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Munich 2-Hour Segway Tour: Historic Center and English Garden
"Your tour begins with a short introduction to driving a Segway. Try out the Segway scooter on the paths in the English Garden. In this historic center of the Bavarian capital you will discover nature as well as culture: ride through one of the largest parks in the world and alongside the Isar river to the top highlights of Munich.See further sights like Munich's old town Odeonsplatz Hofgarten Victory Gate Leopoldstraße the Maximilianeum and Peace Angel. Your guide will tell you all about the exciting history and the sights of Munich as well as the history of the city itself. The tour ends back at the starting point."
From EUR64.00
Munich 3-Hour Old Town Segway Tour
"All beginnings are difficult – not on a Segway! Before you start your tour of Munich you'll learn how to ride the Segway and realize that it's actually very easy. Experience shows that every customer gets to grips with riding a Segway within minutes. After the initial training you can get on your way and start your tour of the city. the seat of the Bavarian Parliament. This building was constructed between 1857 and 1874 by the architect Friedrich Bürklein and fits in with the surroundings by the Isar River. Up the river you'll see the Museum Island with the Deutsches Museum and the ""Discovering Munich's old city on a Segway is a wonderful experience. You can comfortably drive by the sights and attractions like the English Garden and the Glockenbach neighborhood and enjoy the special flair of the Bavarian state capital. There is altitle=Highlights&1=Small-group+tour&2=Informative%2C+friendly+and+professional+guide&3=Comprehensive+tour+of+the+city""
From EUR75.00
Panoramic Hop-On Hop-Off Tour of Munich by Double-Decker Bus
"Explore the highlights of Munich at your own pace. See Nymphenburg Palace Olympic Park the English Garden the historic Old Town Odeonsplatz Marienplatz and more as you travel aboard a comfortable double-decker bus. Enjoy the full one hour loop or start hopping on and off immediately. Take advantage of the 24 or 48 hour pass along with other upgrades.This tour offers commentary on the bus in ""
From EUR15.00

Chinesischer Turm Tips (14)

Chinesischer Turm: heaven in the park

the Bavarian call it the Englisher Garten and here at the Chinese Tower we had our late lunch a big handle of beer which we shared between the three of us.
the Park is huge and you will need a whole day to enjoy it all.

Favorite Dish beer and it has been a great expirience though it didn't came cheap

nipper1's Profile Photo
Jan 25, 2006

Chinesischer Turm: Beer at the Bavarian Pagoda

The Chinesischer Turm is a wonderful place to be on a nice day. You have the choice of a fancy restaurant or the outdoor beer garden and food stands. This tip is primarily about the latter. It's a convivial place with great scenery and shady relaxation. Don't worry -- you'll find a place at one of the 7,000 seats in the beer garden. On some weekend afternoons, the pagoda doubles as a gazebo, and there's live music.

Favorite Dish The food is standard beer garden fare -- good, but nothing special. If the "steckerlfisch" stand is open, try some mackerel on a stick -- maybe with a pretzel or "pommes mit mayo."

The beer has recently switched from Löwenbräu to Münchener Hofbräu (the same beer served in the Hofbräuhaus). The new beer is much better, IMO.

travelfrosch's Profile Photo
Jun 22, 2015

Chinesischer Turm: when in the English Garden

This is the big boy of beer gardens. The most famous and biggest to boot. Located right in the middle of Englishergarten, it seats 8000 thirsty customers. The name comes from the huge Chinese Tower that is its centerpiece and houses the Bavarian band that serenades patrons on weekends. Though a major tourist attraction, it retains much of its local flavor and is surprisingly not all that expensive.

Favorite Dish You can bring your own food to save money as is not only a local custom but one protected by law. You can also buy any number of Bavarian specialities like huge soft pretzels, raddishes, and various pork dishes. One great aspect of this beer garden is it offers some variety of beers, all brewed by local Hofbrau. My favorite is the Ur-Bock, a strong beer with a robust hoppy flavor at 6.50 Euros per liter.

richiecdisc's Profile Photo
Nov 28, 2004

Chinese Tower Biergarten: It's all about the beer

The Chinese Tower Biergarten in the English Garden is one of the most popular spots in all of Munich for a cold one. Keep in mind that all of the outdoor biergartens are like big picnics, so if you want to save a few bucks, bring your own pretzels and spiralled radishes (a local delicacy) and just buy the beer. Since it was a hot summer day, I ordered a helles bier (lager). That large glass you see in the picture is a "mass". No, that isn't a church service, it refers to a liter of beer.

acemj's Profile Photo
Sep 04, 2004
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Chinesischer Turm: Sunshine and Beer Gardens

It is suprisingly easy to get lost in the Englischer Garten, there are plenty of maps, but none of then have a 'YOU ARE HERE' indicator, but on a summers afternoon it's one of the nicest places to be in Munich. The Isar brimming with Ice melt water and the huge open spaces dotted with sunbathers. Note: Germans/Bavarians :) are very comfortable in their own expect to see plenty of it ;). If you do visit the garden, find your way to the Chinesischer Turm then sit in the shade and drink a beer or two - wonderful. The 'Turm' is a huge beer garden surrounding an ornate Chinese tower and the easiest way to get there is to take the U Bahn to Universitat and its only a few minutes into the park (depending on which side of the U-Bahn you exit - look for a large fountain and walk down the side street).

