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Private Small-Group Hamburg City Tour with a Luxury Vehicle
"Enjoy a hassle free tour of city of Hamburg only with 4 people on a luxury vehicle. Your private driver will ensure you a comfortable journey and will provide you a door to door service.Hamburg city tour is the great way to see the famous sights and to WWII air raids and the Great Fire of 1842 Hamburg has a unique character within Germany. As Europe’s second largest port Hamburg has always been a magnet for adventurers and travelers from around the world and its streets are still alive with history drama and wild
From EUR190.00
Private Small-Group Hamburg City and Countryside Tour from Kiel or Travemünde in a Luxury Vehicle
"Enjoy a hassle-free private tour of city of Hamburg and Country with a chauffeur and up to 4 passengers in a luxury vehicle. Your private driver will ensure you a comfortable journey and will provide you a door-to-door service or pickup and drop-off from to WWII air raids and the Great Fire of 1842 Hamburg has a unique character within Germany. This private tour will visit many little known or unknown places around Hamburg. See Hamburg´s iconic landmark St Michael's Church and visit Beatles-Square in Reeperbahn. Drive along the harbor front stretching from the Speicherstadt historic warehouse complex to Hafencity Europe’s biggest inner-city development. Some other Hamburg highlights include: The Rathaus the majestic Town Hall
From EUR390.00
Small-Group Hamburg City Walking Tour
"Meet your guide at Michaelis Church and get a great overview of the most important sights in Hamburg on this 2-hour guided walking tour. See the modern HafenCity including St. Nicholas Church Speicherstadt (warehouse district) the new landmark Elbe Philharmonic Hall and Hamburg's city center. Important sights that you will get to see on this tour are:St. Michaelis ChurchKramer AmtsstubenElbphilharmonic HallWarehouse District (Spei exhibitions restaurants musicals or theaters on your own."""
From EUR20.00

St. Pauli and Reeperbahn Tips (40)

Herz Hamburg: Live music at Herz Hamburg

The music in this bar caught my attention so I decided to take a look. That seemed to be the right decision since I've stayed here for 3 hours! The music was fantastic and diverse. Many people were singing along while having a good beer or another drink. The staff was very friendly and seemed to like their job very much. A great atmosphere, that I can recommend to everybody who visits the Reeperbahn and is not looking for anything erotic. The bar is 5 minutes walking from the U-bahn station.

Dress Code No dresscode

Colinde's Profile Photo
Sep 12, 2015

St. Pauli and Reeperbahn blue night bar avoid: BLUE NIGHT BAR AVOID!!!!!

Guy on door free entry just 5 Euros a beer and watch the girls for free, sounded too good to be true. It was free to get in beer was 5 euro. Two eastern ugly women came over sat next to us and pressurised me and my colleague for a drink I said no, before I know it my colleague had agreed to a small drink each. I realised what they were trying to pull, said we were leaving barmaid gave us a bill of 380 euros!!! For two small cheap glasses of wine. I refused to pay they get loud and aggressive just keep refusing and stand your ground, it went from 380 down to 200 then down to 70. I told them to call the police if they had an issue or the bouncers in. Again don't be rude but stand your ground they are just trying to intimidate you. We ended up paying 20 euros which I didn't want to but it seemed a easy get out to avoid the hassle or possible fight. DO not go to this awful club, the women are ugly and digesting, and its set up to con tourists.

Please stand your ground and refuse to pay, they are just trying to bully tourists. Shame puts a real crape image for Hamburg.


Dress Code Any clothing they only care to try and rip you off

Apr 17, 2015

Galeria 36: One of the best clubs on Reeperbahn

Great Spot, nice people, no "St. Pauli Tour" without it!... Every Thursday "Galeria del Latino", best event weekdays in whole St. Pauli for people over 25! Every saturday "Noche Latina" nice Girls and Boys, mostly latin, everybody is dancing, not only on the floor! A little Spanish will help! Specially on Saturdays very very full, make shure not to come after four in the morning because they close doors early sometimes! Don`t miss, You`ll have great fun, specially when You like latin music. Reasonable Entrance Fee, Ladies get free entrance before midnight usually!! Drinks are normal priced, not too expensive... Tip for the gentlemen: some of the girls there a working girls having their time off, they come in groups when they finished their business... They are gathering right-hand side of the entrance on a little balcony next to the wardrobe. Be nice to them, treat them like ladies, don`t be offensive and You will have a great time... and.... they`re real hot dancers ;-))...

