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St. Peter's Church Tips (49)


The elegant spire of Alter Peter (Old Peter) offers one of the best views in all of Munich, but you have to put some effort into it. There's a lot of steep stone steps between you and that view. Once you get there be prepared for a squash as well as an awe-inspiring view, because at the top of that narrow tower is a balcony just wide enough for one person. Shortly after I arrived at the top a tour group of about 20 French tourists arrived all at the same time and caused chaos, with people bunching up and being squashed against the railings. A tip for tour guides: don't take your entire group of 20 up to a popular monument all at the same time when there's barely enough room for single file at the top. This was also in November, so god knows what the crush would be like at the peak of the tourist season.

It costs a couple of euros to climb to the top, which you pay to the poor soul whose humble job it is to sit in a box all day and take your money. The tower is open until about sunset every day, but it changes with the season.

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Jan 11, 2016

Alter Peter (Old St. Peter's Church)

For a small fee you can climb the narrow steps up to the top of the tower of the old St. Peter's Church and have another look out over the city.

The church is close to Marienplatz and the Viktualienmarkt.

Second photo: View from the tower of the old St. Peter's Church at dusk.

Third photo: Looking up at the steeple of old St. Peter's Church.

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Mar 24, 2015


St.Peterskirche or Peter's Church is the oldest church in Munich. At the end of the 12th century a church in the Bavarian Romanesque style was consecrated, and expanded in Gothic style shortly before the great fire in 1327, which destroyed the building. After its reconstruction the church was dedicated anew in 1368. In the early 17th century the 92 meter spire received its Renaissance steeple top and a new Baroque choir was added.

You can watch my 2 min 19 sec Video Munchen Peterskirche out of my Youtube channel or here on VT.

You can watch my 1 min 39 sec Video Munchen Panorama from Peterskirche out of my Youtube channel or here on VT.

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Mar 01, 2015

St. Peter's Church

St. Peter's Church is a Roman Catholic church and Munich's oldest church built in the 12th century. One of the unique features of this church is the rotating marionettes that dance and music plays every hour on the hour in the tower section of the church visible from outside in front of the church.

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Oct 03, 2014
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St Peter’s church

St Peter’s church(Peterskirche) –also known as Alter Peter(Old Peter)- is one of the oldest churches in Munich. It’s a roman catholic church that was built in 1368 in gothic style replacing the one from late 12th century that was destroyed by the great fire in 1327 but on the same spot there was a pre Merovingian church since 8th century.

Once inside I loved it (pic 3), the ceiling fresco looks bright new, originally made by Zimmermann in mid 18th century but was recreated in 2000. The High Altar is impressive but I also liked some beautiful paintings (among them 5 gothic paintings by Jan Polack). Another weird thing to see is a gilt covered and gem-studded skeleton(pic 5)! It’s the relics of Saint Munditia, an early Christian martyr. The relics came to St Peter church from Rome in 1675.

The 92 meter high tower (a renaasance steeple top was added in early 19th century) can be visited if you dare to climb 306 steps to the top (there’s no lift). From there (the platform is at 56m high) you will have great view over the city. For panoramic view check here

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Feb 06, 2013

St. Peters church

A church was on this site since the 8th century. This church was built beginning in 1158, but destroyed in a fire in 1327. Again rebuilt by 1368, it now looks like as today except for the spire that was added in 17th century.
The interior is very detailed and elaborate, especially the alter with Baroque style and gold and faux marble.

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Jun 26, 2012

Climb Old St. Peters II

Built in 1180, Old St. Peters church is the oldest parish church in Munich and you can climb up the bell tower to a viewing platform to get a great view of the city.
The climb can be tiring but it is worth the effort. At 92 Meters (301 feet high) you can see to the alps on a clear day.
In the small alcove I scrawled my name into the stone (along with a few hundred other names) and my luck would have it that some kind of guard showed up at the exact time I was "working." Look for it if you feel like it.