The beer garden has many eating options and selection is the usual wholsome fair of pork, beef , dumblings, saurkraut, country potatoes...etc.and of course the Schweinehaxe is excellent. This time I went for a Stecklerfische which is a large Mackerel, simply cooked with lemon and a giant Bretzel and of course a litre of beer to spend the time with. Total cost about 15 euros and the fish was excellent. It was quite quiet when I got there around 6pm, but begining to fill up later (about 8pm). Unless you know where you are going it's even easier to get lost at night !

Steveharley's Profile Photo
Nov 15, 2012

Biergarten and Restaurant: Chinaturm - Chinese Tower

In the Summer the Chinese Tower and the area around it becomes one huge Biergarten. In the winter, you can only visit the very nice, but expensive restaurant in the beautiful old yellow villa, right next to the tower.

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Feb 08, 2003

Chinesischer Turm: Great place to go with kids!

The Chineser Turm or Chinese Tower beer garden is located in the Englisher Garten (one of the largest city parks in Europe). Like other beer gardens in Bavaria, you are allowed to bring your own food and sit at the tables without tablecloths. Of course there's beer and sausages, and sometimes barbequed spareribs. If you're expecting a nice salad or other vegetables, you'd better bring your own because this is Bayrish (Bavarian) food! You have to pay a deposit for a beer mug and you eat cafeteria style. The best part about it is that you can eat and drink beer in a nice location and your kids can play on the playground right next to you. There's even a carosel in the summer for small kids to ride.

Favorite Dish The spareribs are excellent. The sauce is not sweet like american bbq, just spicy and salty. Very good!

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May 31, 2004

Chinesischer Turm

This must be one of the most popular beergardens in Munich. It is located in the middle of the English Garden around the impressive wooden tower called "Chinese Tower". You will sit under the chestnut trees, enjoy a beer and a snack and most likely you will hear Bavarian brass band music sooner or later - played live!!! It is a fantastic atmosphere and usually it is quite crowded. The self-service kiosks offer the typical bavarian delicasies from Obazdn to Steckerlfisch.

Opening hours/Seats
daily 10.00 am - midnight
approx 7000 seats

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Sep 05, 2004
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"Munich - Oktoberfest & a lot more !"
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"Brezn, Bier and Beautiful Days in Munich"
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"Munich is nature, art, events and culture"
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"The Big Village"
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Chinesischer Turm: Eat, Drink, and be Merry!

We got two huge beers, sauerkraut, a pretzel, a currywurst, and a serving of a side salad made from paprika, cheese, onions, and other interesting things. I loved it. It was called obatzda, according to Sabsi..anyway, it was good!

Here's a recipe for it:

We loved sitting outside and being surrounded by lots of locals and visitors and families. Some people brought picnics, complete with dishes and silverware. They supplemented their home-cooking with beer and pretzels. Other groups had birthday parties, and others were clearly business people showing visitors "authentic" Beer Garden fun.

Highly recommended!!!

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Aug 03, 2005

Chineese tower: A great beergarten

A nice beer garden, with live music (usually Summer Sundays).


Get there:
From Marienplatz take U-Bahn U6 direction Münchner Freiheit and exit at Giselastraße
From Giselastraße take bus 154 to Arabellapark and exit at Chinesischer Turm
Walk about 4 minutes
Travel time: 15 minutes

Favorite Dish Steckerlfisch (grilled/smoked mackerel)

Mar 28, 2009

Go to the English Garden. You...

Go to the English Garden. You can relax there, and if you are hungry or thirsty visit the Beer's Garden that is there. Enoy the music, beer and food.
It doesn't metter you don't know the people in the same table, you can sit down and talk or not with them.

Favorite Dish The potatos are a great snack.

lucyguajardo's Profile Photo
Sep 12, 2002

Chineserturm Biergarten (in Englischergarten): A little lager

The Chineserturm biergarten is a great place to unwind and have a few beers with typical Bavarian snacks. The prices are reasonable and the outdoors "ambiance" very pleasant if the weather is fine. It also did not appear to be swarming with tourists as some other centrally-located biergartens were.

Favorite Dish All of the food sold at the stalls looked appealing. We tried leberkase (looks not unlike North American meatloaf, but tastes *much* better) and the brezels (large, puffy pretzels sprinkled with anise - perfect). These snacks went very well with the fresh beer. The price I have listed is the cost a a litre of beer and something to eat.

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Aug 29, 2002

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Getting to Chinesischer Turm


Englischer Garten 3 80538 München


  • Sunday 10:00 to 01:00
  • Monday 10:00 to 01:00
  • Tuesday 10:00 to 01:00
  • Wednesday 10:00 to 01:00
  • Thursday 10:00 to 01:00
  • Friday 10:00 to 01:00
  • Saturday 10:00 to 01:00