Dress Code No jogging shoes or sports wear

Sep 18, 2013

St. Pauli and Reeperbahn: Don't watch Table Dance in "BLUE NIGHT"

Don't go to "Blue Night" Live show / Table dance, it's a horrible TRAP!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't believe the guy standing outside the shop, who will tell u that u only need to buy a beer costs 6 Euro. I went there last month, after i entered the shop, the girls had just danced for 1 minute and then they will sit next to u and talk to u. Then suddenly the staff gave the girls some champagne. Then your bill become 600 Euro instead of 6 Euro. And the staffs said something which threaten u that u will be in danger if not pay. Finally i paid 600 Euro although i only drank one bottle of beer and i had sit there for only 5 mins. So DON'T GO TO BLUE NIGHT!!!!! The shop is in the main street of Reeperbahn. The photo of the shop is here, BE CAREFUL!

I think almost ALL table dance shops in REEPERBAHN cheat tourists. If u really want to go there, please just walk around and drink some beer in a normal pub instead of trying to watch table dance. Otherwise u will have 90% chance of being cheated!!!!!!!

Dress Code None

Jun 24, 2013
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St. Pauli and Reeperbahn: Germany's answer to Amsterdam

The Reeperbahn is one of the 2 main centres for nightlife in the city. It is a long street that caters for all things seedy. Ranging from respectable restaurants nightclubs and bars to strip clubs, brothels and a sex museum. When in Hamburg it would be rude not to have a look.

deeper_blue's Profile Photo
Oct 13, 2012

St. Pauli and Reeperbahn: I'll Get A Hotel Here Next Visit!

I only managed one night out here in St Pauli - I don't think my liver could have coped with another - but I loved it. The actual "Red Light" street was a bit naff (far too short and claustrophobic) but otherwise I found the street life fun and unthreatening and the bars unanimously friendly.

Whilst the area has the reputation for its sleaziness, and indeed it certainly can be, I personally just wanted to cruise the bars and soak up the atmosphere (and of course soak up the beer). This isn't though the sort of place to be conspicously taking pics (and certainly not inside the pubs) which means that I have only vague recollections of the various bars I found myself in but they were all what I would term as "proper pubs" with welcoming staff and customers.

I started, admittedly a little aprehensively, in one of the bars on the main drag but by the time I'd had my second beer there I was perfectly comfortable - the proverbial fish in water. A pitstop at the Doner Company yielded an excellent plate of Kofte (and more beer) and then I just crawled a few more bars, including the one pictured, ending up in a cracking little bar down towards the docks where the pub singer treated me to an astonishly crap rendition of "Flower of Scotland".

Unfortunately I had to get the U-bahn back to my hotel (although that's another story) and so had to leave about 12.30 but maybe that was a good thing as every single bar was at least a two-pinter - my definition of a good bar (a naff bar is a one-pinter).

Conversation, music and general conviviality all combined to my concluding - This is definitely a "John" neighbourhood!

johngayton's Profile Photo
Jan 24, 2012

Tutti Frutti Table Dance in St. Pauli: Never visit this place

I have visited this night club in september, ending up with being robbed by the staff. The doorkeeper says its free to enter. Inside the girls will come to your table and ask you if you want a drink. For this you will be charged 400 euros, instead of 20 euros. When I ordered one drink, they brought me a bottle of champagne instead. The bolded guy in the bar will threaten to call the police, then his "friends" if you refuses to pay. The service is poor and the table dance is just embarassing to watch. Most of the guests left early under my visit since they were herassed or threatened by the staff. I will give Tutti Frutti in St. Pauli the lowest rating ever possible. If you look for a nice time in Hamburg there are plenty of other places to go.

Oct 09, 2011

Angie's Nightclub: Dance The Night Away

Angie's Nightclub is the resident hotspot for soulful music. From Thursday-Saturday nights, they have a house band comprised of great session and concert musicians from all over Germany, and they feature feature a rotating list of singers who are known throughout the country from the pop, r&b, and musical theatre scenes there. The live music is a mixture between soul and pop favorites, with dj breaks in between that play classic disco and current dance hits.

Cover charge is about 8Euro, unless there is a special party or concert taking place. For alcoholic drinks drinks, stick with beer, wine, or clear liquors on the rocks, as the mixed drinks on their very extensive coktail menu are GROSSLY overpriced (12 Euro+).

With the exception of the cocktail issue, it is all in all a good place to go, with music that will appeal to a wide variety of tastes when you're in the mood to dance for a few hours.

