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Disneyland Paris - Daytrip Tips (111)

My journey on Disneyland Paris


My journey on Disneyland Paris was great, i was a little kid at the time and i had a great time!

All amusement worth the waits! Tip: the biggest queues are the ones that really have the best amusement.
Fastpass help but are not required!
The organization of the park is in such a great way seeping queues quickly!

I did not like the restaurants, the food had no flavor and it is expensive for what it offered.

But the animation with tourists, themes and all the details were generally fantastic.

PedroVieira_88's Profile Photo
Jul 14, 2015


Disneyland is a really wonderfull place for 3-90 children. But when you are waiting at least 30 minutes for any attraction it can turn to a torture You are spending all day in the waiting lines. So if possible take a fast pass ticket.
We mostly enjoyed to ride the western style pedlar ship and the Disneyland steam railway.

It is easy to reach here from Paris center by red line RER trains.

hokomoko's Profile Photo
Jul 15, 2014

Go see for yourself.....Disneyland Paris

Much has been said about Disneyland Paris mostly along the lines of "it's not as good as California or Florida". If you are visiting Paris with children of any age or if you are just a big kid yourself, go and see it anyway.

We had heard all of the knockers over and over again but decided that a 2 year old and a 3 year old were not going to be over critical and they certainly would not be making comparisons with other theme parks, so off to Disneyland Paris they went. My grandchildren are mad about Mickey and Minnie and indeed all things Disney, so we knew they would enjoy it and after all, it was their holiday too and they were entitled to some kid time whilst in Paris.

Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Ask my grandchildren.

Maryimelda's Profile Photo
Dec 27, 2013

Disneyland studios

We first thought we wouldn´t go to Disneyland, that we are too old for that. But then at the tourist info I started to read about it and noticed that there is that new thing, the Disneyland studios. My husband loves movies and got interested. Of course it´s mainly abaout children movies, but he didn´t mind. And at the end I did also like it. Maybe not as much is he did, but anyway. And since we had had quite poor weather allmost whole two weeks (at July!!) it was nice that most of the things were inside. ;)
The stuntman show was interesting and so was the ride behind the props. There was some kind of huge ghost house you coul go and it had sytem taking you very high up and going down fast. Kind of thing we would never go!
Eating and coffee and such things was quite cheap there, witch was a big surprise!! We had hamburger and chicken fingers and shared fries and I think it was cheaper than in Mc Donadls. But I hate this kind of food, and it wasn´t even best of it´s kind. I was sorry to find a place serving things like croque monsieur only after we had allready eaten. It was quite hard to notice, behind the corner of one of the buildings, not inside that "mainstreet"-building.
Check out my videos from the shows:

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Jan 01, 2012
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Nov 03, 2011

Dragon or Crocodile in Disney's cave? :)

I went to the cave just behind the Disney castle, very dark inside and to be honest i was bit scared but I keep in mind that it is all about Disney:))
I saw in the cave like big alive crocodile or a dragon, i wasn't really sure as i was jumping and running away haha funny but I enjoyed at the end.

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Aug 08, 2011

Disneyland Parades

The main Disneyland Parade currently running is 'Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade', taking place each day at 4pm. There is also a smaller one, a train with a number of Disney Characters doing the round of the park several times a day. The 'Once Upon a Dream Parade' though is definitely the highlight, and worth seeing a couple of times.

Keep in mind that it will get very crowded. On the positive side, this is also the time to go exploring the park once you've seen the parade as queues at attractions dwindle to a Disneyland minimum (read: you'll still queue for 30-40 minutes at the more popular ones).

The Parade

Float 1: Dreams of Imagination - featuring a giant sun-shaped hot air balloon, as well as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto and Chip 'n Dale

Float 2: Dreams of Laughter & Fun - the first one dedicated to feature film cartoons, this is a mixture of Pinocchio and Alice in Wonderland. Walking in front of the float are playing cards, White Rabbit, and the Mad Hatter. Decorations include supersized Alice in the White Rabbit's house, Jiminy Cricket, the Cheshire Cat, etc.

Float 3: Dreams of Friendship - this one is Winnie the Pooh/Toy Story. Little Green Soldiers, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Hamm, Slinky Dog are on the Toy Story side, while Winnie, Tigger, Piglet and Eyeore are on the Winnie the Pooh side.

Float 4: Dreams of Fantasy - Mary Poppins/Peter Pan. Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Wendy and Peter Pan are all there, as are Bert and Mary Poppins herself.

