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Private Tour: Half-Day Luxury Berlin Highlights Tour
"Take the chance to get inspired by all the impressive must-see sights and areas the vibrant city of Berlin has to offer. 3 totally different types of ”downtown” and always changing sceneries will make you believe to have visited many different cities at while enjoying complimentary cooled soft drinks and snacks. Your Driver-guide is a native Berliner who will not only provide you with all those stories info about Berlins present and past. You will also learn about what goes on behind the curtain that photo-stops on your demand are possible anytime. The tours start/finish wherever you want in downtown Berlin.Explore these Berlin highlights:KurfürstendammGendarmenmarktAlexanderplatzPotsdamer P""Indulge yourself with an exclusive and private 2-hour sightseeing tour of Berlin and explore it’s famous highlights. Guided by your native but fluent English speaking chauffeur you will discover the buzzing places in East and West plus all those landmarkstitle=Highlights&1=2-hour+private+Berlin+sightseeing+tour&2=Check+out+attractions+like+Alexanderplatz%2C+the+Brandenburg+Gate+and+the+Holocaust+Memorial&3=Enjoy+the+comfort+of+a+private+luxury+vehicle&4=Hear+stories+about+Berlin%27s+history%2C+culture+and""
From EUR139.00
Private Tour: Luxury Berlin Highlights and Districts Tour
"Take the chance to get inspired by all the impressive must-see sights and areas the vibrant city of Berlin has to offer. 3 totally different types of ”downtown” and always changing sceneries will make you believe to have visited many different cities at while enjoying complimentary cooled soft drinks and snacks. Your Driver-guide is a native Berliner who will not only provide you with all those stories info about Berlins present and past. You will also learn about what goes on behind the curtai that photo-stops on your demand are possible anytime. The tours start/finish wherever you want in downtown Berlin. Explore these Berlin highlights:Kurfürstendamm GendarmenmarktAlexanderplatz Pots Prenzlauer Berg & Friedrichshain"""Indulge yourself with an exclusive and private 3-hour sightseeing tour of Berlin and explore it’s famous highlights and districts. Guided by your native but fluent English speaking chauffeur you will discover the buzzing places in East and West plus all ttitle=Highlights&1=3-hour+private+Berlin+sightseeing+tour&2=See+attractions+such+as+Potsdamer+Platz%2C+Museum+Island+and+the+Holocaust+Memorial&3=Pass+through+districts+like+Kreuzberg&4=Enjoy+the+comfort+of+a+private+luxury+vehicle&5=Hear+stories+about+Be
From EUR189.00
Private Berlin Custom Half-Day Tour with Private Driver and Guide
"Your day will start with your guide meeting you at your hotel before driving to Germany’s parliament building the Reichstag. On the way your guide will kick off the day with an overview of Berlin’s 800-year history from its humble beginnings to the creative world city it is today.You’ll then pass Berlin’s gleaming €1bn main train station Hauptbahnhof before driving to visit the most famous entrance to Berlin’s historical center the Brandenburg Gate. From there you will be taken to Berlin’s most famous Holocaust memorial the poignant ‘Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe’.Following this you’ll get a chance to stand above the remains of Hitler’s Bunker
From EUR399.00

Personal Memories and Impressions Tips (32)

a fascinating mix of east meets west, Berlin

Favorite thing Berlin is a huge city and to truly explore it takes weeks, but even on a short trip, you can see more than just the central tourist sections by jumping on its extensive mass transit system.

