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Private Tour: Customize Your Perfect Day in Paris
"Your day in Paris is completely tailored to match your sightseeing desires. Before your tour your private guide will contact you to discuss the things you want to see so that your logistics and itinerary can be arranged in advance saving you time.On the day of your tour meet your guide at your preferred central location and then set off by whatever means of transport is needed. Taxi rides and public transport are included but all meals activities and entrance fees are payable at your own expense.So what to see? That's up to you! Perhaps visit must-see sights like the ever-inspiring Eiffel Tower -- Paris’s undisputed architectural icon -- or the Basilica of Sacré-Coeur for sweep focus on the more offbeat Paris attractions like the Père Lachaise Cemetery – the city’s hauntingly beautiful graveyard – or let your guide introduce you to private parks that tourist maps miss. Below is a sample itinerary."
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Private Tour: Explore Your Favorite Neighborhood in Paris
"Your morning or afternoon in Paris is completely tailored to match your interests. Your guide will contact you before your tour to discuss the things you want to see so that your logistics and itinerary can be arranged in advance. Choose one of seven nei Opéra/Louvre Montparnasse St-Germain-des-Prés Panthéon/Latin Quarter Montmartre or the Marais/Bastille. On the day of your tour your guide will meet you at your hotel or apartment in central Paris. Then
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Private 2-Day Tour: Customize Your Perfect Stay in Paris
"You will need to contact your guide ahead of time to help set up your itinerary based on what you want to do and see during your two days in Paris. On the first day of your tour meet your guide at your preferred central Paris location then head out together to explore the City of Lights. Public transport is included but all meals activities and entrance fees are at your own expense.Paris has a multitude of offerings for nearly every type of traveler. Want to hit all the top Paris attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral? Are you an art buff seeking to tackle the Louvre? Or would you rather explore off-the-beaten path neighborhoods such as the bohemian Montmartre district? It's up to you. Below is a sample itinerary to spark some ideas."
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Safety Tips (61)

Beggars/ Phonies

when i was in paris, everywhere i went i saw beggars.. my oma told me to not pay attention to them but it was soo lady came up to me and asked me if i spoke english.. i told her i did and she was going on about how her and her family are stuck in paris because someone had stolen their passports and they needed money to leave.. it was crazy.. my oma ended up pulling me but the lady was still following!!!! one time i was walking on champs elysees and there was these ladies crying their hearts out.. one had a cane and the other was sitting in the middle of the walk way with her head down.. it was kinda scary.. i especially get annoyed by the guys at trocadero and beneath the eiffel tower.. they would not leave you alone!!! they would grab you and follow you until they get your attention.. my advice would to be just ignore it.. don't give them any attention at all!!! avoid them and ignore them.. and don't tell them you speak english!!! what i also noticed about the beggars is that they are mostly women.....

Oct 15, 2008

Dive-Bombing Pigeons

Wherever there is open space and benches a small gray-haired woman dressed in black will appear and begin feeding pigeons. This will happen most often in parks, but here she is below Sacre Couer on Montmartre. (I am sure it is not the same woman following me around). Although it looks quaint, keep your distance so that you do not dampen your clothes or day of touring. St. Mark's square in Venice is not the only place. I have been hit in small hill towns.

hquittner's Profile Photo
Apr 18, 2008

Paris is generally safe

We spent 3 1/2 days in Paris and always felt generally safe; we never felt in danger. We had the best trip of our lives, with the only regret being we didn't stay long enough.

Paris is nothing to be scared of. We walked down the street in front of the Moulin Rouge in broad daylight and felt quite at home; we never had the chance to frequent the area at night so I can't speak for that.

If you make it a point to IGNORE beggars and string-bearers, you've a better chance of them thinking you're a local. At any rate they're likely to leave you alone if you ignore them, never even making eye contact.

Jan 18, 2008

Crossing roads anywhere!

Main roads, or side roads, you take your life definately in your own hands if you are not too observant crossing the roads. Even if the green man is lit on crossings it doesn't mean it is safe to cross, pay special attention when crossing any road or you could become part of the tarmac. The drivers take no prisoners!

Nov 26, 2007
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Not perfect, but far from dangerous!

I just returned to the US from Studying Abroad in Paris for the month of June. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it, and how incredibly safe the city is, if you take the necessary precautions!
I know this has been repeated over and over, but try not to look like a tourist! American tourists are very easily recognized, and this can lead to pickpocketing or general harassing. Instead of being a tourist, try to blend in with your surroundings. Don't wander around, staring at everything/everyone interesting. Look like you know where you're going. If you need a map, I HIGHLY suggest the 'Paris Practique' or something similar. It is not a huge fold-out map, but instead looks like a small book. It's wonderful, and also very discreet. I followed these guidelines, and I guess I really did look Parisian because I even had several people stop me on the street to ask me for directions!
I did not have any instances where I was assaulted/aggrevated/bothered at all. There are many beggers in the metro, but they will not bother you if you let them know that you will not help them. However, I realize that, since I'm male, I have less of a chance of being harassed. For women, an important thing to remember is that the French do not smile as much as Americans, especially in public. Many french men interpret the smiles of girls as a form of flirting, even if the girl is just trying to be polite. If you are approached by someone, DO NOT smile and say "No thank you" (Non merci) if you aren't interested...if you do not want to be bothered, a stern NON will suffice. Smiling leads men to think that, even though you're saying No, you are still interested.
Still, Paris is one of the safest big cities in the world, so if you take some precautions, you should have very few (if any!) problems.