Float 5: Dreams of Power - the villains float (usually accompanied by a strong smell of sulphur!). Chernabog, the Jafar cobra, Wicked Queen from Snow White, Hades and Ursula are featured.

Float 6: Dreams of Adventure - Lion King/Jugle Book. Featuring an old tree depicting a number of smaller characters, the big attractions are Simba, Rafiki and of courseTimon & Pumbaa. Various animals from those 2 films are visible in the tree's branches, including the snake Kaa. Also King Louie's and Baloo dancing.

Floats 7-8: Dreams of Romance - the kids favourite, princes and princesses floats. Ariel and Prince Eric as well as Aladdin and Jasmine are on the first one, with Snow White, Cinderella, Princess Aurora, and Belle with respective grooms on the second. The couples come down from the floats to dance along the route.

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Apr 24, 2011

Going mad in Disneyland

I was a 'Disneyland virgin' until I was 25 I think (having never been to one), but since then have found it a nice place to unwind, forget about work and other adult responsibilities and generally let my hair down. That said, if you are an adult, be careful when you go - school holidays are definitely the times to avoid, as it gets too crowded.

Favourite Attractions:

Rock'n'Roller Coaster ft. Aerosmith (my absolute favourite, especially when I get a car playng 'Love in the Elevator'), Space Mountain 2, Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril (yes, the more 'adult' attractions)

There are also nice stroll-through areas which work well to fill in the time while you're waiting for your time slot for the more popular attractions. For example, the Enchanted Passage of Aladdin works well for this.

Top Tips:

- Do get the fast track tickets, it will save you absolute loads of time
- If you've seen the parade once, this is the best time to go on the more popular rides as the queues tend to drop off
- Best bring a backpack and not a handbag if you're doing the 'adult' rides - the 360 degree loops make holding on to a handbag rather uncomfortable

And, last but not least,

- It is possible to get a nice alcoholic cocktail at the place - despite it being a kids' theme park :)

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Apr 23, 2011
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"Perambulations in Paris!"
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"London is a riddle. Paris is an explanation."
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"Paris - Over 40 years of love and hate."
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I think it's a really nice experience if you think you might not be going soon or ever to the original dinsney parks in USA.

I went in October 2009 in a bussines day and I loved that i didn't have to do more than 10 minutes queue per game.

per 75 euros you can go to both parks (magic kingdom and MGM) on the same day

have lunch earlier so you avoid making queue to get lunch

Splash mountain game it's the only attraction I was specting to go and was not in the park.

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Feb 07, 2011

Feel like a kid again!

We went there for a daytrip by train (38’ from Paris) and we returned late in the afternoon after the parade(it takes place every day at 16:00 and you can see all the characters passing in front of you).

Disneyland Park is divided into 5 sections:Main Street U.S.A, Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland and Discoveryland . You will take a free map at the entrance so you can choose what games you want to see/play so don't be afraid because the park is big.

Get into the queues for the rides because many people go there for them. There is a fast card that you dont have to wait and get inside faster than the other people. I was there in October so there wasn’t any need to do that.

There are also some expensive restaurants and thats why many people bring their own food/drinks and have a picnik there (its not allowed but everyone does it)

If you stay for two days the second one you can visit Walt Disney Studios, the other park that is next to Disneyland park. We visited this on our second visit and I can say that we liked the games more there especially the rock n roll coaster, the crush’s coaster and the terror tower but there are some boring events too like Armageddon or the animagique (the kids may love it though)

Another thing the kids will love is that they will meet, take picture with and talk to Donald, Mickey, the snow white, Buzz (pic 4) and so many others! Kids’ smile is precious so you will forget for a while that you payed 54 euros to see one theme park or 68 euros if you decided to see both parks. If you have Paris Visite card you can see both parks for the price of one (54euros)

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Jan 15, 2011

Have some fun

Fun fun fun and more fun. Don't think it is only suitable for kids. I enjoyed my time a lot there. you all have to visit it someday.
Hakuna matata, it means no worries and that what you will feel at DisneyLand, i really had a magical unique and unforgettable day.
Things to do: don't miss anything

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Oct 29, 2010

Help with planning a visit to Disneyland Paris

From Paris, the RER line A4 (Regional Express Railway) takes you to Disneyland Paris in about 40 minutes. Marne la Vallée/Chessy station is a short walk from the gates of Disneyland.

There are actually 2 parks - the 'regular' Disney Park and the Disney Studios Park next door which is based around the world of cinema and television. To visit both you'll need a 2-Park ticket. The link below has lots of information to help your planning.

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Sep 11, 2009

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