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Black Forest and Baden-Baden Day Trip from Frankfurt
"Leave the city of Frankfurt behind and travel to the southwest corner of Germany by luxury coach. You'll head to the northern edge of Germany's Black Forest (Schwarzwald) to discover the sunny region of deep-green woodland that covers the mountains in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg. a chic Black Forest spa town for sightseeing with your expert guide. Visit the famous Belle Epoque Kurhaus Casino one of the oldest and most beautiful gambling houses in Europe. Enjoy a guided tour of the historic casino admire the extravagant interior furnishings and soak in the château-like atmosphere.Your day trip continues with a scenic round-trip tour through the vast deep-green woods of the Black Forest
From EUR165.00
Heidelberg and Baden-Baden Tour from Frankfurt
"Leave central Frankfurt and travel south to Heidelberg in the northern Baden-Württemberg region – roughly an hour away. Straddling the River Neckar the romantic city is framed by dense woodlands that seemingly try to hide its star attraction – Heidelberg Castle. Referred to as the 'schloss’ by locals the castle is the epitome of a fairytale fortress with palatial Gothic-Renaissance architecture lavish grounds and heart-stopping views. Head inside and explore the ruins with your guide walking through its large courtyard and along the terrace. Drink in the sweeping views and then admire some of the castle’s artifacts like the wine barrel that is said to be the largest in the world.After your castle tour
From EUR228.00
Black Forest and Strasbourg Day Trip from Frankfurt
"Leave the city of Frankfurt behind and travel to the southwest corner of Germany by luxury coach. You'll head to the northern edge of Germany's Black Forest (Schwarzwald) to discover the sunny region of deep-green woodland that covers the mountains in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg. a chic Black Forest spa town for sightseeing with your expert guide. Elegant and sophisticated Baden-Baden offers a delightful townscape of tree-lined avenues grand buildings and boutiques alongside its legendary thermal baths. See the famous Kurhaus Casino before traveling through the dark Black Forest woods to visit Lake Mummelsee.In the afternoon your trip will continue west to the cosmopolitan city of Strasbourg
From EUR185.00

Trains Tips (9)

Stuttgart Central Station (Hauptbahnhof)

In this part of the world a joke is circulating which bills itself as “Germany’s Shortest Railroad Joke.”

It goes: “Two members of the Board of Directors of the German Railroad System meet on a train.”

The point is (in case you aren’t doubled over in uncontrollable spasms of laughter) that these high-powered managerial geniuses have rarely if ever set foot in a train in their lives, otherwise why would they want to tear down this bright, convenient Central Station and replace it with a dingy underground tunnel.

They had a scheme called “Stuttgart 21” which was intended to do just that. At a cost of millions of Euros it was intended to save a couple minutes of travel time between Frankfurt and Munich, and free up scads of urban real estate which they thought they could market at a huge profit. (And of course make room on the surface for even more automobiles, but they didn’t stress that part.)

As anyone knows who has ever changed trains with a couple of suitcases or a baby carriage, it is much faster and easier if everything is on one level. Since all the tracks end here you can just walk around them to get to your new train.

And since all the trains can be driven from both ends now, there is no need to change engines. One engineer (train driver to you) gets out at the front end, his colleague gets in at the back, which is now the front, and off they go.

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Oct 25, 2004

Stuttgart by Train

Stuttgart has a busy station, and with its location at the heart of central Europe, close to the borders of three nations, it has plenty of direct national and international trains. Some direct services include, for international trains, Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris, and Zurich, and for journeys within Germany, Hamburg, Berlin, and Munich. Stuttgart is also on the fast ICE lines to Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg.

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Apr 04, 2011

Trains and Taxis

The best way to travel to and from Stuttgart is by train.
There are lots of modern trains and all modern conveniences at the railway station.
The best way to get around the city is by a streetcar.
If you are short of time, you can take a comfortable taxi at the entrance to the railway station and the taxi-driver will take you round the city center.

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Jul 06, 2008

Cheap Train Tickets

When you purchase a Baden Wurttemberg Ticket (EURO 23), you and up to five travelers can use the train for a complete day in Baden Wurttemberg. This means you can go to the Black Forest, Freiburg, Suttgart, etc.

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Feb 11, 2005
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Hotels Near Stuttgart

Zimmermannstrasse 7-9, Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, 70182, Germany
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Heusteigstrasse 30, Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, 70180, Germany
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Hohenheimer Strasse 28-30, Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, 70184, Germany
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Hauptstatter Strasse 53b, Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, 70178, Germany
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Rosenstrasse 38, Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, 70182, Germany
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Alexanderstrasse 30, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, 70184, Germany
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Stuttgart Hbf to Frankfurt airport

If you happen to get the train from Stuttgart to Frankfurt Airport, you can check-in your luggage at Stuttgart train station, provided you are going on a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt, so you dont have to worry about dragging your suitcases off the train when you get to Frankfurt airport train station, it is all taken off for you - cool eh? :)
A single ticket for this route costs €44.60

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Feb 07, 2004

Main Train Station

The main train station also serves as a central hub for the U Bahn and the S Bahn trains as well as buses passing just outside. I bought a three day transportation pass from the hotel for around 18 euro. There are many lines and it took me a couple of days to figure it out.

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Oct 12, 2010

If you are staying in...

If you are staying in Stuttgart for a longer period and plan to travel around by train it's worth buing a DeutscheBahn-card. This entitles you to travel inside Germany for something like 50% of the prices. Initially I thought it was quite expensive (some 135DM), but for those planning to travel a lot, you save the money pretty quick.

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Aug 26, 2002

ICE and Trains, Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart's main train station, or "Hauptbahnhof", is just east of the city centre, a few minutes walk from all the action.

Inside, the "DB ReiseZentrum" railroad travel agency (open 08:00-20:00, Sat 09:00-16:00, Sun 13:00-18:00) sells all tickets.

"The Arnulf-Klett-Passage" is a large underground commercial centre that connects the station with the VVS regional trains and trams; find the "VVS-Kundenzentrum" public transport customer service centre here (open 09:00-18:30, Sat 09:00-16:00, Sun 11:00-16:00).

It also connects directly to "Königstrasse", the main shopping mile and pedestrian artery of Stuttgart, with the tourist information centre.

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Jun 02, 2013

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But . . . if you can't afford...

But . . . if you can't afford one of those (and who can?), then you can get on a train at the Central Rail Station.

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Sep 12, 2002

Things to Do Near Stuttgart

Things to Do

TV Tower

And FINALLY it's open again :-) and at 5th february 2016 it's celebrating 60 years. At this day you can be there up for 24 hours, beginning at 9 o'clock in the morning. At 6th ) o'clock in the...
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Things to Do


Koenigsstrasse (King's Street) is the central shopping and business street in Stuttgart. It's close to the railway station. Even if you have little time for your stay in the city, you can go there...
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Things to Do


Carl Zeiss is the scientest of Jena in Thuringia famous for his measuring and optical instruments. He's also the man Stuttgart's planetarium is named after. If you are a fan of astronomy, and have a...
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Things to Do


Nothing but absolute automobile heaven. As a car crazy child I was overawed by the National Motor Show at the NEC in Birmingham, but if I had been taken here instead, I would have sniffed at anything...
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Things to Do

Palace Solitude

This tranquil palace, with its relaxing parks, is out in the hills overlooking the city, a half an hour bus journey from the train station. The palace itself is quite small, and easily viewed in half...
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Things to Do


When I first came to this museum twelve years ago it was little more than a handful of Porsche cars crammed into a former workshop behind the showroom. It was a major disappointment. Not any more....
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