Jul 03, 2007

Go to Paris!

I read so many scare stories on this site prior to my trip that I was reticent about going in the end.
I left behind my camera so it couldn't be stolen and was ready for everyone to be a thief or con artist. Saw one girl at Gare Du Nord handing a begging card to someone, as described in these pages, but no problems in our 4-day stay in the Latin quarter. I guess there must be so many people who have trouble-free visits to Paris and DON'T write in to this site, that it acts as a filter, attracting the minority of unfortunate (or careless) tourists, whilst skewing the actual incidents of crime to proportions that seem scary.
Safe journey!

Jun 18, 2007

Sacre Coeur Crypt - DO NOT GO IN

Around the right side of the Sacre Coeur is a sign for crypt-dome. This is about the only site in Paris with NO QUEUE. Great, you may think, but you will have to pay 5 euros if you want to go in and there is no information about what's inside. take my advice - DO NOT GO IN!!!!! it is a winding staircase up the tower, which goes ON AND ON AND ON AND ON and if you do not like dark confined spaces i would advise you to avoid it. it takes you up to the top and the view is amazing. but personally i don't think it's worth it.

however if you want to be pushed to the brink of human endurance go for it. you will go into that crypt and leave it a different person.

nessa_jack's Profile Photo
Apr 18, 2007


My daughter (15) and I just returned from 9 days in Paris. Prior to our departure, I read virtually every tip I could find regarding safety. I would like to say that we had no problems thanks to the many tips on this site. We carried a very small amount of cash, which we stuffed in our pockets. We did NOT carry purses or backpacks whick can be easily snatched.

In spite of the fact that we looked like American tourists, by not looking like an easy target, we did not become one.

Ladies, there are pouches out there that slip down into your bra that will hold credit cards and motel room keys. Give up the purse. If you can't stuff it in your jeans pocket or down your bra, you don't need it anyway!!

Apr 16, 2007
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"My Paris: not only operas and bicycles . . ."
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"Perambulations in Paris!"
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"London is a riddle. Paris is an explanation."
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"Paris - Over 40 years of love and hate."
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Les Halles

(Aug 2003) Try not to wonder around Les Halles alone at night, especially if you are a single female. I made the mistake of cutting through it alone one night and it was not a pleasant experience. I was there during the daytime for some shopping and thought it would be fine to return in the evening. Boy was I ever wrong! Gets quite seedy when the sun goes down and all the shops close. Encountered a shadowy figure that approached me and offered to sell me some "stuff". Needless to say I made a bee line straight out of there. Luckily for me it wasn't very late yet and there were still a few "normal" looking people about. If you must, make sure to travel in a group.

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Mar 11, 2007

Dont be paranoid

My brother got whack and camera snatch when he is in paris last Xmas (Trocadero to be exact, where ALL the tourist are.Afternoon)(maybe is his face, hehe). Anyway, i was a bit worry when i go there this Xmas. Generally, its ok, metro can be a bit dodgy but i feel quite safe. the only place i do feel unsafe is sacre coeur, there were ppl around the staircase to tie 'lucky string' on your hand and then ask you to pay them for their 'kindness'. Just put both hand in the pocket and politely refuse them or use the staircase at the side. definitely safer than lisbon, hehe

Jan 02, 2007

Paris is not safe!

There was a story a while ago that shocked Brazil: A famous Brazilian actress was stabbed in the back on the Metro in Paris; in Brazil, a third world country with a serious crime problem, this news was greeted with dismay.However it doesn't surprise us. I (john) witnessed a violent crime in Paris at night, whilst walking, a serious assault on the driver of a car .. unfortunately these types of crimes are all too frequent in Paris ..

john&eduarda's Profile Photo
Dec 31, 2006

Unsafe for single women

We met two nice gentlement who offered us to carry our bags in the metro station! I was a bit reluctant at the beginning but they were in their late 30s and my friend was more than delighted to take their offer, i had to give up. They warned us not to walk as single women in late evenings especially in touristic areas. That was very true.

We lost our way back to the hotel. So I asked a french guy from where to catch the metro to our neighbourhood. It was only 8pm in the evening. The guy couldn't speak english, so we just left him. My friend a half an hour later told me, 'there's something horrible i wanna tell you'. i was too cheerful to bother with what she was saying as we met two girl friends from london:D and so i asked her to tell me later. but she couldn't put it off as she pointed out at FOUR freak youngesters who had been following us for the last half an hour!!!!!! i was terrified as this never happened to me even in london! we changed two stations and they were still following us. so we just made very clear that we were aware of them. and then they left the metro! i wasn't sure if it was a trick while there'd be someone of them remaining in the metro with us. so we just ran for our lives, praying...even my atheist friend, she prayed too,lol.

So have the emergency number ready with you (221 i think), just in case. Always have a company if you'd like to walk around at night...i know night walking is lustfully charming but do have a company.

Dec 02, 2006

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