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Hamburg Red Light District Introductory Walking Tour
"Meet your guide near central Hamburg’s St Pauli district as dusk settles over the city then head through the busy streets on your 1.5-hour walking tour. Nestled on the right bank of the Elbe River St Pauli has a rich history and a reputation for raucous partying. During your tour explore colorful streets such as Davidstraße and the bustling Herbertstraße and take in top city attractions including the Schmidt Tivoli and St Pauli Theater. Soak up the lively atmosphere in busy squares such as Hans Albers Platz — where live music is played each weekend — and see where The Beatles started their career in 1960 learn what St Pauli is all about — the friendly side and the seedier side — and find out what makes this vibrant neighborhood tick. Stroll down the Reeperbahn home to famous strip clubs like Dollhouse and Susi’s Show Bar
From EUR18.00
Private Tour: Speicherstadt and HafenCity Walking Tour in Hamburg
"Meet your private guide at Baumwall Station in the Speicherstadt district which snakes along the waterways of the Hamburg port. Built as a free zone to transfer goods without paying customs this old trading area grew rapidly throughout the 19th and 20th centuries buying and selling everything from carpets to coffee from overseas. Today Speicherstadt is considered the largest warehouse district in the world.Enjoy informative commentary from your guide as you walk through the area and pop into interesting local shops. As you walk ask your guide as many questions about the city and its neighborhoods as you wish; the beauty of a private guide is that the commentary is tailored to your interests. Sample exotic spices in quirky shops visit a traditional oriental carpet store and upgrade (if you wish) to visit the Kaffee-Roesterei coffeehouse to try some of the world's most expensive and sought-after coffee varieties
From EUR23.00
Private Walking Tour: Hamburg Old Town
"After meeting your private guide at St Michael's Church (Michaeliskirche) set off on a 2-hour walking tour of Hamburg Altstadt the city’s handsome Old Town and historical epicenter. A former medieval settlement Altstadt is bounded by the harbor and by a string of roads following the line of the old fortifications.Strolling through the quarter imagine what the city looked like before the fires demolitions and devastating bombings of World War II. Today Hamburg Old Town has a new face marked by grandiose buildings
From EUR23.00

More Nightlife in Bremen

Staendige Vertrag

Opposite the Glockenspiel in Boettcherstrasse you will find this lively open-style bar. The walls are covered in political photos from the time of the Second World War onwards, so you will recognise...
halikowski's Profile Photo
Sep 17, 2009

Typical Nighttime in Bremen

Racism in German discotheques; BEING BLACK IS NOT A CRIME!I am an international student who’s lived in Bremen Germany for the past three years. Throughout this period I’ve interacted with several...
Dec 27, 2008

Along river Weser

This photo was taken during the christmas decoration along the river weser. there were stalls, which sells all items including souveniers, caps, ornaments, food etc. It was really nice to see them at...
Dec 26, 2008


My customer told me about this place,and when she knew that we also like tste beers of local brewerys,she told we should go here.It was good choise.I noticed later,that someone else had tipped this in...
Turska's Profile Photo
Dec 11, 2008

Bremen pubs

After dinner in the Schuttinger we were heading back to Hamburg when I decided I had to have just one more Krauser Beck's. I can't remember the name of the pub, but it's easy to find, next door to the...
barryg23's Profile Photo
Apr 21, 2005


Whenever I go to Bremen, THIS is my favourite bar for some cheap drinks and good music (blues and rock). Meisenfrei is both a beer pub and a live music hall, the concerts usually take place on friday...
Twangy's Profile Photo
Jan 07, 2004
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There are hundreds.

Just like any other disco, pub or bar...just in German! For the most part Bremen is a very casually dressed city, if you go someplace elegant dress appropriately. Otherwise anything from jeans to...
schnezana's Profile Photo
Apr 10, 2003

so many choices, ask around:...

so many choices, ask around: you're sure to find your flavor (this one is an expensive, trendy cigar bar--you gotta treat yourself sometimes). That's one of my best friends, and host, Jorg second from...
will2710's Profile Photo
Sep 08, 2002

Bremen, aluminated nightlife

Bremen, as a central city for the North-west of Germany has a very alive, yet very safe nightlife. Luckely, here fights, robbery and violence are not that common as in some bigger towns seem to be...
Pavlik_NL's Profile Photo
Sep 08, 2002

Top Hotels in Bremen

Hillmannplatz 20, Bremen, Bremen 28195, Germany
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Boettcherstrasse 2, Bremen, Bremen, 28195, Germany
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Bahnhofsplatz 5-7, Bremen, Bremen, 28195, Germany
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Im Buergerpark, Bremen, Bremen, 28209, Germany
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Bahnhofsplatz 11, Bremen, Bremen, 28195, Germany
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Bahnhofsplatz 17 - 18, Bremen, Bremen, 28195, Germany
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Top Things to Do in Bremen

Things to Do

Market Sqare - Town Hall

The Gothic Town Hall was built between 1405 and 1410, but the Renaissance façade was added 2 centuries later. One cannot but admire its many figures, reliefs, angels, flowers; it's a real art in...
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Things to Do

Schnoor Quarter

With its narrow lanes and 15th and 16th- century small houses, Schnoor (string, rope) is the city's oldest district. Fishermen used to live here, but today, the picturesque quarter is home to numerous...
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Things to Do

Town Musicians

The Bremer Loch (Hole of Bremen) is a manhole cover on Bremen's central market square, Am Markt. It looks like an ordinary manhole cover, but it has a coin slot at its centre. If you insert a coin...
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Things to Do


This is where coopers (böttchers) used to live and work, thus the name of the street, but it almost disappeared in the 19th century. Then, at the beginning of the 20th century, Ludwig Roselius, a...
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Things to Do

Roland Statue

With Durendart, the legendary sword of justice, in his right hand, and a shield with a two-headed imperial eagle in his left hand, Roland's been protecting the city of Bremen for more than 600 years....
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Things to Do

St. Peter Cathedral - St. Petri Dom

The Cathedral Court is the largest square in old Bremen. This is where public executions were once performed. Today, it's used as a market place from Monday to Saturday (8-15). Here you can buy fresh...
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"Bremen - I feel this city"
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"Bremen - the city of the musicians"
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"In Bremen - briefly"
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"Bremen - A World Heritage site"
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"Stadt and Bundesland"
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