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  • Burghausen
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  • one of the inner courts of the Burg
    one of the inner courts of the Burg
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  • A view of the town and river.
    A view of the town and river.
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Burghausen Things to Do

  • Aventinus House

    Also within the Burg is the house of Johannes Thurmayr, aka Aventinus (1477-1534) a humanist scholar and historian who wrote a history of Bavaria.He lived here for a couple of years (1509-1510) when he was a teacher to the two sons of Duke Albrecht IV.

  • Burg-3

    One of the interesting aspects of the Burg is that there are people who live in the houses within the enclosure of this citadel.One of the buildings here was a prison for women accused of witchcraft.

  • Burg-2

    The street in the middle of the Burg provides a beautiful and interesting walk of about 1 Km. There are some points where it is possible to get panoramic views of the Market Square, of the river and, of course, of the Austrian bank of the Salzach.

  • St Jakob

    The parish church of St Jakob is one of the main features of the Market Square.The original church, that was there since the 12th Century, was distroyed by a fire in 1353, the same fire that devastated the centre of the town, so it was rebuilt.The bell-tower was built in 1470.

  • Markt

    The Markt (market square) is surrounded by stately buildings from the 16th century. Some of them are public buildings, such as the Rathaus and the Library, but many are private houses.There are many beautifully decorated facades, in an architectural style that looks very much like the typical one of the Innviertel region in Austria.

  • St Hedwig

    Also the small gothic chapel of St Hedwig is within the walls of the Burg.It was built between 1479 and 1489.The gothic style, which is so awe-inspiring in cathedrals, has a more romantic flair whan found in small chapels or churches with tall and thin bell towers.

  • The Altstadt (old city)

    Burghausen is a typical representative of the Inn-Salzach cities with their characteristic architecture (others are - along the Inn - Hall in Tirol, Rattenberg, Kufstein, Wasserburg, Braunau and Passau - and along the Salzach - Hallein, Salzburg, Tittmoning and Burghausen. All these cities became rich in the late Middle Ages, the economic driver...

  • The Burg (Castle) of course

    The castle is on top of a long and narrow ridge about 60 meters above the old city and the Salzach river at the eastern and the Wöhrsee lake at the western side.

  • In the Burg

    This tower stands on a square in the northernmost court of the castle. This is one of the wider parts of the castle.

  • Centre of the Altstadt

    All the old city - stretching between the Castle and the Salzach river - contains lots of treasures from gothic, renaissance and baroque times.

  • The Wöhrsee lake

    This lake is a relic of the last galcial age and offers great leisure activities right below the castle almost in the heart of the city

  • Burg

    The main feature of Burghausen is the Burg, a long citadel on the top of a low hill overlooking the river Salzach.It dates back to the 12th century and is the longest castle in Europe: m 1043.The proper Castle, former residence of Dukes, is at the southern end of the Burg.


Burghausen Hotels

  • EuroRing Hotel Restaurant Glocklerhofer

    Ludwigsberg 4, Bavaria, Burghausen (Salzach), Bavaria, 84489, Germany

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4.5 out of 5 stars

  • Klostergasthof Raitenhaslach

    Raitenhaslach 9, Burghausen (Salzach), Bavaria, 84489, Germany

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Hotel Post

    This Hotel is located just across the river from Austria at the foot of one of the oldest, and...


Burghausen General

  • The Salzach and the border

    The river Salzach, the same river that flows through Salzburg, marks the border with Austria.Nowadays, with the euro and without passport controls (thanks to the Schengen agreement) it is difficult to realize that the other side of the river is "abroad". Even before the new currency was adopted, it was possible to use German Marks on the Austrian...

  • The Way to Burghausen

    Burghausen is located near the river Salzach, the border river between Austria and Bavaria. If you arrive from Munich you can reach the castle with A94 and than B12. opening hours: May - September 9:00 - 18:30 October - April 10:00 - 16:30

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