Fondest memory We got into Berlin a little later than planned but easily found our hostel and asked the receptionist if there was a Vietnamese restaurant in the city. He said yes though his bewildered look made me feel that he'd send us for Thai just not to look uniformed. Since it was in the same neighborhood, we decided to give it a go. We passed a little authentic Turkish place en route and I made a mental note in case our chase turned out to be mere wild goose. The area was a bustling one, full of student energy and cool cafes. It was very western looking even though it was in the very heart of what was once the east part of Berlin and I could have easily been walking around the village in NYC. There were lots "happy hour" signs and the bars looked more like places back in the States than the traditional beer halls of Germany that I love. Still, there was something comforting in finding it like this as I was to go home in a couple days, and maybe this would allay the culture shock of returning there. Though there were many different types of ethnic food represented, there was nothing remotely resembling a Vietnamese one so we walked back to the little place that caught our attention on the way. It was a small one-man operation and the friendly owner greeted us warmly. We ordered one big plate of food to share, not knowing how good it would be. It was delicious and though not really full, we decided to head to one of the cafes for happy hour to unwind from the long drive. Afterward, I was still hungry but we couldn't decide where to eat and finally I suggested just going back to our little Turkish place as at least we knew we liked the food there. It was a little embarrassing going back after only a couple hours but he was obviously happy to see us. The food was just as good this time around and after paying, we bid our new friend adieu. He smiled and laughingly said he'd see us in a couple hours, but it was more likely that I would never see him again.

richiecdisc's Profile Photo
Jan 27, 2008

Contemporary architecture

Favorite thing Well, have to admit it, contemporary architecture is out of my interests when I am exploring the places. I don't like, in particularly, skycrapers and those glass buildings where most of the banks or insurance companies have their seats. In most of the places, I've visited so far, all these buildings look alike. In Berlin, however, it is not the case.

Fondest memory TO BE CONTINUED

croisbeauty's Profile Photo
Oct 08, 2006

Green and clean

Fondest memory I noticed on my last trip that Berlin is a green and clean city.
Next to the mixture of renovated buildings and a unique architecture
the city has a lot of urban qualities implicating green and open spaces with parks, sports facilities and cemeteries, boulevard trees, gardens and promenades along the waterside and woods. Berlin has a surface of 890 skm of which 18% is green area and 7% waterside.
I never knew or realized that Berlin has that lot of greens and canals and lakes to offer.
Must be a paradise for walkers and bikers
The green lung is without doubt “Tiergarten” Visiting Berlin via the waterside must be a unique experience
People enjoy being outdoors, relaxing and spending time in the urban environment with family and friends. It is a pitty I had no time to visit the most south/western part of Berlin – better known as Potsdam.

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Aug 30, 2006

Ost Berlin, very depressing place

Favorite thing All of this pictures I've took through the taxi glass window, in ariving and departing the city of Berlin. Both days were cold and gloomy which made this scenes even more depressing. Ectually, I haven't stroll around Eastern part of the city nither I went to see what was once the famous Berlin wall. The walls are, in my opinion, built by narrow minded people, those who have walls in their own brains, those who are full of limitations and evil. Nothing could me convinced to visit such a place, no thanks.

Fondest memory I strongly recommend you to avoid this part of Berlin, there is nothing interesting here.

croisbeauty's Profile Photo
Mar 28, 2006
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Berliner Bear

Favorite thing One of the first thing, you noticed when strolling around, are this big bear statues spread all over the town. Each of the statues is unique, coloured in different colours and vivid and funny motifs. Bear is the emblem of Berlin and its trade-mark. As I was told by the locals, in 2001 the city authorities have engaded artists from all over the world in order to coloured this bears. One of this, head down, stands even in the front of prestigues Berliner Hilton.

croisbeauty's Profile Photo
Mar 26, 2006


Favorite thing When the GDR disappeared, so too did many characteristic street lights from East Berlin. That is until people protested and started a movement to preserve the "Ampelmann". Today, several lights have been saved and can be seen throughout eastern Berlin (a few even in the western parts). I find them extremely cute and thank those who managed to save them. You can buy souvenirs with the cheerful looking red and green men on in a couple of dedicated shops (Hackscher Markt and just across the river from the Dom) but items exist in several other shops. When we visited, you could even buy a whole working street light in a book shop in Unter den Linden. I love them.

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Nov 07, 2005

It's OK to look Lost

Fondest memory It's perfectly okay to stand in a station with a public transit system map in hand. Who said Berliners, those from my area always said northern Germans in general weren't friendly! One day I got myself really really REALLY lost and had no idea how to get back to where I was staying. Previously I'd had personal navigators in the persons of Damon and Jay (if you read the rest of my page you know who they are), but after they'd left for other parts of Germany I was on my own.

