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Skip-the-Line Neuschwanstein Castle Half-Day Tour from Fuessen
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Private Tour: Royal Castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau from Munich
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Private Group Tour from Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Neuschwanstein and Linderhof Castle
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Day Trip - Neuschwanstein Castle Tips (54)

Trip to Neuschwanstein Castle

Took train from Munich to Fussen, 2 hours, then bus to Neuschwanstein. Here are two castles possible. There were huge lines of people buying tickets for the castles, i only wanted to see the views of the castle Neuschwanstein, so got the mini bus 2 euro 50 return up to near Marienbrucke. The bridge has terrific view of castle so dont miss.The bridge was very crowded.[see picture of bridge.

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Jun 11, 2011

Neuschwanstein's fairy tale castle

Neuschwanstein is a fairy tale castle (actually, Disney used it as his inspiration for Cinderella's castle in Disneyland). In castle terms, Neuschwanstein is young. The castle was constructed between 1869 and 1886, on a peak overlooking the dense green forests of Bavaria. The entire region abounds with nature's finest clear lakes and mountains.
The man behind the castle was King Ludwig II. In many ways, the castle mirrors the personality of it's eccentric creator. His strange behavior still provokes heated discussions among local people. Historians may call him "Mad King Ludwig" but others feel the label "eccentric" is a more fitting title.
Ludwig cared little for the duties of royalty, preferring to retreat into isolation. He found escape in the mountains. It was said he held imaginary talks with Madame de Pompadour and brought his horse to dine at the dinner table. Building dreamlike, romantic castles was his passion. His other great loves were history and opera, in particular the works of Richard Wagner.

Apr 04, 2011

How to get there.

From Munich Hbf buy a train ticket to Fussen. The ticket cost around 45 Euros round trip. You may have to change trains at Kaufbeuren.
Once you've exited the train at Fussen, head to the back of the train station and wait for the bus that will take you to the castle ticket center.The bus will cost about 4 Euros per person. The bus will drop you off and you have to walk up the hill towards the ticket center. From this point you can see both Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau if you look around.
Once you have your tickets you can get to the castles one of three ways...
1.) walk, which is the longest (taking 20-45 minutes depending on which castle you go to) but it's FREE
2.) bus, which is cheap (3.60 Euros round trip) and takes about 10-15 minutes
3.) horse carriage, which is most expensive but still relatively cheap. However, they pile as many people into the carriage that will fit, so it's NOT the romantic ride we were looking for.
Once the bus drops you off you have to walk down the road to the castle. It is a hike and it does incline.
If you bought a ticket to enter the castle the tours start around to the back, you have to wait for your time to show up on the screen before you can enter.

The tour was very short. It was decent, but I don't recommend going inside. The views from the grounds were amazing and worth trip alone.

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Oct 16, 2009

Visit the small town of Fussen

Fussen is a small town that is well worth a visit. Since it's the last stop of the train from Munich to the Bavarian Castle of Neuschawnstein, you can make the most of the day and also spent some time wondering in its small and quiet streets and visit a small Castle and the Old Trown Hall, for example. Also, near the train station there is a delicious place that sells "fast fish food". Try out some of the specialties.

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Oct 01, 2008
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Neuschwansteinstrasse 17, Hohenschwangau, Bavaria, 87645, Germany
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Pfleger-Rothut-Weg 2, Hohenschwangau, Bavaria, 87645, Germany
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Alpseestrasse 8, Hohenschwangau, Bavaria, 87645, Germany
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Schwangauer Strasse 7, Hohenschwangau, Bavaria, 87645, Germany
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Schwangauer Strasse 37, Hohenschwangau, Bavaria, 87645, Germany
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Alpseestrasse 16, Hohenschwangau, Bavaria, 87645, Germany
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Palace Neuschwanstein

The "fairytale castle" of King Ludwig II, with over 1 million visitors a year.

Kind Ludwig II commissioned the castle to be built in 1868. The solitary monarch's desire was to turn his friend Richard Wagner's operas into reality. The architectural plans were drawn up by Eduard Riedel, and building began in 1869. In 1874, George Dollmann took over the construction. The interior decoration was almost finished at the time of Ludwig II's death in 1886. The castle itself was not completed by Julius Hoffmann until 1892.

Special feature:
The monumental castle stands on a jagged cliff, towering 200 meters above the river valley. It was first open to the public on August 1, 1886 - hardly a month after Ludwig's demise.

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Aug 31, 2008


Schloss Honeschwangau or "Castle Of The High Swan Country" was the residence of Bavarian King Ludwig II. This castle was built by his father King Maxmillan II as a summer residence for his famiy. This castle was built in twelfth centuary on the remains of an old castle.
The castle is surrounded by picteresqe landscapes of stunning beauty. It is indeed a fairy tale land. Many ancient fairy tale writers drew inspiration from this castle. From here you can enjoy full beauty of Alps Mountain range.
Entry ticket costs Euro 9/- per adult. Entry is free for children below 18 years. Horse carriages are available for reaching here, which costs Euro 3.5/- per person for uphill journey and Euro 1.5 for downhill journey. Journey takes around 20 minutes upto Hosenchwangau and 40 minute to Newschwanstein castle ( This castle was built later in eighteenth century).

