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Hediard Tips (7)

Hediard: More than a shop, a museum!

This is a wonderful place not only to buy but also just to visit. You have the staircase with all these liquor bottles in a window and the fabulous collection of red teapots.
I like to add that the vendors are very kind and real experts.
As I'm on the "sweet side" they advised me their "pâtes de fruits" made in house. "Pâtes de fruits" fruit jellies are mostly made in the south of France but what I bought here at 64 €/kg was just gorgeous.

I also found that this luxury food shop is also selling some champagne and wine at reasonable prices so that the average tourist can pay himself some pleasure with the name Hediard on it.

breughel's Profile Photo
Sep 03, 2013

Hediard: Candied Fruits, Mustard and Fruit Jellies....

Hediard for lack of a better description is an upscale type grocery store. My wife enjoys shopping here for some of her favorite items in particular their fruit jellies, Candied orange and lemon peel, truffle mustard and Lime Blossom Tea. The fruit jellies and mustard are good but she can keep the rest...not to my liking especially the orange and lemon peel.

Our last visit to Paris brought us here to stock up on some of these items to pack up in our suitcase for back home in New York.

cjg1's Profile Photo
Oct 04, 2012

Hediard: Best chocolate store in Paris

This beautiful shop just next to our Hotel George V was perfect for daily visits for great chocolate, wonderful fresh teas. The staff, very helpfull and english spoken. Lovely presentation. Box's wraped in ribbons. I returned to Los Angeles with 22 box's for their chocolate, much to the delight of my friends. Oh how I long to return.

What to pay Medium size box of chocolate 8 pieces, 12 to 15 euro's.

May 04, 2012

Hediard: Think Hédiard for Food Shopping!

Having been charged with a shopping list from my one of my best friends, Sandye, and being unsuccessful in locating her desired Hédiard Passionfruit Pêche confiture at Le Grande Epicerie (in the Bon Marché), I was determined to obtain it for her that grey, dreary Monday in February. Actually, grey, dreary days seem to be the best time to shop. If you can't take wonderful exterior photos of Paris, why not just take interior photos?!?!!

My best friend is now gone from us, having passed away January 2007 so this a bittersweet tip for me to write. On one hand, I was happy to do her bidding & shopped like mad for her throughout Paris; on the other hand, I didn't expect her to leave this earth so soon & wished she could've traveled with me to Paris as we'd always dreamt. She was only in her mid-50s but she suffered from a bad heart having had 2 heart valve replacement surgeries; on top of that, the previous summer a meningioma was found on the base of her brain.

But back to the story: Sandye needed her confiture so I popped into Hédiard to procure it. In business since 1854 and very historic, this is a most fascinating shops with all of its wonderful red-hued wares: coffees, teas, mustards, honey, and confiture (only 7.50€ for 375g)! At the counter they were selling tiny 1 oz. jars of honey (Miel Gatinais & Miel d'Oranger) for .50€ so I picked up a couple in the flavors of Orange Flower and from the Gatinais region. How could one resist something so cute & inexpensive?

Upstairs is a wonderful restaurant, La Table d'Hédiard. See my restaurant tips if you'd like to learn more!

What to buy Wine, chocolate, coffee, tea, mustard, honey, confiture (jam), fresh fruit, nuts - they have just EVERYTHING!

Open 9am-10pm Monday - Saturday

Photos: February 2006

What to pay .50 euro for a mini jar of honey to hundreds of euros for bottles of wine! The selection is vast and has everything for any kind of taste or budget.

BeatChick's Profile Photo
Feb 17, 2008
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Hediard: Shopping Historically

I adore the colour sceme and lay-out of this store.
Yes the prices are expensive, probably over rated, but not EVERYTHING is out of range...
And it's fun to look at all the treats!

What to buy The little tins of teas are great gifts to bring back for friends,
also take a look at the canvas shopping bags!

What to pay Tres Cher!

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Oct 04, 2005

Hediard: Ritzy Grocery #2

Hediard is similar to Fauchon in terms of it being a high-end gourmet store. But it's more extensive in the offerings.

You can find tea, coffee, cookies, wine, fresh fruits, spices, caviar, salmon, etc. There is also some prepared food and desserts to take away.

Again the product presentation is first-rate here as at Fauchon.

What to buy The cookies, tea, and preserves are quite good.

What to pay Prices are on the expensive side.

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Aug 17, 2004

Hediard: Fruits and vegetables

The store is located in front of its competitor : Fauchon.
Both stores are the top of the quality (and dfor the prices).

What to buy Though, Hediard sells grocery in general, its main speciality are the fruits and vegetables from the whole world.
When I worked in this district (see my general tip about Madeleine), every mornings I passed in front the store and I saw the employees putting the goods on the outdoor stalls. Each evening, when I went back home I saw the stalls empty. Everything was sold.

What to pay Be prepared to pay.

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Dec 28, 2002
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