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  • cjg1's Profile Photo

    The Markets of Old Town: It's a Must when in Nice

    by cjg1 Updated Apr 10, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Markets of Old Town have some unbelievable food and products. I love the whole "open market" concept and wish we had more of it in the United States. The market was bustling with people and vendors. There was tons of fresh fruit, vegetables, cheeses, meats, breads, pastry, chocolate, olives, oils, spices and flowers for sale. It was a whirl of sights and smells. Liz decided to buy some fruit, cheese , bread and olives for an impromtu picnic at the beach.

    What to buy: We bought a nice crusty loaf of bread, some cheese, a mixed container of olives, some apricots and peaches forour picnic.

    What to pay: Our entire picnic lunch was 8 Euros.

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  • ange_famine's Profile Photo

    Hit Import: For rock freaks

    by ange_famine Updated Jan 24, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Rock CD/DVD/T-Shirt shop.

    This place is a must see.

    Several sections: gothic clothes and garments, books (Camion Blanc, Camion Noir), patches, pin's, DVDs, second-hand cds, band T-shirts, LPs and EPs, techno/electronika/jungle... section, large rock/pop choice, progressive and psychedelic section, black/death/extreme metal section, goth/indus/dark folk.

    You'll find flyers and tickest for a large choice of musical events, loads of cheap prices, a very good atmosphere and good advice.

    The team is:
    - Jean-Paul: the friendly boss
    - Fifi: 70s freak. A walking dictionary.
    - Ludo: from Hendrix to Mike Patton via Jungle and Techno.
    - Christophe: goth and indus specialist. Ex-member of Corpus Delicti. Now plays in Kom-Intern.

    What to buy: Here you'll find almost any classic record you want.
    New releases are commanded immediately and you can order what you lack from their extensive catalog.
    Very interesting prices (lower than anywhere else) and great choice.

    Buy: pop rock, metal, techno, electro-indus, soul, blues, reggae, ska...

    You are encouraged to listen before you buy.

    What to pay: Less than in any other shop.

    Hit Import (from website)
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  • ange_famine's Profile Photo

    SMART: Emo / Goth / Metal / Alternative

    by ange_famine Updated Jan 24, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Alternative clothing shop, mainly for emos, but metal people and goth
    girls will be able to find accessories and sometimes acceptable skirst and dresses.

    What to buy: Look for the shoes, as they have a very large selection of New Rock and Doc Marten boots. They also stock some converse and gothic lolita-style shoes.
    You can buy jackets, skirts (used to be Laughing Vampire, now more like imitation Lip Service) trousers, bags...

    What to pay: Expensive, even during the sales, but at least, contrary to the Internet, you can try the clothes on

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  • ange_famine's Profile Photo

    TEN: Nice fashion clothes

    by ange_famine Written Jan 24, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Okay, this is virtually impossible to Google (TEN) so you will not be able to have a look online before you go.
    TEN is a women's clothes shop on two levels under the arcades of the Place Massena.
    Several members of staff work there and they are more than eager to help you chose and try your items.

    What to buy: I've been buying there for a few years. The ground floor holds fashion clothes but the first floor is often reduced priced items and I've found really good bargain clothes there, as I dress goth or dark gypsy.
    Don't let that deter you. At the moment they stock wonderful furs (fake and real), flowing skirts, jean jackets,etc etc at a very acceptable price.

    What to pay: Average to very expensive for the few luxury items

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  • ange_famine's Profile Photo

    Reve d'Ange: A little corner of Paradise

    by ange_famine Written Jan 16, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This shop is located in a little street behind the Cathedrale Sainte Reparate in the Vieux-Nice.
    The decor is all pink and blue clouds, flowers and crystals and sweet angelic music. The atmosphere is full of magic without being childish and you'll love it.

    What to buy: You will find notebooks, t-shirts, bags, jewellery, small objects,...all related to the world of angels, fairies and sometimes fairies.

    What to pay: The prices are more than correct. But expect to buy more than you expect if you really are a collector as this shop is a small cavern of Ali (Angel) Baba.

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  • kenningst's Profile Photo

    Cours Saleya: Cours Saleya

    by kenningst Updated Jan 1, 2009

    Visit the morning market at Cours Saleya and you will be able to find loads of stuffs one sale. From flowers to cheese to meats. I really enjoyed this market and was utterly impressed with the variety that they have here. I manage to pack my lunch here as well at a very low price. Their morning market closes at around 1pm.

