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Grasse Things to Do

  • Create your own perfume

    In September our daughters were with us when we stopped in Grasse. The youngest has been interested in perfumerie for several years so a perfume workshop was high on her list of things to do. I've never done one so it seemed interesting. We had flown into Nice and were driving to a gite near Avignon so stopped in Grasse on the way. There are...

  • Necklaces and dresses

    In a nice old wooden mansion, very nicely showed, one could see the fashion for ladys in the past of Grasse. Free entrance. It is dark and small but fine.

  • International Perfume Museum

    It was created in 1989 and renovated in 1989. people say its the only perfume museum in the world in the birthplace of perfume. The museum presents the history of perfume production, functions of perfume and its effective use.

  • Two museums that show the Provence

    Grasse, situated on the border of the Cote d'Azur and the Provence, has two museums that enlighten the customs of this South departement of France in many ways. One museum is the "Musee d'Art et d'Histoire de Provence (1)" showing about the art and history. the other "Musee Provecnal du Costume et du Bijou (2)" emphasises the dresses and jewelry...

  • Hotel Gazan de la Peyriere

    Named after one of Napoleons successful Generals. I guess the unsucessful ones were not around long. Like there are probably very few unsuccessful skydivers around.The significance of the door is that it is carved in solid walnut and bears an important french civic emblem. This apparently makes it interesting.Solid walnut door connoiseurs to please...

  • Dark side of the French Revolution

    During the French Revolution, Grasse became the capital of the Var. Tucked away in a corner in the gardens of the Musee Admiral de Grasse is this an unexpected memorial to the many prominent citzens of Grasse executed in the Terror that followed the "restructuring and new management arrangements" of France in the 1790's. Chief Executive Citizen...

  • New Grasse town

    Grasse's new partof the town is also nice. There are many attractive perfume shops, restaurants and cafes. The location of the new town is higher than the old Grasse. >You may go to this new town first and then go down to the old town, this way it is easier to walk.

  • Fragonard

    It was very interesting to learn very much about industry of perfume industry. For example, did you know how much flower of jasmine needs for production of aromatics of 1000 kilos? I liked that conducted tour was interactive and all participants tested their ability in perfume industry.Of course at the end tour guide represent you various perfumes...

  • Take a Walk

    The best way to get to know a place is to walk around and see it on foot. You are forced to go slowly and see what is going on around you. You smell the bread from the bakery and the flowers at the market. The merchants will offer you free samples of nearly everything and that's a great way to choose your sausages, cheese and fruits for those...

  • Playing golf near Grasse

    Couple of nice golf courses are near-by Grasse. Golf de la Grande Bastide- average course in the fieldsGolf d'Opio Valbonne- very lovely course in the middle of woods. Tee 16 just next to 2000 years old Roman aquaduct is excellent!Golf Claux Amic- luxury course in the mountains, hard work walking up & down the slopes

  • Buying parfume

    After the visits in parfumeries you are invited to their shops. You can buy not only parfumes there, but also different kinds of soaps, creams, lotions, bath salt, vaseline and many other things. However I didn't see any goods of known worldwide brand names, just the locally produced items. Anyway you can still find something you like for yourself...

  • Three parfumeries in Grasse

    There are three main parfume factories in Grasse: Fragonard (, Molinard ( and Galimard ( You can visit all of them for free (guided tours or without any guide). Some of them have offices in the village, some are just on the way comming to Grasse from Cannes, you can also visit their gardens. You...

  • Place des Soeurs

    Medieval origins of Grasse found in the little Square of the Sisters, dating back to 15th century.Reputedly home to Catherine de Medici, the Italian connection following from Grasse being allied for several preceding centuries to Pisa and Genoa. Catherine introduced the fashion of perfumed gloves - designed to help shield high society from the...

  • Madame Bonaparte gets her kit off

    No doubt the Grasse naval museum is of interest however as the staff didn't appear to make it back from lunch, I was left to study the interesting features of its gardens, one of which is this lifesize marble reclining semi-nude sculpture of Princess Pauline Bonaparte, the Emperor Napoleon's sister. Or maybe it was Napoleon the Third's...