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Mar 25, 2008

Best tourist attraction in Munich

Did you know Walt Disney got his idea of the iconic castle from this castle that the Mad German emperor king Ludwig something built (elected his horse to be a member of the government?? haha). Though it was at the time a overly zealous king breaking the backs of his workers and spending money fruitlessly on a summer chateau, today it rakes in millions of dollars in tourism revenue. who would have guessed?

It is simply wonderful anytime of the year, whether in snow or in a clear blue sky. So, go here, and take the tour so your not just taking amazing pictures from Marienbrucke( the rainbow bridge). Go and learn a bit of german history. Dont wear nice shoes though, cause its often muddy on the walk up.
TIP: Alot a full day for this sightseeing, since it is like 2 hours from munich, and takes time to hike up to the bridge, and all that stuff. Careful on the bridge...wooden bridge.

Sehr schon!

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Mar 09, 2008

Grayline/Panorama tours

I visited the castles by Grayline castle tours. In the morning we visited Linderhof followed by 30 minutes shopping at oberammergau. So we had 4 hours to spend at the castle. The guided tour lasted around 30-40 minutes.
The tour was well organized. I am not a fan of organized tours, but I should say I really liked this particular tour: The tour guide (Marienne) was informative, provided plenty of information throughout. There were no hitches, things went as planned. The tour costs 49euros excluding the entrance fee to the castle. If you are interested in visiting the castle, they will collect the money during the tour and make the reservation which is a plus.
If cost is a concern, then you can check the bayern ticket (that provides travel throughout bavaria). It costs less than 20 euros.

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Jan 03, 2008
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"Brezn, Bier and Beautiful Days in Munich"
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"Munich is nature, art, events and culture"
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"The Big Village"
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Schoss Neuschwanstein

If you don't have time for anything else, you must do this. We took an escorted tour for this trip from Munich. We drove the two hours through the Bavarian Alps which are incredible and stopped in the town of Oberammergau, which was spectacular. After that, we arrived in the town of Fussen and had lunch before taking the hike up to the castle. There were two castles in Fussen but not many restaurants. Schloss Hohenschwangau is a 14th century castle that sits on top of a hill. After lunch, we walked up-hill 30 minutesto reach Schloss Neuschwanstein. It was very tiring, but worth the effort...there were natural waterfalls on the path and one of two refreshment stands on your way up the hill. If you don't mind waiting in line (we were on a time schedule) you can share a horse-drawn carriage which looked cool. Seemed easy enough to find and get tickets. But be prepared and wear comfortable shoes....its a l-o-n-g hike! As you get closer, the castle (one of Ludwig II's most famous) gets bigger. When you get to the top you see a breathtaking view of the castle which is situated on an outcrop of rock and towers over a deep gorge. A guide takes you through the castle....there are 200 rooms but only 18 were finished due to the Kings early death. From the entrance to the castle, you can also see a cast-iron brigge that spans the Pollat gorge. Really fabulous.

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Sep 09, 2007

A fairy tale castle

Neuschwanstein Castle is another must do. This is the castle that Walt Disney based his Cinderella castle on, and you can see why.
We took a tour that left from right outside our hotel and stopped at Linderhoff and Neuschwanstein. There are a number of different tour companies offering trips to this castle, so pick the one that fits you best.
When you get to the castle, you have to walk (or take a buggy) up a long road to get to the castle. Be sure to have your ticket with you, and get there a little early. Things seemed pretty congested when we were there and somewhat confusing so allow yourself some time.
And don't forget your camera.

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May 27, 2007

An amazing castle

Neuschwanstein Castle is an awesome site to see. Make sure to climb up the hill to get to the castle. You will have great views of the castle from a bridge that is built between two mountains. Take the 30 minute castle tour to check out the inside.

Neuschwanstein was never occupied because King Ludwig died before the castle was completed.

From Munich try to travel in a group of 5 people. You can buy a train pass good for 5 including the bus ride once you get to Fussen. It cost us about 5euro each for the train ticket and if you choose to do the castle tour, that was about 14euro. Package tours were charging about 50euros and up.
Do this trip on your own- it is MUCH more worthwhile!!!

--When you go to the bridge for pictures make sure to look for the German guy wearing his lederhosen. He'll take pictures and pose in pictures for you.

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May 04, 2007

Schloss Neuschwanstein, Germany

This is a must for all castle lovers; Castle Neuschwanstein. To me the most spectacular of the of the King Ludwig castles. The castle itself is in the shade 90% of the time, but the view is spectacular. The valleys are drenched in sunlight. Take a coat, because unless it's the heat of summer it's gonna get cool. So, you made it to the castle now what: buy a ticket down in the little town. It is clearly marked and tickets are timed. You can get a ticket just for Neuschwanstein or Hohenzollern or both. When I went there was not enough time to visit both castles since it was during the winter. The castle is about 30-40 minutes uphill. I would suggest to get a carriage ride. They cost 5,- euros each way and are worth it. You will see their stand right outside the ticket building. Just hop on and off you go. Make sure to take the time and visit the Marien Bruecke and the overlook.

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Apr 17, 2007

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