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"Munich Traditional Bavarian Culture
"Munich Traditional Bavarian Culture Beer And Food Tour Including Traditional Bavarian Dress""Experience the Bavarian lifestyle and taverns on this unique 5-hour beer and food tour in Munich and make your Munich stay special and unforgettable. See Munich's most beautiful places while wearing traditional Bavarian clothing (your own Lederho Marienplatz or the famous Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche). Your guide will happily answer all your questions about Munich and the Bavarian lifestyle. Enjoy a few beers at the famous beer hall Hofbräuhaus. Taste 6 different beers and also enjoy ""Enjoy a relaxing 5-hour beer and food tour through the historic center of Munich with a Bavarian guide. Experience the Bavarian culture at its best from up close and become a Bavarian for a day -- including your own traditional Bavarian clothing!title=Highlights&1=5-hour+traditional+Bavarian+culture+tour+in+Munich&2=Don+your+traditional+Bavarian+lederhosen+and+explore+Munich+with+a+guide&3=Explore+famous+squares+such+as+Marienplatz+and+Stachus&4=Discover+top+local+landmarks+including+the+Church+o
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Munich Old Town Walking Tour
"Meet your guide at Munich Central Station to begin your 2-hour tour of Old Town Munich’s charming historical center that’s home to some the city’s most famous churches monuments beer halls and museums. From Marienplatz Munich’s central square since the 1100s learn about the city’s long and eventful history as you stroll the medieval alleyways that wind through Old Town. Admire the architecture of the Old Town Hall with its glockenspiel that re-enacts stories from the 16th century. Take photos of Frauenkirche
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Munich 3-Hour Old Town Segway Tour
"All beginnings are difficult – not on a Segway! Before you start your tour of Munich you'll learn how to ride the Segway and realize that it's actually very easy. Experience shows that every customer gets to grips with riding a Segway within minutes. After the initial training you can get on your way and start your tour of the city. the seat of the Bavarian Parliament. This building was constructed between 1857 and 1874 by the architect Friedrich Bürklein and fits in with the surroundings by the Isar River. Up the river you'll see the Museum Island with the Deutsches Museum and the ""Discovering Munich's old city on a Segway is a wonderful experience. You can comfortably drive by the sights and attractions like the English Garden and the Glockenbach neighborhood and enjoy the special flair of the Bavarian state capital. There is altitle=Highlights&1=Small-group+tour&2=Informative%2C+friendly+and+professional+guide&3=Comprehensive+tour+of+the+city""
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Viktualienmarkt Tips (53)

Feast for the Eyes

Viktualienmarkt is a large market right off the Marienplatz containing several stores and stalls. It's divided up according to products: flowers, meats, cheese, seafood, fruit, etc. This is an excellent spot for a quick prepared lunch, or better yet, buy individual products and make your own (there are benches nearby or take it for a picnic). The meats are first class and you'll find just about any kind. Fruits are both locally grown and exotic (some of which I had never seen before in my life). Viktualienmarkt allows you a peak into everyday Munich life and feeds the tourist on the go.

15ilikestuff's Profile Photo
Jan 07, 2005

Food Glorious Food

An open air market that feels like a bazaar!

Lots of small shops all gaily 'decorated' with all sorts of food!

It was indeed a sensual experience with lots of colours, smells and fresh produce to taste. I enjoyed just wandering around the place and picking up cherries! :)

volarevolare's Profile Photo
Oct 15, 2004


This open-air market place with several restaurants and beer gardens is very centrally located just a few steps from Marienplatz, which puts it just about halfway between Munich's two opera houses. (Well, a bit closer to the one at Gärtnerplatz, actually.)

Nemorino's Profile Photo
Sep 07, 2004


The Viktualienmarkt is an open air market in the very center of Munich.

The "Duden", the official German dictionary, defines "victuaille" as an old word for food, equivalent to the English word victuals. Originally people were only allowed to sell their own products here, so it was firmly in the hand of the farmers from the towns and villages around Munich.

Today the goods sold at the Victualienmarkt, which covers around 21,000 m², come from all different countries of the world. What a feast!!!

We love to go there, shop for some goodies, sit down at the Viktualienmarkt beergarden, have a beer, eat our food and watch people!