Courageously I struck out on my own one day to see Charlottenburg, I never made it and got lost, yet found that by standing in the station looking lost I had a number of persons come up to me and ask in English, "what are you looking for?" and "can I help you find your way?" There are information booths at some stations, but persons in general, usually were quite helpful. So synopsis: ITS OK TO LOOK LOST SOMETIMES ;-)

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Jul 09, 2004

At the Berlin Beach

Fondest memory Summer sunny day.

Sitting in a deck chair and feeling the fine sand under my feet.

Beautiful Berlin!

A warm summer night. Only missing a cold Pina Colada or Mojito or Long Island Icetea or ... or ...

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Aug 14, 2003
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"More than the capital of Germany"
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"Berlin, Berlin - wir fahren nach Berlin!"
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"Berlin in my way"
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The wall comes down..

Fondest memory Getting my name back from the wall in 1989. What an experience!!!! We went here just a few days after the borders were opened. As soon as we'd arrived in Berlin we went to the part of the wall we used to spray on to remove bits of wall we had written on. Luckily the bit my name was one was still there and I started to remove it :) I still have those bits and I will never throw them away. I have a bit of history in my living room now :)

Mar 13, 2003

In Berlin, it is a must to...

Favorite thing In Berlin, it is a must to check out The Wall. Of course, who goes there without doing this! There is also a museum at one of the old boarder crossings that tells the story with movies and modern art.

There is also an excellent Greece Museum here as well. It is suppose to be one of the best museums around for the artifacts on Greece.

Fondest memory The best memory is when Jenny, Aimee and myself were sharing a two man tent. Yes, it was squishy. Especially since there was no room to put our backpacks. And it really sucked when it started to rain and we had to shove our packs under someone's camper trailer to make sure they wouldn't get wet. But it is all about experiencing different situations, and this certainly was one!

Sep 07, 2002

wolf down a fresh currywurst...

Favorite thing wolf down a fresh currywurst in the cold; dance until 9am (or longer) and stagger home wasted as the sun rises over the city (if there's sunlight at all :) ); go to schlager karaoke night; run away from American tourists; hang out on the sidewalk watching the cute German teenage boys strutting their stuff; have a beer in Friedrichshain on Rigaer Strasse and hit on the Italian punks; take a day trip to Turkey in Neuköln or Kreuzberg; spend all day in Görlitzer Park reading a book

Fondest memory running around the Berlin science museum--it was one of my favorite museum experiences ever! especially the outdoor exhibits such as the windmills.

Sep 07, 2002


Fondest memory The weeks I spent there with my rowing team in 1987, 1988 and 1990 to compete in 'Jugend trainiert für Olympia', something like the German school championships. A lot of fun, drink and winning the silver medal twice...

Aug 28, 2002

Things to Do Near Berlin

Things to Do

Berliner Dom - Berlin Cathedral

Just like every major European Capital .. Berlin doesn't fall short in having it's own cathedral. the Berliner Dom as it's known was first built here in the late 1400's and rebuilt several times...
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Things to Do

Neue Wache - New Guardhouse

The Neue Wache is located on Unter den Linden. I had researched Unter den Linden prior to our visit and was quite excited about walking along it. This excitement proved to be misplaced as at the...
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Things to Do

Staatsoper - Opera

This venerable opera house has been the scene of some very lively and innovative productions in recent years, for instance Rinaldo by Georg Friedrich Haendel (1685-1759). This production was not only...
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Things to Do

Humboldt University

This famous university isn’t a visitor attraction in the true sense of the word, but its historic background makes it more than worthy of a review. The main building is situated in Unter den Linden...
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Things to Do

DDR Museum

On our tourist map we saw a marking for the DDR Museum and quickly added it to our itinerary. DDR stands for Deutsche Demokratische Republik, otherwise known as East Germany. The DDR Museum is...
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Things to Do

Museum Island - Bode Museum

This first visit to the sculpture collection of the Bode Museum was well above my expectations. Years ago I discovered the medieval sculptures at the Cluny Museum in Paris and since than I'm...
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