    At night, the same street, Cours Saleya, transforms itself to become the concetration of cafe, pubs and restaurant serving very yummy french cuisines at a very reasonable price. So reasonable, that we ate here 2 nights in a row.

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  • Muscovite's Profile Photo

    Favourite fragrance

    by Muscovite Written Dec 23, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


    Concerning favourite perfume -

    I would take the bottle in hand, get to the vendor in Nice and ask him/her for a refill.
    Were I the vendor, I would run out of my way to find the fragrance, sell it with a discount and publicize the whole story in a tourist magazine.

    As vendors do not always have the same think-set as I do, give him/her the idea free of charge.

    Good luck!

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  • Carrefour: The Wal-Mart of France

    by davidmhall Updated Sep 23, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I tend to think everyone knows about Carrefour and then I'm amazed when I talk to someone who doesn't. Carrefour is one of the largest retailers in the world and their stores are roughly equivalent to the an American Super Wal-Mart...well, except that, since you're in France, there are real butchers in the meat section, they have enormous seafood sections, the wine section is larger than most wine shops in the States, and the cheese section is better stocked than any cheese shop I've ever seen in the States.

    Don't expect personalized, fawning customer service, but you can find almost anything you need for your trip but forgot to bring along. We often go there to buy toiletries, snacks for the road, and even cheap clothing. It's fun to go there and people-watch even if you don't want to buy anything.

    There are two Carrefours in Nice:
    (1) Rue de la Roquebiliere, Centre commercial TNL
    This one is located near the Acropolis Convention Center, easily accessible on foot or by bus.

    (2) Route de Digne - RN 202, Centre commercial Lingostiere
    This is about 10 miles north of the airport. This Carrefour offers gasoline at good prices.

    There are also Carrefours in Antibes and Monaco:

    Chemin de Saint-Claude, Antibes
    This one has a lot of English signage if you don't speak French.

    Avenue du Prince Hereditaire Albert, Fontvieille, Monaco
    This store is located in a large shopping mall right at the central transfer point for all the bus lines in Monaco.

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  • mindcrime's Profile Photo

    where to shop

    by mindcrime Updated Jul 27, 2007

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There a lot of markets in Nice, especially in the Old Town
    - Flower market at Cours Saleya(6am - 5:30pm, daily, except Mondays that is a Second-Hand market)
    - Flea Market at Quai Lunel, port of Nice
    - Second Hand and Ancient Books Market at Place du Palais de Justice (1st/3rd Saturday of each month)
    - Paintings and Art Craftmen at Place du Palais de Justice (2nd Saturday of each month)
    - Old Postcards Market at Place du Palais de Justice (4th Saturday of each month)
    - Fish Market at Place St François (every day, except on Mondays)

    Shopping Hours:Usually from 9am to 7pm. Many shops close for lunch between 1pm-3pm

    At Avenue Jean Medécin you will find many famous clothes stores, big markets, Virgin, Fnac, Sephora etc What’s more at Avenue de Verdum some designer’s shops. There are also many shops around Rue Massena.

    For rock Cds, Lps, shirts: HIT IMPORT at Rue de Lepante, 11
    Otherwise big collection of cds/dvds at Virgin Megastores and Fnac

    In the Old Town you can find some nice souvenirs in small shops.

    If you have some millions to spend buy your clothes at Galeries Lafayette! Good quality but paranormal prices!

    at Flower Market

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  • allaboutnice's Profile Photo

    'gLOVE me, pi ro di': Beautiful leather gloves in every colour

    by allaboutnice Updated Apr 24, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This attractive shop is stocked with a small number of leather goods at excellent prices and in a range of colours. It is very welcoming - a wide front opens onto three sides split into gloves, scarves, belts and handbags plus some luggage. The stock is limited and neatly presented making it very easy to have a good look without feeling that you have neither overlooked anything nor too overwhelmed by choice. The shop is fresh and cool and clean. The chap who owns and manages it is Italian and all the goods are made at his factory in Naples.

    You can have a good look in peace and there is no hard sell and he speaks english if required. He seems to be fluent in French too and Italian too of course.

    What to buy: Gloves were the thing that lured me in, in the first place. Two rows of the softest calf leather gloves in a range of wonderful colours; pinks, oranges, olives, blues plus the ubiquitous black and neutrals.