About 100 feet away from the New Town Hall and the Vikuelianmarkt, Old St. Peter's has a great location in the city.
Cost: 1 Euro (student)
1.50 Euros (non-student)
You can visit the tower Mon. - Fri. 9 a.m. - 6 p.m., Sat. and Sun. from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m

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Apr 04, 2011

It's worth the climb- Peterskirche

The Peterskirche, or "der alte Peter" is one of the oldest and most notable churches in Munich's center. Just off the Marienplatz and steps from the Viktualienmarkt, the Peterskirche offers a great view from the top of the steeple. The only catch- there's no lift, just the 302 stairs which can be a little overwhelming for the claustro- or acrophobic.

From the top, on a good day, you have a wonderful view of Munich all the way to the Alps.

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Apr 04, 2011
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"Brezn, Bier and Beautiful Days in Munich"
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For those with little time to spend: Alter Peter

You have flown into Munich, have some hours to spare, and wish to see as much as possible? Here's a suggestion:

St Peter's Church, known as Alter Peter (Old Peter), is Munich's oldest parish church (well, it was basically rebuild after WWII) and situated near Marienplatz (townhall) which makes it easy to find. But first and foremost, Alter Peter is one of the best viewpoints the city has to offer - that is, if you are willing to climb 306 steps.

Especially when the Föhn wind blows, and the Alps appear closer to the city than they actually are, the platform on St. Peter's 91 m / 299 ft spire (platform: 56 m / 184 ft) provides a nice panoramic view.
The view comes with a caveat though, as the platform lacks descriptions, so you need to know what the BMW tower looks like.

Alter Peter's chimes are produced by eight bells which can be seen when you walk all the way up to the platform. The biggest, the "Jubiläumsglocke", weights 7,000kg / 15,435lb, produces a low F and is one of the largest bells in Germany.

Inside, the church is dominated by the high altar to which Erasmus Grasser, a leading sculptor in Munich in the early 16th century, contributed.
Likewise worth to be seen are the panel-paintings on the choir walls by Jan Polack, a 15th-century painter, and the relics of Saint Munditia, than a Christian martyr, now a 1,700 year-old skeleton wrapped in jewels.

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Mar 21, 2011

The oldest parish church

Close to Marienplatz you can see St. Peter's church tower. This is one of the main churches and, alike Frauenkirche and Heiliggeistkirche, all three can be seen from this square.

St. Peter has a long history and after WWII was at the point to be demolished. In this place there was originally an ancient church -XIth century- but it was in XIIth century when St. Peter itself began to be built. Immediately it became the first Munich parish church being a transitional style-early gothic church. As time passed it got additions in several styles such as baroque or neoclassical but the whole kept a good balance between those elements. The high altar was changed by a magnificent baroque one made at XVIIIth century resembling that one of St. Peter's basilica at Rome and it's one of the most beautiful elements inside.

Especially valuable were the ceiling frescoes by Zimmermann, added in XVIIIth century too but what you can see now are not the original ones for those were destroyed. The actual ones are a superb restoration work finished at the end of XXth century -few years ago, really-. Nevertheless, the original stucco decoration couldn't be saved and has not been restored.

In the lateral choruses you can see many old and precious altars and you would do right taking a glance there. You can also climb up the tower and get a fantastic view of Munich.

It seems incredible again that this great church had been greatly destroyed and authorities thought it was not worth to rebuilt it again. Fortunately, the determination of some parish priests made the miracle.

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Nov 15, 2010

St. Peter's Church

St. Peter's Church is the oldest parish church in Munich. It was founded in the 11th century and has been undergone several reconstruction in other architectural styles. The church has an overwhelming rich interior.Everything in Late-Gothic with a lot of 18th-century figures of the apostles.
Don't miss to climb up the 300-ft tower to have a great view over the city. You find photos from the tower in my travelogue.

Entrance fee to the tower: 1.50 Euro (students: 1.00 Euro)

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Feb 24, 2010


St Peter's Church, or the Peterskirche, is the oldest parish church in Munich. It offers centuries of beautiful church art and a high tower (306 steps to the top) which affords a great view of the city. On a clear day, one can even see the peaks of the Bavarian Alps.

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Feb 27, 2009

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Getting to St. Peter's Church


Rindermarkt 1, 80331 Munich


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