almost immediately, although the place was packed.It is a nice place and the omelette and Welsh Rarebits we had were excellent, but I didn't quite understand why it had become so famous - apart from the fact that celebrities used to go there. I found it quite expensive, but you pay for the name, I suppose.
You hear about the rude Parisian waiters all the time, well, we didn't encounter any of them.
Even in this famous café and although it was very busy, all the waiters were very friendly. A young man next to me was reading a book for the entire time we were there, with an empty coffee cup in front of him, there was a long queue of people waiting to get a table, but he wasn't rushed at all.

christine.j's Profile Photo
Feb 19, 2008
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Café de Flore: Artistic & Literary Café in St-Germain-des-Prés

One of the most famous of the literary cafés on the Left Bank, Cafe de Flore is well-noted for people-watching from the terrasse. Alas, on this day (as you can see from the photo) there was no one - most likely due to the rain! Guess everyone was sitting inside, including me! Very touristy but I loved it!

I tried their famous soupe a l'oignon gratinée (great and very expensive, too - 12€) & equally famous chocolat chaud (great hot chocolate although not as great as Angélina - 7€). I'd purchased some very plump, red, beautiful raspberries from the market on rue de Buci which was a perfect pairing for the hot chocolate. I'd rate Angélina's as the best hot chocolate I've had in Paris, followed closely by that at the Ritz' Bar Espadon, followed a bit distantly by Café de Flore. But you don't really come here for the food, you come for the ambience and the great people-watching.

Well, it must not have been too bad as I came back for the chocolat chaud and the soup along with a 1/2 litre of Evian (6€) and a club sandwich (17€).

One of the important scenes in the Merchant-Ivory film Le Divorce features Roxy (Naomi Watts), Isabel (Kate Hudson), Charles-Henri (Melvil Poupaud), and Olivia Pace (Glenn Close) as Charles-Henri is preparing to exit from his relationship with Roxy.

It’s also featured in the Paris episode of Ab Fab where the models go to prepare for a modeling shoot, in Surviving Picasso and The Age of Innocence.

Favorite Dish Chocolat chaud! The onion soup & club sandwich are good but not superior to what you could find elsewhere and the price for each is exorbitant! Better to stick with a drink and sit in one of the window seats or on the terrace for people-watching!

Photos: February 2006

BeatChick's Profile Photo
Jan 05, 2008

Cafe de Flore: Not really fond of it

My wife and I went to Cafe de Flore for a snack recently. Knowing the Paris Cafe culture, I expected a decent table; a tasty, small plate; and a somewhat high bill.

Compared to other cafes in Paris, I found the place quite normal and way overpriced. We got sitted in the second floor, which really is nothing special. I guess if you are sitted in the main room, you will have a better experience, but still, I cannot justify a 15 euro small quiche, quite average in taste.

It must have been better and less overpriced when Sartre used to go... I am sure he also always got top spot.

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Jan 05, 2008
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