    I tracked down a pair of gloves I've been after for a while; longer than average not only covering the wrist but going up the arm slightly and in a perfect shade of muted orange - don't mock, the colour's gorgeous you can see a similar pair on Trinny in her what not to wear book 2 if you don't believe me.

    The style of gloves range from regular unlined leather gloves, there are also silk-lined ones to fur-edged ones and longer silk-lined ones plus a few trendy fingerless jobs. You'll be asked to wear disposable plastic gloves before trying on any of the gloves.

    The bags are extremely nice too, pretty good 'Kelly' types and good versions of other upmarket designs. Well worth a browse and a feel - the leather is very good quality. There are a small number of purses too.

    A wall displays a range of belts in neutrals and more exciting colours to match the bags and gloves plus a choice of buckles in brass, shiny silver or matt silver finish. The chap fits the belt to your choice of buckle and cuts it to size there and then.

    I got the impression if he didn't have it in stock, he could probably get it for you with enough notice.

    I bought my gloves last week and today I bought a belt and a purse and he put in a matching leather key-ring as a freebie.

    An English family popped in when I was having my belt cut and they were after another piece of luggage that they had bought two months earlier which I thought was a good sign. It is also a sign that if you see it and like it, then buy it as he had finished that particular line of luggage. (I saw her carrying one of the shop bags later on in the Old Town so luckily she managed to find something she fancied)

    What to pay: Leather key rings from 10 euros, unlined leather gloves from 29 euros, my beautiful longer silk-lined leather gloves were about 70 euros, Kelly bags about 190 euros, purses from 38 euros and belts from 27 euros. The leather is excellent quality and it is well worth seizing the moment even in the heat of summer to think ahead to the winter, the gloves are hardly going to take up much packing space either.

    I'll take one in every colour tidying up the shelves in 'gLove me'

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  • allaboutnice's Profile Photo

    Monoprix Bakery: for the cheapest lunch/picnic on the run in Nice

    by allaboutnice Updated Apr 18, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Buy your lunch here for just 2 euros...
    Monoprix is a top quality supermarket in France and there is a small 2-floor store at Place Garibaldi at the back of Old Nice. In a separate building across a small road and next door to the main shop, is the Monoprix bakery and Boulangerie. It is one of the best bakers and patisseries I have found near my studio by the Port. It wins no prizes for window displays, there are none, but trust me, go in and try some bread, pastries and sandwiches. My daughter is addicted to the pain au chocolat maxis (twice the length of a regular) for 1,15 euros. I love the choice of different breads available, many variations of grains, textures and toppings. It is all top quality and baked in-house.

    What to buy: My top tip for this bakery is lunch actually. All around Nice particularly in the old town there are many little sandwich bars, some with a table or two outside, that offer a 'formule' for lunch. This usually comprises a sandwich and a drink. The price is usually around the 5 euros mark. Monoprix bakery offers a superb value lunch formule. A large 'jambon au beurre' that's a ham baguette, plus a half-litre of cold bottled water (or a tin of coke) PLUS a beignet - that's a doughnut or you can have a piece of brioche-y -looking cake with dried fruit instead of the doughnut. There's no choice of sandwich, it's always ham, but you can choose from chocolate, raspberry or apple filling for your doughnut. A bit of fresh fruit from the market wouldn't hurt either. It's really handy for a picnic, comes in a carrier bag with a paper napkin, great for the beach or park and you can use the money you save on real shopping or a fancy restaurant later.

    What to pay: This lunch, a ham baguette, drink and a doughnut is just 2 euros. The sandwiches are freshly prepared on the premises for 10:30 am and sell out quickly. There are other formule options available at more cost, but I think this one offers the most outstanding value.

    a complete picnic for 2 euros
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  • amapola66's Profile Photo

    Various: Shop 'til you drop' in Nice !

    by amapola66 Updated Nov 30, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Quite frankly, I just adore shopping in Nice and could do it as a full time occupation of there weren't so many other wonderful things to get up to in the region and I had the cash!

    Once again, the Amapola came home with an extra pair of shoes (white loafers). You need comfy shoes for trapesing around the cobbled streets. (My comfy shoes were not as comfy as I thought and I sufferred somewhat).