  • Museum of Naval History - Admiral de...

    This museum is in the old 18th century Hôtel Pontevès-Morel, and dedicated to the career of the Amiral de Grasse. In the late 1780's de Grasse led a crucial force that converged on Yorktown and defeated the largest concentration of British soldiers in America's War of Independence. Soon after the Yorktown defeat, Britain recognized the United...

  • 19th century legacy

    Look up and you will see interesting 19th century architecture in the narrow little streets, however much of it is in a serious state of delapidation and disrepair. A few coachloads of Norwegian tourists visiting the perfume outlets does not create sufficient economic engine to fire up the scale of investment required to revitalise Grasse.Queen...

  • Cathedral Notre Dame du Puy

    Undergoing major renovation of the exterior. Untypically for some of the lavishly decorated churches elsewhere on the Riviera, the interior is quite sparse and consists of simple bare stonework and a high vaulted ceiling. It looks its age. Which is fair enough as probably I do too.On its walls are three works of Reubens and a Fragonard.

  • Souveniers and the usual momento's of...

    Arriving by bus or train, old Grasse offers you the opportunity of standard tourist shopping, with knicknacks of Provence side by side with the perfume outlets.


Grasse Hotels

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  • Bastide Saint Mathieu

    35 chemin de Blumenthal, St. Mathieu, Grasse, French Riviera - Cote d'Azur, 06130, France

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

  • Chateau de Taulane Grasse

    RN 85 Route Napoleon, Le Logis du Pin, La Martre, Dar, Provence, 83840, France

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Mercure Grasse

    Rue Martine Carol, Grasse, French Riviera - Cote d'Azur, 06130, France

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

Grasse Restaurants

  • Lou Pignatoun

    For the area reasonable prices, Plat du Jour € 11, with starter and cheese € 14,50 and dessert € 146,50, nice food. I had a Saumon en Sauce aux Herbes Provencal. 13, Rue de l'Oratoire, the historic center next to the Eglise de l'Oratoire.

  • Good Lunch

    For the area reasonable prices, Plat du Jour € 11, with starter and cheese € 14,50 and dessert € 146,50, nice food.I had a Saumon en Sauce aux Herbes Provencal.13, Rue de l'Oratoire, the historic center next to the Eglise de l'Oratoire.

  • Great Salad. We were too full for the...

    Very fulfilling and tasteful salads. The restaurant was almost too busy for us. Would recommend to any one stopping by in Grasse. Has the reputation to be one of the best ice creams in France. We did not get to swing by to try it unfortunately. Salads.


Grasse Transportation

  • Bus to Nice

    The Bus 500 goes about every hour to Nice and takes about 1.5 hours. The Bus 600 and 610 go half hourly to Cannes and take about 50 minutes. The ticket is € 1,50 allowing a transfer and good for 2:30 hours.

  • Bus to Nice

    The Bus 500 goes about every hour to Nice and takes about 1.5 hours.The Bus 600 and 610 go half hourly to Cannes and take about 50 minutes.The ticket is € 1,50 allowing a transfer and good for 2:30 hours.

  • Sometimes you wonder what cars are doing...

    The centre of Grasse, the old town, is a maze of narrow alleys and streets. Squares are often filled with terraces of local restaurants or cafe's. Walking in the best and actually only way to enjoy this greatest of all parts of Grasse. A passing local in a car only makes the tourist wonder "who is so crazy to drive a car in here?"


Grasse Local Customs

  • Visit a local outdoor market

    You can get almost anything at the Saturday market in Grasse. We got bread, cheese and fruit for a picnic. The flower and vegetable market is beautiful and it really is fun to watch the residents shop.To find it, just follow all the people. Everyone will be walking to the market. Or reverse and go against the folks walking away carrying bags of...

  • Grasse remembers their lost sons

    On the Place du Petit-Puy, the square in front of the cathedral, one sees a pavillion shaped little building in a wonderfully green spot that is taken care of very properly. A closer look tells us that on the columns of the monument are names, many names. On a plaque in the centre we read the text "Remembering those we lost in WW I (Great War) and...