Dress Code Though it used to be more casual, the dress code was recently revised to not allow sneakers. Women should be able to get in with jeans, but they are a bit stricter with the men.

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Apr 04, 2011
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"Hamburg - a lot of great memories"
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"Port Hamburg Welcomes You!"
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"The Forgotten Hamburg"
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"FIFA came & went! But There's Still Lots To Do!"
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Madarin/Club Mojo -Reeperbahn: Tacky Tacky Tacky!

We were invited to a party at Club Mojo on Reeperbahn.The front desk at our hotel told us that its a really nice place which is open only on special occasions nowadays. We took a taxi and did almost 3 rounds on reeperbahn and finally realized that Club Mojo has magically transformed itself into 'The Mandarin'.....till today I have no clue why the invite said Club Mojo. Anyways, we enter this place and it was really shady with tacky oriental decor and to add to it, there was a really weird German band playing.The male members were dressed in sleeveless white tees with blonde wigs and black handlebar moustaches and the only woman in the band was dressed as cat woman! we could not take too much more of the circus and left after 10 mins.Could someone please tell if there is a Club Mojo?

hb_capri's Profile Photo
Mar 18, 2009

St. Pauli and Reeperbahn: Avoid on weekdays

I don't know if we chose the wrong night to go to St Pauli or it is always so dead during weekdays.We were invited to a party on Wednesday night and we could count the number of people on the roads on our fingertips!So its best to avoid this area during the week.

hb_capri's Profile Photo
Mar 18, 2009

St. Pauli and Reeperbahn: A Gentleman's Stroll

If you are going to visit the Reeperbahn then you might as well have a stroll around the seedy areas and see what the fuss is all about. There seemed to be three distinct areas, the main road, called the Reeperbahn, was a mixture of drinking places, restaurants, sex shops, souvenir shops and table dancing bars. It was all quite touristy and had a safe feel to it. But just off the main road is the Hans Albers Platz area which was completely different. This is where the street girls hang out and if you are male then you’re likely to get propositioned on every corner. There is however an escape from all this as there is one street that the girls are not allowed to enter, this is the Herbertstrasse, the famous street that is partitioned off at both ends so that any tourists innocently wandering around the area (yeah right) do not get offended. This street is where the “shop window” girls ply their trade. It is said that these are the crème de la crème and certainly we were very impressed by the stunning beauty of some of the double glazing on view.

Dress Code You can probbaly wear whatever you want, we saw one bloke with a gas mask !!!!

St_Vincent's Profile Photo
Apr 06, 2008

Schmidt Theater: Comedy - Shrill and Bizarre

The Schmidt Theater is an institution in Hamburg since 1988. The old theatre had to be torn down and the new one opened in 2005. It highlightens the Reeperbahn in glowing red. German comedy and own productions take place here. Very famous is Schmidt Mitternachtsshow every Saturday at 0:00 a.m. that features comedy, artistry and music.
They also have a musical called "Heiße Ecke" that is not that "cultural" highlight but it reflects the Reeperbahn atmosphere very well - regarding this - it definately is fitting.
The motto for the whole program is shrill, colorful and bizarre.

Dress Code Rather casual than perfectly dressed...

chris.hh's Profile Photo
Oct 30, 2007

Things to Do Near Hamburg

Things to Do

City Hall - Rathaus

Having passed the quay, it is possible to turn to the central streets, to reach Rathaus square - Rathausmarkt. The majestic building of the Town hall - Rathaus in style neo-renessanse was constructed...
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Hamburg’s Kunsthalle is one of German’s leading art galleries. Its collection includes about all the big names of painters, and some really world-famous artworks. Their temporary exhibitions are...
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The Jungfernstieg is a street in the center of Hamburg on the south bank of the lake called the Binnenalster. The funny name of this street comes from the word Jungfer, which is an old-fashioned word...
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Reeperbahn - St. Pauli

St. Pauli is a traditionally working-class district of Hamburg, near the harbor. It includes the red-light district around the Reeperbahn as well as numerous bars and music clubs. The Beatles lived...
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Planten un Blomen

Plattdeutsch for “Plants and Flowers”, this is the name of Hamburg’s botanical garden. The park is surrounded by a fence but its gates are open all day and entry is free. My photos were taken in...
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Speicherstadt - Old Warehouse District

Speicherstadt, or the Warehouse district, is a part of the UNESCO world heritage. The red-brick houses in line by the various canals produce the impression of unity and power. Well, I personally...
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