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Neues Rathaus - New Town Hall Tips (93)

Up, up, for the view

Munich’s Marienplatz is famous, maybe even the most popular attraction for visitors in town. People flock here for the famous Glockenspiel, use it as a meeting point, visit the tourist office or start walking or sightseeing tours from here.

For me it holds a special treat for visitors: the view from the top of the town hall tower.
Two elevators bring visitors to the viewing platform in 85 metres. When the weather is good, the views are excellent, even the Alps can be seen then.

Up there, be careful though. No, it is well secured; no one can fall from the top. But the circuit is rather narrow and it is difficult to move around with larger daypacks. Four oriels (?) at each corner make it possible to give way though. Each viewing side has little plates with the buildings and attractions one can see from that position.

So how to get up? In the main archway into the courtyard are a few steps to the left hand side leading to the first elevator. Take this elevator and once you get off, follow the signs to the cash desk and the second elevator.

Fees (as of August 2016): 2,50 Euro for adults, 1 Euro for kids from 6 – 18 years, kids younger than 6 years are free.

Open: in winter/October 1st – April 30th: Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 17:00;
In summer/May 1st – September 30th: Monday to Sunday, including public holidays 10:00 – 19:00.
During Christmas Markets the summer opening hours apply. This must be extra special: watching the market going on in the evening!

Location of New Town Hall, Viewing Platform on Bing Maps.

© Ingrid D., August 2016 (So please do not copy my text or photos without my permission.)

Trekki's Profile Photo
Aug 02, 2016

The New Town Hall

This visit we wandered inside the courtyard of the new town hall.

The New Town Hall is home to Munich's city government, city council and the offices of the mayor.

The new town hall was built between 1867 and 1908 by Georg von Hauberrisser in Gothic Revival style. It has around 400 rooms. There is a large restaurant - Ratskeller - in the basement.

IreneMcKay's Profile Photo
Sep 05, 2015

Neues Rathaus

The central part of New Rathaus, that was constructed in three stages in 1867-1909 under direction of George Hauberisser, is the 85-meter tower. The building of the New Town hall is in style of Neo Gothic. A facade of the building with extent about 100 meters figures and decorate ornaments of the Bavarian dukes, princes, kings, allegories, legendary characters and sacred. Courtyards are arranged by an example of court yard of Gothic Castles.

You can watch my 2 min 52 sec Video Munchen Marienplaz out of my Youtube channel or here on VT.

Kuznetsov_Sergey's Profile Photo
Feb 21, 2015

The centre of Munich

The new town hall.This gothic looking building is the centre of town.There is an information store at the front of the building which can be very helpful for the tourist.A number of the walking tours start from here as well.It can very crowded and a bit of a tourist trap in the middle of the day.

littleman's Profile Photo
Sep 21, 2013
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Neues Rathaus (New Town Hall)

This is without doubt the show stealing center piece of Marienplatz, and one of Munich's key landmarks. It grabs your attention through its outrageous architecture - a kind of spiky, crinkly neo-Gothic masterpiece. It is stunning during the day, and even more stunning at night. It was built in the late 19th century, just in time to get draped in the swastikas of the National Socialist movement (see Dachau museum) that was boiling up in Munich in the early part of last century.

Today it offers two highlights: a trip to the top of the tower and the carillon in the main tower which sparks into action three times a day for the pleasure of the gawping tourists in Marienplatz. The carillon is a mechanical dance of automatons that commemorates the marriage of Wilhelm V to some German bint in the 16th century. The carillon goes off twice a day at 11am and midday, but during the summer it also plays at 5pm.

The carillon stumbled into gear around 3 minutes late when I watched it, just in time to catch the crowd's attention before they had wandered off bemused. I watched the stalling metal mannequins as they made their way around the mini stage, and listened to the automaton chime the music to the Schäfflertanz like two anxious nine year old's reciting their favourite piece on the xylophone; all out of tune and synchronisation. A whiny little English brat walked past me, muttering to his friend, "why are these stupid ***ing people watching this stupid boring ***ing thing?" While he was irritating enough to slap, he did have a point.