  • Fountains, Grasse has a wet history

    Everywhere you walk through Grasse and watch carefully, there are fountains, drinking places and water tap points. Of course the fountains jump into the eye as they often are centrally located on squares and quite large. Ilja is crazy about (running) water and so he pointed us out to every little dripping item and we came to the conclusion that...


Grasse Warnings and Dangers

  • NiceLife's Profile Photo

    The down side of Grasse

    by NiceLife Updated Sep 4, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The town centre is trying its best to smarten up the main shopping street, but it lacks the verve of other towns.

    Wander off the main lanes and you will pretty quickly find yourself in the seedy run-down "ghetto" of mainly North African migrants. As seems often the case, there appears to be little interest in integration on either part, and high unemployment - as there is little industry and little interest in being employed. The atmosphere quickly becomes a little threatening.

    Grasse is not picture-postcard little town to wander around browsing antique shops or artists studios like Eze or St Paul. (Eze Village also has Fragonard and Gallimard perfume factory/shops) There are a few spots of historical interest but many of these were shut for interminable long lunch hours and some failed to re-open at the prescribed times, doors remaining bolted shut and staff clearly unsupervised and indifferent to the interest of tourist visitors. The tourist office was very helpful but let down in the performance.

    It should be noted that Grasse turns up altogether too frequently in the crime reports of the daily Nice Matin, along with incidents on the trains up from Cannes. There have been a couple of threads on Tripadvisor as regards mugging of tourists in the area of the perfume centre, which was hopefully an opportunistic incident that might have occured anywhere, but it is as well to be on guard.

    Try as I might, my second visit only confirmed my initial reservations about Grasse - not at the top of my list of places to go, though of course others may disagree. The infrequent bus back to Nice was 45 minutes late, and all things said and done I was rather glad to be leaving.

    Grasse's  poor underbelly

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Grasse Tourist Traps

  • Perfume Factory Visits

    Both the Fragonard and Molinard factories have "workshops" in Grasse. In other words, they have big gift shops hocking their wares. Plus, while they have been around for eons, the smells are not modern (they remind me of my great grandmother or bad vintage shops). I did find wonderful linen bags at one of the shops to put lavender in. I ended up...

  • International Perfume Museum

    8, place du Cours You will know this place by the hoards of tourists milling about outside and the tour buses parked nearby. I love perfume and collect the perfume bottles but thought that this place was a rip off. I would choose this museum over the factory visits. At least this one claims to be a museum and is not an overgrown gift shop. If you...

  • Grasse Hotels

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Grasse Off The Beaten Path

  • Ivan Bounine’s villas in Grasse

    I've got these addresses from Office de Tourisme in Grasse.It looks like it takes - me, anyway - much more time to google-map these place than the actual walk from Gare Routiere in Grasse:Villa La Rivolte (earlier Mont-Fleuri), chemin des LierresBelle demeure du 19 siecle, transformee en chambres d’hotes.Au nord de Grasse. Le chemin des Lierres...

  • The greens and gardens of Grasse

    Not in the centre, but more in the outskirts of Grasse, this town of parfume, hides it's parcs and gardens.To be mentioned should be the Parc communal de la Corniche, which is situated just outside the centre against the hillside. From here a magnificent view that has been added some hight through a belvedere (watch tower).Another wonderful garden,...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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    Returning recently from a visit to the Cote D'Azur we took a day trip to Grasse. Had a lovely lunch in the centre near the fountain and then walked down the main street looking at the little shops on the way to the Cathedral and Perfumeries. Unfortunately my daughters and I were set upon by a small gang of immigrant youths, who clearly wanted by eldest daughters Canon camera they hit me around the head and hurled much abuse. This was 2 in the afternoon! the little alleyways also appeared menacing and sinister. Looking back at photos taken that day the crumbling facades and dark shadowy lanes reflect both the beauty that was and the town it has now become - one to cross off a family day out:(

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