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Panoramic Hop-On Hop-Off Tour of Munich by Double-Decker Bus
"Explore the highlights of Munich at your own pace. See Nymphenburg Palace Olympic Park the English Garden the historic Old Town Odeonsplatz Marienplatz and more as you travel aboard a comfortable double-decker bus. Enjoy the full one hour loop or start hopping on and off immediately. Take advantage of the 24 or 48 hour pass along with other upgrades.This tour offers commentary on the bus in ""
From EUR15.00
Munich 2-Hour Segway Tour: Historic Center and English Garden
"Your tour begins with a short introduction to driving a Segway. Try out the Segway scooter on the paths in the English Garden. In this historic center of the Bavarian capital you will discover nature as well as culture: ride through one of the largest parks in the world and alongside the Isar river to the top highlights of Munich.See further sights like Munich's old town Odeonsplatz Hofgarten Victory Gate Leopoldstraße the Maximilianeum and Peace Angel. Your guide will tell you all about the exciting history and the sights of Munich as well as the history of the city itself. The tour ends back at the starting point."
From EUR64.00
Munich City Hop-on Hop-off Tour
"Munich Grand Hop on Hop off TourEnjoy Munich in our open air double-decker buses. Discover the highlights of our city with our comprehensive Hop on Hop off tour. Our route invites you to discover sights such as the Pinakotheken art museums the world famous Hofbrauhaus the National Theater with the Royal Palace Marienplatz and the Viktualien market with its colorful outdoor stalls.Our tour continues to the Palace of Nymphenburg the former summer residence of the Bavarian elector princes and kings with its beautiful and spacious gardens. To get an impression of modern Munich you will visit the Olympic grounds where you will find other attractions like Sea Life the BMW museum and the new BMW Car World. You will have a fantastic panoramic view from the top of the 290 meter high Olympic Tower. Later we will pass through the former artist quarter of Schwabing where you may stroll along Leopold street. The frequent
From EUR17.00

By train Tips (54)

Munich Hauptbahnhof

The main railway station, for those who don't speak German.

A busy place, but it works well. I'm always comfortable using it.

Lots of food & shopping outlets. Well signposted. Big information desk right in front of the platforms. Easy connections via the S-Bahn - suburban trains. Not quite so easy connecting to the U-Bahn, but not a big deal.

Local trains, regional trains, ICE (high speed) trains, international trains...

UPDATE! I had to use the information desk yesterday after a flight delay caused me to miss my train. They are very helpful and the information sheet they gave me (photo) even told me which platforms to use.

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Nov 13, 2015

A Train Named BOB

NOTE: BOB is a private company independent of Deutsche Bahn. Therefore, BOB service will not be affected by the ongoing series of German rail strikes.

The Bayerische Oberlandbahn, or BOB, is a private train service run by Veolia Transport. Departing approximately hourly, BOB trains originate at the Munich Hauptbahnhof and continue to the Tegernsee, Lenggries, and Bayrischzell. (NOTE: outbound trains will split into three parts, one going to each destination. Be sure to get the car going where you want to go!)

If you get on at the Munich Hauptbahnhof, you must go to tracks 27-36 on the Arnulfstrasse side of the station, about 200 meters down Platform 26. This is probably not the most convenient entry point unless you're right at the Hauptbahnhof. Note that the BOB trains also stop at Donnersbergerbrücke (connections to all S-Bahns except S-20), Harras (connections to S-7 and U-6), Siemenswerke (weekdays) or Solln (weekends) (connections to S-7 and S-20), and Holzkirchen (connections to S-3).

If you have a MVV day card for the entire network (gesamtnetz), it is valid on the segment from Munich to Holzkirchen, meaning you only need a ticket beyond there (i.e., Holzkirchen to your destination). You can purchase tickets at a BOB ticket counter, or at "BOB" ticket machines at the stations. Note machines are touch-screen and in German only. If you purchase a ticket from a machine, be sure to stamp the ticket in one of the machines marked "E" before you board. Note you must stamp a round-trip ticket a second time before boarding your returning train.

Passes and Special Tickets: Both the Schönes Wochenende Ticket and Bayern-Ticket are valid for the entire route. BOB offers a day ticket called the "Oberland Ticket," valid from 9AM on weekdays or all day on weekends, costing EUR 16 per person. You can also purchase a special "BOB/MVV Ticket" valid on both BOB and the Inner Zone (Innenraum) of the MVV network for up to 5 people from 9AM until 3AM the following day (until 1AM on the MVV) (EUR 29, or EUR 20 for a "single" ticket). In addition, there is a "Guten Tag" ticket, valid on the BOB as well as MERIDIAN Trains between Munich and Salzburg (not valid weekday mornings before 9AM, cost EUR 21 for one, plus EUR 4 for each additional person up to 5). Eurail / German Rail passes are NOT accepted.

travelfrosch's Profile Photo
Jul 14, 2015

Munich Hauptbahnhof

Munich's Hauptbahnhof, or main train station, is quite an amazing transportation hub. You can think of it as 4 stations in one: The main tracks for the longer trains (tracks 11-26); two "mini-stations" on either side servicing local trains, private trains (e.g., BOB and ALEX), and some S-Bahns (tracks 5-10, and the "Starnberger Flügelbahnhof" at tracks 27-36); and the underground station ("Hauptbahnhof Tief," Tracks 1-2) for the S-Bahn (S-1 through S-8). You can also get to the Hauptbahnhof by U-Bahn (U-1, U-2, U-4, and U-5), the Lufthansa Airport Bus, and several trams.

