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Annecy Things to Do

  • The Lake

    For those with more energy than is necessary when you take a cruise, there are a number of water sports available. Or maybe you would prefer to sunbake on a deck chair on the pontoon. Water skiiing, kayaking, swimming, paddle boarding etc. They are all available, at a cost of course, but I am sure it would be worth the cost. You may prefer to...

  • Gorges du Fier

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic walkway along the inside of the gorge. The walkway is attached to the wall of the gorge, not as scary as it's quite secure. You probably need something of a head for heights. It's not suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs and such. The walkway is mostly fairly flat; just the section at the other end of the gorge up a few...

  • Chateau d'Annecy

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Annecy Castle (Château d'Annecy) is the main attraction of Annecy situated on a hill overlooking the city that is actually built around the castle. It was built during a long period (from 12th to 16th century) and was the home of the Counts of Geneva from 13th century. It was damaged by fire several times but was abandoned in 17th century. The...


Annecy Hotels

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Annecy Restaurants

  • Savoyard Touch

    L'Alpin was recommanded to us and we loved it!Inside it looks like a little chalet, really cosy, the food is mostly "Savoyarde".I had the Reblochon Feuilleté and it was huge and delicious!My friends has the Savoyard trio, a nice taste of local specialities!The porcini fondue was really good too as well as the gratin de crozets.The service was...

  • Crepes plus hot wine in the street

    I was hungry and saw this place in downtown. I made a stop and ordered crepes plus hot wine, red. Crepe de Grand Marnier plus a glass of hot wine for 5 Euro.

  • Café des Arts

    Café des Arts is one of the numerous small cafés in Annecy, it’s located on a side street -not far from Palais de L’Isle- and we liked the fact we could be away from the noisy main street that usually get packed with tourists (ok, not in winter). But as expected it was packed inside so we couldn’t enjoy the colorful interior so we decided to sit...


Annecy Nightlife

  • more daylife than nightlife

    it is quit often in the summer ,that in the street of the old town you will get to hear some live music, this time it was some peruvian band but you can also listen to some guitars, or gives a really nice atmosphere to the town.

  • Le vieux Annecy

    Le vieux Annecy seems like a great spot to spend the evening. Unfortuately we had to get the train back to Lyon so we could not stick around. The old part of the town is really beautiful with lots of nice shops and restaurants. Don't those river side restaurants look great?

  • Yes there probably are some...

    Yes there probably are some bars here and some places to dance too. Sometimes live concerts are given in the open air , this is the nicest thing about nightlife here.


Annecy Transportation

  • Annecy/Geneva transfer

    If you are arriving at Geneva airport and going to Annecy it is better to use the main exit on the Swiss side (there is a French side of the airport in Ferney but it is the opposite way from us).Different ways to go to Annecy:1/ By train When arriving at the airport (main arrival terminal), just follow the sign CFF train station (same floor), you...

  • how to go there

    Annecy is located 40km south of Geneva, 107km North of Grenoble, 145km East of LyonBy carIt’s an easy drive from Geneva, we were there in 35’ through the new motorway but it took us some time to find a spot to park the car, we got a feeling there’s not sufficient parking space so have this in mind.By busAs expected there are daily buses from...

  • how to move around

    We parked in the center and then walked around everywhere checking Old Town, canals, the lake side etcSome people rent bicycles that will take you further away, great idea for check the lake away from the center.We noticed some boats (pic 3) that take you for tours on the lake but I guess they are popular in much warmers months, not in January...


Annecy Shopping

  • Kiriel's Profile Photo

    Centre of Annecy: Shop, Shop, Shop, Shop,...

    by Kiriel Updated Nov 26, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Annecy is not only a particularly lovely town in the south of France. It is also a haven for the serious shopaholic. In the centre of the town on a Saturday, the narrow streets are filled with stalls selling antiques and other fripperies. The scent of freshly baked pizza and pastries wafts through the air as you wind your way through the labyrinthian shopping precinct. Goods aren't particularly cheap, but you will find all sorts of wonderful things on which to spend your hard earnt Euro. Exquisite chocolates, high quality hats, bags, gloves, food, antiques. The ghastly souvenir ratio is way down against a high number of tasteful but expensive items.

    Annecy is pretty enough to wander around with its canals and the backdrop of snow capped mountains in the distance. You get a really lovely feel for what the city must have been like hundreds of years ago, despite the modernities around you.

    An antiques buff could spend a whole day rummaging through the fascinating range of goods in the outdoor stalls. Just make sure you take the time to really enjoy the experience!

    What to buy: Antiques, hats, clothing accessories, gourmet foods.

    Markets with mountains in background
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Annecy Local Customs

  • Patois Savoyard

    The "patois savoyard" belongs to the family of the "franco-provençal". It was then not written and changing from village to village and valley to valley. The Patois Savoyard is mostly used by the old generation in the country side, but some words are still used in every day's life by locals.A few easy rules:* for some reasons we seem to put "y"...

  • La Fête du Lac 2007 tout feu tout slam

    147 ans d'une tradition lumineuse...C'est en 1860 qu'a lieu la première fête nocturne sur le lac d'Annecy. Elle est donnée en l'honneur de Napoléon III et de l'Impératrice Eugénie, venus célébrer la rattachement de la Savoie à la France. Depuis, la tradition s'est perpétuée. Et dès les années 1950, ce rendez-vous avec les feux de la nuit est devenu...

  • Annecy Market

    The Annecy Market, held 3 times per week, is a combination of local produce and specialties (including the famous Roblochon cheese)


Annecy Warnings and Dangers

  • Pickpockets

    You will probably not need to worry about danger in Annecy. I was staying in the Old Town so there were lots of restaurants and bars around. Walking at night was no problem at all.I was told to watch out for pickpockets when photographing the Palais. This is easily the most crowded place in town so it would make sense. I didn't see anything unusual...

