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Notre Dame Cathedral Tour and Seine River Cruise
"Meet your host to in late morning or afternoon for a visit the most famous cathedral of the word Notre Dame. Do you want to know if the legends that you read about the Hunchback of Notre Dame are true? Are the gargoyles alive? It’s time to know. Once you have seen the cathedral from the outside go inside and discover the beautiful rose windows reflecting on the floor with the sun. After climb aboard a sightseeing boat from the Ile de la Cité a 5-minute walk from Notre Dame. Float along the Seine and view the most famous sites of the city from the river. Keep your camera ready to take pictures of the famous Iron Lady the Eiffel Tower. Listen to the instructive comments as you discover the Hôtel de Ville or the Statue of Liberty among others. The tour will end once your cruise docks."
From EUR25.00
Private Half-Day Tour: Paris City Highlights
"Start with a pickup from your central Paris hotel in the morning and begin your 3.5-hour sightseeing tour. Let your knowledgeable guide handle the driving while you and your private group sit back relax and enjoy the narrated ride. If there is anything particular that you are interested in simply let your guide know. One of the benefits of having a private guide is that the commentary is tailored to your interests.Learn about the history and architecture of Paris as you visit its most famous monuments museums landmarks and neighborhoods. Ride around Place de la Concorde past the Louvre and along the Seine River to Ile de la Cité
From EUR60.00
Small Group Paris City Tour and Louvre with Interactive Audio guide
"Discover Paris' main sights while being comfortably seated in a luxury 8-seat minivan. You will be introduced to the city of lights’ most spectacular and renowned monuments and historical sites of Paris discovering different parts of the city and diving into History. Simple and easy to use the audio pen and interactive map is your own personal guide in your language. Packed with information about each place you will pass by and see you will learn of history architecture famous French characters and so on while staying succinct and thrilling. Starting at La Concorde you will drive by L’Orangerie to reach Opera Garnier and go through the Place Vendôme the Palais Royal and the Louvre where you will admire the Great Glass Pyramid designed by Chinese architect Ieoh Ming Pei in 1989. Next your visit will take you along the Tuileries garden and the Seine river. You will admire the Pont des Arts
From $116.00

Hôtel de Ville- City Hall Tips (61)

The Palace of the Maire.

It's a pleasure to look at the Hôtel de Ville de Paris from the Île Saint-Louis across the Seine.
The City of Paris's administration is housed in nothing less than a Renaissance Palace built in 1533 by the decision of King François I with Dominique de Cortone and Pierre Chambiges as architects and finished under the reign of Louis XIII.

During the "Commune de Paris" in 1871 the building was set on fire and rebuilt a few years later from the existing walls in the same French Renaissance style but the interior was rebuilt and decorated in the 1880s style.

Most surprising for me are the large number of statues, 108, representing French cities and famous Parisians, among with Charles Le Brun and André Le Nôtre well known for Versailles. There is also somewhere on the side façade a statue of writer Alfred de Musset from who I read recently "La Confession d'un enfant du siècle" a good way to plunge in the past world of Romanticism.
There are even statues on the roof. Next time I'll bring binoculars with me!

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Feb 04, 2015

Hotel de ville

City Hall is a palace in the centre of Paris, built in the 14th century. In 1533 king Francis decided to build a bigger palace and the former building was replaced.

A long history have those walls, that, in the revolutionary period, were set on fire by extremists, being reconstructed afterwards with the actual look.

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Jan 15, 2015

the beautiful city hall

Hotel de Ville (Paris City Hall), designed by Deperthes and Ballu, is one of the most beautiful buildings in Paris. It was built during 17th century burnt in 1871 and rebuilt again. It is situated in the centre of a huge square that was once a place where they use to hung people. It’s the seat of city’s authorities but it’s also the front square there that several events take place like concerts, ice rink during winter, videowalls for big football matches like world cup etc

I never been inside because every time we pass by during the evening and I take the same picture from the same angle! ...a great time for night shots anyway as the building and the fountains of the square are beautiful litted. Have in mind there are daily tours inside for groups.

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Mar 21, 2014

Place de Grève!

Standing in front of the Hôtel de Ville I remembered that this square was before 1802, called the Place de Grève. In my books I often read "sera pendu en Place de Grève!".
It was the site of most of the public executions. The gallows and the pillory stood there.

It was here, but the square was smaller, that on 25 April 1792 the first guillotine beheaded Nicolas Jacques Pelletier. In those times it was considered that the guillotine was a marked progress compared to the previous methods of executing criminals. The French Revolution decided that the execution of a death sentence should be the same for all and done by a machine in a short, efficient manner; the end of the cruel practices under the Ancien Régime like burning at the stake, dismemberment, breaking wheel, etc.

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Dec 30, 2013
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42 bis Rue de Rivoli, Paris, Ile-de-France, 75004, France
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Provost Etienne Marcel.

When I saw the statue facing the Seine and the Ile St-Louis I had no idea who was that hero of Paris. Étienne Marcel, provost of the merchants (i.e. mayor) of Paris, bought in 1357 for the municipality of Paris the so-called Maison aux Piliers located on the Grève, a shingle beach serving as a river port.
This house became later the Hôtel de Ville de Paris.
His political career was a complex one at a period when the feudal society entered a crisis.
King Philippe le Bel set up the "Etats Généraux" (Estates General) where the nobility, the clergy, and the cities were represented.
Étienne Marcel was with Jacob van Artevelde mayor of Gent in Flanders, one of the best known actors in a profound reform movement.
Both, mayors of large powerful cities were assassinated; van Artevelde in 1345 and Étienne Marcel by the Parisian bourgeois in 1358.