Hours of business Mon-Fri 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sat 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

tini58de's Profile Photo
Aug 31, 2004
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6 Heiliggeiststrasse, Munich, Bavaria, 80331, Germany
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Viktualienmarkt 6, Munich, Bavaria, 80331, Germany
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Tal 8, Innenstadt, Munich, Bavaria, 80331, Germany
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Frauenstrasse 4, 80469, 80469
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Utzschneiderstrasse 12-14, Munich, Bavaria, 80469, Germany
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Sebastiansplatz 9, Munich, Bavaria, 80331, Germany
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The Viktualienmarkt has been open since 1807 when it opened as a small herb market. Over the past 200 years, it has developed into one of the city's biggest attractions. The location, just off Marienplatz, is perfect for attracting locals and tourists alike to its array of fruits, vegetables, flowers, all kinds of meats and cheeses and much more. There are some stands to get some tasty soups and snacks and, in typical Bavarian style, the whole place revolves around a beer garden that is marked by a traditional maypole with its characteristic blue and white stripes.

You'll also find a number of fountains in the area that commemorate local singers like Karl Valentin and Liesl Karlstadt (personally, I've never heard of them, but if they have statues in their honor, I'm guessing they were pretty good).

acemj's Profile Photo
Aug 21, 2004

Maibaum (May Pole)

A May Pole is a unique Bavarian custom. It's history dates back to the 16th century. A maypole is decorated with pictures of the main buildings and the main crafts of the village or even city.

It is also a tradition that men set up a small May Pole at the house of the girl he loves.

Leipzig's Profile Photo
Jun 18, 2004

Munich is about people

Nothing was more enjoyable then an afternoon sitting at a table outside at the Viktualienmarkt. Food stalls with everything imaginable, and once again, great white beer. Met an interesting Barvarian who entertained us all. For a snack lunch, lots of people watching, good conversation with great friends, couldnt imagine a finer afternoon.

dietzdrummer's Profile Photo
May 11, 2004


For breakfast go to Viktualienmark and try a weisswurst (this white sausage) that should be eaten with only suesser senf (a sweet, grainy mustard) and brezel (a bready pretzel) AND NOTHING ELSE.

Did You Know?
It began with a mistake. One night in February 1857, Sepp Moser’s restaurant in Munich’s Marineplatz was overwhelmed with patrons demanding wurst. When Moser ran out of the standard sausages, he hurriedly stuffed some thin pig intestines with a pale mixture made mainly of veal and parsley. But he goofed and overfilled the casings. A glance at the puffy links told Moser that if he friend them, they would burst. But the shouts of hungry customers range in his ears, so Moser plunked the fat white links in hot water and simmered them until they were cooked through. And what did his hungry customers think of the new sausages? They adored them, and because of this fluke, the quintessential Bavarian culinary experience—weisswurst—was born.

Now to learn the proper way to eat this delicacy check the following link:

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Apr 15, 2004
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"Munich - Oktoberfest & a lot more !"
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"Brezn, Bier and Beautiful Days in Munich"
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"Munich is nature, art, events and culture"
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"The Big Village"
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From the Marianplatz you can reach easily Viktualienmarkt, a big square market full of littles shops of Wurst(sausages), traditional handworking, fruit, flowers, chees .... all of hight quality and a bit expensive ...
The square if full of long tables at the middle where people sit to have theirs beers or eat ... as is usual in germany. I used to have wonderful fruit juice. I also loved the hot soups.
No matter the cold it is ... a small sun ray will make the square full ... incredible the amount of people you can see there together .. I was really impressed....

diageva's Profile Photo
Feb 08, 2004

The Viktualienmarkt

If you are hungry for something they are sure to offer it here at the Viktualienmarkt.

A stones throw away from Marienplatz is Munich's Viktualienmarkt--an outdoor bazaar of all kinds of food and drink. You will find everything from apples to zucchini here!

Jagermeister's Profile Photo
Dec 10, 2003


The "Viktualienmarkt", is a huge outdoor market selling everything from exotic to local fruits and vegetables, fish, meat (including horse and pony), flowers, and more. You will find fruits here that you won't find else where so it is a good place to buy.

nigelw6443's Profile Photo
Oct 13, 2003

Before 11a.m..... should eat a Weisswurst with that sweet mustard here at the Viktualienmarkt. It's is said, that they are the best before 11 a.m.
I like this place in Munich, it still has the flair of a market at some corners. If you aren't into shopping, you also can sit down for an early beer and a "Brotzeit", a snack.

Bigs's Profile Photo
Oct 12, 2003

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Getting to Viktualienmarkt


Victuals Market, Viktualienmarkt 3, 80331 München, Germany


  • Sunday Closed
  • Monday 10:00 to 18:00
  • Tuesday 10:00 to 18:00
  • Wednesday 10:00 to 18:00
  • Thursday 10:00 to 18:00
  • Friday 10:00 to 18:00
  • Saturday 10:00 to 15:00