From here, you can get trains to just about anywhere in Europe. Among the destinations reachable via night train: Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest, Milan, Hamburg, Rome, Venice, and Zagreb.

The train station itself has an impressive number of services, to include food stands, a grocery store, a Starbucks, not one but two Burger Kings, luggage lockers, a EURAIDE office, and a full-service travel center ("Reisezentrum" -- go here to validate your railpass).

The best bet for most local travelers is to use one of the many ticket machines. You can get tickets to most local destinations at one of these, which will save you time waiting in line at a ticket counter. Many machines take major credit cards. Arriving travelers can also buy MVV (local transportation) tickets and day-tickets here, but if a machine is too intimidating, never fear: turn left (with your back to the tracks) and proceed down the escalator. Here, you will find several ticket counters where you can buy any MVV ticket you might need (to include 3-day tickets).

travelfrosch's Profile Photo
Jun 16, 2015

Munich-Pasing Station

On the west side of Munich is the railway station known as Pasing. Most (but not all) trains arriving from Augsburg, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Weilheim, Kochel, and Buchloe stop here. You can get to Pasing using the S-Bahn lines S-3, S-4, S-6, S-8, or S-20, as well as Tram #19 and various buses. If you plan to stay in the western part of Munich, or one of the western suburbs serviced by the S-Bahn, you can save time by connecting at Pasing instead of the Hauptbahnhof. Conversely, it can make sense to pick up your outbound train at Pasing. Be sure to re-confirm your desired train does indeed stop at Pasing.

The station itself, while not as vast as the Hauptbahnhof, has a number of services, including food stands, a small grocery store, a few dozen luggage lockers, and an information counter. There are also some vending machines on the train platforms for those in a hurry.

travelfrosch's Profile Photo
Jun 30, 2014
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München Ostbahnhof

Munich's east train station, or Ostbahnhof, is a stopping point for many regional and inter-city trains headed south and east. Most (but not all) trains headed towards Salzburg, Vienna, and Innsbruck stop here. Connections are also possible with some EuroCity trains headed for Italy and the Balkans. In addition, CityNightLine overnight trains towards Berlin and Hamburg originate at the Ostbahnhof, as do various "auto trains." The train station is reachable by several buses, all S-Bahns except S-20, and the U-5.

For those who are arriving at Munich Airport and heading south or east of Munich, the Ostbahnhof can be a handy connecting point. Take the S-8 from the airport to Ostbahnhof and change to your connecting train. If you're going directly to Salzburg, for example, you can save a lot of money by using a Bayern Ticket, the cost of which ranges from EUR 22 for a single traveler to EUR 38 for 5 people traveling together (not valid on IR, IC, EC, or ICE trains; not valid before 9AM weekdays).

While the station itself is not as vast as the Hauptbahnhof, you will still find food stands, shops, kiosks, coin-operated luggage lockers, and toilets.

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Jun 30, 2014

Trains to and from Munich

Since Munich is the southernmost major city in Germany, it is the starting or ending point for numerous long-distance trains to other parts of the country.

On a typical weekday there are 22 direct ICE (InterCityExpress) or IC (InterCity) trains from Munich to Frankfurt am Main, and 26 more connections where you have to change trains once in Mannheim, Stuttgart, Nürnberg or Würzburg. A direct ICE usually takes three hours and forty-some minutes to get to Frankfurt by way of Augsburg, Ulm, Stuttgart and Mannheim.

Update: They have recently opened up a new high-speed ICE route from Munich via Ingolstadt to Nürnberg, so it is now slightly faster to go that way rather than by way of Stuttgart and Mannheim.

On Fridays and Sundays the trains can be very full, so I usually try to get a reservation on those days, but otherwise when I'm done with whatever I'm doing in Munich I just go to the station and get on the next train to Frankfurt.

Second, third and fourth photos: More people and trains at the Munich main station.

Fifth photo: First class in an ICE train from Frankfurt to Munich. The main difference between first and second class is that in first there are only three seats across, and in second class there are four.

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Jun 27, 2014


This is the suburban railway system.

Within the city it's quicker than the U-Bahn if the stations suit you.

I'm not sure how ticketing works - I'm always on a special inclusive Bayern ticket which lets me use the mainline train to/from the city plus the S-Bahn & U-Bahn.

Two of the S-Bahn lines serve the airport.

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Apr 23, 2013

Travel in Bayern region with Bayern ticket

If you travel in Bayern region, move from one city to another by train and other public transport, Bayern ticket would save you money.

