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Personal Memories and Impressions Tips (14)

A picture postcard town

Favorite thing From the top of Heidelberg Castle you have these wonderful views of the Neckar River, Old Bridge, Old Town and Philosophenweg.

I loved just looking out to the Neckar River and the bridge and just imagining how it must have looked in the 1800's. The Philosophenweg looked wonderful with all the trees in vibrant color. The rows of homes nestled nicely in the landscape make for wonderful picture apportunites.

Views of Old Town and the church below where quite breathtaking as well.

Gypsystravels's Profile Photo
Oct 22, 2008


Favorite thing Heidelberg is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Germany. Especially Japanese and American tourists as well as members of the US Army living close to here seem to love this rather small city in the German federal state of Baden Württemberg. There even is a Hard Rock Cafe here - a chain you don't find in many places in Germany. Even though there are many tourists here the place isn't destroyed by tourism. It kept its old time charm pretty well actually.

Fondest memory When buying a postcard the guy in the shop talked to me in English. They don't seem to get many German in these shops in Heidelberg... Which surprises me because I have met quite many German tourists here as well. After all it's a perfect day trip destination if you don't live too far away!

May 26, 2003

Postcard city streets

Favorite thing Have you ever seen a postcard of a place and thought "Nah, it cannot possible look like that?" Well, Heidelburg is NOT that type of place. If you were to receive a postcard, it looks EXACTLY like that! The streets are narrow and clean, the buildings colorful, and the architecture superb! Heidelburg is a wonderful town to see a postcard in person!

Fondest memory Taking the 315 stair hike up to the castle with my wife Audrey, and Christine (tini5de) We made it, slowly but surely. It was an awesome spectical from the top!

shdw100's Profile Photo
Feb 21, 2003


Favorite thing The Weisser Boch Hotel. I stayed at this hotel in the Alt Stadt. Nice hotel with a first class restaurant and an interesting bar. I had a good two hour conversation with three men working for the Merck Company who were also in Heidelberg on business. One was from London, one from Wales and the other from Berlin.

I had to apologize to our friend from Berlin as there we were, in his country speaking English. He and I did speak a little in German, but my German is completely horrible and I slaughter the grammar. He was very good natured about our inability to speak German though, and we had a very nice few hours together. This was my best night in Germany.

Kentbein's Profile Photo
Feb 02, 2003
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Check out the Heidelberg...

Favorite thing Check out the Heidelberg Castle. It sits on top of this hill, over looking the town. It is quite a hike going up the 1000 steps (or however many there are) but the view is well worth it.

Fondest memory Well, our group of about 8 or 9 stayed in a school dorm that wasn't in use. It was probalby holiday time for the school. It was super busy, travelling schools and tourists from all different places. Sometimes it got so loud we couldn't even think. But all in was fun.

Sep 07, 2002

The first thing people notice...

Favorite thing The first thing people notice about Heidelberg is the Castle. Yes it is big and yes it is beautiful, but there is quite a bit to see and do besides the castle. If you were to do one other thing, wander down the Hauptstrasse. This is the main street leading up to castle, it is a pedestrian only cobble-stone street lined with all sorts of shops, bars, restaurants and galleries. This main street can be somewhat commercial and has become more so in the past years, but it is still a great way to spend an afternoon of just window shopping.

clairo's Profile Photo
Aug 26, 2002

See the castle! Especially in...

Favorite thing See the castle! Especially in October. The walk there is full of beautiful falling leaves, awash with color. The mornings are cool and misty and the castle looks like it has stepped out of another time just for you.

Fondest memory The youth hostel was a blast. A group of young women were there on some sort of school field trip and I was one of only a few eligible men hanging out there.

Octourist's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

Go to the neighborhood locales...

Favorite thing Go to the neighborhood locales in the Altstadt or in Rohrbach, not far from HD Stadtcentrum.

Fondest memory Evening after evening sitting at the Stammtisch with our friends, talking, laughing, drinking, telling jokes, etc., etc. How much better than spending an evening watching TV (which not many people we know seem to do much, if at all). This is me on the left with a girlfriend and another Stammtisch mensch. The person who rings the bell buys the next round. (That bell rings a lot with this group.)

rids's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

Top 5 Heidelberg Writers

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"Huckleberry Berg"
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Find some friends to hang out...

Favorite thing Find some friends to hang out with.

Fondest memory Another typical evening in HD with friends, this time drinking Retsina in Cafe Tema, a Greek cafe on Bergheimerstrasse (after 6 pm closing). They meet here at least twice a week like this.

rids's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

Walk everywhere. Everything is...

Favorite thing Walk everywhere. Everything is done by foot.And you
will love it.

Fondest memory My friends and I were walking around when we heard
beautiful but faint music.We followed are ears to a
hallway made of trees and vines up a stairs (sort of a tunnel)to end up in a castle court where a orchestra was playing.It was out of this world.

Abakus's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

Feel like an intelectual and...

Favorite thing Feel like an intelectual and take a stroll along the Philosophers' path. Maybe the beautiful views of the castle and the city will awake your romanticism and inspire a couple of beautiful words for your travel companion.

Fondest memory The ruins of the castle are the most attractive sight in the city. Even in the cold of the winter you can have some sunny spells that make the ruins even more attractive.

The Schloß has a mixture of styles, from Middle Age to Renaissance and Barroque. It was the residence of the Kurfürsten but was destroyed by the French Louis XIV's army in the end of the XVII century. Ever since, the ruins have had an enormous influence in the German Romantics.

DanielF's Profile Photo
Aug 26, 2002

The most striking Baroque...

Favorite thing The most striking Baroque building in Heidelberg is the Alte Brücke, reached from the Marktplatz down Steingasse; dating from the 1780s, it was blown up in the last war, but has been painstakingly rebuilt.

Fondest memory My fondest memory from my visit to Heidelberg had to have been my decision to walk to the youth hostel from the station. Now, it was 11:00AM, and I set off with my pack and bag, thinking it couldn't be more than a 10 minute walk. Well, I was wrong! After getting lost a few times, I realized that it was alread 12:00 by the time I found the place, and when I did, it was closed, so I had to walk all the way back to the city! Aghh!!! But when I came back, the sun had come out and was lighting up the bridge and castle perfectly, so I walked down to the river's edge and took in the panorama. How nice.

Venturingnow's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

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The Philosophenweg (i. e. Philosophers' path) is a path situated in a green area that lies on a hill overlooking the Neckar river and the old core of Heidelberg. Here you can have a stroll, rest a bit...
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Castle - Schloss

Some exterior shots of the building. I always quite like the fine details on a grand building like this. Brick walls are not very interesting but details of arches and entry ways make a building look...
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Old Town/Altstadt

a tour of Heidelberg is not complete without a walking tour of the old town of Heidelberg as the Old Town has many historical Landmarks and buidlings of which a bus tour could not do as most streets...
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the Kornmarkt of the Grain Market is a smaller square in Heidelberg which is smaller than the grander Marktplatz, located 100 meters west of the kornmarkt (where the Rathaus and Church of the Holy...
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Old Bridge

The City Gate of Heidelberg lies at the southern end of the famous Old bridge and it leads to Steingrasse Street leading to the Church of The Holy Spirit. The city gates were built in 1788 alongside...
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this famous Gothic Church which lies along the Marketplatz area of Heidelberg and is the tallest structure in the city beside the Castle Heidelberg, is formerly a joint place of worship between the...
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