You can also go to the top of the tower, and while the view isn't as good as from Peterskirche across the square, it does benefit from the fact that it takes you up in a lift, rather than the back-breaking infinite stone steps of Old Peter. Plus you can get a picture of the Rathaus itself from Peterskirche. Be warned that in winter the tower is shut on weekends and public holidays.

antistar's Profile Photo
Aug 14, 2013

New Town Hall - Rathaus

The New Town Hall is one of the central happening places in Munich. The large square in front is filled with people, and there were several live presentations on a temporary stage while we visited. The tower with its double level Glockenspiel is the highlight, but the neo Gothic style building is impressive.

Roadquill's Profile Photo
Aug 08, 2013

Neue Rathaus (New Town Hall)

New Town Hall (Neue Rathaus) is the most impressing building on Marienplatz. It was built between 1867 and 1908 in neo gothic style. Although it houses the administrative offices of the City Government you can visit its tower and have a panoramic view. It also houses the Touring Information if you need some free maps, leaflets and any help about the city.

The Town Hall is famous for the mechanical clock (Glockenspiel) which is a carillon with 32 life-size figures that go round and dance with music for some minutes (about 15’) daily at 11.00 and 12.00 (summer in 17.00 too). It’s nothing special but tourists gather in front of the building to see the small figure parade and take pictures/video of it. The clock was created in 1908 and is divided in 2 levels that tell 2 different stories from Bavarian history, the first one a wedding of duke Wilhelm V and the second one the dance of coopers during 16th century to get rid of the plague!

When you get bored with it start check the numerous statues of the façade, most of them are historical figures (kings, saints) or mythological ones (dragon included!). Or you can just walk through the arched entrance at the inner courtyard.

mindcrime's Profile Photo
Feb 06, 2013

New Rathhaus clock-Glockenspiel

It is a wonder for 20 minutes that plays music and the "dancing" figurines rotate for a real show, with a story of the knight spearing the enemy, and folk and court figures moving in circular fashion.
The clock goes on the hour at 11AM, 12 noon, and 5PM daily.
Crowds congregate in the square, so get there early for the better picture setting; a magnificent show

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Jun 23, 2012
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New Town Hall/RAthaus

This is where the famed clock-Glockenspiel is located, which plays the scene at 11AM, 12 noon, and 5PM. The rest of the building is for administrative offices of the Government, but there is a tower in the rear that can be accessed for a view of the area. It costs Euro 3 to enter, and you pay at the 4th level. This is also where the main Information center is located.
While we were there this year, the west side was being renovated; and that process continues constantly. The tower is 79 meters, and the architecture style is Flemish Neo-Gothic, with construction between 1867 and 1909. The building contains 400 rooms, and is 91,000 square feet.

BruceDunning's Profile Photo
Jun 23, 2012

New Town Hall

The first thing you see when coming to Munich's Marienplatz is the impressive New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus); its over 300 feet long and elaborately decorated façade with hundreds of statues, turrets and arches dominates the whole square. Although it seems like the New Town Hall dates back to the middle Ages, the building was constructed between 1867 and 1909 in Flanders Gothic style. The New Town Hall is home to the city government, the Munich Tourism Office, and the restaurant “Ratskeller” on the ground floor of the building.

black_mimi99's Profile Photo
Apr 27, 2012

Rathaus tower

That's the tower of the town hall, a lift will take you to the viewing platform for just (10/2011) 2Euros 50. All the times I've visited Munich this was the first time up there for me.
Good views of the city and surroundng areas.

bonio's Profile Photo
Oct 19, 2011

New Town Hall

The Neues Rathaus, [ new town hall ] is in Marienplatz . In the tower is a glockenspiel that plays 2 or 3 times a day. The building is festooned with statues and gargoyles. The tower has a free lift to 4 th floor, then to top from 4 th a charge of 1 euro 50. Great view but a bit windy.

alectrevor's Profile Photo
Jun 11, 2011

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