  • Be careful and vigilant.

    Annecy is very safe in general. There is no reason to worry about violent crime. However, due to the high amount of tourism in the area, it's not as safe as I had led to believe. It almost lulls you into a false sense of security; but be wary of the groups of kids/ teens seemingly to be just "hanging around." that goes for adults too. We had a...

  • Keep your Valuables Out of Sight

    A friend and his family visited the Chateau d'Annecy and left their valuables (passports, airline tickets and traveler's check) in the car in the parking lot. Someone smashed the window and made a good haul. My friend and his family (all five) had to drive back to Geneva to the embassy for new passports, airline tickets and cancel credits cards...


Annecy Tourist Traps

  • Kiriel's Profile Photo

    Tourist Junk

    by Kiriel Updated Aug 5, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Annecy has, on the whole, managed to avoid becoming a huge tourist trap, which is rather unsurprising considering its beauty and handiness to Geneva. That said, in summer the streets are filled to the brim with tourists, so I do recommend a late spring or autumn visit instead. There are a lot of shops selling postcards, snow globes and other nasty stuff, however most shops do in fact have some interesting bits and pieces amongst them.

    Unique Suggestions: I did rather like the 'just add water' tshirts, which are a tshirt that has been compressed into something the size of a block of soap. Just add water and the tshirt expands to full size.

    The quality of the shops have improved, with a wider range of good quality products for sale. Overpriced but lovely lace abounds and the shops with jams, soaps and other 'hand made' products are probably where I would drop my tourist dollar.

    Fun Alternatives: Oh I am not saying that this tourist trap is no fun - even with the crowds, Annecy is a gorgeously beautiful town!

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Annecy What to Pack

  • sandravdp's Profile Photo

    Packing List

    by sandravdp Written Sep 7, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: Backpacks when you are tracking or sportsbags when you go camping.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Dress lightly in summer. It can get really warm here.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Bring along your toothbrush lol! No, seriously bring along some plasters and anti-mosquito cream.

    Photo Equipment: Films are available here.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Your tent or caravan, unless you hired a tent. When hiring a tent, just bring some food and sleeping bags with you.

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Annecy Off The Beaten Path


    Located just 5kms from Annecy, is the lakeside town of Sevrier.Here, is the beautiful neo-gothic St. Blaise Church, that was built in 1887.We stopped here, and I had a look at the Church inside and out, then went for a little walk. The view's over the lake to the Mountain's are excellent, a good location for some nice photo's.


    Just 30kms from Annecy we came across Lac Du Bourget, the largest and the deepest lake in France.The lake has a few River's that enter it, the main one is the River Leysse. It was interesting to read that a Fish named [Bezoule] was found in this Lake, and is now extinct. I thought it was a lovely area. We pulled up at Lakeside park, where there...

  • Les Grandes Medievales - Andilly

    The town of Andilly (which is not too far from Annecy) holds a medieval faire each spring starting the weekend of Pentecost (end of May normally) and also the following weekend. The area where this fair is held is a beautiful woodland, with little encampments in the clearings and mock villages set up and real people acting out the roles of knights,...


Annecy Sports & Outdoors

  • Traverse du Lac

    My husband enjoys competitive racing, he usually does several triathalons, 5K runs and long distance swim races every summer so this seemed like a perfect way for him to combine a vacation to Europe and participate in a race.The Traverse du Lac is set on the beautiful Lac d'Annecy every year on August 15th, the cliffs towering over the start, the...

  • Week-end Via Ferrata and Canyoning in...

    Dans les Aravis, superbe massif pré-alpin, les parois calcaires dominent les pâturages vert tendre, façonnant un paysage de montagne à la fois doux et élancé où la verticalité se parcoure avec harmonie. Au menu du week end : 1 nuit en auberge ou centre de vacances en demi-pension, 2 déjeuners (pique-niques), 1/2 journée dans la via ferrata des...

  • Séjour parapente au dessus de la vallée...

    Hébergements dans une chambre d'hôtes haut de gamme, face à la vallée dans une ancienne ferme savoyarde. Chambre de charme, TV, salle de bains, wc privé, balcon ou terrasse, salon avec cheminée, jardin.Séjour de 2 nuits, ce séjour comprend :- Hébergement pour 2 personnes pour 2 nuits en 1/2 pension - Baptême en parapente au dessus de la vallée de...


Annecy General

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  • Le Château d'Annecy

    Le château, facade côté ville Par sa silhouette, le château d'Annecy s'inscrit tantôt dans un décor de montagnes, tantôt comme un signal se détachant sur l'horizon. Il demeure l'élément majeur de notre patrimoine archéologique. De gauche à droite, la tour Perriére qui domine le lac, alors que les tours Saint-Paul et Saint-Pierre font face à la...

  • L'église Saint-Maurice

    Elle demeure le sanctuaire le plus ancien puisque le début de sa construction due à l'initiative du Cardinal de Brogny remonte à 1422. Primitivement édifiée pour tenir lieu de chapelle d'un couvent de Dominicains, elle développa ses constructions par une série de chapelles latérales dont l'édification s'étale sur près d'un siècle.L'ampleur du...

  • L'église Notre-Dame-de-Liesse

    Est caractérisée par son beau clocher roman légèrement penché et dont la construction ne remonte qu'au XVI ème siècle. Cette ancienne collégiale, fondée en 1360 à l'emplacement d'un modeste oratoire, cité dés le Xll ème siècle, a eu ses heures de gloire avec ses « grands pardons » qui y attiraient des foules de pèlerins tous les sept ans. Elle a eu...


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