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Dec 30, 2013

Hotel de Ville

The Hotel de Ville (Town Hall) is yet another example of Parisian elegance as regards the stately buildings of the city. What a colourful history is contained within the walls of this particular Town Hall. Built on the site of an ancient river port where trading vessels anchored to land much needed goods of every variety, the building we see today is in actual fact, a replacement building for what was commonly referred to as the House of Pillars which originally served as the municipal place of administration for Paris. The site has seen many public gatherings due to its use as a venue for public executions in the days before the present day building was designed and constructed some 500 years ago (give or take a decade or two).

This is where Robespierre was arrested in the lead up to his execution in 1794 during the Reign of Terror and in complete contrast is today used in part, as a Childcare Centre for municipal workers.

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Jun 23, 2013

Hotel de Ville

Hotel de Ville is at the center of the extensive square which served as a place of a public execution during centuries. There is the Municipality of the city now. Earlier, in XVI century there was a building in style of Renaissance at this place. But it burned down in a fire of 1871, during battles which led to falling of the Commune.

The modern building was constructed in the same style later. All the complex with its pavilions topped by domes in the form of truncated pyramids, and with set of the statues placed everywhere, is impressive and original. Really, there are 136 statues at four facades, and at a terrace of a roof - statue of Etienne Marcel - the head of a guild of the Parisian merchants are totaled. He was an instigator of the disorders that shaken Paris in the XIV-th century.

You can watch my 1 min 12 sec Video Paris Late evening walk out of my Youtube channel.

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Feb 06, 2012

The Hôtel de Ville (City Hall) de Paris

The Mairie de Paris (Town Hall) web site now has a virtual tour in English (well, a woman speaking in French but with English subtitles and captions) that shows images of the beautiful interior, and explains the interesting history of the building and its importance to Parisians.

Check it out!!! It's VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!
A great way to familiarize yourself with this beautiful building (probably the most magnificent in Paris) before actually going there for a visit.

A Short Synopsis:

The Town hall is closely linked to the history of Paris.
The first Town Hall was built in 1357 by the Leader of the Merchants, Etienne Marcel.
It symbolized the acquired municipal freedoms against the rule of King Charles V.

During the 16 century, King François I rebuilt the Town Hall in a Renaissance style.

During the 19 century, it has been used twice as a refuge for the republicans who proclaimed there, the Second and the Third Republic in 1848 and 1870, after the fall of King Louis Philippe and Napoleon III.
But the terrible defeat of Napoleon led to a terrible action: Parisians rebelled against the republican authorities. They invaded the Town Hall and on March 28, 1871 and the Commune of Paris was proclaimed. Repression was extremely hard. The insurrectionists ended up setting fire at the Town Hall.

It has been rebuilt to its identical in the years between 1873-1882.

Since 1977, the Mayor of Paris directed there the debates of the City Council

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Apr 04, 2011
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"Perambulations in Paris!"
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"London is a riddle. Paris is an explanation."
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"Paris - Over 40 years of love and hate."
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Ornate City Hall

Built in the 1800's as a reconstruction of the Town Hall which burnt down in 1871. The square in front was once used for hangings and other styles of executions. It is now used for elaborate dinners and official functions.

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Jan 04, 2011

Hôtel de Ville

This grand Renaissance-style edifice is l'Hôtel de Ville de Paris, the city hall of Paris. It was built in the late 19th century identically to a previous 16th century Hôtel de Ville de Paris structure, which had burnt down in 1871 during the turbulent times of the Paris Commune. This site has been the location of l'Hôtel de Ville de Paris since the 14th century. In wintertime, an ice skating rink is built on the place de l'Hôtel de Ville.

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Dec 07, 2010

Skating by the Hotel de Ville!

For some reason, I felt that one of the most fantastic things to do in Paris in February was...

I live in Canada, so it is somewhat laughable that I needed to cross an ocean to skate. But, that said, skating in Paris, in front of the Hotel de Ville, adjacent to a carousel and surrounded by busy Parisians, was one of the best experiences of my trip!

There was a rink outside of the Montparnasse metro station, which was alright... but I held out until I could get to the Hotel de Ville. The ice rinks were open in mid-February still (and apparently stay open until March, weather permitting).

Suspend your disbelief and just go! It is very much worth your time and the 5 Euro skate rental.

(I've linked to a great "What's Happening" website... it has the rink hours and a great deal of other useful information.)

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Apr 23, 2009

This is one hotel you won't want to check out of!

Worst title ever....I was just so cheesy I couldn't help myself! Cheesy aside however, this is one hotel you won't want to check out of's a magnificent building to look at, the size is overwhelming and during the winter they have an ice skating rink set up directly in front of the building. Oh yeah, one more thing, its not actually a hotel at all, it's basically a city hall for Paris! In all seriousness its worth seeing as its just a short walk from Notre Dame and like most of the architecture in Paris its something you won't see anywhere else in the world.

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Apr 03, 2008

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Place de l'Hôtel de Ville, 75004 Paris


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