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Snacks - Döner - Currywurst - etc Tips (52)

Piccola Italia (Berlin Mitte): Pizza to go anyone?

Attributes that spring to mind to describe Piccola Italia: Eccentric, crowded, original, hectic - fantastic.

Their small pizzas are simply great, but don't expect to sit down, wait for a waiter to come and relax. Instead you place your order at one desk, pay in advance and 3 - 10 minutes later another sweating guy screams "al funghi" or "di Parma" or whatever you may have ordered. Squeeze yourself through other guests, show the guy your bill, take your pizza out and sit down outside on one of the two simple wooden benches if others are willing to close ranks. Enjoy.

Favorite Dish Pizza *duh*

Turtleshell's Profile Photo
May 21, 2007

Snacks @ Christmas: Christmas Fair

I opted to grab stuff from the Christmas fair. The wurst was nice but I had somehow expected these to taste nicer.

I found a stall selling a fried pototoe/onion/herb pancake/hash brown "thing". It was sensational! Never seen before, never will again I bet.

Lots of healthy options too like mushroom soup


Jan 05, 2007

Istanbul Lokanta: Nice and cheap doner/italian restaurant

Well.. it is a good place to eat at if you are hungry.
I liked especially the pizzas. 1.75 euros for a reasonable sized pizza (no
matter which topping you like, the price does'nt change)
they offer pasta for 2.50 and doner kebaps.
the staff is very efficient, kind and at least one of them speaks english.

aatt's Profile Photo
Aug 28, 2006

Mr Kebap Tor Strasse: Cheap and cheerful

Pleasant imbiss kebab shop. I have a weakness of Mr Kebap as he has been here a number of years. His english isn't brilliant but he is very patient and always ready with a bit of banter. His food is basic but cheap and plentiful. Unlike the UK you can have a proper meal at the imbiss having food and drink or either one or the other. The prices are dramatically lower than the restaurants within a five minute walk. He does a normal donner kebab for 2 euros and will do a full chicken for 4 euros. He will of cours do the full range of food and drink to take away. I always have a meal here as you get closer to the people who actually live in the local neighbourhood.

Favorite Dish Donner kebab with hot sauce or one of his grilled chickens with pommes

mccrorj's Profile Photo
Aug 28, 2006
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Stand outside Bahnhoff Zoo: Fresh Pretzels

This is just a food stand outside the station and needing breakfast we stopped and had the most amazing pretzel in the world, they were freshly made and still warm. mmmm yummy!
Plus they were so cheap! They were less than a euro - can't remember how much exactly.

The major stations have lots of food places in them, don't worry about eating from them everything looks clean and all the locals are eating from them. A great way to eat on a budget.

Favorite Dish Pretzel

julia687's Profile Photo
May 13, 2006

Currywurst: Berlin fast food

A German sausage with curry powder poured on it is a Berlin delicatessen in the fast food area. I certainly liked it, even though I had expected something more "unusual" bearing in mind all the fuss :))) You will find stalls everywhere in the city.

Sjalen's Profile Photo
Nov 07, 2005

?: Kebabs!

Kebabs in Berlin, and I guess in Germany, are great and cheap. Used to eat them pretty often in France but there, they are much different, and much better. Dont know if it is the meat they put inside, but kebabs there are great. If you want to discover the other (good) side of kebabs, try one of them in Berlin.

chess_machine's Profile Photo
Oct 22, 2005

Imbiss: Bratwurst!!!! Currywurst!!!!

Favorite Dish This is no real restaurant tip, it´s more a "must eat" during your stay in Germany. There are always street vendors around the next corner who sell you a nice sausage or even better the typical Currywurst. Berlin is famous for this. It´s a grilled sausage with curry ketchup..... Try it, you will love it!!!!

Bigs's Profile Photo
Oct 14, 2005
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"More than the capital of Germany"
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"Berlin, Berlin - wir fahren nach Berlin!"
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"Berlin in my way"
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Doner Kebobs anyone?

This was the closest place to the hostel where we were staying, Mitte Backpackers, all of about 20 steps away. One of the hotel clerks recommended it and rightfully so. I'm embarrassed to say that I don't remember the name of the place, but it was a Turkish deli. Being the most recent immigrant group to reach Germany, Turkish food is still pretty cheap. Very clean and with a friendly and patient staff. It was so great we continuously went there during our stay in Berlin!

Favorite Dish The doner kebobs (forgive any misspellings please) were the main highlight as the were essentially a complete meal on their own: similar to a gyro, including meat and all sorts of fresh and crispy veggies, with a light sauce, and served on a flatbread...Big, toasty, satisfying and very inexpensive -- drippy goodness. Side items were of the vegetable kind and also just as fresh and delicious. One standout was a tomato and goatcheese (possibly feta) salad drizzled with herbs and olive oil.

TitaLayssa's Profile Photo
Aug 07, 2005

Snacks (Döner, Currywurst, etc.): The best döner kebap in Berlin?

Favorite Dish The döner kebap at this imbiss may be the best in Berlin. In fact, this was the best kebap we had in during our trip. The pita is toasted to perfection, and the stuffings are fresh and incredibly delicious. And it only costs 1,90 euro!

argentia's Profile Photo
Jul 24, 2005

on every corner: Try a curry wurst!

Thats Berlin! Anight clubing and 7 am a curry wurst at Konopke/ tube station Schoenhauser Allee. Its fun because you meet some funny people there. Berlin has some of the best arabic restaurants and take aways. Fresh peppermint tea, sweets and fresh dishes. Best place to check them out is Prenzlauer Allee.

madamebooboo's Profile Photo
Nov 18, 2004

Imbiss Kebab: Kebab in the corner

In Berlin you can see "Imbiss Kebab" signs everywhere. Well, nowadays you can see kebab signs all over the world.. In Imbiss Kebab restaurants you will be served portions of greasy lamb meat with different kind of extras, such as french fries, rice or pita bread. And of course 1-2 chili peppers and mild/hot sauces.

Favorite Dish Kebab with pita bread is the most famous variant. Preferably eaten along the way to hotel after night in restaurant.

drei3t's Profile Photo
Oct 06, 2004

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