    I don't remember names, but in the shops in the old town, there are some charming and quality things to bring home..
    I wouldn't really know where to start trying to tell you where to buy what, but there is something for everyone and window shopping is a pleasure too.

    What to buy: Shoes !

    Lavender oil from the region, much stronger perfume and much cheaper.

    Natural soaps.

    Wine (of course!)

    We bought a jar of baby garlic cloves, mariated in oil, they were really sweet (no trust me!) and can be eaten just as they are, chopped up in salads and stews etc...Yum!

    We also bought a lovely bottle of a strange drink for my Mum, can't remember the name offhand, but it is served ice cold, comes in a strange assortment of flavours and beautiful colours, including 'violet' and is most exquisitely packaged (as most things are in Nice).

    Also bought a small cookbook of dishes from the region which was in French and English....
    Some great recipes to try out. (Mind you, we're not so sure about the sheep trotters and offal one on page 10, especially me being semi vegetarian)!

    What to pay: Variable.

    Shopping in Nice
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  • allaboutnice's Profile Photo

    Agnes B: "Bon Chic, Bon Genre" - french for stylish

    by allaboutnice Updated Oct 14, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Agnes B (pronounced 'annie-ez bay') is a gorgeous clothes shop tucked around the corner from the Cours Saleya. There are branches in other parts of France (it is a French chain) and I have found one in London but coming from Liverpool, the nearest for me is in Nice.

    The collection is simple and stylish and there is always a fast turnaround of new stock - so if you see something you like, buy it - it won't be there next visit.

    The materials used are high quality and luxurious - cashmere, velvet and natural fibres and the style is usually simple and understated but with a contemporary edge. Many of the basics have the signature metal 'b' buttons attached.

    Like most french sizing, they are aimed at fairly slender women, which just about rules me out unfortunately - the sizes only go up to a 42 or 44 - about a UK 14, I think. The price of the clothes is reflected in the quality - quite high (good for quality, bad for price)

    There is also a delightful section at the side of the shop for children and babies. It's hard to drag the daughter away.

    Agnes B also has a small but lovely collection of jewellery, hats, make-up and shoes.

    There's a nice big bench by the till where himself can wait. There's often a pot of fresh coffee to be had. The staff are utterly charming, must be something to do with being surrounded by gorgeous clothes all day long.

    Chaps can get their own back - there is an Agnes B for men - off rue Longchamp, not far from Galeries Lafayette.

    What to buy: I have bought simple black tops in silk/cashmere mixes and a gorgeous cross-over cotton wrap in the summer. I've done quite well in the sales here too. I bought a black linen skirt that was still quite dear even at half price but it is still going strong several years later and many of the photos in my website show me wearing it.

    The daughter has had several bikinis with matching head scarves and lovely dresses and leggings.

    Anything in the sale that fits! Sales are in July and January

    What to pay: Women's tops start around 60 euros and trousers from 90 euros, dresses from 120 euros but the top end of the price range eg for suits, the prices go up to 500 euros plus.

    Children's clothes from 10 euros to 200 euros.

    I've had posh velvet trousers costing 170 euros - a gorgeous Christmas present but many basics start at around 30 euros.

    HOWEVER, they do have good sales and it's then that you can pick up some real bargains.

    the darling husband takes position at the till!
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  • ange_famine's Profile Photo

    Crazy Rhythm: For record collectors

    by ange_famine Written Aug 17, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This small shop is crammed with records. You have to take the boxes out yourself and search.
    You can go there with lists, may not find what you had came in for, buy something else you've been searching for for years: you (and your wallet) will be really satisfied.

    You can also find cheap second hand books and video tapes.

    What to buy: Buy rarities or classic albums, maxis, EPS, tapes, videos in a variety of styles.

    What to pay: Normal price for second-hand and rarities.

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  • al_mary's Profile Photo

    Henri Auer Chocolaterie: Henri Auer Chocolaterie #2

    by al_mary Updated Feb 21, 2006

    0 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Picture Group #2

    Crystallized fruit, a Nice specialty,
    has been hand made and sold at
    Henri Auer since 1820 ....

    What to buy: We had to try both the crystallized fruit and the
    chocolates .... GREAT

    We were on holiday, so who counts calories when
    your having a good time ...... ha ha

    Best to get it there, becase you won't find this stuff
    at home at the corner store ....

    Mary & Her Chocolate

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