The price of Bayern ticket is, for single 21 euro, if you are accompanied with up to 4 persons, 29 euro. The ticket is valid from 9 am to 3 am of the next day, on holidays valid from 0 am. You can buy from the vending machine in the train station and metro station in Munich.

You can use not only trains like regional expresses, s-bahn, but also u-bahn, bus of some of major cities of Bayern region, excluding expresses like ICE, IC.

For example, the round-trip fare of regional express between Munich and Augsburg is 23.4 euro. So you can save 2.4 euro with Bayern ticket.

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Aug 20, 2011
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"Munich - Oktoberfest & a lot more !"
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"Brezn, Bier and Beautiful Days in Munich"
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"Munich is nature, art, events and culture"
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"The Big Village"
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We came into the city from Gaimersheim (about 75 minutes north) by DB regional train on a Bayern card.

I’m not sure of all the details, but as well as covering the train fare it was valid on the s-bahn and u-bahn. I know it’s a day card, and is not valid for use on peak hour trains during the week.

The DB trains were comfortable, but not very quick. Interchange with the s-bahn and u-bahn at the central station was very easy.

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May 12, 2011

Overnight train from Amsterdam to Munich

I took the overnight train from Amsterdam central station to Munich Hauptbahnhof.

I booked the couchette online, cost me EUR89. It's a small room with 6 small beds in 3 layers 3 on each side (bottom, mid and upper). The train has toilets on each end of the train carriage. If you booked online, don't forget to print your e-ticket as the inspector comes checking out your ticket along with the credit card that you use to buy the ticket.

The train left Amsterdam before midnight and arrived very early in the morn in Munich so you sleep and arrive a bit fresh.

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Apr 04, 2011


What an experience to take the night train to from Amsterdam to Munich! Based on VT recommendations, we reserved our sleeping compartment far in advance. There are 3 choices of sleeping cars - couchette, economy, and deluxe. Since I was the only one under 6 ft. in the group, we decided the couchette was a little too small, and went with the economy sleeping car.

Having never been on a night train before we were not prepared for the cramped quarters. There was nowhere to put our luggage. The description said there was room under the lower bunks for a suitcase. They should say room for a garmet bag. Containing a single suit : ) Honestly, we couldn't even fit a day pack under there. We ended up stacking 2 of the suitcases on top of the "sink", and putting the other two on the floor between the bunks. And I'm not talking about huge, ugly American suitcases, either. OK, maybe one was (not mine).

And, while we got a good breakfast in the morning, we were never offered any beverages at all. Not even water. This may be entirely normal, but it struck me as odd since A) it was an 11 hour journey and B) many other trains we took had beverage service . There was a bar / dining car, but it was very small and smoky. Luckily we had packed a picnic.

So, now that I've made it sound horrible, it really wasn't that bad. The bedding was nice. And the 6ft plus guys could almost stretch out in the bunks. And my companions and I are good natured enough to find the humor in the whole situation. We laughed a lot and took a lot of pictures. And it was fun trying to sleep on the train. Oh, and the next day I felt like I was still on the train.

Anyway, all in all, it was a good $ for a hotel and transportation. But if I had it to do over again, I'd pay the extra $ for the deluxe sleeping car.

As with other train reservations, your tickets tells you which car and which comparment.

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Apr 04, 2011

Trains from Munich to Salzburg

It's easy to get from Munich to Salzburg, Austria by train. Trains depart Munich two times an hour. Trains depart from Munich Hauptbahnhof and arrive at Salzburg Hauptbahnhof. The trip takes about 1.5 hours and costs 25.50 euros.

Trains from Munich to Salzburg

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Sep 18, 2009

Things to Do Near Munich

Things to Do


So much see here at the Odeonsplatz.The Residenz ,Feldherrenhalle,Theatinerkirche etc......The Ludwigstrasse starts at the Odeonsplatz and ends at the Siegestor.This grand boulevard has Italian style...
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Things to Do

Alte Pinakothek

Inaugurated in 1836, the Alte Pinakothek is one of the oldest art museums in the world. It was commissioned by King Ludwig I of Bavaria who employed the architect Leo von Klenze to design a building...
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Things to Do

Staatliches Museum Aegyptischer Kunst - State Museum of Egyptian Art

Strolling down the road I came to the Residenz, the old palace of royalty in the city and fairly hard to miss if you're in the area. Curiousity led me to explore some of the architecture and thus it...
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Things to Do

Bayerisches Nationalmuseum

Ok, now that I write this, in August 2016, we all northern hemispherers still celebrate summer (or how summer behaves this year), it is too early to think about Christmas. But Christmas comes soon, so...
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Things to Do

Residence - Residenz

The Munich Residence is a complex of buildings and courtyards that was the home of the Wittelsbach dynasty of dukes, electors and finally kings of Bavaria from 1385 to 1918, when the last Wittelsbach...
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Things to Do

Pinakothek der Moderne

It opened in 2002 as one of the world’s largest museums of modern art and as the complement of the other 2 pinakotheks, the neue (new)and the alte(old). It is divided in 3 floors and houses paintings...
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